Viggo Mortensen Will Not Play Zod in ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 5:03 pm,

March has been a busy month for Superman: Man of Steel casting confirmations with both Diane Lane and Kevin Costner joining the production – as Martha and Jonathan Kent, respectively. If March appeared to focus on the Kent family, February seemed to focus on General Zod casting rumors.

Today we’re getting closure on one of those potential rumors: director Zack Snyder has confirmed that Viggo Mortensen (The Road) will not be appearing in Superman: Man of Steelmeaning someone else will be stepping into General Zod’s, Kryptonian/leather, shoes – assuming the character will even appear in the film.

Speaking with Latino Review, Snyder was especially candid about rumored front-runner Mortensen, “Yeah Viggo is not going to be in the movie let’s say that right now. I can clear that up.” The director didn’t mention whether or not that could mean that Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis, who was also rumored to be up for the role, will be playing the power-hungry Krytponian.

Zod-related rumors should be taken with a grain of salt until Snyder, or someone else in the production, confirms the character will even be in the film. Prior casting reports would suggest that we’ll be seeing some Kryptonian-on-Kryptonian violence but, given the fact that Superman: Man of Steel will be a true reboot, it’s too early to say which story beats and characters will carry-over from prior installments.

That said, in our own interview with Snyder, the director stated that Man of Steel will be his most realistic film to date – so, despite the fact we’ve yet to hear Zod confirmation, the character would certainly be a more likely opponent than Brainiac, Darkseid, or other fan-favorite villains:

“I think the visual style of ‘Superman,’ though I can’t say for certain as it’s early, but I kind of feel like — and I did say to the studio – that what’s cool for me and interesting, and odd, is that ‘Superman’ is probably going to be the most realistic movie I’ve ever made.”

superman the man of steel story brainiac Viggo Mortensen Will Not Play Zod in Superman: Man of Steel

Hopefully, realistic doesn’t mean that Snyder will simply return to the same well as prior films – casting Lex Luthor as the central threat. Given the fact that Superman (the film that launched the modern franchise) and Superman Returns (which attempted to relaunch the franchise) both focused on Luthor, Zod would at least offer a grander scope for the action sequences – instead of merely rushing Superman around the world in order to save innocent bystanders from one disaster after another.

With the press-tour for Snyder’s Sucker Punch wrapping-up, it’s only a matter of time before we get another batch of casting confirmations – which will hopefully put some of these rumors to rest.

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Superman: Man of Steel is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. This may take Zack awhile to pull this together

  2. Okay Alex…I’ll take “Superman villain casting” for five hundred…

  3. Zack’s comment reads like he was just clearing up a rumor.
    Perhaps that’s all it was and Viggo was never considered.
    In any case this is good news as far as I am concerned.
    And as for Zod I’d rather see a different villain too.

  4. Darkseid. Too soon for Doomsday.

    • I’ll second that Omie.

    • I’m kind of tired of Darkseid for now. We got him as the villain on Smallville, and just recently with B/S: A. But I do agree that it’s too early for Doomsday. He should be saved for the third movie.

  5. Is anyone surprised at this?
    From day one it always sounded like pie-in-the-sky nonsense.
    Newsflash: Daniel Day-Lewis will also not be appearing in this movie.

  6. I like the new rumor that Gerard Butler could be up for the role, but it’s a shame Mortensen isn’t up for the part.

  7. Why do we have to have a Zod? Can’t we have Brainiac or Doomsday or anyother character we haven’t seen in the Superman movies??

    • Has it even been confirmed that it’s Zod? All I remember was that Zod’s name was mentioned along with Mortensen’s, so it could be BS like Mortensen’s casting.

      • Mortensen would have been great. I think it was confirmed that Zod is the villain. Didn’t Snyder mention it?

        • I think Snyder was the one denying the rumors about Zod, but that was before Mortensen was rumored for the role.

        • They confirmed Ursa, but not Zod. I actually think that Zack Snyder said that Zod not only wasn’t the villain, but wasn’t going to be in it at all.

          • From my understanding, Ursa’s involvement is still just a rumor for right now. As far as I know, they haven’t confirmed any villain just yet.

  8. Daniel Day Lewis would be epic as Zod in this movie. Only question is, would he do a comic book movie? He seem’s pretty selective when it comes to choosing which roles he takes.

  9. Well since Viggo came out in favor of Bradly Manning he can stay where ever he is. You can’t be a bleeding heart liberal and play Zod anyway.

    • Actually, you can be whatever you wish and play Zod…kinda the WHOLE point of acting. MMMhmmm…

  10. Typo…Martha Kent…not Marth Kent

    • Thanks JZ. Corrected.

  11. Bizarro superman…..& brainiac, for villians, that would be epic.

  12. I think if Doomsday and Darkseid were to appear in this film series then Doomsday should go first. In the first film (if Zod is in it), they accidentally give word to several planets of the last remaining Kryptonians. When Darkseid hears of this he decides to test them. An organism from Krypton’s long past, incased within rock that Darkseid finds and studies, revealing it as an almost indestructible being known as Doomsday. So he sends it to earth and brawls with Superman until they both die. Then in the sequel, Darkseid invades Earth. Later it’s revealed that Superman did not die and recuperates and saves the planet with Luthor at his side.

    Now that would make an interesting film series.

    • I think killing Superman in the first film would be a mistake. The film is setting Superman up as the world doesn’t know who he is, and it would be difficult for the characters to care about a stranger as opposed to setting him up enough to where people around the world knew him. The Death of Superman should be saved for the third movie, so his death has more of an impact on the characters.

      • I meant the second film could have Superman die at the end of the film. The first film would be ridiculous.

  13. Metallo or Bizarro would be my choice. Metallo would be used by someone of course.

  14. What? Zod a fan favourite? Really?

    Zod is a fun internet meme, Kneel and all that, but a fan favourite. Nah.

    Zod is a b lister from the silver age that got leveraged in the Donner Movies.

    To use Zod AGAIN in the reboot would be IMO a major mistake.

    Besides being “Something Evil from Krypton Comes” a tired trope in itself which makes the family/race of the hero evil to leverage the audience, it’s just a retread.

    When the big bad exists – or comes to Earth – solely because Superman is on Earth ( even Bizarro conforms to this ) it’s a lousy story, the bottom line is people are getting killed because the Kents got to adopt space baby Moses.

    A good story would be something evil comes from another fricking planet in the vast huge ginormous universe, for something, say the Maltese falcon or the antilife equation etc, say Mongul and the Independence day aliens, Brainiac and Sky-net, Darksied and Darth Vader, Whoever, Evil would roast the Earth, but then Superman appears to save the day.

    For life of me it seems so simple to me.

    • Amen.

    • It really should be that simple!

      If the reboot plot really is that Superman rescues the people of Earth from a threat he instigated by sheltering here, it can only mean one thing. Hollywood now considers taking personal responsibility to be heroic rather than expected social behavior. I am versed enough to remember what heroes really should be about (sacrifice and battling against the odds because the fight is worthy, not because you’re cleaning up the mess you made), so I hope this prestidigitation isn’t the case for the reboot, but considering the director at the helm, I’m not too encouraged.

  15. This is good. Now Liam Neeson can play Zod 😉

    • I think Neeson should play Jor-El.

      • I don’t know why I never thought of that, Neeson as Jor-El would be a fantastic!

  16. Always nice to here when a great actor isn’t cast.

    • ZING!

  17. Could this be a dismiss of information? (is thais well said?)

    • Could this be a dismiss of information? (is this well said?) SORRY :)

  18. Weird, I thought Zod was already confirmed… Well since he’s not, who’s rooting for one more go at Lex Luther as the main villain in the movie?…. JK guys! 😛

  19. I’m not really interested in Zod unless it’s done well. I figure it’s time for Mongul or something that’s not been used. It’s still too early to really have an opinion at this point. But IF Jor-El is in it, I’d like to see him cast younger. I mean, the man just had a newborn; he needn’t be very old. I do like the casting so far, but again, it’s very early to say. But we’ve seen Darkseid, Zod and Doomsday in the last few ‘Smallville’ seasons, and so I would love to see something different. Maybe dig into the old Rogue’s Gallery of the 40’s, and use Ultra-Humanite. I think too often in recent superhero flicks, the villain is just the evil analogue of the hero: Iron Monger, Abomination, etc. Zod would be more of the same.

  20. Then again, if it’s a good movie, then the rest won’t matter.

  21. Stephen,

    Is there anywhere online to see the episodes of smallville with those villains? I’d love to check them out and see how they were portrayed, especially doomsday. I’m assuming they didn’t make him this huge monster-like creature as in the comics????

    • They did a weird thing: he started out as a shapeshifter, normal looking guy who turned into the monster. Then, the two were separated, and Doomsday the monster was buried underground. His origin was similar, but tweaked ‘Smallville’ style.

      • Did they really? Nice, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

        • Doomsday seemed a lot like “Jekyll and Hyde” for the most part. I thought they did a pretty good job for there budget and how they introduced the character to the show in season 8. I knew it was gonna be a tough change in villainy; since Rosenbaum (Lex) was no longer gonna be involved. But they pulled it off nicely.

          In this last season (10), Darkseid is one of the main villains. However they’ve hardly showed him. So far they’ve used CG for the character, but it looks pretty sweet.
          All together… most of the (non human) super villains look human, compared to how they look in the comics
          (like Brainiac, Mister Mxyzptlk, or Parasite), but there powers are pretty much the same.

      • very cool!

      • It looked good… but the whole confrontation between Clark and Doomsday? Pretty anticlimactic

        • Yeah, I agree there. The problem was they just didnt have the budget for a big showdown, but the minute or so they did fight was pretty cool. Clark’s fight with Zod was the best!

    • They did Doomsday real cool on Smallville. They had a guy in a big suit and it looked really good.

    • thy made Doomsday human and sam witwer plays him no monster no nothing smallville dosen’t have that kind of budget

  22. Viggo deciding to co star in a freakin Snow White movie with Kristen “I can’t act” Stewart in the lead role ahead of a kick ass Superman film??

    Bad move by Viggo! Here is hoping Gerard Butler gets the role of Zod now!

  23. Viggo can be casted to play Kara’s father Zor-El in the SUPERGIRL (Spin-Off) Remake and thats why I casted him to star in Superman’s Family (The Citizens of Argo City) while Zac Snyder is all set to direct and shoot “The Man of Steel” next year.

  24. awww he would be awesome as zod tho

  25. Good, I don’t like this guy. He would have made Superman sucky

    • Only in your little fantasy world would Viggo Mortenson make a movie sucky. The guy is a great actor who makes any movie he’s in better.

  26. He would make a great casting role playing Superman’s Uncle in the SUPERGIRL remake as Kara’s Father. Also I casted Josh Brolin and Liv Tyler to play Non & Ursa as Zod’s crew being casted into the Flying Triangle through the Phantom Zone prysm cell

  27. I Reckon Julian McManon Should play General Zod in the New
    Superman Film

  28. I didn’t see what all the hoopla was about anyway for Viggo Mortensen as Zod. People kept using his role as Lucifer from “The Prophecy” as their reason for him, BUT THAT WAS 16 YEARS AGO! He doesn’t even look like that anymore and a lot of his films have not been very good since then, other than “Lord of the Rings”, which was ten years ago. He is kind of boring now in his roles even when he does so-called darker movies like “The Road”. He was not even considered for an Oscar in that movie and that movie storyline was pretty intense. How do you mess that up? And now it is official that they don’t even want him for the new Snow White movie. How about Jonathan Rhys Meyers for these roles? He played King Henry on “The Tudors”. He is a great actor and pretty intense for either role and certainly not boring. And younger and better looking!

  29. Ummm…Lord of the Rings wasn’t ten years ago and Viggo has made exceptional films since The Prophecy. A History of Violence, The Lord of the Rings films, Eastern Promises, The Road. He isnt IN everything and thats a great thing for an actor of his caliber. Zod is Supermans elder, so Jonathan Rhys Meyer wouldn’t work. Besides: WHY DOES EVERY BAD GUY HAVE TO BE FROM ENGLAND?! If they did get a non American actor, I’d rather see Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, or Liam Neeson as Zod.

    • I think there’s just something about that British accent that says “nefarious.” 8)