Viggo Mortensen is the Frontrunner for Zod in ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

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As soon as it was announced that Henry Cavill had won the title role in director Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel, speculation immediately turned toward who might fill out the supporting cast. While some fans have been fixated on who could play Lois Lane, a bigger question has loomed ever since the Superman reboot was announced – who exactly would the big blue Boy Scout be squaring off against in the film?

A common complaint leveled against Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was that there was an over-abundance of angst, but not a whole lot of action. Many seemed to believe that part of the problem was the decision to use Lex Luthor as the main villain once again. As iconic a foe as Luthor is, fans have been ready to see a Superman movie that features a more physically imposing adversary. If you’re one of them – it looks like you may finally be getting your wish.

A few months ago, Snyder denied rumors that General Zod would appear in Superman: Man of Steel . So naturally, a few of us were confused when it was revealed that the search was underway for an actress to play Ursa – one of Zod’s underlings. Well, it looks like Snyder may have intentionally tried to mislead us.

According to THR, General Zod IS the villain and Viggo Mortensen is currently the top choice for the role. Just like the Kevin Costner/Jonathan Kent situation, a few other names are also being kicked around – but Mortensen is the only one being “seriously discussed” by Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan.

Of course, Mortensen is also in negotiations for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, but it’s possible that deal may not go through – which would leave no conflict with Superman‘s shooting schedule. It’s equally possible that Universal and Warner Bros. could work out an arrangement that would allow the in-demand actor to take part in both films.

At the very least, this seems to confirm that, regardless of who ultimately plays him, General Zod will be back on the big screen. Mortensen is a talented and versatile actor and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’d get a very different portrayal than Terence Stamp’s legendary take on the character.

general zod1 Viggo Mortensen is the Frontrunner for Zod in Superman: Man of Steel

Terence Stamp as General Zod

To be honest, though – I’m slightly torn on this development. Don’t get me wrong – I love the idea of Mortensen as Zod, but I was sort of hoping that Superman: Man of Steel would further separate itself from previous films by utilizing a villain that had never appeared on-screen before. The fewer comparisons people can make to past adaptations, the better. It’s the same reason I argued against using Khan in Star Trek 2.

However, I get the feeling Snyder plans on turning a few established conventions on their head – so it’s likely that this incarnation of General Zod will be decidedly different from the one that appeared in Superman and Superman II.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Superman: Man of Steel brings a fresh and modern perspective to this mythology and I’m interested in finding out exactly how Zod will tie-in with that.

Source: THR

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  1. Why Zod?! Just why?!?! Why must that same super villain be recycled over and over again in almost all forms of entertainment that involves Superman from movies, comics, TV…etc.? Is Hollywood really that strapped for cash to afford a good makeup/FX artist to put some green skin on an actor for us to have Brainiac?

    This film does not have me excited whatsoever…

  2. people need to calm down. we don’t even know the story yet! who knows, brainiac could be in this

  3. if I wanted to see Zod I would watch Superman 2 with a good actor playing superman

  4. Yeh!!!!!, why not if were gonna see Zod again make him darker than we”ve seen him before. Kevin cosnter as supes dad.

  5. Nothing has come out yet that could make me even a little excited about the new Superman. Shame

      • Be nice. I don’t “whine and cry and try and ruin the movie going experience for others in the theater”.

        Our likes differ. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

  6. I would rather have seen something new as well, but if their gonna do Zod, Viggo should be pretty cool. Snyder should use the Jim Lee design from comics a few years ago.

    • That was my reaction as well! :)

      Viggo Mortensen as the main villain? As Zod in the new Superman? I’m all for it, I want to see what magic he does with this role.

      Mortensen can play all sorts of roles — good guys, bad guys, regular, every-day joes… and he brings a depth, a resonance, a spirituality to his roles.

      I hope he gets the role.

      • seriously i could not think of a better actor to play zod as far as casting goes. yeah i know some people are dissapointed that they are copying villains from the past movies but the last movie that had these villains was epically lame. the battle scene was like something out of an old Godzilla movie. this movie doesnt sound too original with what we know so far but i still cant wait to see what they can do with the fight scenes :)

      • Yep, I agree. Christian bale is batman & look how awesome that turned out.

  7. …The joker was in the Tim Burton batman…and look how the Dark Knight turned out…
    Viggo Mortensen as ZOD???…this would be amazing…

  8. Brilliant choice of actor to play Zod, I’m interested to see how Zod and his underlings will play out in a story about a “younger” Superman. Again, Vigo is an astounding choice, hope this is true.

  9. I want Doomsday!

    • I dont’ think Doomsday, who once “killed” superman, would be a good choice for a younger supes. Even in the comics the JLA was established before Doomsday came along. I suppose a different iteration could be used, but that’s worse than differentiating from the comics, that’s rewriting the most iconic moment in supes history.

  10. Nolan still producing? Didn’t think that was the case.

  11. hmmmm. anytime i hear news about this film i just get more disappointed every time. Sure they and put Zod in this, they can make him darker like The Dark Knight did with the Joker, but at the end of the day its still Zod and we’ve seen him before. In both films and TV and well, its time to branch out. I don’t want to see a reboot of a darker version of superman 2, I wanna see an all new all different story.
    I love the dark knight, but there were times it was very similar to the first bat-man movie…and it will be the case with this film too.
    I also think they are spending too much time trying to “modernise” every single super hero films that comes out.
    why not give us a cool new retelling of superman based in the 50s? or 40s? That would be interesting!

    • You’re right; it would be very cool…and it would bomb horribly at the box office, unfortunately. People will say, “Oh, but wait; you’re wrong. Captain America will be in what’s basically a period film, so it CAN be done and be anticipated.” No, he will START out in World War II, with the audience’s FULL KNOWLEDGE that he’ll be brought into the 21st century. There will be no Captain America film taking place JUST in the 1940s. There will also not be any Superman film like that, for the same reason.

      It would be cool, though…


  13. Great choice, he’d do very well in this role for sure, but I was really hoping for a new fresh take with different characters this time.

  14. I was hoping for Brianiac or DarkSied but Zod? and I dont like the new Superman they should have just stuck with Brandon Routh for Superman I dont understand why they had to change it.

    • yeah Brian Singer talked about the sequel and that was set to have Brainiac, which would be new and also Doomsday apperantly with the art work

      That one sounds better then Snyders but they both should be good i guess

  15. Mortensen woud certainly add another level of potential depth to this project. I wonder what kind of sinister edge Viggo can add to this character — let’s hope we get to find out.

  16. I like the idea of Viggo as ZOD , I think it gives Superman a chance to go toe to toe with a vilian of equal strength and power. this isnt they way I would want them to go but it is what it is at this point. However just throwing this out there shave his head and he would be one hell of a Luthor. He can play a mean sob and I would love him as a more cerebral villian.

  17. WTF zod again they need a new villian it says they want a super powered villian why not bizzaro

    • Bizzaro would be cool. I agree, are there no other villians than led and zod. This is just plain stupid.

      • Oops I mean lex

    • I think it’s great! He’s an amazing actor, and I have confidence that he would bring this character to life and that his take on Zod will be done well.
      I’m not gonna lie though by saying I wasn’t hoping for a new villain, but you guys gotta remember THERE ARE GONNA BE SEQUELS! If they use up the best villians in the first film we won’t have anything to look forward to after this one.
      So just be patient and we’ll see Brainiac, Bizzaro or Darkside soon enough… Maybe all three if we are lucky :P

  18. Even with Zod and Ursa (if that really happens) there would still be room for another villain such as Brainiac or Metallo. So just wait for official announcements.

  19. yeah like most of you, this is a bad idea. We finally get a new supes movie and its zod/ursa?

    I have NO interest in this whatsoever. Let’s get Doomsday in to kill Kal-el so we don’t have to sit through another lame superman movie. I swear the studios first instinct is to play it safe, and just recycle old “safe and familiar” villains. I’m done with cinematic supes, except Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of course. Maybe Synder can bring back that Nuclear Man from Superman 4. LOL


    • Huh? It sounds like MOST of the people on here LOVE the possibility of Viggo as Zod. From what I keep hearing, Braniac is going to be in this film also.

      If you can’t get pumped for this news, then you need a pulse IMO.

      • If brainiac is in this movie, I’m satisfied, viggo is one of my fav actors, just no zod or lex dammit. He just couldn’t give us something new and fresh, could he????????

  20. They could introduce Brainiac since he (it) is also from Krypton. Either way at least he’ll be fighting super-powered beings.

  21. why is it so hard to use braniac?. I am looking forward to a suckerpunch style superman tho. I think the first trailer is gonna leave everyones jaws on the floor. I think we are c a very angry superman for the first time.

  22. Viggo would make a good Zod, But I think he’d be BETTER as Brainiac.

    • Viggo would make a good entire cast. He is one of the best actors in Hollywood. But I would like him to play Brainiac, that would be awesome.

      • yh i agree he could play almost any of the villains

  23. i thought christopher nolan had left the superman set to concentrate on the new batman?

  24. Thinking on it further, I’d say (and who wouldnt?) say sure Viggo would actually fit ANY role they throw his way. But why waste it on Zod?

  25. Isn’t they say that Zod wasn’t going to be in it? Or did they just say that he wouldn’t be the main villian?

    He really looks the part though…

    Anyway, this is kinda like how what’s his face was frontrunner for Superman and it went to Cavill. I guess we’ll see :)