10 Hidden Signs That All Pixar Movies Are Related


Disney pretty much confirmed in a Facebook video that all Pixar films exist in the same universe. And fans lost their minds. Prepare to drop your jaw at these 10 proofs that all Pixar movies are related, and hit the red button down below to subscribe to our channel!

Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet truck makes an appearance in pretty much all Pixar movies. You won’t find it in ‘The Incredibles’. But other than that, keep your eyes peeled for the yellow delivery truck. The toys actually take a ride in it in ‘Toy Story’. More toys ride on top of it in ‘Toy Story 3’. We get an aerial view of it twice in ‘Up’. EVE scans over it in ‘WALL-E’. It’s lined up for a ‘Cars’ Piston Cup race. And it’s parked next to a trailer in both ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Monsters, Inc.’.

Luxo Ball

A yellow ball with a blue stripe and red star doesn’t seem particularly interesting. That is, until you realize it pops up in Pixar movies left, right and center. It’s in three ‘Toy Story’ films. It’s in Boo’s bedroom in ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and on the Scare Games wall in ‘Monsters University’. You’ll see in in the dentist’s waiting room in ‘Finding Nemo’ and during a Riley flashback scene in ‘Inside Out’. It’s even in ‘Brave’ in the witch’s cottage. It’s called the Luxo ball, or Pixar ball.


Have you ever noticed A113 in a Pixar film? It’s the forbidden code in ‘WALL-E’. It’s there in ‘Toy Story’ on the license plate of Andy’s mom’s car. And it’s in so many others. And there’s a fun reason behind it. Chief creative officer at Pixar, John Lasseter explained that A1-13 was the animation classroom at California Institute of the Arts. And lots of Pixar animators studied in that classroom on the Character Animation Program. So it’s their nod to where they started out.

Up Dug Pixar 10 Hidden Signs That All Pixar Movies Are Related


Disney revealed the Easter eggs in ‘Up’ in a Facebook video. A113 and the Pizza Planet truck appear. And of course a Luxo ball is there. It’s on one of Russell’s merit badges. And is also in the girl’s bedroom the house passes on its ascent. She has a Lots-O’ bear from ‘Toy Story 3’ and a toy plane inspired by ‘Toy Story’ too. The flowers on her wall are reminiscent of the ones on Boo’s door in ‘Monsters, Inc.’ The Grape Soda brand on Ellie’s pin is also seen in ‘Toy Story’. And Carl Fredricksen and Charles Muntz eat Gusteau’s seared scallops from ‘Ratatouille’.

Monsters, Inc.

If you want to watch one movie and be able to impress your friends with all the Easter eggs you spot, have a look at ‘Monsters, Inc.’. You’ll see links to ‘Toy Story’ in a few different scenes. Like when the toy dinosaur Rex is next to Mike and Sulley when they are waiting at a crosswalk. And when Andy’s wallpaper is the background when Randall practices blending in. Plus Boo has a Jessie doll from ‘Toy Story 2’ in her room. Boo also hands Sulley Pixar’s trademark Luxo ball and a toy clownfish like Nemo from ‘Finding Nemo’ (which was yet to be released).

Backwards And Forwards

A lot of Easter eggs planted in Pixar movies link back to previous films. But we can also see things that link forward to future movies that haven’t been released yet. ‘Monsters, Inc.’ was released in 2001. And it featured a toy Nemo, who then appeared in 2003’s ‘Finding Nemo’. This adds evidence to the theory that all Pixar films exist in one pre-planned universe.


BNL a.k.a. Buy-n-Large is the big corporation that exists in the Pixar universe. In ‘WALL-E’ there’s a ‘History of BNL’ commercial that shows us the extent to which the company has taken over the world. It pops up in subtle ways in other movies too. BNL is the brand of batteries in ‘Toy Story’. It’s the manufacturer of construction equipment in ‘Up’. The company advertises on the racetrack walls in ‘Cars 3’. And in ‘Finding Nemo’ BNL is the subject of a news article.

WALL E Pixar 10 Hidden Signs That All Pixar Movies Are Related

The Pixar Theory

Film critic Jon Negroni got so deep into researching The Pixar Theory he published a book about it. He looked into how all of the Pixar movies tie together into one cohesive timeline with a main theme that involves animals and artificial intelligence. He’s charted the movies based on their position in the time they’re set. And how machines come to control humans. Which leads to an industrial revolution and pollution. And animals rising up against humans and pollution. Deep.


An example of The Pixar Theory is a trailer that is parked in two films. In ‘Monsters, Inc.’ we see the trailer when Randall is sent there via a door. It looks newer, there’s tall grass around it and there are people inside it. In ‘A Bug’s Life’ there’s an almost identical scene. But the trailer looks more rundown and old. There isn’t so much vegetation and what there is looks dried out. This shows the destruction of the planet. The Pizza Planet truck is also parked beside them too.

Boo The Witch

Boo from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ has a special place in The Pixar Theory. Take a deep breath, because this one is pretty out there. There’s speculation that Boo is the witch from ‘Brave’. Basically, she figures out how to time travel and goes through doors looking for Sulley. Evidence? There’s a Sulley drawing in the witch’s workshop. Other Easter eggs are in there too. Like a Pizza Planet truck wooden toy and Luxo ball. It’s said Boo’s love for Sulley is the crux of the Pixar universe.


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