10 Hidden Easter Eggs You Never Noticed In Popular Movies!


What is it about movies that we love? Is it the nostalgia a certain film gives us? For instance, you may find yourself drawn to certain movie because you loved it when you were little. Indiana Jones, Star Wars or one of the Muppet films – they can still be entertaining themselves but the added role they played in our childhood can make them extra special and worth several dozen extra viewings. Is it the subject matter that draws us to a film? If you’re a war buff you probably watched films like Saving Private Ryan or The Thin Red Line over and over again because while entertaining they also had significant factual elements that caught your eye. What it comes down to is that everyone loves movies for different reasons – and there are lots of them.
Even if you aren’t drawn to a particular movie for any deep seated reason, there can be a lot of fun in finding hidden or obscure references in one film that relate to another. Sometimes these ‘easter eggs’ can be linked to a related series or storyline, but sometimes they can be tied to a totally unrelated film franchise. Movie buffs, and nerds, love finding Easter eggs so much that there are numerous sites online dedicated to the subject. From animated films to sci-fi thrillers, you can bet that there will be more than a few hidden references or tributes to other films and characters strewn throughout. As you’ll see, these films from the past few years all have their share of fun and interesting easter eggs, sometimes hidden in plain sight.