10 Actors Who Actually HATED Each Other On Set


When we watch movies and television shows it is sometimes very easy to get caught up in the characters. For instance, sometimes we can like a certain character so much that we wished they were like that in real life (cough- Alec Baldwin – cough). Perhaps we watch certain partnerships and romances on screen and are left with that small belief that that situation exists in real life – Ross and Rachel anyone? Of course, actors are, for the most part, just doing their job and acting out the roles handed to them. When the director says ‘cut’ and the cameras stop rolling, most actors don’t stay in character and go home to their own set of family and friends.
Then there’s the opposite side of the coin. That is, actors who can’t stand each other when they end up working together. In many instances, we are left totally unaware as we only get to see the polished end product. In reality, what we often don’t know is that those actors we see interacting so well on the screen or television actually want to strangle each other. With so many big egos and prima donnas you have to figure there are going to be a few actors who don’t get along. As you’ll see, some notable acting partnerships were characterized by rather chilly relations and heated arguments. From sci-fi and action to comedy and drama, no set seems safe when it comes to actors who hate each other.