‘V/H/S Viral’ Trailer: Hold Onto Your Tickets

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Who would have thought that 2012′s scrappy, micro-budget horror anthology V/H/S had even the slimmest chance of scoring franchisement? Last year saw the release of that film’s follow-up, the arguably superior V/H/S 2, a movie that rather demonstrably earned most of its goodwill on the strength of The Raid 2: Berandal  director Gareth Evans’ personal contribution to it; now, we’re staring down the barrel of the next generation of videotaped terror, V/H/S 3 (aka V/H/S Viral), which promises to take its conceit online, sewing its numerous sundry evils across the web.

Today, we’ve been gifted with a brief glimpse of just what those evils might be in the first trailer for the omnibus series’ latest go-round, which can be seen above. Of course, there’s as much time dedicated to V/H/S Viral‘s predecessors as to V/H/S Viral itself; that’s just one of the requirements of franchise maintenance, and if nothing else, the clip makes it crystal clear that the minds behind the film mean to create a sort of shared universe of VCR’d fear.

On top of that, the teaser is cut up like there’s no tomorrow, but maybe that’s more of a blessing than a curse. For what little we actually see from V/H/S Viral – about forty seconds’ worth of footage – it’s hard to decipher exactly what it is that we’re seeing; a pair of monstrous claws here, a person getting sucked into a chair there, creepy medical experiments here. What all of that means remains a mystery, and a little mystery can be good for productions like this, which make their bones by taking viewers off-guard.

VHS Viral Reaper V/H/S Viral Trailer: Hold Onto Your Tickets

There’s a wide spread of rampant weirdness littered throughout the V/H/S series; succubi, slashers, apocalyptic suicide cults, aliens, ghosts, jilted lovers, possessions, and so much more. Going into V/H/S Viral anticipating what the newest batch of filmmakers called to the franchise’s cause – including Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, the impending Open Windows), Marcel Sarmiento (The ABCs of Death), and Justin Benson (Resolution), among others – have in store for their audience – that is perhaps the best case scenario, for how viewers approach seeing this film.

If the trailer alone isn’t enough, the crew over at Bloody Disgusting have also proudly unveiled V/H/S Viral‘s first official poster, which builds off of the images used to promote the other V/H/S movies of yore:

VHSVIRAL POSTER WEB 1 691x1024 V/H/S Viral Trailer: Hold Onto Your Tickets

V/H/S Viral hits theaters this fall, by way of Magnet releasing, so in between now and then, feel free to ponder what frights might be brought to bear in V/H/S Viral; that’s all part of the fun. While it’s probably unwise to hold the film to the expectations set by V/H/S 2‘s “Safe Haven” segment, that film is strong enough taken in total to suggest we’ll be in for a bloody good ride with this latest bit of frightful VCR viewing.


V/H/S Viral will hit theaters in Fall 2014.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. what I like most about the VHS movies is it’s kinda like watching episodes of Twilight Zone. It’s a cool mix of horror, sci fi, thriller, and mystery and it’s done in these vignettes that give it an episodic feel. I’m not really one for the found footage kinda stuff, but these are fun.

  2. I’m a fan of the first two. These kinds of movies are perfect for a series as long as they keep coming up with fresh ideas. I’ll watch it when it comes on Netflix.

    • And we all know it will. I swear, if I have a spare half hour to kill and nothing better to watch, I will just throw the second film on Instant just to watch “Safe Haven” for the umpteenth time.

      • Haha, me too, man. It premiered on one of the movies channels a few weeks ago and I found that whenever Dredd wasn’t on, I’d watch V/H/S 2 and luckily always caught it just as Safe Haven was about to start.

        They’re my main things I watch to stave off boredom when they’re on TV (which is a lot), especially late at night working to 1AM EST deadlines with my writing and such.

  3. Nice!

  4. Love these movies. Not all of the segments are fantastic, but they’re freakin’ entertaining as hell to watch unfold. This is a series I think should continue on through years to come as an entry way for aspiring and amateur horror directors. As stated above, as long as they keep coming up with fresh ideas, keep the movies coming!

  5. I like it, this series feel strangely “fresh”

  6. The genius of these movies is that they serve as an audition for unknown or lesser known directors to showcase the best of what they can do. We get the most raw ‘best foot forward’ of what each has to offer. A callback to Twilight Zone (like Oneiros mentioned) gives credence to the concept still being heavily sought after when done correctly. Whether or not the directors go on to do anything (better) is rarely predictable, but if you’re not impressed with what they gave you, the beauty is you only need wait a few minutes to see what the next has in store. Hungry unknowns striving for originality crammed into a twenty minute segment and we all reap the benefits. My hopes are this concept continues to issue one installment every year, even spawn copy cats. At the end of the day, all us horror junkies want is something creepy and original, regardless of whether you do it in two hours or ten minutes.

    • I totally agree with this – any opportunity to give young, hungry talent a shot at making an impression is a good thing, especially when you’re talking about horror. Horror lends itself to stagnation more than most other genres, at least if you ask me; films like the V/H/S series in theory can help prevent that.

  7. Big fan of the horror genre but most of these segments in VHS 1 and 2 are flat out terrible and I really don’t understand how anyone could be excited about another. Sure, some of the segments are clever and interesting but for the most part they suck, they really do.

    • In your humble opinion, that is.

    • really? is that why you watched both part 1 and part 2 andyCRUMP? lol i love internet trolls who will tear down an entire trilogy or an entire series of that was on the air for like 8 seasons (dexter) or even 10 years (smallville) and they talk about how crappy the movies were or the shows were how stupid the seasons got, how bored they were watching it etc etc….yet they did watch it all, multiple movies and years of a tv show….its like if it sucked so bad and you hate it so much why the hell did you watch all of the movies or hundreds of episodes….they usually say cuz its fun to watch something crappy and make fun of it….and my reply to that is you are right it is fun to watch and make fun of crappy movies and shows but dear god watching 8yrs to a decade of crap every week just to poke fun at it? nobody has that sorta tolerance to punish themselves with something that the find so vile and boring and stupid…..lol sorry trolls you aren’ going to ever win that argument….just not gonna happen, you can fake a victory on a forum because people get tired of dealing with your dumb ***ES but thats not a real victory that is just people with better taste and better standards with more maturity that have much better things to do with their time and fear continuing an argument with you would just make them as dumb as you are to begin with….and since they have more class than you they aren’t going to go down to your level, which is about 6 inches beneath pond scum, we are sorry your life is so crappy that you gotta make yourself seem to be above it all….but usally at least in my life when someone can’t enjoy good art its because they have no class…..plus we know better…if you watch an entire series on tv for years or keep watching sequels to a movie you say is crap the truth is you enjoy those shows and thos movies but you think you will come off cooler by seeming to be the only one in the class that is above all that…..we know your tricks lol….in all seriousness i hope you enjoy vhs viral just like you enjoyed the first 2 and i will be looking forward to seeing how crappy you think the 3rd one is after you take the precious time out of your life to watch the movie itself which is most likely as bad as the first two at least in your opinion yet you will still take that precious time to watch the 3rd one lol…and you will love it but tell us how much it sucks and how stupid we are for loving it….take care.

      • sorry that was directed at TA NO Andy crump

        • lol what does this post have anything to do with watching 8 seasons of a tv show? I stated my opinion on the films. I watched the second one because like i said some of the segments were interesting and clever and unlike most people i enjoyed the first one better. A lot of the segments did suck though, plus there is no storyline to go with the movie. I’m glad my opinion sparked you to take time out of your fabulous life to write such a long post for a scum like myself :) have a good night!

  8. I think what made V/H/S 2 so awesome was Eduardo Sanchez. He revolutionized the horror genre with Blair Witch. I hope these new directors bring more fun to the movies. Like the slumber party alien abduction. Also there better be a new Death Set song at the end too lol.

    • The thing is, while Alien Abduction Slumber Party was cool, I also struggle to watch it because I saw it in 1997′s “The McPherson Tape”, which is a shame because the aliens in V/H/S 2 looked more realistic than the cheap costumes used in The McPherson Tape, just can’t help the sense of deja vu.

      I’m looking forward to more, though. Aside from the first two [REC] movies, Grave Encounters in 2009 and these V/H/S films, the horror genre has been pretty crap over the last decade.

      • Grave Encounters was amazing!

    • For me, V/H/S 2 comes down to “Safe Haven”. I’ll cop to being a huge Evans fan, and thus being biased, but “Safe Haven” is next level stuff. Justifies the entire movie on its own merits.

      • The thing about V/H/S 2 is that the first segment is pretty much a lesson in jump scares and a random sex scene (because horror apparently needs at least one per movie for whatever reason) so it’s easy to throw that one out.

        The zombie one, cool concept, I guess I was disappointed because I geared myself up from the release of the trailer for a birthday party being interrupted by a creature attacking but we got zombies (which became over-saturated back in 2006) and somehow, we saw the footage from the guest’s perspective mixed in with the Go-Pro, which never fails to take me out of that entirely.

        Safe Haven, absolute genius and I’m glad it was set in Gareth’s favourite country because it’s always creepier with subtitles (see: any Japanese and Korean movie that becomes less scary when remade in the English language). I say this as someone who hasn’t seen any of his other films yet so no bias from me.

        Already pointed out why I’m not such a huge fan of the final segment but the wraparound worked better for me than in the first (didn’t help when the very first scene in V/H/S made those guys in the wraparound plot completely annoying and unsympathetic, I find horror works better when you’re not rooting for people to die).

        I said it before about these films but it gives an opportunity for new talent to shine and it’s also reminiscent of the Faces Of Death videos we used to watch as kids. It’s just a shame that it seems the wider audience still haven’t heard of these films.

  9. Worst Movies i have ever seen in my Life, only Paranormal Activity topped this Garbage.

  10. V/H/S Viral was absolutely horrible. Aside from the first segment with the illusionist it was a huge letdown. Wasn’t impressed with it at all.