Very Cool: Lou Ferrigno Is The Voice Of The Incredible Hulk!

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ferrigno voice hulk Very Cool: Lou Ferrigno Is The Voice Of The Incredible Hulk!

All right, now this is officially cool and just another reason to believe that Marvel knows what the hell they’re doing when it comes to bringing their characters to the screen. First we had Iron Man with a non-action guy (Jon Favreau) for a director and outside the box casting (Robert Downey Jr.). We all know how THAT movie turned out.

Now comes word that Lou Ferrigno, the beloved bodybuilder-turned-actor who played the part of the Hulk in the old TV series, will be the voice of The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming film!

I don’t know who was set to voice the Hulk originally in the film, but the poor guy is out of it now. The story is that Ferrigno was a last minute addition to the panel for the film at the New York Comic-Con, and that director Louis Letterier asked him to “audition” onstage. Ferrigno let out an impressive “Hulk Smash!” and Letterier and the producers were so impressed that they asked him to come in and do the voiceover work for the character.

And no, according to them it wasn’t staged.

Personally I think this is pretty damned awesome. I think it’s great of them to bring Lou into the fold with a significant part to play in the film.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13th.

Source: Variety via Cinematical

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  1. This movie might just have to be bumped up from “wait and see” to “must see” on my short list this year. (The others were “Dark Knight”, “Wall-E”, Indy IV, and “Iron Man”).

  2. SWEET!!!!


    This is great! As if learning that the Hulk actually does more than grunt in this film isn’t awesome and exciting enough, we also learn that the Incredible Hulk himself, Mr. Lou Ferrigno, is voicing him!!! SWEET!!

    He actually voiced the Hulk on the 90s Hulk cartoon too, now that’s pretty damn cool.

    Also, Lou said that the Incredible Hulk TV show would have actually been even more popular if they’d have allowed him to speak. I agree.

    Incredible news! (sorry)


  5. I’m not sure why everyone is so excited. Unless they plan on morphing his voice a lot I’m not all that impressed. Have any of you actually heard Lou talk? It’s kind of funny and said at the same time.

  6. EXCELLENT !!!! by the way, wasn’t lou the voive of the hulk in the 90s cartoon?

  7. EXCELLENT !!!! by the way, wasn’t lou the voice of the hulk in the 90s cartoon?

  8. This movie’s gonna be TOTALLY awesome.

    Can’t wait for June 13th!

    (Or the 12th, they’re having a screening that Thurs. WOOT!!!)

  9. Nice idea.

  10. Something as simple as that makes such a big difference. This makes me much more excited for the film

    That’s awesome news!

  11. Can someone explain why this is so great or makes the film any better? The film’s trailers look great Norton is a fantastic Actor and the only thing people care about is that Lou is doing the Hulks voice? How does this make you happy or make you think it’s cooler? Lou doesn’t even have a scary voice their are women with voices more intimidating.

  12. Daniel,

    Ferrigno has a VERY deep voice (I’ve met him more than once) and as to how he sounds when he talks, have you ever seen any “making of” programs about movies where they show the sound edit bay? They can tweak his voice drastically.

    It’s about showing respect and honoring what came before.


  13. Daniel,
    It’s the same reason they got Peter Cullen to do the voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers…the fans. For me, I’m estatic they got Lou to do this; I was a fan of the TV show.

  14. Meh to me it should be more about making something great and less about respecting the best. Personally this news is meaningless to except maybe it makes more a little less excited. When I found out Norton was cast I was excited when I found out the rest of the cast it made me happy. When I saw the trailer I got excited, but this news is meaning less to me it won’t effect the quality of the movie in any positive way.

  15. From now on, anyone who says “Meh” needs to qualify just what right they have to be so dismissive.

    I realize I’m addressing an entire generation of mid to upper middle class white americans when I say this, but whoever said that EVERYTHING a filmmaker or film studio does has to be geared directly to YOU?????

    That’s right. You’re not the only people on planet Earth. An entire 2-3 generations of Hulk fans know exactly who that guy is, and this kind of thing is what will get them in the theatre.

    Suck it up. It’s a bigger world than you & me.
    You’re NOT the only ones living in it.


  16. MEH

    I’m not upper middle class trust me on that one. I just think that it’s unimportant unless it improves the quality of the film which this doesn’t. All this can do is make some hardcore fans who would of scene the movie anyway get super excited because their nodding to the old TV show. This will have little to no impact on the actual quality of the movie.

    OH and guess what I know who he is as well. I watched the show when I was a child I also watched the 90′s Cartoon which I believe he did the voice on. I simply don’t care. Honestly if their gonna actually mess with his voice in editing they could of got anyone in the world to do the voice and it they could of made it sound the same. This does nothing for the quality of the film. so MEH. Don’t try to tell me what I can and can’t say.

  17. You’re a whiny b****, Mr. Meh. And I do care what you say, if only for your own good & the reflection it gives others of yourself.

    No matter what demographic you fall in- I certainly hope your whiny attitude impresses the girls!

  18. Ok, lets tone it down folks. No personal attacks or comments are gonna start getting deleted.


  19. Hmm I sure hope you look up whiny in the dictionary so you can learn what it means. I have not whined about one things I expressed my disinterest in a subject. That’s what MEH means pay attention you might learn something.

  20. Consider it done, my man. I’m just excited for the Movies!

  21. Like I said- whatever your attitude is, my only hope for your sake, is that it impresses the girls. ;)

    So at your next party, try pulling out the ‘Wine’ instead of the ‘Whine’. The ‘mwah’ instead of the ‘meh’. See if there’s any notable difference.

    In all seriousness, I love ya toots- and I HEART HULK ! ! !

  22. Djo,
    Daniel is correct in what he says, it does not improve the quality of the film. The only reason they got Lou is for the fans, and that’s fine with me. Daniel gave his opinions and I wouldn’t consider what he said as whining. We’re all friends here and we all have our own opinions about movies.

  23. Oh! And before I forget:

    1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
    2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.

    I’m jus’ sayin’ is all. ;)


  24. What I did fit that definition in no way. I wasn’t protesting in any way. I wasn’t pissed that they got Lou just expressing how I thought people were overreacting that they did.

    Oh and my wife would be pissed if I tried to get another girl drunk at a party with wine and since we don’t have a couch just a futon I’m gonna pass on that one.

  25. MEH Make Everything Happen.

    That’s all I could find on the internet.

    But I think that pretty much says it all.

    Love you guys-

    For Real,

  26. Please explain to me where I protested. I mearly expressed my disinterest and said that I didn’t understand why people were making a huge deal. The only emotion I have even come close to expressing is annoyance I made no personal comments or insults to you, but you decided to be an ass anyway.

  27. Let’s make the Hulk happen. Any way we can.

    Cuz if HE flops, we’re all gonna be lining up to see Rush Hour 5 and the Mummy 6.

    There is absolutely nothing to say that Super Hero Movies are not just another fad.

    Last time I checked- keeping up the Hype was what kept these sites up and running.

    And I’ll say it- I love you guys to death and I mean it. But I am declaring a personal WAR against the phrase “MEH”.

    It ‘does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to contribute to the quality’ of any Conversation.


    I’m just tryin’ to help some of you realize that you can communicate like actual confident human beings. And point out that the Internet does a fine job of masking the effects of negative attitudes on those you’re communicating with.
    Whether you all do it or not makes no difference. In the non-virtual world, the phrase ‘MEH’ is reflective of a larger, been-there-done that attitude, that contributes NOTHING to any conversation you will ever have. EVER.

    Whether within business, friendships, or relationships (and yes, marriage), lukewarm or negative attitudes propagate one thing: indifference. I challenge any of you to challenge this fact.

    So it’s okay for us to be enthusiastic about Lou Ferrigno. You boasting that it doesn’t matter to you does not matter for squat, b/c it tells us one thing: that nothing matters to you BUT YOU.

    Addendum: *If America were the unconstested top nation in the world across the board, I’d have no problem & just say- “Do as you please.” But being that we’re fast sliding into the 4th or 5th place, and can no longer deny that vast stretches of our own nation resemble 3rd World countries (ex/ our inner cities & rust belts) , I think it’s fair to say our country could use a Kick in the Pants.

    So – look in the mirror. Say “MEH” to your own face. Tell me if that’s becoming of a person who deserves to live their life Free and unobstructed, with the world at their feet. Then, straighten your back, turn your chin up, and tell me if perhaps that person in the mirror isn’t just a bit more impressive.
    Try saying “Meh” then. Doesn’t quite FIT, does it??!!)
    That’s all folks! Enjoy the internet~! I’m getting some fresh air!

    And PLEASE- if we enjoy good, imaginative movies, go see the HULK!
    Just keep your popcorn outta my hair!

  28. The was possibly the dumbest thing I have seen in months on a public forum. It’s just a word calm the hell down. I care about plenty of other things in the world sorry if Lou voicing the Hulk isn’t that important to me, but that doesn’t mean that all I care about is me.

    Guess what else does not contribute to a conversation. Laching on to one word and bashing people for using it. Calling people whiny or any other personal insult. Look in the mirror at your self before you jump on others. You were incapable of having a polite conversation with simply because you hate one word.

    Tell me are there things in life you don’t care about? Are there things in life that are unimportant to you? That’s all MEH means. It’s saying that this subject really isn’t that important to me just this one singular subject. This has nothing to do with being selfish or America or any of that BS. It’s a word. Please grow up.

    I am starting my own Personal war against the word THAT. I thing it’s a horrible word and from now on anytime some one uses it I will latch on to them and begins personally attacking them. The word is destroying society as we know it. This is simply a way of referring to something with out giving it the proper respect it needs.

  29. You’re a genius and deserve the Nobel Prize.

    Back to work. Later!