Very Cool: Lou Ferrigno Is The Voice Of The Incredible Hulk!

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ferrigno voice hulk Very Cool: Lou Ferrigno Is The Voice Of The Incredible Hulk!

All right, now this is officially cool and just another reason to believe that Marvel knows what the hell they’re doing when it comes to bringing their characters to the screen. First we had Iron Man with a non-action guy (Jon Favreau) for a director and outside the box casting (Robert Downey Jr.). We all know how THAT movie turned out.

Now comes word that Lou Ferrigno, the beloved bodybuilder-turned-actor who played the part of the Hulk in the old TV series, will be the voice of The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming film!

I don’t know who was set to voice the Hulk originally in the film, but the poor guy is out of it now. The story is that Ferrigno was a last minute addition to the panel for the film at the New York Comic-Con, and that director Louis Letterier asked him to “audition” onstage. Ferrigno let out an impressive “Hulk Smash!” and Letterier and the producers were so impressed that they asked him to come in and do the voiceover work for the character.

And no, according to them it wasn’t staged.

Personally I think this is pretty damned awesome. I think it’s great of them to bring Lou into the fold with a significant part to play in the film.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13th.

Source: Variety via Cinematical

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  1. Djo,

    Drop the fascination with both these words or you’ll be asked to leave the conversation: Meh & Whiney.

    And Daniel, methinks that he’s continuing to yank your chain because you keep reacting.

    I pride myself on keeping this one of the more civil forums online so let’s just shake hands and move on, shall we?


  2. Fine with me I have no problem ending it. I’m just the type of person that reacts I don’t take insults very well I always have a problem with responding. Though even when I respond I try to avoid insults as much as possible to make sure that everyone know I didn’t start it.

    I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my opinion or use of the word MEH and I will even go ahead and just leave the conversation so if Djo continues to insult me I will miss it and be unable to respond.

    I apologize to you Vic for letting it go on this long

  3. I’ve moved on, and got tickets for a Hulk preview! Woo woo!

  4. Daniel, to me you are probably not a fan of the hulk. your posts seem to imply more about the movie being great, while minusing the fan’s interest. as a fan of the hulk, who has seen many many many times the episodes of the hulk tv series starring bill bixby, it means alot to us for lou to be the hulk’s voice. the film looks like it will be a true blockbuster hit (i’m hoping for it). with that said, i don’t think that the makers of this hulk movie could do anymore to make it better, in the sense of adding to the action, drama , or plot of the movie itself. therefore, they simply added a cherry on top of what seems to be a smash hit, by having the original actor who played the hulk for us all when we were kids, play his voice. i love it, and i think we all love it. i am and still am a true fan of the original transformers cartoon which aired in 1983 or 4. and like Kahless, i loved it when they got peter cullen to be the voice of optimus prime once again. though casting cullen to play optimus again had nothing to do with the plot of the story, for we fans of transformers, it was a sweet cherry on top of the cake (the transformers movie).

    Daniel, it has nothing to do with the plot, or storyline, but simply a way to saying to the fans, “thanks for your support over the years.”

  5. I liked I’m gonna go ahead and reply since it seems like everything will be civil now.

    I know the reason behind it quick silver and I know the reason a lot of you are excited I just don’t understand why people react this way to things like this. I’m a huge Batman fan, but if they came out with a new animated TV show Voiced by Adam West or Keaton I wouldn’t care. All I care about is what it does to actually improve the quality of the film. I’ve never been big on the little nods to the film. Sort of like the Cap shield in Iron man it made no sense and did nothing for the movie.

    I’m not upset by this news or anything I just think people are way overly excited about it. I think Lou is a really nice guy who has a sense of humor. I love the way he made fun of him self in King of Queens it was always funny. However, to actually sound even remotely intimidating or scary they will have to do a lot to his voice I imagine. Givin that he has a terrible lisp and is not remotely scary when he opens his mouth.

    That’s all that I’m expressing here just that I’ll never understand why people care so much about the little nods that don’t change the film at all. The Hulk voice will be interchangeable and anyone could have done it. They may even end up not bringing in someone who possibly could have done a better voice just so they can give the nod.

  6. Well Daniel it sounds like you’re more of a pragmatist than the rest of us. Big time fans thrive on little details like that. Funny that you mentioned Adam West… in the recent cartoon incarnation called “The Batman” he provided the voice of Commissioner Gordon and I got a big kick out of that. :-)

    Related is the fact that Stan Lee does a cameo in every Marvel film, it’s not necessary, it doesn’t make the movie “better,” but it’s fun and a tribute to the creator of the characters.


  7. Yea I watched The Batman (sadly) It wasn’t half as good as BATS or Justice League, but it looks a million times better than the new crap their working on Batman The Brave and the Bold.

    Stans Comeos are ok sometimes, but other times they can be annoying. Take his SM3 appearance. It was distracting and very lame even for a common Stan Cameo. I did enjoy the FF Silver Surfer Cameo it was humorous.

  8. I was not going to say a thing, but if you guys are going to start knocking Stan Lee’s cameos then you better b.t.f.u.

    Yeah, Todd McFarlane’s spiders on the covers of spider man, and Al Hirschfeld’s signature “AH” in all of his caricatures add nothing to the work.

    It’s called a “knowing nod”. If you’re not in the know, simply say “I don’t get it”, keep walking & don’t nod back.

    Daniel (paraphrased): ‘Why puny fans get excited over Lou Ferrigno? Daniel no understand!’

    Perhaps you and the Hulk have FAR more in common than you give yourself credit for.

  9. Way to insult me. Didn’t we just go through this entire thing? Most people on these boards manage to keep it civil.

  10. (No offense to the Hulk, of course.) 😉

    (And I’m sorry Daniel. That was a cheap shot. I’m out.)

  11. I must say, Vic, that was well, said. i, too, enjoy it when stan “the man” lee, the man who made spiderman, the x-men, etc, has cameos in the films of his characters. By the way, i just saw spidey 3 yet again, and i still get a kick out of the scene where peter is looking at the jumbo tron down in Times Square, and stan just shows up out of no where and says something like…ONE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    but, DANIEL, it’s just that, it has nothing to do with the movie itself. just a little fun for the fans. basically you are saying it is not necessary bcause it doesn’t add (neither, does it take away from the movie) to the movie. but until you are able to understand what THE FUN is, in the whole thing of having lou as the hulk’s voice, then you won’t understand. this why you have to be a die-hard or true fan of the franchise to know what we are talking about.

  12. honestly, i thought the entire ff 2 movie smelled like under arms. i am deeply disappointed in that movie. it was too childish for me, and less serious.

    by the way, i think i understand why so many fans disliked spidey 3. not only were there too many super villains (sandman and venom), but the movie concentrated too much on spidey’s love life. hey believe me, i know you need to have a character’s personal-human-side-issues combined with his or her superhuman issues to make for a good story, but when you have too much of one, it tends stink up the read or the film.

    sorry guys, i didn’t mean to head somewhere else, but i just had to mention it.

  13. I disagree Quicksilver. I’m a huge Diehard fan of Batman and nothing like this in a Batman film or cartoon would get me extra excited and beleive me i’m a huge fan I read all the Bat book, scene all the cartoons, movies and even the god awful 60’s TV show. Oh well to each his own I guess.

  14. and what was wrong with the 60s batman? by 60s i think you are referring to the one with adam west and burt ward? honestly, i liked that show, and wish they would put it back on weekdays at the same bat-time (5pm), and the same bat channel (now, CW). Holy Flashback.

  15. Perhaps it’s b/c when Batman becomes fun, you realize how stupid he is – guy in tights, fighting crime w/ a boy by his side.

    Only when you take him dead seriously is he cool.

    Hulk is a bit different- you need to take a Giant Green Rampaging Man with a grain of salt.

    Have a little imagination. Suspend a little disbelief. If it’s any consolation, Daniel, there are many, many people out there who don’t have overdeveloped imaginations like us Marvel fans!

  16. Are you just assuming that I’m not a Marvel fan because I like Batman? Batman is my all time fave character, but I don’t like much else about DC. Batman is closely followed by X-men, Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-man.

  17. Ok, that’s it, no more trailers! I’ve just read 4 reviews of The Incredible Hulk and all of them said the same thing….IT WAS FRACKIN AWESOME!!! Of course, the real review comes when Vic, Niall or other Screen Rant reps post, but this is really good news. Also, again, stay till the very end.

  18. yeah, i’m with you, daniel. batman is excellent, but if not for a handful of dc characters (and that number is not alot, trust me), i wouldn’t even care for dc.