‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Featurette: Are You Team Logan or Team Piz?

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It’s a crazy time to be a Veronica Mars fan. A year ago, all we had to hold onto was some desperate notion that maybe, just maybe, in some faraway future, Warner Bros. might have mercy on us and make the long-awaited movie continuation a reality. One Kickstarter later and that movie and two sequel books – to be written by creator Rob Thomas – are officially on the way.

We already saw a trailer (of sorts) for the forthcoming film during San Diego Comic-Con 2013. It was incredibly early footage, considering the movie hadn’t even completed filming yet, but it gave fans a solid grasp of what we were in store for. Now, a featurette (above) containing a whole bunch of new footage has been released, and it poses the age-old question: Are you Team Logan or are you Team Piz?

The footage provides the lowdown on what Veronica (Kristen Bell) has been doing since her series was unceremoniously canceled some six years ago. She’s in New York, she’s dating Piz (Chris Lowell), and she’s looking to start her career as a lawyer when she finds out that ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) has been charged for the murder of his pop-star girlfriend. Logan, as he always does in such situations (he’s been arrested innumerable times at this point), calls Veronica for help, and Veronica comes a’running back to Neptune.

Veronica Mars Movie Featurette Veronica Mars Movie Featurette: Are You Team Logan or Team Piz?

All this, of course, we’ve known from the previous trailer and interviews with writer/director/creator Rob Thomas. We also know that the murder just happens to coincide with Veronica’s ten-year high school reunion, which convienently allows for the reappearance of many of our favorite characters from seasons 1-3.

In the trailer, you can see Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Mac (Tina Majorino), Dick (Ryan Hansen), Sean Friedrich (Kevin Sheridan) – who may have something to do with the murder – Principal Van Clemmons (Duane Daniels), Gia Goodman (Krysten Ritter), Luke Haldeman (Sam Huntington), Leo D’Amato (Max Greenfield), Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino), Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), the new Sheriff Lamb (Jerry O’Connell), and more.

Interestingly, the featurette places a significant focus on the Veronica, Piz, Logan love triangle, and it’s hard to say if that means the movie itself will heavily focus on it. It’s not unusual for featurettes to focus on a single aspect of a film, though, so your guess is as good as ours.

Logan and Veronica in the Veronica Mars Movie Veronica Mars Movie Featurette: Are You Team Logan or Team Piz?

As for whether or not I’m Team Logan or Team Piz – had you asked me before (a portion of) the plot was released for the movie, I would’ve said I was Team Logan all the way. It was a pretty big surprise for me when it was revealed that Piz would be dating Veronica in the film. VMars fans know that they were dating at the end of the series, though it seemed likely that their their relationship would be coming to an end soon.

The question is – did it come to the end? Did the two break up and the get back together down the line, perhaps when they both met up in NYC? Or have they been dating for almost ten years now? Because if they’ve been dating for ten years, it’s kind of hard to be pulling for the demise of their very serious relationship when, in retrospect, Veronica’s relationship with Logan seems almost like a meaningless fling.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you Team Logan or are you Team Piz? Or do you not really care and you just want to see this movie get released? Drop us a line in the comments.


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The Veronica Mars movie is currently testing and is expected to hit theaters very early 2014, possibly in January.

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  1. I’m happy for the fans of Veronica Mars. If one of my favorite shows was being resurrected as a film, I’d be thrilled. But I’ve watched some footage and this just doesn’t look interesting to the normal movie goer.

  2. Team Piz? Please. Piz is no match for Logan.

  3. I watched and enjoyed the show when it was on but I think it’s kind of tacky to have a kick starter so that a multibillion dollar company can have fans foot the bill to make a movie that the company will then charge fans to watch and make millions in profit from.

    • I understand your point but nobody forced the fans to pay for the movie; they wanted this so they made it happen cause the company never would have done it.

    • I actually heard that those who donated money to the Kickstarter campaign get a free copy of the movie before its released in theaters.

    • I wish Warner Bros. would’ve fronted the money for the movie on their own, but they weren’t ever going to do that. And, on the plus side, fans actually got things in return for their pledges. For example, I got a t-shirt and a copy of the movie. I paid exactly what I’d pay for both of those things, regardless of the Kickstarter, so it’s not like I was screwed out of money here.

    • Most people that donated got a free download of the film. I got a DVD. Fans will get their money worth. I feel like I did.

  4. Team Piz of course. There is no way in reality that someone would choose an ass like Logan – let’s just hope he matured during all those years. Of course in fiction it gives people drama and people looooooooove drama.

    In the end, I’m Team Veronica ;)

  5. I have to agree with Sawyer that Liz is a better match than Logan. But, to be honest, I’m not really a fan of either of them. Logan is a complete and utter a**hole. He’s rude, quick-to-violence, and just plain unlikeable. And honestly, tell me what’s so “epic” about the Logan/Veronica relationship? Uh, just cuz he said it once when he was drunk…and then forgot that he said it? I mean, for like half of the entire show, he acts like a rampaging jerk and I’m supposed to buy that he’s some sort of epic love for her? Piz, while not an ass like Logan is, is just plain boring. So, I have to say, I’m not really a fan of either of these guys.

    Honestly, I thought Duncan was the best match for Veronica. While Teddy Dunn and Kristen Bell still had chemistry, unlike Logan, Duncan wasn’t a complete asshole. And unlike Piz, Duncan was actually interesting. Not to mention that Duncan and Veronica’s romance actually was epic and didn’t just claim to be. Rival families, tragic circumstances (Lily’s death), being forced apart by lies and deception, yet still having underlying feelings for each other. That is essentially the definition of epic, people.

      I’ve always been TEAM DUNCAN and was so sad when he had to leave, although it was probably the only reason he would leave her. You need something special to be able to deal with all that is ‘Veronica Mars’ and Duncan had it in spades. Veronica is too good for Logan AND Piz but shes on pretty even ground with Duncan.

  6. Logan All the way. I can just feel their chemistry


    Although Piz is AMAZING too, so I wouldn’t mind if V ended up with Piz though. Both are fine.

    I just REALLY hope that they don’t do one of those “ambiguous” endings where its “all about how you interpret it”. Either way, if she ends up with Logan or Piz or even all alone, I’d kinda like a definitive answer.

  8. team logan ofcourse i think that almost every fun from the tvshow will agree that those two have a lot of chemistry plus veronica always brings the best out of him so please veronica get back with logan already

  9. Team Logan of course! They have amazing Chemistry. Logan is an exciting love interest, and shows a lot of growth while with Veronica. Unfortunately, I get the feeling from some interviews of the actors that they will focus more on their sexual chemistry rather than the obvious emotional bond they had on the show. So I doubt she’ll end up with Logan. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, the smoldering. :-D

  10. Team Logan!!!!!

  11. Logan. This isn’t even a debate. I bet the writer of the article is all these Pro Piz comments.

  12. I know that Logan made for more interesting TV so I get why they always kept that relationship around, and there were times when I really liked Logan, but honestly I was ready for Veronica to finally be with someone nice and normal for a change by the third season. I really felt Veronica’s disgust with Logan through his whole affair with Kendall and her pain from finding out he hooked up with Madison Sinclair. Piz is by far my favorite boyfriend Veronica has ever had. I really relate to Keith’s view on Veronica’s suitors. Like when Keith mentioned that it was refreshing that Veronica finally had a boyfriend that had more to talk about than surfing. I felt like Piz, though somewhat shy and awkward, was someone that realistically (perhaps TOO realistic for TV purposes) could have a functioning relationship with Veronica. He had goals and dreams and on top of that he actually went to his classes which is something Logan couldn’t even handle. I just liked that she was dating someone who was low drama, really cared about her, wanted to support her in being who she was, and also was going somewhere with his life too. After seeing the movie now I still am definitely team Piz. Logan has finally gotten himself together a bit which is great that he’s not still playing the brooding, depressed jerkface card now that he’s a full-fledged adult, which would just be sad if he still was like that. But Piz has really gotten himself together too. He seems confident and he has a great job and it just seems like their life together is easy and fun and Logan always has a way of making everything so HARD. I know that Piz might be labeled as too boring for TV but if it were me choosing between these two guys I would want to be with Piz. Logan is the kind of guy that my girlfriends would all say, “seriously? Logan again? when are you just going to quit that guy!” Which pretty much is Keith’s attitude in the movie.

  13. Honestly, it has always been Logan. It was set up for Logan. The final scene for Logan and Veronica and Piz witnessing it…the writers told Chris Lowell to act like Piz realises that he and Veronica would never have what Logan and Veronica have.

  14. I am for team Logan. There is a lot of history with these two characters and they deserve the right to find out the depth of their love. I really believe that if they do not end up together neither one of them will ever get over the other. That is apparent only being together for a few days. Wham it was there. I like that Logan has gotten some self discipline and purpose in his life to give him some self worth, I think this will make the difference. The writers could bring these two characters together and really come up with a very could show. They are good together in the aspect they sound off on each other and reach a middle ground.

  15. I am team Piz all the way but Logan has such a pull on Veronica that she will always choose him in the end.