Venom Updates: How Will It Tie Into Spider-Man Franchise?

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venom movie spider man 4 5 Venom Updates: How Will It Tie Into Spider Man Franchise?

SCI FI Wire had an exclusive interview with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers behind next month’s Zombieland flick (which looks great!) and they spoke about that other big project they’ve been working on: the script for the Venom solo film.

The last we heard on the Venom project from the writers was from back in April when they couldn’t comment on whether or not this incarnation of Venom would be the same as/related to the wasted version we saw in the highly disappointing Spider-Man 3.

In the interview, Reese and Wernick take questions on the status of the project and when the film could be in production.

So, What’s the latest on their scripts?

“We’ve written two drafts of Venom, and the studio has it, and they’re pushing forward in whatever ways they push forward,”

As for when the film going move into actual production, the writers said they weren’t sure and re-iterated that they’ve submitted their latest two drafts.

With Spider-Man 4 moving into production early next year for a summer, 2011 opening, fans are curious as to when we might expect this film – Could it come before or around the game time? Could the movies cross-over?

“We can’t really talk about that, unfortunately… Basically, the studio and Marvel and the Arads are taking our drafts and going beyond and figuring out what’s the next step.”

What we do know about the future Spider-Man movies are that Sony hired James Vanderbilt to pen scripts for Spider-Man 5 and 6. The interesting part about the news was that the scripts would act as a franchise reboot should Raimi and his cast not return for more after Spider-Man 4.

I’m not sure I expect to see Tobey Maguire want to do another after this. He seemingly wasn’t too interested in coming back for this fourth installment and the same can be said about co-star Kirsten Dunst.

Either way, Sony is sick of waiting so long between installments in their prized film franchise and with Tobey Maguire not seemingly interested in more installments and Sam Raimi’s rediculously busy schedule, I could see them pulling the trigger on the reboot idea.

Click to see what this may mean for Venom and how it could tie into Spider-Man 5…

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  1. Vin Diesel is Eddy Brock, one problem Vin’s acting is as sweet a burnt shoe coverd in cat crap.

  2. venom sounds good to me but make spiderman a lot darker with more bad attitude plus stop showing scenes of peter parker crying all the time because the movie appears to be a soap opera instead of a serious action/adventure story.

  3. Ok, if this movie can make veryone forget how Spiderman 3 embarrased this franchise then maybe i can get excited, cuz it would be fair if it ends early even though it used up all the good villains. But it can`t just be any ordinary villain from the comics, like i said, to treat this franchise seriously, you have to look at every prospective and see what kind of consent it makes to the soul of the series, the only way to make this franchise not get too out of hand is if Carnage, Venom and Lizard are the villains, i mean it people, NO ORDINARY VILLAIN WOULD WORK!!!! It has to be a dark and right texturelized villain, but if Venom isn`t “anywhere near SM4″ then i`m serious, it will ruin the series more and more cuz doing 5 movies and using any villain you want is not the way to get too high with too many elements.

  4. too get not too high i mean

  5. When you say make Spider-man dark, are refering to the black suited Spider-man? Or just makin him dark as Batman? Cause Spider-man is nowhere near to being a dark superhero unless hes wearing that alien costume. Spider-man hasnt been the only one to cry in a movie, you got Wolverine, Batman, Superman need to wipe their eyes. And last but not least, wasnt it that alot of people complained about having too many villains in Spider-man 3? So why would you 3 villains again in the 4th film?

  6. Obviously it can`t give spidey a harder challenge if it`s less than 3 villains, but people just don`t care, it`s meant for spiderman to face a bigger challenge each movie, the next number is a manlier number than the previous, people are just completely weak, could you care to explain why you wouldn`t mind Spiderman facing an easier challenge in this one than the last one, DON`T PEOPLE GET IT!!! It makes no sense to make Spiderman not have a darker challenge each movie, that`s why you`re supposed to wait to see a certain villain in each movie.

  7. And what problem do people have with Spidey fighting 3 villains in one film, yes it`s only one Spiderman but it`s not like all those villains are coming at him, there`s more drama if you add more villains and yeah i mean many movies have made it work with organized scripts that can make sense i think what people mean is it still wasn`t necessary to already have 3 villains even I used to not even understand why people were railside bold of nerves with disappointment over SM3 till i saw all the things that went wrong

  8. @ John K
    Id like to say people these days are far too difficult to impress with each sequel. They always wanna rush into a reboot each time a film doesnt meet their expectations. I dint think Spider-man 3 wasnt all that bad people make it sound out to be. Yes, peter cries, but so did Wolverine, Daredevil, Batman, Superman. People complained about Spidey 3 having too many villains which i find to be rubbish. It was just the script that need to cut some scenes or made the movie longer. The problem i only had was peter’s stupid dancing in public, instead of that i wished to see more of Spidey in the alien costume roughing up criminals. I wouldnt even count New Goblin as a villain cause he only attacked peter in two sequences and when he learned the truth about his father, he went to help peter rescue Mary Jane. Superman 2 had 3 villains, 4 if you count Lex Luthor and that movie was great. Anyways id like to see the Sinister Six and maybe have Spidey have a parter help like Black Cat.

  9. yeah but doesn`t anybody agree, shouldn`t it be pretty tough to chose for this one?

  10. Spiderman 5 and 6? Venom spinoff? this is terrible news, i don`t want Spiderman to go so crazy and Venom is supposed to only be with Spiderman, and i sure agree with John, it should be hard to choose wat villans u want for this 1, why people care if Spiderman 3 had 3 villains, it wasn`t that bad, it was just a bit golby. Carnage, well, a little bit aglide, but i just hope they don`t make Peter tryin` to be cool in the street again. I`m 10 years old, but i just didn`t like it.

  11. Also i`ve been hearing Peter and Mj will have a kid, which is terrible, it dices a signal of bad breadth for a superhero like Spiderman to have a child.

  12. @ Rogers
    I think issue of Spidey 3 having 3 vllains was just one more excuse for fans to have to hate the film. The only problem i had was peter’s dancing on the sidewalk. Instead of that crap they should of shown more of spidey in the alien costume. To me Spidey 3 had two villains, i wouldnt count New Goblin. I think New goblin name was just used to give Harry more in depth story after what we seen in Spidey 2. People forget Batman Begins, TDK had 3 villains. Superman 2 pretty much had 4. Problem with Spidey 3 was just the script. As for Spidey having a kid, that was just a rumor someones being sarcastic about cause i havnt read anything anywhere about it. They were probly refering the next sequels to being bad as Superman Returns cause of Supes having a kid.

  13. I can`t believe they didn`t decide to just get off the hanger with Venom, Carnage, and Lizard in this one instead of any ordinary villain(s) to “spread the color of the comics” and just leave the franchise alone, after the s***** third movie i`m surprised they don`t care how foolish it makes them to do more than 4 SM films, and even if it does end early i have a feeling Venom and Green Goblin were still used too early, it`s a bit too unreasonable for Spiderman to fight those villains in the movie they came in, i can`t believe they`ve treated this like some ordinary franchise where you can do whatever you want, now this series is going to be a farther disaster, i really don`t know what to think.

  14. @ John K
    Spider-Man 3 wasnt that bad. It had its flaws like any other movies does but wasnt horrible. Only thing i thought was bad about it was peter’s dancing and didnt show more about the alien costume. They should of made the movie longer or replaced certin scenes. Whats done is done and i rather have them finish what they started by finally showin us The Lizard, Carnage w/ maybe Venom before moving onto the other villains. Keep in mind Venom originally wasnt intended to be in Spidey 3 and Raimi was against the idea. It was the studio who pressured him into using Venom due to fanbase requests. I wouldnt think it would matter if Harry lived or not cause if he did, he would learn the truth and have no motive to kill peter. James Franco would end up being on the sidelines in further sequels. I believe they can turn it around just as i believe Superman’s franchise can without being rebooted.

  15. I`d hate to say it, but maybe setting Venom up for 4 with Carng in the last hour would`ve been the right thing to do. though i`m not sure

  16. And there were tons of stuff going on in SM3, all the problems and abusiveness between Peter, Mj, Harry, and Gwen Stacy was just crap

  17. Um, in Superman Returns Superman didn`t have a child, Lois was already married. Anyway i agree, Spiderman 3 was a piece of crap, i really don`t see what kind of story they`re gonna carry for Sm5, and has anyone heard about the disney/Marvel relationship going on? If disney bought both the company and the movies and if it doesn`t affect anything to do with Marvel and it`s just to make a bigger company and doesn`t affect any of the scenery or plans Marvel wants to put for their upcoming movies then maybe i don`t care except for upcoming movies like Sm4, Iron Man 2, Avengers, Captain America i really somehow those movies are the Marvel-type not the disney-type even if they don`t lower the pg-13 rating but if they only own the movies i really don`t feel good about it cuz i want to see Marvel make certain plans for the upcoming films it might ruin all the franchises if Spiderman 4, Iron Man 2, Avengers, and Captain America are even touched by Disney somehow i don`t feel good about it i think they should wait to reboot maybe X-Men and Fantastic 4 or Hulk I don`t care but i don`t know about rebooting Spiderman and i think Iron Man and Cap. America should wait for a little while then maybe disney could own the business bbut i`m not sure

  18. oh and as i said i thought the fightscenes in Spiderman 3 were still feelable but still sitty

  19. And as I said, if the Venom spinoff happens, I`ll also be pissed.

  20. I didn’t love S3 nor did I hate it, but although I won’t let my 4 yo son see the movie, he is obsessed with Venom. (He made me find the scariest Venom mask for halloween.)

    Spiderman could be pretty hokey in the comics as were all of the older comics, right? I mean at some point wasn’t there a lot of alternate universe stuff or am I mistaken?

    @Rogers-I thought in Superman 4, the kid was Superman’s from before he left. She just happened to get married around the same time. Once again, am I mixed up

  21. oh yeah there`s lots of news floating around other superhero franchises, anybody heard that they`re planning to do a superman reboot? And if they bring Joker back in Batman 3 i think it shouldn`t be such a cloft, also i`m kind of looking forward to Iron Man 2 with Iron fighting War Machine or whoever as well as Captain America and Avengers. I think Superman, Batman, X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk,(i think, not sure) and Iron are all tied as my favorite superheroes. There are different types of qualities I like about them as long as they don`t go toooo intense, and if the Disney/Marvel relationship affects what`s going on with Spidey 4, Iron Man 2, etc… then i can`t feel good about it. I really rather they wait to reboot Spidey and let Iron Man be for a little while, i just hope that they don`t do anything with their Disney hands and do anything more such as put any comedy or anything with the movies and make them all kid/family-friendly entertaining, cuz that`s what i thought they wanted to do with them when i first heard about it. If the Pg-13 ratings get lowered it will ruin most superheroes for me forever.


  23. @BadMammaJamma
    Superman Returns is intended to take place after Superman 2 &
    ignoring events in Superman 3 & 4 cause Martha Kent is deceased in both those films. Superman was human for a short while while sleeping w/lois in the Fortress of Solitude etc. And it was mentioned that Lois was only engaged, not married yet cause Jimmy was telling Clark not to ask when she is cause everybody knows she hates that question. People shouldnt be surprised Superman had a kid cause he does in the comics etc. Even in Lois & Clark: new adventures of superman covered the issue but changed the facts up in the series finale.

    @ Rogers
    Sandman had a daughter who was sick for drama purposes.

  24. Sandman did not need to have a kid in Sm3, it was all plumped in there. It was an understandable story but things didn`t make sense. Anyway if Superman had a kid in the comics then i think they kind of ruined the Superman comic book, it`s a little too deep for the character, just so as Spiderman, if they make Spiderman have a kid in Spiderman 4 it will ruin Spiderman for me, please don`t go too steep down the hill with(one)of my favorite superheros please!!!!!

  25. @ Rogers
    Whocares if Sandman had a kid, commiting crimes to get money to help his dying girl is no different from Mr. Freeze commiting crimes to get money to cure his wife etc. The purpose was to give Sandman a motive otherwise he’d be like any other villain like Rhino. Nothin to drag the movie down on. As for Superman having a kid in the comics was pretty much because they were running outta ideas for comics. Especially after they had Lois & Clark tie the knot etc. Unrelated example is what Bruce Timm said about toning down Superman’s powers for the animated series. If Superman had his full strength as he did in the earlier comics, the show would be over within 5 mins or under. Back to the comic, basically Superman having kid was intended to make a great comic for every comic collector.

  26. Well i`m not saying it was wrong for him to get money for his daughter`s medical attention, but i`m just saying there were different plots in there interfering with another, they were all mixed and not very well organized.


  28. Sorry, i went bak to thinking Green Goblin was used too early. Spiderman couldn`t have already been ready to fight him.

  29. I’m not complaining of Superman having a kid. But what confuse me is that how did Lois has his child without knowing who the kid’s father (as describe in the SR prequel comics – thinking it shld be from Richard Perry’s son)
    Thing gets even more complicating after declaring that the kid is obviously Superman’s son but yet Lois still didnt know who is Superman/ClarkKent.
    That just make her stupid to potray as a smart journalist, Plus why does she ever wearing glasses? Who’s dumb idea is that?? Do you get what I mean.
    Bryan Singer may have made some decent X-men movies but he sure did screw up Superman franchise. Thanks to him that WB have to hold on wth all the other DC properties & deal with it cautiously starting with the lesser known characters such as Jonah Hex, The Losers, Lobo & etc.