Venom Updates: How Will It Tie Into Spider-Man Franchise?

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venom movie spider man 4 5 Venom Updates: How Will It Tie Into Spider Man Franchise?

SCI FI Wire had an exclusive interview with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers behind next month’s Zombieland flick (which looks great!) and they spoke about that other big project they’ve been working on: the script for the Venom solo film.

The last we heard on the Venom project from the writers was from back in April when they couldn’t comment on whether or not this incarnation of Venom would be the same as/related to the wasted version we saw in the highly disappointing Spider-Man 3.

In the interview, Reese and Wernick take questions on the status of the project and when the film could be in production.

So, What’s the latest on their scripts?

“We’ve written two drafts of Venom, and the studio has it, and they’re pushing forward in whatever ways they push forward,”

As for when the film going move into actual production, the writers said they weren’t sure and re-iterated that they’ve submitted their latest two drafts.

With Spider-Man 4 moving into production early next year for a summer, 2011 opening, fans are curious as to when we might expect this film – Could it come before or around the game time? Could the movies cross-over?

“We can’t really talk about that, unfortunately… Basically, the studio and Marvel and the Arads are taking our drafts and going beyond and figuring out what’s the next step.”

What we do know about the future Spider-Man movies are that Sony hired James Vanderbilt to pen scripts for Spider-Man 5 and 6. The interesting part about the news was that the scripts would act as a franchise reboot should Raimi and his cast not return for more after Spider-Man 4.

I’m not sure I expect to see Tobey Maguire want to do another after this. He seemingly wasn’t too interested in coming back for this fourth installment and the same can be said about co-star Kirsten Dunst.

Either way, Sony is sick of waiting so long between installments in their prized film franchise and with Tobey Maguire not seemingly interested in more installments and Sam Raimi’s rediculously busy schedule, I could see them pulling the trigger on the reboot idea.

Click to see what this may mean for Venom and how it could tie into Spider-Man 5…

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  1. venom has been tainted forever but they can turn it around with a serious effort.

  2. its time for Ryan Reynolds to take over another Marvel Char. Srsly….he would be the perfect (grown) Parker.


  4. i love the spiderman films except 3, and original tobey casting was dead on

    But the dude is weathered and looking old as hell.. the funny sarcastic web head is too old to pull that off…
    im sadly in favor of a reboot, and venom was always my favorite villian (carnage when hes killing people is awesome too)

    but the only way this film works is if they do a venom who is not the venom from the comics.. youd have to make him an anti hero who chooses his own path..
    which would include a love intrest that turns the brute into a shield..

  5. im suprised they are going for a fourth movie, instead of just rebooting it?? no point in just making one more then having spidey be replaced. good thing about comic movies is u can definetly make a ton of um and it still makes sense because of the random nature of comics. I mean come one ERIC from that 70s , u can do better than that hollywood.

  6. @ 404,

    I just checked the Spam filter to see if your post was there (sometimes it delays or picks up comments by accident) but yours is rightfully there since it was loaded with swear words.

    None of that on SR, we want your opinion but in an appropriate fashion, heh.

  7. Oh my goodness, alright, i just get so furious because i hear all types of news i don`t like to hear, sometimes i have serious blood pressure problems and loose control of myself, but anyway, let me breathe in some of the contents of my come through, sometimes i get really confused, i`m never completely sure if i know what i mean by what i say.

  8. I really don`t think Venom should appear without Carnage every change this frachise goes through haas a meaning to it, Carnage doesn`t have to be violent he just needs to set a good story with Spiderman and Venom teaming up. Anyway, whatever i say i may not know what i mean to say, i just get so confused because i hear all types of news all the time.

  9. Oh but i still won`t be happy if they do a Venom Spinoff, really.

  10. lol, no worries 404.

    We all have our passions, and you’re right about Carnage :)

  11. SM5? Ok, i`m not really looking forward to anymore SM movies, but if Venom doesn`t com back in SM4 who will be the villain, Shocker, Rhino, Electro, Silvermane? To treat the frachise seriously, no ordinary villain would automatically work, but there are too many things wrong with the Spiderman franchise. Anyway, since they`re already doing a SM5 because “they want to go crazy with Spiderman and use up all the comic book villains since Spiderman is so popular” i really can`t stop the news, but most of the villains that were meant for this series were already used, all i`m saying is i really don`t know what kind of story they`re gonna carry but watever.

  12. Don’t know why but I’m not excited for this film, nor for any of future Spidey films (including the idea of a reboot, which is totally unneccesary to think about right now). Iron Man 2, Thor, Cap America and Avengers have caught all my attention.

  13. I think they really dropped the ball in SM:3. They wasted Venom and set his chances of solo success back if anything, having said that, I’m not too sure what a solo Venom movie would involve? A PG-13 Venom at that (not sure about the rating but SM franchise would indicate it). I don’t think it has the broad appeal of Spidey and wouldn’t do as well financially so maybe not a franchise movie but a one-off experiment?

    As for the reboot… I hate them. Hate reboots with a passion. Especially when the movie being rebooted (SM4) hasn’t even been made! Re-casts are fine, I’m old enough to know Tobey Maguire is an actor. I know that Spidey is a fictional superhero. I’m sure (most of) the people who watched the movies know this as well. If the actor doesn’t want to return then get someone else in to play the part, if they want too much money (Halle Berry) or control (Ed Norton) then get someone else in for the part. Do they have to reboot something everytime someone pulls out? NO! We still have an imagination and we can still use it!

    Sorry about that rant, told you I hated them with a passion :)

  14. Alright, i just wanna make it clear, even if all the villains that were meant for this series came at the right time it still wouldn`t help it because Tobey Maguire looked perfect as Spiderman but would get just too old, people say he sucks as Spiderman but that`s what Spiderman is meant to be, a complete average guy with all the aspects of a complete ordinary normal person, until he doesn`t become an average guy anymore. Nothing fits better as Spiderman than what of Tobey has, but if all the elements such as him and all the other actors being the right age for Spiderman and this franchise not going too crazy using all the right villains in each movie then everything would be perfect, but now, everything is a complete junkyard, so i suggest that they just use Lizard, Venom, and Carnage in this one(not making him tooooo violent but still) and just stop at 4 movies, it might be still fair that they already used up most of the good villains if it ends at 4 movies, otherwise it`ll be too crazy and there will be no story to balance to keep everything on a straight line. But i still don`t think i could get excited because SM3 was such a piece of ****, anyway, whatever they`ve got on their minds, i hope that they won`t go too far with the series and make Spiderman have a kid or something, i just wish that they were more mature and didn`t do too much crazy stuff in this franchise, but oh well.

  15. Id like to say that i thought Spider-man 3 wasnt that bad as people exaggerate it to be. The amount of money it brought in compared to the previous two films says something there. But if Spider-man 4 is Tobey’s last spidey film, i dont mind him being replaced if Spider-man 5 & 6 are intended to continue from 4 kinda like how Superman Returns continued from Superman 2. Im not big on reboots cause to me, they dont seem all that different anyways. just like Friday the 13th is being rebooted but not offering anything new. Reboots should be made for films that didnt bring in money like Supergirl, Elektra, Steel etc. Anyways, aslong as spidey 5&6 share the same continunity as 1-4, im happy. But as for a silly reboot, Those can wait.

  16. Spider-man doesn’t need a reboot, not even after the third one.

    While the 90s Batman franchise might not be the best example, I like the fact that when one actor left they just threw in a new one and kept the same continuity. They kind of did the same thing with the new Hulk movie.

    If Maguire doesn’t want the play the role anymore (though I can’t fathom why. It’s not like he has anything else to do) then just bring in a new actor and keep the same story progression.

  17. whatever…you know that whatever they do, we’ll watch it.
    cuz that’s the way we are. comics are like soap operas. our stories. we cheer, we cus, but we will continue to watch.
    bring it

  18. @ Josh Rose
    I agree with ya. Im not big on reboots mostly because i feel if they want to start somthin new, they should start all over again with the origins of the hero etc. And how many people are sick of seeing the origin story telling again? A example of why i hate reboots is Friday the 13th. That seemed more like a sequel from start to finish. In the previous Batman franchise i missed Michael Keaton as Batman cause i thought he was better but i didnt mind the idea of him being replaced. Besides the fear of him being typecast as Batman, Keaton didnt like the direction the franchise was heading which WB should of thought about more. I liked someone’s idea of Ryan Reynolds playin Spidey but now that seems like a long shot now thats he’s being known for playin both Deadpool & Green Lantern. Spider-man 3 had its flaws but ive seen worse super hero films. I dont see how 3 villains is too many when other films had 3 or more. Batman Begins & TDK both had 3 villains. Superman 2 had 3 villains, 4 if you count Lex Luthor and that film was great and made money. Not to mention how many villains we’ve seen in the X-men films. It all depends on the plot of the story and the way the script is written. if they need to make the film 3 hrs, i say go for it instead of cramming too much into 2 hrs. Anyways if Tobey wants to stop playin Spidey, so be it find someone just as good who will and coontinue the franchise from there as best they can. Reboots dont need to be rushed in.

  19. Two words:Spidey Doppleganger!

    Think about it.

  20. I’m not sure what the Venom script contains, but it has become abundantly clear to me in the last number of years regarding such Marvel characters :”spin offs”

    *They either are in the film in too short of time to be much impact but a still a huge selling point of the movie, but really aren’t done justice OR They take away screen time from important characters and/or main characters and STILL don’t get any justice…and look at this—

    No Nightstalkers from Blade Trinity!

    No Silver Surfer solo film from FF 2 ! (**although if one were done now, it would be separate from The FF reboot, but it was going to be an origin story anyway)

    The X-Men characters of Deadpool and Gambit in the spinoff X:Men Origins Wolverine…cool and underused…and in Deadpool’s case, wasted. (**but don’t worry, Deadpool will be Deadpool as we know it in the spinoff film! OH YEA!

    So here’s Spidey 3. Guess who is underused, over promoted, and hogs up screentime? Who’s getting his spinoff film? Venom! Even though it should be Sandman</em< getting one under the wing of Silver Sable & Wild Pack, but nobody’s that bold. (It WOULD make a nice name drop to explain the absence of Marko)

    Elektra can’t make it without Daredevil; how can Venom make it without Sider-Man? The possible answer could be out of the Venom Lethal Protector series, (San Francisco opposed to NYC) but it would HAVE to share the continuity of the current Spider-Man films. This actually would be neat stuff: Marvel has The Avengers films (Iron Man, Inc. Hulk, Thor, Cap, Avengers etc) The X-Men universe and now Spidey. Why not?

    Nooooooooo once Spidey 4 is done Sony wants reboot.

    Look SONY.
    A reboot worked for WB Batman because there was a strong need to distance from the bad tone set by SHOEmaker (mis- spelling intentional, as always) A reboot worked for Bond because of the long history of the character.
    But it’s too early for Spider-Man.

    If Sam left to do other things after Spidey 4, I’m on this guessing game here that he is getting another director, – say, I dunno, Gary Ross- ready to take the wheel…the films will continue onward.

    Back to Venom.

    The project should die, like, oh, like yesterday. You heard me. Pull the plug. Pull it if there’s no connection to the current/future Spider-Man films. Yank it because you can’t explain how you can have your bread without the butter. Zap it if you are serious about rebooting a successful franchise just because reboots and restarts are in fashion, why the spinoff? It’s pointless.

    as it is, Venom works in the comics; not in live action. If you wish to prove me wrong, don’t reboot.

  21. sorry for my mispellings. When Spider-Man becomes Apple Sider-Man, you know then I’m passionate!

  22. spider-man can still duke it out with venom in part 4 just send a couple of astronauts into space for a mission, land on the moon ,and have the “gooey black stuff” hitch a ride back to earth take control of a new host, and simply do it right this time write an interesting story throw in the lizard and make it 3hrs long ,and problem fixed

  23. Hey, uh, hey, thought i just posted a comment, where`s duid it go?

  24. Ok, what i said was, i think John K. is right, they`ve been too sweet to this franchise using up all the good villains too early, and i have a feeling something really horrific is gonna happen in this movie, if they make Spiderman have a kid, or put any magic in this film, or clutter anything too high contented it will **** the movie. I agree, i really don`t know how they`re gonna keep this franchise safe by doing more than 4 films and using any ordinary villain like Shocker or Mysterio after the chain of rope from GG, DOc ock, to Venom to make the story believable, and if they do anything that shows Spiderman`s super strength, such as lifting a car, lifting a train bla bla bla or make him websling in a way that shows his speed, strength, or flexiblity I`ll be really pissed off, I don`t want Spiderman to do anything incredible to entertain the audience, I am really ticked with how this franchise had turned out, seriously.

  25. What’s up with rebooting franchises so quickly? Seems to be a growing trend in the industry. It’s an overload.


  26. @ Bane
    Id say its a number of reasons. 1. Hollywood has trouble coming up with great ideas that studios and fans dislike. 2. Hollywood has pretty much displeased fans with sequels lately. 3. Ever since Nolan made Batman Begins & TDK, studios feel like they should take the same approach after the wide success of TDK. Especially when it comes to super hero films. one example was after Freddy vs. Jason the studios tried takin to John Carpenter into using Michael Myers in a sequel that follows Freddy vs. Jason. No deal could of been made obviously so they tried talkin Sam Raimi into having Ash from Evil Dead franchise involved and Raimi declined cause he didnt like the idea of that character being assoc. with two horror icons like that. Plus intends to reboot that franchise himself too. So New Line Cinema said screw it, reboot Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street,probly because both franchise’s finale were disliked by the fans. Im not refering to Freddy Vs Jason cause that film made money. Im refering to Jason X and Freddy’s Dead. And from what i heard from people both on the internet and people i know, it seems like they call for a reboot if a sequel fails. Another Reason is mainly most sequels arent directed by the original director like James Cameron and his Terminator franchise. Anyways i said too much and just my opinion that i think alot of people think too much about the behind the scenes and little facts instead of laying back and enjoy the movie for once. In other words some people are far too difficult to impress.

  27. @ Bane,

    Another reason we’re seeing quick reboots for films like the Fantastic Four or Daredevil is because if they don’t have another film released by a certain deadline, they lose the license to that property as it reverts back to Marvel.

    As for Spider-Man, each film will bank two-thirds of a billion so they don’t want to wait 3-4 years in between when they can fast-track them and have one every two years let’s say.

  28. Wanna make a GOOD Venom movie? Two words:



  29. I think Thomas said it all (take control of a new host, and simply do it right this time write an interesting story throw in the lizard and make it 3hrs long ,and problem fixed)