‘Spider-Man’ Producers Talk Venom and Sinister Six Movie Stories and Cameos

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Sinister Six Movie Spider Man cameo Spider Man Producers Talk Venom and Sinister Six Movie Stories and Cameos

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about to swing into theaters, touting the tagline that Spider-Man‘s “Greatest Battle Begins.” What that means, for those who don’t know, is that this sequel is going to act as a launchpad for some big events in the Spider-Man Movie Universe – with bigger developments to follow. The tentative plan right now is for Amazing Spider-Man 3 to depict the character’s battle against a horde of super-villains, and then two villain-themed spinoff films will follow (Venom and The Sinister Six). After that, the door would presumably be open for Amazing Spider-Man 4.

But of course, to get to all these big events – many of which fans have been eagerly waiting for – Sony needs to make a succe$$ story out of Amazing Spider-Man 2. The working game plan seems to be letting fans know what the returns will be in advance, so that they’ll invest in the franchise now  – which of course carries its own challenges. Superhero movie fans are known for their scrutiny and bottomless well of highly detailed questions – and so now the producers, directors and actors associated with the Amazing Spider-Man brand are required to be walking spokespeople for the franchise’s ambitious future.


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Producer Matt Tolmach (who has worked on both the Raimi era and modern era Spider-Man films) was out at the premiere of Amazing Spider-Man 2, and while talking to HYG, he built upon recent news about how the Venom the Sinister Six films fit into the franchise – and where films might blend together with the main Spider-Man movies… or not.


RE: Spider-Man showing up in the villain movies:

Matt Tolmach: We’ll see. That would be an enormous spoiler I cannot give you. I’ll just say that anything is possible. That’s the fun of that, and that is what you see in some of those Marvel movies. Once you sort of decide to open up the universe, the rules go out of the window and you get to have fun. So, without actually answering the question, we’ll see what happens!

RE: The ratio of villains to heroes in the Spider-Man universe:

If you look for example at Venom, I think knee-jerk people thing, ‘Venom! A villain!’ Really? Venom is a character who has this innate sense of goodness and justice, so there are lots of characters who can be a little bit of both. So, when you start talking about a Sinister Six movie, is it just going to be all bad guys? No. There’s complexity to all of them, and that’s part of the fun we’re having right now as we’re building it. Some characters are way worse – badder – than others. There’s a lot you can do. There are some guys who are redeemable, and some who are really horrible.

RE: Spider-Man in Marvel Studios Movies:

We talk about everything all the time, but Marvel and Disney and Sony are obviously two very different companies. As great as it would be, the truth is no. Right now, we are working with the characters in the Spider-Man universe, and there are tons of them. The question everyone asks, ‘Is Spider-Man going to show up in The Avengers?’, that’s not a plan for now. Right now, the truth about Spider-Man is that he swings along. That’s his plight, so it’s not happening anytime soon.

In a separate interview with IGN,  Tolmach and fellow producer Avi Arad discuss what kind of story a villain team-up film like The Sinister Six could tell.


Matt Tolmach: “There’s no such thing as just a villain. There are villains by virtue of choices that people make but they always begin as humans, as characters. As flawed people; as tragic people. You know great movies have been made about a bunch of bad guys who get together to do something… Yeah, I mean, there’s a huge tradition of it. Those are sometimes the greatest characters to watch. A bunch of broken people coming together for whatever reason.”

Avi Arad: “And everybody’s looking for redemption; they’re unforgiven. Would you see one of the Sinister Six starting to feel like that? Yes. And people love it, by the way. They love when a villain finds his way back because we’re all very forgiving.”

The interesting thing about most Sinister Six stories is indeed the dynamic within the team. Traditionally there has been the following clash of personalities: The maniacal members bent on grand-scale mayhem; the villains-for-hire who are interested in getting paid; and the unwitting members coerced into the gang through some kind of leverage. As the producers say, that creates a situation where “bad” is a relative term, offering opportunities for tensions and great character arcs within the group.

Venom Movie Spider Man cameo Spider Man Producers Talk Venom and Sinister Six Movie Stories and Cameos

As for Spider-Man showing up? It would definitely be a fun gimmick to have the Web-Slinger appear in each spinoff film – but only as a cameo. If we’re leaving the Spider-Man character on the sidelines in order to explore a wider universe of characters – then let’s do that. Don’t make another Spider-Man film that just so happens to lend unusual amounts of screen time to an ensemble; actually invest time and attention in your new characters. There are plenty of other fun ways to fit Spider-Man in.

Of course, for a Venom movie that does present a problem, since that character is traditionally defined by his obsession with Spider-Man. There have been plenty of Venom comic books that have offered the character story opportunities sans Spider-Man – so it really hinges on what The Amazing Spider-Man 3 does, narratively, and whether or not that film will be a sufficient set up for the Venom character. If so, then jumping into a Venom movie with minimal Spider-Man presence is an easy step; but if ASM3 isn’t at least in part about the Venom/Spider-Man conflict… well, that’s a story that’s hard to skip over, and a solo film would likely have to focus on that (albeit from the Venom perspective).

What do you want to see out of these films based on the Spider-Man rogues gallery?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: HeyUGuys, IGN

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  1. I would agree that portraying Venom accurately is a lot more challenging than Spiderman. If we think about the fact he has an origin that goes back lets see, over twenty years of seeing the inside of different prison cells, working with Cletus Cassidy, Octavius and other crooks but also donning the super suit…that’s a really interesting dynamic right there.

    I’d wager to guess that Venom has been dying for that chance in the spotlight, ever since he took a back seat in the first raimi movie. The thing is, he isn’t just some rogue astronaut who goes flying off to outerspace.

    That’s the part I didn’t like, it does not match anything about the guy. And yeah, I admit my biggest excitement would be seeing Venom on the big screen fully developed. Like a good soap opera from the other side of the tracks, we could find out why he hates Parker so much bit by bit as the two characters break down……Exactly like the spectacular spiderman series. Were they rivals? Did they have differences? Or was Brock just so jealous that one day he went rogue. These questions and more, are finally going to be front and center in a Venom movie so the sinister six get fleshed out and can fight Carnage. That is what Sony & everybody wants to see..

    • I agree. And to add to the drama of Venom’s life, I would say that the producers should include Flash Thompson’s and Mac Gargan’s Venoms as well. To give Eddie Brock that much more internal struggle and conflict. So we’d see ‘Venom’ as a psychotic villain, a government agent, and Brock’s beloved antihero.

      • Venom vs Matt Gargan in the scorpion suit would be totally badass…if you can imagine the fight scenes, Venom would possibly immolate Gargan in that movie!

        • Venom vs Mac Gargan would be an even better fight if Gargan was Vin Diesel…

  2. I´d wished this new Spidey saga would have existed within the MCU.
    However Im actually curious about The Sinister 6 movie. sounds so weird.

  3. i would like a spiderman cameo at the start. just spiderman. not peter. it could be a sort of montage of the 6 being taken one by one and they form in prison and break out. only to do something like save the city either accidentally or on purpose. depending on the characters i suppose.

  4. 2012- ASM- Spidey v Lizard
    2014- ASM2- Spidey v Electro, Goblin and Rhino

    2016- “Venomous” (Photographer Eddie Brock, criminal Mac Gargan and soldier Flash Thompson are chosen to take part in the Smythe family’s VENOM program. Failed experiment Carnage is their antagonist. Mac Gargan becomes Scorpion.

    2017- Amazing Spiderman 3- Clone Saga. Spider clones vs Dock Oc and the Osborns. Death of Peter Parker.

    2018- Sinister Six- Venom v Sinister Six

    2020- Amazing Spiderman 4- Peter Parkers clones team up to stop Sinister Six once and for all!

    2023- Ultimate Spiderman- Reboot!

      • The reason for having Peter Parker’s clones is so that when Garfield gets tired of the spandex they can continue the series without rebooting. Kill Peter Parker and bring in Ben Reilly.
        It can be argued also that Venom rides a fine line between hero and villain, especially with Flash Thompson in the suit.
        And a doppelganger is the same as a clone.

        • The only issue I have with that is… if Garfield is tired of donning the spandex… who’s going to play his clone/doppleganger? By definition… he will have to look exactly like Andrew Garfield. In order to replace him without rebooting again, they’d have to idk… introduce the Ultimate Spider-man.. Morales? Is that his name? I don’t think that’d work.. Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider would be awesome, though. And the whole, “I must find myself and define who I am… as a clone” would be an awesome character development thing for him to deal with.

        • no way man, doppelganger is the monster version of spiderman..

          he’s like a FREAKISH mutant psycho, looking partly like garfield/partly like carnage.

          I’d be down for about six doppelgangers killing spiderman!!! just do them all in CGI as monsters, so you can’t really tell they are garfield…make it mysterious.

          kill stacey off, have carnage and venom fight a cage match

    • That’s a very narrow minded and dated approach, the Dark Knight trilogy style beginning middle and end, proved not as fruitful as the open ended Avengers style Universe,

      Amazing Spider-Man- Spider-man v. Lizard, Parents arc (threats from the past)
      Amazing Spider-Man 2- Spider-man v. Electro, Goblin Parents concluded, Sinister 6 begins (threats close to home)

      Most likely Vulture and Doc Ock will be the big threats in 3, with Venom on the side. Venom will likely deal with Carnage as the big threat. The Sinister 6 will probably be something like the thunderbolts (some redeemed, some stay evil, Osborn will probably be the big bad wolf). Spider-Man 4 will keep going with different actors, characters, and story arcs.

  5. The whole complex villain thing works for Venom but most of these other guys are just evil. Still not sure how a movie about just the villains will work.

    • Well Sandman and Rhino are just crooks who work for money, that doesn’t make them 100% evil, Sandman in particular become a good guy at one time. Electro as we’ve just seen in the trailer has self esteem issue. Doc ock is just really pissed off scientist who feels cheated and only wants to leave an ever lasting legacy. If they did a story where a 200% sick villain like Caranage was running around and spidey needed help from villains who aren’t into killing people for pleasure it could work.

      • Yep, considering Sandman was part of The Avengers at one time, it makes sense for him to be the most morally conflicted member of the Six.

        • I like both Marvel and DC, but if WB is too slow to make their JL films and adapt the Forever Evil storyline, then I wouldn’t mind sony doing a similar take with their Venom and sinister six films. See character like Sandman, Venom and Lizard who genuinly want to help out people, and then you have mysterio, Doc Ock and Rhino who are just in it for the money and glory.

  6. Luv that Alex Ross art @ the top of the article. Those are the original Sinister Six lineup.

  7. Has anyone here read Kraven’s Last Hunt? Possibly the best Sinister Six story ever. And I doubt Venom will be one of the Six.
    Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Doc Ock, Kraven, and Mysterio. Forget Sandman. Visually we’ve seen him already.

    • I doubt we see Rhino any more after ASM 2. Probably won’t see Electro again either. Doc Ock, Vulture, Mysterio, Hydro, Kraven, and either Hob Goblin, Sandman, or Chameleon.

      • Nah we’ll see Scorpion and Carnage before any of those, Scorpion will sell tickets. Spiderman’s been dead for a long time.

      • You guys seriously think that Sony would bring in high level actors like Paul Giamatti, Dane Dehaan and Jamie Foxx and spend the time to flesh out some of the Rhino, Goblin and Electro back stories, for one and done roles? I believe they are going to be around for several movies. Especially the first Sinister Six movie.

    • We won’t ever see Rhino again for sure, he was done terrible. Very terrible intro. We won’t see the Vulture either. Hopefully Hobgoblin and the better villains.

      • We have already seen Easter eggs of what look to be Vulture’s wings in ASM2. So I’m certain he will have a role in the Sinister Six movie…

  8. What if in the sinister six movie, spiderman becomes the bad guy(symbiote maybe) and the sinister six are join to defeat spidey and save the world?

  9. The shadowy figure in the fedora and trench coat in the ASM stinger and ASM2 trailers is Mysterio… Just wanted to let ya’ll know.

    • Is it really? I thought it was Hobgoblin. But Mysterio’s angle was that he’s an special effects master and a die hard movie nut.

    • It’s Doc Ock. He’s known to wear a fedora and trenchcoat in the comics.

  10. Andrew Garfield’s contract is done after tas3 so i think they should kill him off and introduce miles morales as spiderman for the fourth chapter
    Donald Glover for spider-man!

  11. Ever sense I saw the original Spider-Man, I wanted a Green Goblin spin-off. Can somebody green-light that please?

  12. First of all it’s got to be said that Sam Raimi sucks at Spiderman scripts.

    He sucks as a director, he sucks as a writer, his previous movies like Tanked weren’t really good and he just doesn’t get what Spiderman even is!

    Because of Raimi, Venom was like a dirty homeless guy who had this stupid whining nonsense to him in Spiderman 3. And the cameo by Venom in Spiderman 2 and the astronaut was even worse, doesn’t follow the comics.

    He does NOT care about how Richard Parker is Peter’s father.

    Because of a bad translation with Kaz Harai, he cast Peter Parker as this Tobey Maguire dude who looks like he’s 14 years old. He’s not much of an actor.

    He don’t look like Spiderman!!! This kid acts like a depressed wreck in Spiderman 2, to the point I could see why the 40 scores it got, its just bad casting. Also Peter Parker was never some shy little nerd, he was a dark brooding type guy more like you or I when we were younger.

    He got in fights. Doc Ock wasn’t some weird russian physicist at his school, he was a famous mathmetician Parker barely knew. Sort of like Andrew Garfield is, actually. Parker beat people up to fight back.

    And oh, Mary Jane Watson was a prima donna not a third grader. She was more like Rebecca Romjin Stamos. So Sam Raimi got all this crap wrong, and the story for Octopus terribly wrong. All I wanna see is the story done right, with the venom suits shown on screen and Venom shown as the ultimate badass. That is very easy for Marc Webb to do. Say whatever you like but I trust Webb, a heck of a lot more than any of those other hacks who were doing spiderman earlier.

    Raimi doesn’t even know carnage. Bring Carnage to the big screen, fighting Venom!!

    • I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not because almost everything you said sounded wrong to me. Maybe you know more about Spider-Man than I do but very little of this sounds right.
      Carnage vs Venom sounds awesome, that’s the only part that I agreed with.

  13. It was a bad idea to use all the good villains this early. Green Goblin should have been in the 3rd flick to set up for the sinister six in the 4th & 5th films and the symbiotes in the final& 6th.

  14. Doing either a venom movie or Sinister Six movie is rough without the good guys. I personally would not try it if I were the studio. Who would they fight, Boy Scouts on steroids? I suppose you could argue for the Sinister Six all fighting among themselves, but it still seems pretty weak. I’d certainly watch these flicks, but…well, good luck.

      • “Kills everyone for a living”?! Good gosh, one of my bosses from Wal-Mart is on this site!!!!

    • IF, a Venom movie comes first, maybe Peter’s away for whatever reason and it’s Black Cat and Venom who fight the Sinister Six?
      Or as Carnage said, Carnage as the bad guy. S6 fight for “good” to save their own skin.

  15. I will say I’d like to see Scorpion and Mysterio at some point.

  16. If they market it right, a Maximum Carnage infused Sinister Six movie will sell more at the theater from the GTA fanboys than any fast and the furious film ever made.

    The Grand Theft Auto fanbase would race to the theater, faster than any fanbase of any other movie, just to see Venom kicking people’s buts and laying waste to Carnage.

    If they market it right, Sinister Six is gonna basically do more numbers worldwide than GTA5. They’d be fighting the scum of the earth, including the parker doppelgangers and being villains with plenty of evil twists, which is what everyone loves watching, or the Usual Suspects wouldn’t have outsold Spiderman 2..

  17. Can’t have Venom or Carnage, and NOT have Scorpion at some point! Also I would love to see the Sinister 6 fight against Carnage in the Venom movie while Peter Parker/Spiderman is semi-retired. I don’t want to see just one host for Venom. I want to see all 3 human hosts for Venom. Eddie Brock is a given because the character is tied into Peter Parker as much as Kletus Kasady. Also if the S6 fight Carnage in the S6 movie then we’ll probably see atleast one or two of the S6 die. If they’re trying to have the Sinister6 be a bunch of villains that can be anti-hero, and can still be turned good like Electro in ASM2, or Lizard is ASM1, or even HarryOsbourne as GreenGoblin.

    I personally think we should see a small cameo for Venom/Eddie Brock in ASM3, and then Venom movie where he’ll be an anti-hero villain by then and can fight Carnage. By after this time we can see, and should see Scorpion get thrown into the mix. Then we’ll see a Sinister 6 movie where Venom fights Sinister6, and by ASM4 Venom needs Spidey’s help to defeat Carnage, and Sinister 6. Although I doubt we’ll see everyone still fighting by ASM4, although I hope so, but I just don’t see them over loading a movie like that even if most of the setup to ASM4 will be done. Or who knows maybe the clones made by Carnage are what the Sinister 6 decides to fight while Venom fights the original Carnage? Maybe whoever plays Scorpion was the first evil venom, and the new venom can be flash thompson? they already have him established from ASM1.

    • the potential endless limits they can go with and test the waters with in these future films are going to be great. there’s really no wrong way of direction other than screwing up the character/villain like Raimi’s Venom in Spiderman3. So after watching ASM2, and the good selling points behind the writers, directors, and producers are having me more than excited for Spidey.