‘Venom’ and ‘Sinister Six’ Will Arrive Before ‘Amazing Spider-Man 4′

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sinister six venom movies Venom and Sinister Six Will Arrive Before Amazing Spider Man 4

Marvel Studios has formulated a rough schedule for its comic book-based properties on through to 2028, which has – to no unsubstantial degree – motivated other Hollywood studios to plan ahead with their own superhero franchises. Just a few weeks ago, 20th Century Fox outlined a release strategy on through to 2018 for its X-Men and Fantastic Four film properties. Meanwhile, much further back before then, Sony claimed release dates in 2016 and 2018 for new Spider-Man movies; that was prior to when the studio officially announced development on Amazing Spider-Man spinoffs, centered around the villainous Sinister Six and the villain/anti-hero Venom.

It has been confirmed by no less of an authority than Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal that this May’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets up the characters who will form the Sinister Six team. In addition, Drew Goddard – screenwriter on Cloverfield and co-writer/director of The Cabin in the Woods – is putting together a screenplay for Sinister Six, which we recently learned he shall be directing to boot.

Between Goddard working on Sinister Six and Venom being co-written by Ed Solomon (Now You See Me) in collaboration with Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Kurtzman is also set to direct Venom), it’s becoming increasingly obvious of late that one of those films could take the 2018 date that was previously thought to be reserved for The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

Spider-Man franchise producer Matthew Tolmach confirmed as much to be true, when he revealed the following during an interview with Den of Geek (during a promotional event for the upcoming release of Amazing Spider-Man 2):

“Before we know what we do with Spider-Man 4, we’re going to do Sinister Six, Venom and Spider-Man 3. There is going to be a lot of crossover in those movies. So we’re just not at Spider-Man 4, because we still have a whole other Spider-Man movie and two other movies. So we don’t know yet what [Spider-Man 4] is going to be.”

Tolmach then clarified that the aforementioned 2018 release date might indeed go to Sinister Six or Venom instead of Amazing Spider-Man 4, but that this isn’t a given. The implication, in other words, is that the Spider-Man spinoffs could be released before 2018, depending on how quickly they come together; either way, both movies will have made their way to the theater scene before a fourth Amazing Spider-Man installment arrives.

amazing spider man 2 andrew garfield Venom and Sinister Six Will Arrive Before Amazing Spider Man 4

This news doesn’t come as a shock, all things considered. As far back as Comic-Con 2013, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 director Marc Webb (who’s also going to call the shots on Part 3) started dropping hints that Amazing Spider-Man 4 may not be a regular Spider-Man film, while in more recent times current Peter Parker actor Andrew Garfield revealed that, until further notice, he’s not contracted to appear in any more Spider-Man movies after he finishes working on the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy. Which is to say, a fourth regular installment in the rebooted Spider-Man cinematic continuity is clearly in the very early stages of finding a concrete form right now.

Meanwhile, hints continue to drop about which established Spider-Man villains may, in fact, make the cut in the Sinister Six film. The most recent piece of viral marketing for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via Yahoo! Movies) - an article from the fictional Daily Bugle – is credited to Eddie Brock (a.k.a. the journalist who traditionally becomes Venom); it also makes reference to the murderer Cletus Kasady, who is known for transforming into the super villain Carnage in Spider-Man comic books. In short: right now, the signs point to Venom being properly introduced in Amazing Spider-Man 3 and/or referenced ahead of then in the second installment, thus paving the way for the character (and maybe also Carnage) to show up sooner than later.

sinister six venom carnage 1024x607 Venom and Sinister Six Will Arrive Before Amazing Spider Man 4


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game movie tie-in trailer also teases a future appearance by Carnage, among other super-powered baddies – several of whom are either confirmed for or heavily-rumored to be introduced over the course of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film – such as Kraven. Garfield was previously quoted as saying he’d like to see Kraven in Sinister Six (hint, hint), alongside Venom, Doc Oc and Vulture; the latter two’s onscreen appearance shall, at the least, be foreshadowed in Amazing Spider-Man 2, as was revealed in the first trailer.

Of course, much like we need to get through this May’s X-Men: Days of Future Past before we can have a serious discussion about potential X-Men spinoffs, first it remains to be seen how much moviegoers actually enjoy Amazing Spider-Man 2 – and thus, if the sequel is able to leave the ticket-buying masses excited to see Sinister Six, Venom, and so forth.

Roberto Orci Talks Sinister Six and Venom Movies Venom and Sinister Six Will Arrive Before Amazing Spider Man 4

Early reviews for the second Amazing Spider-Man installment have been mixed to positive, so it’s hard to gauge whether or not this film will be that much better received than its predecessor. As far as ticket sales go: right now, the demand for superhero entertainment is currently being filled by Captain America: The Winter Solider, but that niche should be available for another superhero juggernaut to occupy come early May or so. Best to just wait and see what happens, as always.

In the meantime, here’s the latest featurette released for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via MTV), which – fittingly enough – is focused on the Sinister Six:


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016, and then another Spider-Man project (possibly Sinister Six) on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Den of Geeks, Yahoo! Movies, MTV

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  1. So the symbiote will be introduced in 3

    • To my knowledge, ASM universe is based on the Ultimate version of the characters and in that version, Venom was a weaponized protoplasm suit, not an alien symbiote. My guess is they’ll go that route, since the rumor is that the post-credit scene for ASM2 is the intro for the Venom suit along with all the others (Vulture wings, DocOc arms).

      • I thought it was a biosuit for medical purposes?

        • It’s something like that. Wasn’t really sure how to best word it, but yeah it’s a gel-like suit I think was meant to cure cancer. Main point though is it wasn’t an alien symbiote, so I don’t think it will be in these movies either.

          • Probably won’t be. I seem to recall from the Maximum Carnage spin off, it being some kind of virus from Oscorp. Which would make sense because the writers don’t want to have any comparisons done with Raimi’s version.

            In my opinion Raimi’s was just so terrible it is hard to effectively undo the damage. But slowly introducing Venom in a exposed origin story, where he meets each of the villains, meets Carnage and inherits his powers…might be the exact answer.

          • The Ultimate Marvel incarnation of Venom is vastly different from the mainstream incarnation: Eddie Brock Jr. is Peter Parker’s childhood friend and the symbiote is not extraterrestrial but is the second stage of a genetically created “suit” designed by Richard Parker (Peter’s father) and Eddie Brock Sr. (Eddie’s father) as a cure for cancer meant to bond to the user and protect them from internal and external harm. The suit is tailored for a specific DNA, and the person to whom it belongs can control the suit more easily. If, however, someone uses a suit designed for somebody else, they are constantly damaged by the suit which requires nourishment, gained by feeding on organic flesh, to function.

            So there’s that, even as a suit though, while it’s not an alien symbiote, it still forms a symbiotic relationship with the host. In which case it’s still a symbiote, just not as an alien.

            So if we go the route of the Ultimate Comics, would Gwen Stacey become Carnage?

            • They better not, that would officially SUCK. Everyone would stay away from that movie if Gwen Stacy became Carnage.

              I know you’re joking yet it’s wise not to fool around about stuff like this. Sony’s financial future is literally riding on these movies. There’s no way Marc Webb can make Stacy into Carnage or Osborn into Venom. Stay away from the comics for this one, just use Eddie Brock and Cassidy as major childhood friends of Parker’s.

              • Frankly, the idea of Gwen becoming Carnage is more interesting to me than anything that I’ve read or seen about the actual films so far.

              • Actually, if they are looking at replacing Garfield, or looking at changing Spider-man for the 4th Movie, Having Gwen Stacey as Carnage would really work in their favor. The can follow the story line up to Carnage actually killing off Gwen Stacey, with that happening, it leaves them at the stopping point of Parker going down his Spider-Man no More path, which has happening in both the Ultimate Time lines, and the Amazing time line. That would allow them to transition to somebody else taking up the mantel, while allowing Garfield to bow out gracefully.

                It’s really not a bad idea at all.

                • That sucks. That just sounds so awful it’s not funny, especially when audiences are already very connected to the Gwen Stacy character and Spiderman because of their chemistry on screen.

                  I just can’t imagine them doing that during the middle of Spiderman 3, turning Gwen Stacey into Carnage. It just sounds so darn terrible.

                  Though I imagine they could do it, since it might be the big break Sony needs to get someone else in the role of Spiderman. Despite the bizarre twist, from a business perspective it would erase both Garfield and Stone from the movies properly allowing a new hero to step in.

                  I would just hope audiences even bother with it…From the outside looking in, that just sounds like a really terrible story. And Venom needs to take the spotlight in his own origin story, hence the reason for a Venom movie to make the villains really stand out.

              • The idea of Cassidy being friends with Spidey way far off. THe terrible thing about this, is that once again they’re gonna give us venom with out a proper introduction to Eddie Brock. THe spectacular Spiderman series did it the best, where you see the history behind Peter and eddie’s relationship and it had a strong build up to him becoming Venom and holding a grudge against Spiderman. For Venom to have a strong presence in the films he had to be in amazing spiderman 1 or part 2.

              • I mean all in all, with that set up of a Spider-Man no More idea, they easily could introduce Mile Morales, leaving Garfield to come back for a Cameo, or even for a sort of Spider-Men twist where he helps to shape, and guide who Miles turns out to be. With out having the fallout of actually putting Spider-Man to death on screen, he can still pass him mantle with out them setting for something that potentially would cause a massive loss for them.

                • I agree and disagree.

                  Garfield’s current contract is one more SM movie, SM3. The studio seems to be exploring the idea of two other movies before SM 3. So, Sin 6 then Venom then SM 3.

                  SM 4 could be Miles M. replacing Peter P. Though I’m not sure how they would explain his powers. I think SM 2 might reveal that Peter had been enhanced before the spider bite. If that is the case then perhaps Miles gets his powers from the symbiote suit.

          • The symbiote’s alien origin is impossible for Sony to do, so it makes sense to use another version.

            • Well in the Ultimate universe, they can easily do the Symbiote’s origin, as it wasn’t alien in the Ultimate universe. And Amazing Spider-Man is heavily influenced by the Ultimate universe.

              Also setting up these dynamic character relationships, and having Gwen go through the Carnage stage would work out pretty nicely, ‘specially since it’s part of what drive that universe’s Parker to be who he is. Just like in the Amazing Universe, the death of Gwen Stacey really weighed on him, and pushed him to be better.

              We’ll see how it turns out, I doubt with the teasers of Cassidy they go through with the Gwen as Carnage story line, but I bet you, they do push the Gwen Stacey dies by Carnage’s hand aspect of it.

  2. Not surprised, considering Garfield is already reluctant for his 4th Spidey movie, stating he’ll be too old for the character when the time comes… (dejavu anyone?)

    I just hope they won’t go for yet another reboot (again!) and just continue the franchise with recast.

  3. Spiderman is the Only Marvel Character that Sony has at its disposal. They have no other character with decent mainstream appeal. They are desperate and foolish to think that a super villain movie is going to work. Marvel Studios has all the advantage to create a real Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    • Desperate and foolish in the sense that for years, people have asked for a movie from the villain’s perspective and this is likely the first opportunity to do so in a big blockbuster flick?

      I dunno, it reminds me of the so-called “smart marks” on pro wrestling websites who cry out for something to happen for ages and then when they finally get what they want, they turn on it and say they hate it and it sucks, proving they don’t really know what they actually want.

  4. I think that Sony’s best bet is to go right into the Maximum Carnage story with the Sinister Six, bring in Venom, Carnage, Kraven the Hunter and Doctor Octopus in a new spin off movie which puts Carnage in front of everybody.

    Not only will that spur ticket sales, it will probably get more interest in the franchise. Spiderman is still in mostly a dormant state since the disappointing Spiderman 2. Also a spin off movie featuring Carnage would throw out villains people don’t really want to see like Rhino or Vulture. I haven’t heard anyone who praised or liked Rhino’s appearance in TASM 2, so he was probably a big mistake and Vulture would make it too crowded. Also, Kraven the Hunter means they could add on extra character plot for him in the DVD/Blu Ray release that really gets people interested in the six. Just my take on the villains.

    • A maximum Carnage story where Spidey has to work with the sinister six to take down Carnage could make for an interesting movie. It could also give audiences a new perspective on the motives behind certain villains and a give a new definition to villainy., kinda like DC’s forever evil story arc.

      • Just make sure Venom comes out first, that’s all I ask. One entire stand alone feature film about Venom is enough to finally do Eddie Brock justice, setup the long-standing childhood relationship between Brock and Parker and the spiral downward into becoming Venom.

    • I’ll just pretend you meant “since the disappointing Spiderman 3″

      • They both sucked. I know very few that really felt Spiderman 2 or 3 were good movies. Spiderman 1 was the best film overall, since Spiderman’s really been a tough franchise for years.

        • lol ok. If you say so

        • At Bothbombed…

          You are trolling if you say you know few people that liked spiderman 2.

          You obviously know very few people…period.

          OR you know people in the minority.

          Spider-man 2 has a rotten tomato score of 94% (the same as Dark Knight)
          Spider-man 1 has a rotten tomato score of 89%

          Spider-man 2 is considered by many people to be one of the top 5 all time comic based movies.

          I would put it up there with Dark Knight, Iron Man, Cap 2, and Avengers. (Just my opinion)

          • Rotton Tomatoes is one of the more biased sites, since they gave Man of Steel even a higher average.

            Going by Metacritic and other averages sites, Spiderman 2 got one of the lower scores and if you add in the TV reviews…even Spiderman 1 did better in truth.

            There was a lot more problems with Spiderman 2. A…..russian girl as Parker’s new girlfriend!? Eddie Brock tossed into the middle of the film!? Gimme a break, worse than that GTA4.

            The only thing that saved that movie was the Goblin and dramatic music, to mask the fact it had little to no story. Face it people Spiderman 2 was a dud. That is the bigger truth about that flick.

            • Bingo!

            • Just had to look it up. Spider-man 2 scored 83% score in metacritic, which is not bad by any means. I would like to argue about plot-holes or flaws in Spider-man 2, but i reckon they have already been debunked to death and the movie has gotten too old to bother. Besides saying Eddie Brock or Goblin existed in Spider-man 2 pretty much confirms you are still trolling with a different user name.

            • @ Notagoodfilm…

              Get your facts and story straight. Everything you described about the Russian girl, the Goblin and Eddie Brock is describing Spider-Man 3…NOT SPIDER-MAN 2.

              Spider-man 2 was with Doc Ock.

              If you want to use Metacritic instead of RT then check out the ratings of the following famous comic book movies. Clearly Spiderman 2 has the highest rating.

              Spiderman 73%
              Spider-man 2 83%
              Man of Steel 55%
              Iron Man 3 62%
              Iron Man 79%
              Iron Man 2 57%
              Dark Knight 82%
              Batman Begins 70%
              Avengers 69%

  5. Why the hell are they making an Amazing Spider-Man 4 please end it with a Third One. And in between the second and the third one make the Sinister Six Movie :)

    • Nope, I want them to continue it beyond a trilogy and if Garfield thinks he’s too old to play Peter Parker then hey, that character isn’t the only one to be Spider-Man so they could continue with Miles Morales, Matty Franklin, May Parker, Ben Reilly or countless others who took up the mantle in Pete’s absence.

      • While I would love to see some clone wars/Ben Reilly or Kaine “Scarlet Spider” style push here, the universe they set up, would most likely not contain any of those characters, as far as I know in the Ultimate universe there wasn’t a Ben Reilly Spider-Man arc ( I could be wrong though ). May Parker probably wouldn’t happen because she was more of a What If that spun into it’s own brief series/ universe that they don’t even talk about anymore, like anywhere in the comics. The most likely and probably best choice would be Miles Morales, if they condensed his story down to the encounter with Venom, and had him struggle with his choice of being Spider-Man they could really pull off an excellent film.

        • That would be there smartest bet though. Replace Garfield with a team of well capable actors to portray the clones and Miles Morales. And Andrew Garfield playing the villainous Kane would be ‘amazing’!

      • No ones ever to old to play Spidey :D

  6. It’s sounding as if a couple of these movies may show two sides of the same coin; maybe something similar to the Saw movies where we see what’s going on behind the scenes of a previous movie in bits and pieces. Could be interesting, just please don’t blow Venom again.

  7. My argument is that Sony doesn’t own the film rights to any other Marvel Super hero, like Thor, Capt. America, Iron man, and or the Hulk! They gave away Ghost rider; Daredevil and the Punisher are allies of Spider Man in the comics, its too bad they (Sony)can’t used them to help Spidey.

  8. ASM3 should be the Clone Saga. Introduce Ben Reilly, Kain, Spider Woman and Miles Morales.
    Parker teams up with his clones to take on Kain, Goblin, and Venom. Garfield can try out the villain role and portray Kain, (which would be awesome btw) and in the end, Parker dies, allowing Reilly, Morales and Spiderwoman to take up the Web slinger mantle.
    The Venom movie will be about Venom (Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, or Flash Thompson, he’ll throw em all in there) against Carnage. Throw in the Smythes for side baddies.
    Sinister Six vs Venom and Goblin.
    ASM4, the clones return, (Reilly, Morales, Spiderwoman and Venom make 4 Spidermen) in an all out war against the Sinister Six!
    Boom, I just mapped out the ASM series. Somebody call Sony.

    • That was supposed to be ‘hell’ not he’ll.

  9. The only thing about any of this that is terribly interesting to me, at this point, is Venom/Carnage. However, Orci and Kurtzman being involved tempers my enthusiasm just a bit. They’ve done some good work (People Like Us), but also a lot that I haven’t been impressed with.

  10. So Spidey goes down (killed or just severely injured) against Venom in TASM3, then Venom, full of regret, becomes more of an anti-hero in his own solo film, is the one that goes up against the Sinister Six (who is thrilled Spidey is gone and pretty running the city). Venom gets the injured Parker to do a come back OR if Parker is dead, Miles Morales is introduced, which then takes over the Spidey-role in TASM4.

    An interesting idea, imo.


    • Actually, TASM4 could be Venom and Parker/Morales working together against Carnage.

    • The Ultimate Spider Man comic books are terrible source material to draw from. A dozen Peter Parker clones!? A very small audience enjoys those because the storyline is so all over the place. I hope that is not what Sony uses for all of these movies.

      • The only thing I liked a lot from the Ultimate Spiderman books was the buildup to him becoming Spiderman, as well as his past history with Eddie Brock, which can be so easily adapted to these films.

        • Which they can easily do if they take careful time with a Venom origins movie and let that be what branches into Sinister Six. I hope that’s what Marc Webb’s plan is because Spiderman’s future is uncertain.

          • Yeah but if they were gonna go that route Eddie should’ve been in amazing Spiderman 1. It shouldn’t be that hard to introduce the venom suit, say it’s a meteorite that they found on the moon, had bacteria in it that turned out to be a symbiote and Peter’s dad was testing it to cure osborn’s disease but found out it’s potential threat as a weapon.

            • I disagree. I think they need a solo film dedicated to Venom that really gives his character some depth. That is one of the only things that’s going to save this series.

              Venom of yesteryear is forgotten because he was so terrible, that’s the hurdle Sony must overcome. They can’t use anything from that original story. Just make a different origin story but do it very slowly, showing the breakdown of the relationship between them.

  11. Drew Goddard will write the script AND direct Sinister 6?

    I’m sold.

  12. Venom and Sinister Six have big probelms: without Spidey, who will they fight, the boy scouts pumped on steroids?

  13. So I’m confused who will be the protagonist? I’ve never seen a comic book movie without at least a anti villain in it? Any one have any idea who they will have as the protagonist or hero type character?

    • I’m referring to the sinister 6 movie btw

  14. Bloodscream.

    Sony needs to bring back Bloodscream vs Spiderman since then and only then, will the Spiderman franchise be rekindled. Otherwise Bat vs Supe may clobber ‘em. That would be the most epic fight ever…

  15. Can’t wait for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! In my opinion it looks to be the best one ever… ripped straight from the pages of the comic-book. Spider-Man has always been, and should always be, first and foremost, fun. That’s why I think a lot of people didn’t like the first one because it was too dark and serious. That was also my problem with Man of Steel. It was jarring going from Krypton to a really dark and sombre Earth… doesn’t look like a Metropolis to me…. HEY DAVID… there is a reason Superman’s city is called Metropolis you fake hoe. Even director Marc Webb has since admitted that trying to make Spider-Man Batman was a dumb idea and that for Amazing Spider-Man 2 he just went crazy. Electro is one of my favourite villains and I think he looks bad-ass. Green Goblin is starting to grow on me the more I see him and Rhino I have to see more of. I just hope Qwen Stacy dies in this one. I like Emma Stone but I just think it needs to happen for story and character sake.

    • /spoilers/ Gwen Stacey doesn’t die, and they won’t kill her off, since they are very uncertain on what story Stacey is following now. They might try to make her a villain if the Ultimate Spiderman books are followed, she definitely has to die by ASM3…

  16. I don’t get where they are coming from with these spin offs. Will Spiderman be in the sinister six and venom movies? If he will then they are just Spiderman 3 and 4, they might not want to call them that but they are films with villains and Spiderman, i.e Spiderman movies……unless Spiderman is not going to be in them, in which case will there be a hero? Will it just be the villains running riot? In which case where is Spiderman? I’m confused and excited at the same time, I hope they have a plan that works but I will be disappointed if they turn out to be Spiderman sequels that are sold as spin offs.

    • No. The objective is to save the whole thing by giving Venom the personal exposition he deserves, in his own feature film.

      That’s what all the fans are really demanding be done. Venom is a lot more interesting than Spider Man, people deserve to see him when he’s in prison with Cassidy. Also they want to see how he turns bad, how he meets the Sinister Six etc. This is about doing the character of Venom right, which in turn will make Dr. Octopus better and Spiderman because there’ll be a real emotion felt villain.

  17. Ok, what you all have to remember is that we comic “fanboys” (and girls) are the minority. The majority of the movie going public is only familiar with a Peter Parker Spiderman, so I don’t see Sony ever going with a Peter dying and gone forever storyline. They won’t ever “pass the mantle” to someone else to be Spiderman. They will either recast or reboot, if they still think they can make money on more Spiderman movies.
    Also, I haven’t read the Ultimates storylines. Does Gwen Stacey really become Carnage? I just can’t see that. Of course I would have never thought of Doc Ock becoming Spiderman either, LOL!

    • Yes, she becomes Carnage in the comics and it is done disastrously bad. Sony better not draw any material from this. It is so bad I had to skim through it.

      Sony’s best bet is to right into the Maximum Carnage story, since that was the best series of books and it would spur ticket sales. Use some of the elements, like the suits from Oscorp, but make all the villains have sort of a Operation Condor feel to their private lives; making it more of an anti hero story. Like a GTA5 done on the big screen. Then it will be a hit with audiences and most fanboys.

  18. Saw ASM 2 last night at the premier simulcast in the UK. No end or mid credit scene but we do see the Special Projects lab with Doc Ock arms and the Vulture Flight Harness before the introduction of the Rhino.

    Much preferred this film over ASM, and the multiple villains were handled better than SM3.

    • Good to hear you enjoyed it, I hope the breakdown between Osborn and Parker is handled as well as I was told. I also hope for a lot of Venom foreshadowing!

  19. I think the Sinister six movie should show the different members and there struggles in life and one by one they start metting as the movie goes and by the end they do there first major crime act as a team drawing the interest from Spidey and ending in what looks like future Amazing Spider Man 3.. I think they’d be better off coming out with the Sin Six movie before Spidey3.

    I also like the idea of the Sin Six taking on Venom, with Venom in a anti hero role, where he almost joins the Sin Six but at the end decides to do the right thing and ends up fighting the Six, and somehow Spidey intervenes at the very end leading into the next Spidey film..

  20. hi, will they put in vemon & carnage in the amazing spider-man 3 i like to see them in it will be a great fight and also if blackcat was in it to will be good spider-man & blackcat vs vemon & carnage

    • spider man is better then the amazing spider man was and is lamer…. so their had to remake the part about red skull and Captain America….. that mess other story-lines up big time bad move taking spidy out of marvel in a way lol why did their ship most of the story line dam it where he meets blade and so much ,more lol

      • hi um a think they r cool um get spiderman 4 out would be cool

  21. I’m pretty psyched for the Venom movie. That guy is out the backside of bad and back into good again. Anyone ever read this? http://4thletter.net/we-care-a-lot-a-venom-retrospective/ It’s a pretty brutally honest retelling of the 1990s in comics and this guy. Funny stuff.

  22. I think for the Venom part, they should get either Jare Padelasky or Jensen Aceite. They would be a good part for the new movie.