‘Deadpool’ Screenwriters Talk About Their ‘Venom’ Movie Treatment

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Venom Movie Script Details Deadpool Screenwriters Talk About Their Venom Movie Treatment

Once upon a time, in the far-off days of ancient Hollywood (or, to be more accurate, about four years ago), there was talk that Sony Pictures was planning a movie all about comic book villain Venom, whom we last saw featured as one of the multiple bad guys in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3.

They had screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick onboard to write the script, and Sony was in talks with directors to helm the project. First came The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross – and later, after the Venom story changed from a Spiderman spin-off to a full reboot, Chronicle director Josh Trank. Towards the end of 2009 we started hearing rumors that the Venom project had been delayed, and these rumors were confirmed when any news of development on the project more or less died away completely.

Last summer, The Amazing Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach mentioned Venom in an interview and agreed that he “deserves his own movie,” also mentioning that they’d “been sitting around in a room talking about Venom stories.” It’s worth noting, however, that we’ve not had any real indication that a  Venom movie is back on the books, and as far as we know, the project remains consigned to developmental limbo. However, as we did with J.J. Abrams’ Superman movie last week, it’s always interesting to find out about what might have been.

In the same interview with Collider that saw them opening up about their Deadpool script, Reese and Wernick were questioned about the treatment that they wrote for Venom. Reese more or less confirmed that the story that they had written will never see the light of day:

“We did [write a draft]. A long time ago, and it likely will not become a movie in that form.  Too many things have happened in between now and then and different people have been involved, and it’s just likely not to happen in the form that we wrote it unfortunately.”

Spider Man Black Suit Venom 2 Deadpool Screenwriters Talk About Their Venom Movie Treatment

With that in mind, however, the screenwriters are more or less at full liberty to discuss what they had planned for the alien symbiote and his human host(s), and how they feel about the script several years on.

Reese: “[The script was] realistic, grounded, a little more dark take on the character.”

Wernick: Yeah it was definitely kind of dark and soul search-y.  We love it and we’re proud of it.”

Reese: Eddie Brock was a conflicted character, and so I don’t think it could’ve been Peter Parker.”

Wernick: I think we felt like we got pretty close, I mean no script ends perfectly—”

Reese: “Except Deadpool.  We nailed Deadpool.”

Wernick: “(laughs) Deadpool is the one we really did nail more than any other.  That’s our favorite script.  But Venom I thought we got darn close.”

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  1. Hopefully they will do something along the lines of Agent Venom like what is currently in the comics and tie it into TASM.

  2. Empathy stretches beyond the the title of “anti-hero” or “hero.” A great screenwriter is able to make ANY character susceptible to empathy. And for Tod MacFarlane to challenge the notion of Venom not being able to reflect empathy is a gross misunderstanding of what great writing can accomplish.

  3. The first venom for Spiderman 3 was absolutely horrible, in every way. He didn’t have the body build, the voice, etc for the character to be considered Venom in my eyes. His character didn’t refer to the combo as “we”, instead it was “I” which just adds more to the fact that it didn’t follow the comics. HUGE let down and they really should come out with a Venom movie or at least try to redo it. Maybe it’s like the Hulk; third time is a charm.

    • But hopefully in this case the second time’s the charm. :-)

    • Hey, I love the 2nd Hulk

      • I like the second Hulk (Norton) more than the third one (Ruffalo).

  4. I’m shocked that McFarlane has said that about an anti-hero when he’s most famous for his own anti-hero that people feel empathy for despite his nature as a Hellspawn.

    Anything to erase that disgusting Raimi directed version is better than nothing in my eyes. Same gripes here that someone else mentioned, the lack of dual voices and collective label for itself, using Topher’s normal voice and face to show the host regularly.

    I get what they were after, a perfect shadow of Spiderman but the point of Venom is that he has the same speed and agility but is also much stronger and more imposing. Hate to say it but if Topher’s Venom actually existed and tried to threaten me, I’d laugh in his face and slap him instead of cowering for my life.

    There’s one scene I wrote in my own fantasy Venom story back in 2003 that I may have mentioned on SR before where the end of a Spiderman movie shows the webslinger going past a darkened alleyway, the camera focuses on it and we see a brief glimpse of Venom’s face (similar to an Alien movie) and him hissing out a terrifying “Parrrrrkerrrrrr…” before disappearing back into the shadows and the end credits play.

    Problem is, a Venom appearance would have to be slightly grittier than we’re used to in mass appeal superhero movies due to the nature of the character. Something similar in tone to both The Dark Knight and The Amazing Spider-Man as far as look and tone and straying from the campy and goofy Raimi Spiderman movies that were clearly aimed at the 8 year old moviegoers.

    • dazz,
      that sounds like a really awesome way to get venom a movie, just kinda have a teaser at the end like they did with thanos in avengers. the only problem with that is the screenwriters seem to think that comics means children like you said in the “8 year old” comment. they need to not be afraid to have an R rated comic film. hell, most of the comics have bleeped out swear words and everything but full on nudity these days…esp the deadpool comics which if they dont go R rated on that reynolds said he will turn down the film altogether and he should…that would not be a movie i would go see. if you have to go straight to dvd and skip the theaters to give us an R rating for that one, then id be satisfied with that.

    • That would be a hell of a way to introduce Venom! But Hollywood has a speciality to ruin all the anti-heroes be it Punisher, Hulk or Venom. We need the anti-heroes with darker and grittier tale. Venom has always been my favorite since I was in 5th Grade. I really liked the build of Lizard in TASM, that was well-balanced and more imposing. Similar build for Venom would be perfect. And we also need a more badass Punisher too. B-)

      • Change Hulk to Red Hulk and add Deadpool and Elektra to that mix. Did I hear someone say Thunderbolts movie? Now that would be awesome!!

    • At the time McFarlane was doing his work with Venom, there was no real anti-hero facet to his character. Perhaps that’s what he thought of when he was commenting on this potential movie.

      A movie where the villain is very primal ie not what you might call a mastermind, and an archenemy of a superheroic genius(who I suppose wouldn’t be in this movie) sounds to me like it would be pretty awful.

      But an Eddie Brock film, now that might be interesting. Obviously yes it would be a Venom movie, but we could cut out all other wearers of the black symbiote, maybe throw Carnage in there as the film’s antagonist. That sounds interesting to me.

      Of course, the new Flash Thompson Venom might be interesting to see. But I’m not sure how well that sort of movie would do among people who don’t follow the comics, or a lot of annoying explanation at the beginning of the movie.

  5. It must suck to waste all that time on something going nowhere. It reminds me a lot of president obamas tenure as president.

    • Yeah, I don’t envy those jobs (the screenwriters as well as Obama). Wanting to do something great but being blocked and delayed on all sides and seeing your hard work and great ideas go to waste and fade into obscurity.

      Shouldn’t stop anyone trying though but with the amount of crap in the world, it’s a total shock that movies like the Venom and Deadpool scripts sound like aren’t being made while we’re getting more direct-to-DVD American Pie clones or a 4th Transformers movie (or soulles remakes of classic 80s movies like Robocop and EFNY).

      That’s why in recent years, I’ve linked American politics to the old Hollywood accusation that they can’t do anything original because when something does come along that isn’t part of the status quo, people get scared and turn their backs on it instead of accepting it as a good idea that could shake things up for the better.

  6. The Scene where the symbiote jumps sound like the movie “Fallen”. Where Azazel is jumping from person to person.

    • If had just read a little more i would have seen that noted. SMH.

    • u mean xmen first class

      • No, he does not mean X-Men First Class.
        He means Fallen, the Denzel flick. The one with the body-jumping soul named Azazel.

  7. What exactly is Venom? An alien from another planet?

    • An alien in symbiote form that attached itself to the space shuttle John Jameson was on as it came back to Earth, looked like oil but attached itself to Peter Parker, enhancing his speed, strength and agility but also taking him out webslinging as he slept.

      Peter discovered he could remove it by using sonic waves and went to a church, crouching next to the bell as it rang until the symbiote removed itself from his body, causing it to hate Peter for rejecting it and finding itself bonded to Eddie Brock, who also hated Peter and happened to be in the same church.

      It feeds on the host’s energy too. Other hosts to my recollection have included Mac Gargan (The Scorpion) and several others but the main host everyone knows is Eddie Brock.

      It tried to attach to him in recent years after leaving Gargan but while I can’t remember the whys right now, I do remember Eddie’s body rejected it but he somehow gained a white version of the symbiote and called himself Anti-Venom.

      • dazz,
        wasnt the reason, it tried to attach himself to eddie, because the symbiote and eddie both had a common enemy in parker?

        • Yeah and because Eddie being its most prevalent host, it had a special bond with him (literally in some cases).

          Sort of like, Brock was the symbiote’s first “love” and any chance to join forces again, it would take without hesitation.

      • Thats the cartoon origin, in the comics he picked it up in the first ‘Secret Ward’s he thought it was a high tech costume that responded to his thoughts. When he returned to Earth and discovered it was an alien lifeform that was trying to permanently bond with him he used the sonic vibrations of church bells to shed himself of it, believing he had killed it. Later, Eddie Brock went to that church to ask for forgiveness for the suicide he was planning. Brock was going to kill himself because he had been disgraced by Spider-man. He was writing exclusive interviews with a serial killer named Sin-Eater, Spider-man ended up capturing the real killer and as Peter Parker exposed Brock for the fraud he was.

        • Secret Wars not Wards

      • There was NO spaceship or John Jameson that was all cartoon and movie crap. Spider-man needed an outfit during the secret wars and used an alien machine that made the black suit which turned out to be the symbiote, when Parker found out the suit was alive and effecting him physically he reject it, It bonded with Brock because they had a mutual hatred for Parker. Although the sonic wave gun that Reed Richard actually made is how they got it off peter,

        • Close, but not quite.

          A fellow hero (think it was Thor) had just used a machine to replace a part of his damaged costume, and crowed about what a great job it did. Peter heard this, went to the machine he thought Thor used, but actually walked up to the wrong machine.

          This machine did not “create” the symbiote. The symbiote was hiding in it. It jumped out of it, and into Peter’s possession, when Peter walked up to it.

          A lot of people have this part wrong. Everyone thinks the machine used to make other heroes their costumes was the same one that made the symbiote. But if that were true, why aren’t those other heroes’ costumes symbiotes too?

          The reason this one was different — alive and sentient — is that Peter walked up to the wrong machine. Had he walked up to the right one, he’d have gotten a regular red & blue costume out of it.

      • Wait, what? The symbiote was in a prison on Battleworld because even its own race considered it insane. Peter damaged his costume and accidentally freed the symbiote on his way to get a new one.

        Read Secret Wars.

    • Venom is a Symbiote which is a sentient alien, with a gooey, almost liquid-like form that requires a host, to bond with in order to survive. The host, gets whatever powers the symbiote has which with Venom, i believe, gained an imprint from spiderman when he was taken over and dawned the black spider suit. When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form refers to itself as Venom which is one of the reasons venom in the third movie sucked so much. Venom had a distaste for peter parker because he drove the suit from his body with unbearably loud sounds.

      • *donned a new suit

        Sorry, very Grammar Nazi of me but I don’t like when people use the wrong words. Like when people have said “walla” instead of “voila”.

        • thank you for the catch lol. i’m a bit of a grammar nazi myself but i’m being lazy at the moment…notice i’m not using capitol letters? lol. i work in an office and fast typing becomes a habit but that includes leaving out grammar sometimes

          • Um, ms. Grammer nazi? You started a sentence with like and no verb their in you’re second sentenence. Big phat nono.

            • You mean “there in your second sentence.”

              Just picking since it was a post correcting grammar using poor grammar. 😉

  8. So glad this didn’t get made. As much as I hated the way Venom was portrayed in Spider-Man 3, the whole we made it darker line kind of turned me off to their idea. If done right, you don’t have to MAKE Venom darker, his character lends itself to that already. Write the character the way he is in the comics and you’ve nailed the character without having to MAKE it dark. It’s trying to make Superman nicer. Ok, I’m just babbling now.

    • Pretty sure most of us disagree with you. The character lends itself to a dark movie and that’s precisely WHY it should be a dark movie.

  9. Just from those few quotes, I am absolutely ecstatic that their Venom script will never see the light of day.

  10. You can’t have Venom without Spider-Man, so they just need to set him up correctly in a Spider-Man movie and then spin it off from there.

    It would have to be well thought out and planned. I think it would have to be almost on par with The Dark Night’s Joker to fully realize the character on screen.

  11. The movie “Fallen” with Denzel deals with a kind of evil spirit that moves from host to host via touch, turning them into psypathic serial killers temporarily. It’s pretty awesome and anyone who liked the idea these guys mentioned about the symbiote jumping from person to person should definitely check this movie out.

  12. I’m of the school of continuity. Therefore I belive a venom movie could work and well, but ONLY after about 12 Spider-Man movies, when he’s been cycled out of being a villan. In the comics he was made and hated Spider-Man. Was defeated and came back again. Venom and the green gob were spider mans most vicious foes. Remember spidey had to fake his own death to get venom to leave him alone. After that he came back again, it wasn’t until the threat of carnage that venom re evaluated his morals. Not something you can get out of just one movie. Hollywood – money grab. Lets do it right guys. There’s room for 20 Spider-Man movies.

  13. Keep venom a villain make a movie about a villain let the villain win

  14. They could do a venom movie, all they have to do is introduce him in “The Spectacular Spider-Man” (That’s what I’m calling the ASM sequel until we get an official name. They could do a spin-off afterword, and then, after a solo film, they could bring him back to help Spidey defeat The Sinister Six or Carnage. I mean, how haven’t they come up with this plot already? It’s so obvious. Making it work on script, not as obvious, I will admit, but come on, it could work. Rant now over.

  15. would everyone be ok with a venom movie that kind of supersedes Spiderman…like eddie brock is actually a hot headed Nasa pilot/scientist whatever (hes rival of peter parker & still blames him for ruining his life), who brings the symbiote back to earth with him. ala Johnny depps character in “The Astronauts wife”. THe Symbiote starts to bond with Eddie but is not happy and finds carnage…throw in a cameo from Spiderman and refer to a past history. Venom must track down & battle carnage (who is now a superpowered serial killer) what do you guys honestly think?

  16. So am I the only one that thinks the Ultimate Spider-Man version of Venom would make for an interesting film?
    Grown in a lab as a cure for cancer but turned by Trask Industies into a weapon project.
    There’s also the death of Brock and Parker’s fathers (silenced by Trask for threatening to speak to the public about the project perhaps?) and the fact that Eddie is a loner and has been unlucky in love, more so than Peter Parker means he could be written into a tragic, underdog character quite easily.

  17. Venom can work only if its rated R.
    He needs to be the main villain in one of the Spiderman films.

    Two people come to mind Nolan or Del Toro.

  18. No. I thought tying the movie in with The Amazing Spiderman would be cool, but they can’t do the symbiote story without first doing it with Spiderman.

  19. I do not think the audience need to have empathy with Venom. I don’t even think, they should. It should be more about having empathy with Eddie Brock and that it is this conflict that makes such a movie interesting: Hating Venom but empathizing with Brock.

  20. … “Imagine a symbiote traveling across a city at some point in the movie, jumping from body to body as it goes, and each person that it inhabits ends up becoming really violent and striking someone else and then it jumps to the next person.” ….

    Don’t need to imagine it… Just rent “Fallen (1998)” with John Goodman and Denzel Washington… It’s basically the whole plot of an entity jumping from one person to the next..

    I’m guessing he thought it was an original idea… But 1998 is not far enough for us not to remember his whole “cool idea”…

    • I wish all you smart alecs who are so proud of remembering and quoting “Fallen” would read the article in its entirety… because it makes specific mention of that movie. All of you puffing your chests with pride for bringing it to our attention are just embarrassing yourselves.

      Stop. Read. Then comment. Always in that order.

  21. Love to see Venom as a straight up horror movie, leading to a Spider-Man confrontation.

  22. How about Punisher? he worked as an anti-hero.

  23. The great venom

  24. Eagerly waiting for the movie….

  25. I think a Venom movie would be very epic, it will be different, hero movies need something different. A successful venom movie can lead onto a carnage story and then sh#t is gonna get crazy! just like the Deadpool film, I’m hoping they make a Venom film!!!

  26. I’m surprised Todd MacFarlane, who went ahead with the Spawn movie doesn’t believe that Venom can make it in his own anti-hero movie.

    • I don’t think Venom can carry his own movie alone, either, nor do I think he is that great of a villain, hero, or whatever you may call him. There are more important Spider-things to do in the Spiderman universe. Bring on Mysterio and Scorpion, and I will be happy.

  27. This does leave you wondering what or at least wishing to see Deadpool!

  28. If they write a script around the new Flash Thompson-as-Venom deal then it could work.