‘Chronicle’ Director in Negotiations for ‘Venom’ Movie

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Those still pining for the now-canceled Spider-Man 4 will remember that at the time of Spidey 4′s early development there was also talk of a spin-off film based on iconic Spider-Man villain Venom, who was featured in Spider-Man 3.

Well, fans upset about the new Spider-Man reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man are probably still wishing for Sam Raimi version that almost was – but they may end up getting at least some of what they wanted, as word is in that the Venom movie is still alive, and may even have a director in the form of Josh Trank, whose found-footage superhero film Chronicle has been a breakout hit for Fox this year.

The earlier version of this Venom movie had Gary Ross, the director of The Hunger Games attached to it- but that all went out the window when Sony opted for the reboot route. Ross also did work on a script for the film, which would’ve painted Venom as the antihero he became during his solo run in late ’90s Marvel comics, instead of just a straight villain from the Spider-Man rogues gallery. According to the source the LA Times has, a new writer will be brought on to rework Ross’ screenplay.

Aside from being a genuinely engaging, exciting, and clever superhero origin tale (read our review), Josh Trank’s Chronicle also demonstrated that the director has good insight and ideas about how to realize a superhero story onscreen (and all the superpowers that come with it). Better yet: under the restrictions of a small budget, Trank nonetheless showed strong tact in how he incorporated digital effects with live-action – an important asset when trying to bring a character like Venom to the screen. The director was also recently rumored for the Fantastic Four reboot (which is owned by Fox), but those have ultimately panned out as being false.

venom movie spider man 4 5 Chronicle Director in Negotiations for Venom Movie

For those who don’t know: Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic (and favored) foes. He wears a suit that is actually a living parasite, and struggles to maintain conscious control of his gelatinous “other’s” often malevolent impulses. Suffice to say, the version of the character played by Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3 was a shallow realization of the character’s potential.

The larger question here is how this Venom movie would fit into the continuity of The Amazing Spider-Man reboot (if at all). As we’ve pointed out before, ASM is borrowing several key elements from the modernized Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity – elements that already foreshadow the eventual debut of the Venom character in later ASM sequels. On the one hand, seeing the character in his own film would be great; on the other hand, going straight to a spin-off film instead of giving the character a fresh re-launch in an Amazing Spider-Man sequel could be putting the cart before the horse.

amazing spider man andrew garfield Chronicle Director in Negotiations for Venom Movie

Sony would be wise to avoid the missteps of, say, Fox, who confused fanboys and non-fanboys alike with their so-called “prequel/reboot” approach to (sort of) re-launching the X-Men movie franchise with X-Men: First Class.  XMFC caused so much confusion about continuity that it took a slow-burn, word-of-mouth progression all the way through home video to convince many people that the film was worth their time. When it comes to launching something like Venom, success could be all in the timing.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Venom, starting with whether or not Trank takes the directing job.

Source: LA Times


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  1. So would this Venom be good or bad?
    Who would he fight? Superman?

    • Carnage, I would hope.

  2. Venom is Spiderman’s worst enemy b/c his character depends on Spiderman in so many ways.

    Separating Venom from Spiderman is like separating Vegeta from Goku. Not only would it not work, but why would you even want to try?

    • I do not see the Spiderman reboot working (altho Lizard is a great villain), let alone a venom spin-off of either Spidey franchise. he is not strong enough to carry a movie alone, either as a hero or villain, and the old Spidey franchise (Raimi, Tobey) is dead, like it or not (and I don’t like that it is dead with the 2 of them no longer in the mix…the first 2 were great, and the 3rd. one had a good villain in Sandman, and was OK). If a venom movie is made, I will probably buy it because I want to have all the franchise movies for most of the super heroes (including both Spidey 1-3 & the reboot, which I actually have doubts about). I guess this Venom movie is one that should not be made, if instead they could concentrate on Avengers #2, etc., and go from there. Or IF (!!!) a Fantastic Four reboot–a good one–could be made, I would like to see The fantastic Four VS The frightful Four (Sandman, Wizard, Trapster, Medusa), also an Iron man VS Mandarin, and an X-Men (with Cyclops!!!) VS The Sentinels. Let’s do these, and put our Marvel resources into those, rather than a chancey spin-off.

      • If you ask me,I would say these guys are just digging a hole to bury themselves in.
        I would watch a Venom movie no doubt but come on now…VENOM of all the others.

    • if they go with the Flash Thompson Arc, i’ll be Gold

    • Absolutely right John, I just cant see Venom being able to carry his own film, let alone have his existence justified, without the existence of ol Webhead.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Chronicle, but I’m very wary of this already. IF it can be made to work, though, it’ll be this guy.

  4. I only will be interested in it if they use the current flash thompson venom

  5. If it goes well he can do a Bane movie.

  6. It’s gonna be Catwoman all over again.

    • lol good one.I don’t wanna see a venom solo movie at least not until they put him in a full spider-man film.Bad idea

  7. This could work if this film is used as an origin story making way for the character to appear in an ASM sequel. Venom kind of needs a full film to really be developed. To bridge the film with the ASM films one or two characters could crossover into it from the ASM films. Maybe this Van Adder guy or whoever in ASM who works for Oscorp. Think along the lines of what Marvel Studios did leading up to the Avengers. Only problem is that a few liberties would have to be taken for his origin. Then again,if they’re following the Ultimate line they just might be able to make it work.

    • I agree with you that Venom does need his own film, to fully introduce the symbiote & establish his character. If they go with the Flash Thompson arc, it will be solid. But, van Adder was the Proto-Goblin in the comics, so he could be in the sequel as a villain. Who knows.

  8. I actually love the idea of doing a movie about a villian instead of a hero. For once let’s flip the roles

  9. This is kind of what happened to comics back in the day (in an attempt to cash in more than anything), with villains getting starring roles in their own books. With a movie it’s a gamble because an antagonist needs a protagonist, but if the villain is supposed to be the lead would they throw in another antagonist?

    I mean they do movies that revolve around the “villain” all the time, those are horror movies though. And with the convention about how they want to market these comic books movies to a wider audience it would be hard to have a bad guy actually act the way they should and still have it be teen friendly. It’s kind of like PG-13 horror movies, they are just a paradox most of the time. Not particularly clever or psychological enough to be scary, and not able to even be gory enough to cover it up.

    • I love what you said about the PG-13 rating lol I wish they could make an R rated Wolverine movie! Now that would be incredible and worth seeing!!

  10. A Venom movie by itself would be stupid.

    If Sony was smart, they would save Venom for ASM3. In ASM2, they should have Peter have the black suit for most of the movie, then rid himself of it by the end of the movie, setting up ASM3 with Venom as the ONLY villain… to avoid a repeat of SM3 with too many villains… Venom would be an awesome villain by himself and he deserves his own antagonist role in a movie.

    • I agree, Venom should be the only villian in a spidey movie, not as an afterthought in the last 5minutes

  11. This film would make no sense if it isn’t connected to at least one of the Spider-Man Films. How would Venom’s origin be explained? They need to have Venom appear with Spider-Man first. A good idea would be Black Spider-Man in ASM2 and Venom in a third film. Then possibl a Venom solo film bridging between a third and fourth film which could also set up Carnage.

  12. Meh.
    I don’t think it’s a good idea to give Venom his own movie just yet… they should AT LEAST introduce him into the new continuity before they just make a spin-off/solo-film about him (the fanboys know who Venom is, but the general movie goer probably has no clue who he is — they’ll see the Spider on his chest and think “wait, isn’t that a Spider-Man baddie? Why isn’t Spidey in this?”).

    I have to admit, I’m a little biased since I’m not really a big Venom fan: I love Spidey and Venom is an awesome villain for him, but I don’t get the latest obsession with him being a “solo act” (i.e. a character with his own monthly title)

  13. Like Deadpool, the villain may get a movie. How can they write a decent script for this? How will they wrap it up? Will they have the anti-hero become more noble at the end? No… they can’t, because Venom is evil, and guess what? Eddie Brock? Evil too. Where’s the redemption? If Eddie was a likeable guy we’d root for him, but he’s not. Eddie brock deserves the horrible fate of a parasite controlling and leeching him. Carnage? Cletus Cassidy is a serial killer, I guess he’s MORE evil, so Carnage will be the villain’s villain.

    This can’t be done without Spidey in it.

    • Deadpool is an anti-hero…

      Venom is a villian, not anti villian, and not a anti hero…

      So this would not work even if they had the biggest names in hollywood

      • Even though Venom is “evil” he has helped Spider-Man in comics before.. Not just comics, but in video games as well. He COULD be portrayed as an Anti-Hero. Who knows if it will be successful or not? Not you, or I, or the general public. We just have to wait & see.

  14. I hear people complain about Spiderman 3 and Venom,imo Venom was not the problem in that movie,his short stint was ok imo.

  15. could be good, if he is cameo’d in the amazing spiderman, then do his solo film, and then bring him into the amazing spiderman sequel, or third film.

  16. F***ing Eric Foreman.

  17. Topher Grace was a awful Venom and espeically in Spiderman 3 where Peter Parker dances like a idiot.

    That part destoryed the movie.

    I haven’t watched Chronicle but I was amazed by the trailer.

    If Josh Tank directs Venom movie, I hope the main lead is way better than Topher Grace and maybe a cameo from Spiderman would be awesome.

    I wonder if this movie will have some kind of connection with The Amazing Spiderman, maybe a after credits scene.

    • Agreed, Topher Grace was not a very well done Venom. If they get the right lead, this movie will be great. Only, if it has the same continuity as ASM & Spider-Man makes an appearance or at least brought up..

    • Yes Topher grace was terrible (and terribly miscast Venom – did they even read a comic book to see what Eddie Brock was like?). In any event, the dancing and Venom were all one of many many parts that contributed to the crappiness of Spider-Man 3 (which was too bad, since some of it was actually really well-done, especially Parker v. Osborn mano y mano).

      What really destroyed Spider-Man 3 was the fact that they retconned the film so Sandman had killed Uncle Ben. In doing so, they took away any pathos and motivation Spidey has to be a hero – his selfish inaction of letting the killer get away is what drove him to embrace heroics, and now that motivation is completely gone as he never even had a chance to stop Sandman. Ugh and Yuk! Way to completely misunderstand a character.

  18. It will be Venom and how he got in that jar on that planet….

    Oh wait he was just a parasite then….

    One of the few times that I will say this is not a very good idea. Comic book movie or not…

  19. So, if its an origin story about Venom…wouldn’t Spiderman have to be involved? To do it right, you’d think Spidey would have to cameo. I haven’t read the version with Flash Thompson as a host, but I have read Eddie Brock and Mac Gurgan versions. I love the idea of a villain being the main feature in a movie…like a Magneto origin story (X-men First Class), but the Venom symbiote and Spiderman are connected. Spiderman has to be involved…doesn’t he? If not, is this going to be about an alien parasite? Wasn’t that already a movie called the Faculty?

    • The version with Flash Thompson, IMO is the best. He enlists into the army & battles alcoholism. The ironic thing is that even though Flash bullied Peter, he greatly admires Spider-Man. Later, Peter & Flash become very good friends. But Flash becomes Venom during the war, but he can not wear the suit for longer that 48 hours or it will gain control over him. You see the consequences when Flash goes berserk & slaughters enemy operatives. On a mission to Savage Island, he is hunted by Kraven. So that possibly could be a good movie.. IF done correctly. I’m wary of which way they will go with this, but I would hope its after the first or second ASM.. I do think Spider-Man should be involved in some way though. We’ll just have to wait & see!

      • Wait….. what universe are we talking here? Mainstream? Ultimate?

        • Flash Thompson’s Venom covers more than one Universe. In all honesty, I don’t remember which universe that arc was. I do know that the recent Venom comics have it as more Ultimate.

        • Marvels mainstream universe (616) currently has the flash thompson soldier venom. In the ultimate line venom is an artificial biosuit meant to enhance the wearers abilities and was created by peters father along with eddie brocks scientist father. peter wears it but discovers its parasitic and prone to rage and gets rid of it, eddie wears it and due to him not being superhuman needs to feed on others to maintain the suit from devouring him as well but has a drug like dependence on being attached to it.

          The ultimate venom could be introduced in the ASM films easily since they have alot to do with genetic manipulation, but as far as a villain goes they should focus more on osborn and oscorp industries as the overarching villain in the new trilogy if you ask me.

          a venom movie wouldnt work and shouldnt be done IMO, but if they did do it without introducing the symbiote in ASM first, have it like ‘the thing’where its an alien/parasite suit that takes over and controls people and is trying to be contained by some research group and then bridge it to ASM where its captured and researched by oscorp.

          • Thanks for clarifying, I’m a little hazy on which arcs belong to which Universe. But, I agree with you on the ASM trilogy. With van Adder as Oscorp, they could have a Proto-Goblin. I would also like to see other characters like Shocker, Scorpion, Mysterio, Kraven, Morbius, Rhino, or maybe have like a Sinister Six arc or something? Just thinking out loud.

            • They probably wouldnt be able to do Morbius because I think he came in the package with Blade when marvel studios licensed out the rights to new line cinema. However Marvel studios regained the rights to blade last year in May, so morbius is back at marvel studios where he belongs. I can only wish that all the others (spidey, xmen, FF, daredevil, etc) can go back to marvel studios to eventually fight side by side with iron man, hulk, thor, cap, nick fury, black widow, hawkeye, antman, wasp, black panther, doctor strange, the punisher, moon knight, namor, war machine, nova, captain marvel, she hulk, inhumans, cable, vision, luke cage, nighthawk, iron fist, etc. One can dream lol

  20. I would see a Venom film no matter what, but I think it should be done sometime after the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. But I will see the Venom movie, if it doesn’t.

    • I agree on all points. It has to be done after the first or second ASM. Then have him in the 3rd ASM

  21. I admit to never seeing the 90′s version of Venom that turned it into an antihero but is sounds like a horrible idea (guess that’s why it was canceled?). As others have said, Venom without Spider-man is just not right. He is the perfect villain for the web slinger because he is better in every way except one, wits. That’s why the match-up has always been so epic.

    So yeah, you can have Spider-man w/o Venom but imho you cannot have Venom w/o Spider-man.

    • & I agree with you, Spider-Man needs to be in the Venom movie, or it will tank IMO. As for the Flash arc, I think that would be the best one to use in a movie. I don’t think they would use Eddie Brock because of the last trilogy, so they may use Mac Gargan or Flash Thompson? Gargan, I would not want to see because he was originally Scorpion. So hopefully we see a Scorpion & not a Venom. So that leaves Thompson? I know his arc wasn’t the greatest, but for a movie that would HAVE to relate to ASM, it seems like a fit. If they do use Eddie Brock, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I will watch a Venom movie period.

    • I did not know this but, in 2007, David Goyer was to write a script that portrayed Venom as an Anti-Hero with Carnage as the antagonist. That would be okay, but it still should have a Spider-Man cameo.

  22. I think Sony is trying to push a venom movie so that when the amazing spiderman trilogy ends, they can do a venom trilogy and hold on to the rights to the spiderman characters so that marvel studios doesnt get the rights back. The new spiderman trailer looks good but it doesnt look great. The only reason they decided to reboot it (besides the fact that spiderman 3 was horrible) is because if they didn’t make a movie by 2012, the rights would have reverted back to marvel studios. Thats why I dont trust sony, especially now that they wana do a venom movie. The 1st 2 spiderman movies under sam raimi were great, but thats about it, and I doubt they will get any better.

    • There’s also another why they rebooted it: money. The 3 spider-man movies have made 2.5 billion dollars worldwide & all 3 are in the top 30 grossing films worldwide. Of course Sony was going to reboot it. As for Disney buying the rights, I doubt it. Way too much money. & personally, I think the new trailer for ASM looks awesome, definitely going to be very good. As for not trusting Sony, how do you know if Marvel wouldn’t make these exact same changes? Marvel could’ve had a Man-Lizard, more dark, the “other story” etc.

  23. @Goldilocks
    Sadly, all of those different heroes u mentioned cant be combined into one film universe continuity. Marvel studios owns iron man & all of his villains, including the mandarin. Fox owns the x-men. Fantastic four vs frightful 4 couldn’t work even as a movie on its own because fox owns the fantastic four & sony owns the sandman since he came in the package with spiderman when marvel studios licensed it out to sony. This is why I would like to see the rights to all of the characters that marvel studios doesn’t own (spiderman, fantastic four, daredevil, x-men, and all of their related characters) revert back to marvel studios. Plus sony & fox have a tendency to stray away from the comics. So all of these hopes for certain storylines that follow the comic book continuity will probably be destroyed by these other studios. However Disney lawyers are looking at the contracts to find loopholes to get these rights back. And if they don’t, then theyre prob just going to buy the rights back since disney has endless pockets of money

  24. @Iron-Man AGREED!

    • why not do a doomsday film if they are doing a venom one that would work as well.who needs spidey and superman…………..NOT

  25. A few people have commented that they want the Flash Thompson Venom arc, to which I say, are your freaking kidding me?! Venom would be nothing if he had been pseudo-heroic the entire time. That would be my least ideal version of Venom, even below Scorpion Venom. If they make it, they should really include the brain-eating warped innocent-protecting Venom that made him iconic in the first place.

    But, I just dont see how this can be done well (though I am sure Sony is more concerned with retaining rights rather than doing a movie well). Venom has no real feasible villains (Carnage worked in the comics, but we saw in Iron Man 1 and 2 how boring it is when the hero basically just fights a different version of itself) and there are really no other villains that arent offshoots of the symbiote (or, Venom himself when Brock becomes Anti-Venom).

    Either way, it has GOT to be better than his Spidey 3 incarnation…. right?

  26. If sony is going to make a venom movie whos gonna be the villain

    • I think the ideal path to take would be to have Carnage & Venom in ASM: 3.. But have this Venom movie be a backdrop to the story, how the parasite came to Earth, etc. etc. etc.. In Spider-man 3 I didn’t like how the parasite just fell to Earth when Peter was kissing MJ. Just didn’t seem right.

  27. They prob have no idea who would be the villain. Then again I guess venom is already a villain but I feel like this movie would make no sense

  28. But what if they throw in venom and carnage working together remember venom does have good side to and there doing good and bad things

  29. Who makes a movie without any flavor