Is Vanessa Hudgens Joining ‘New Moon?’

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vanessa hudgens image Is Vanessa Hudgens Joining New Moon?UPDATE: Vanessa Hudgens will NOT be joining the cast of New Moon.

From Entertainment Weekly via SHH!:

“Sources inside Summit Entertainment and Hudgens’ camp tell EW that the filmmakers aren’t looking at the star (best known as High School Musical’s Gabriella Montez) for any role in the soon-to-be-shooting Twilight followup.”

Original post continues…

Just when you thought the Twilight franchise couldn’t possibly get anymore appealing to the intended demographic… News has come out regarding the anticipated vampire sequel New Moon that High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is possibly being cast in the role of Leah Clearwater, a character described as “a feisty werewolf.”

The reaction to the news/rumor that Hudgens has auditioned for the role has been mixed, with some web commenters saying things like, “I cannot picture her being mean or aggressive as Leah,” and, “…Of course she can’t look like Leah — no one can. You know why? ‘Cause it’s just a book, and these are actors trying to portray the roles! I think she would be great.” “Twilight actress Ashley Greene spoke positively of the notion commenting, “I think she’d be great.”

Yeah, but doesn’t a potential fellow cast member have to say that?

Since I haven’t read the original books I can’t comment either way on whether or not Hudgens would be a good pick to play the role. I then have to go purely on descriptions given (such as “feisty werewolf”) and simply whether or not I think Hudgens is a good fit for the next instalment in the movie franchise.

And I am definitely on the “poor choice” side of the fence.

I just can’t see her portraying what is supposed to be a “mean and aggressive” werewolf – she just seems too delicate and cutesy for that kind of thing.

However from a money-making point of view I can totally see why the studio would consider casting her. She’s already a huge draw because of the ludicrously popular High School Musical franchise and it therefore would bring any of those devoted fans (and I don’t need to tell you there are legions of them) over to the Twilight franchise (although most of those are probably fans of it already).

Personally I don’t like the direction they’re taking this franchise with the next installment - first they get rid of Catherine Hardwicke as director and replace her with someone else (I can’t quite figure out why they did that, giving the job to the director of the not very well received The Golden Compass - Hardwicke did a perfectly good job translating it onto the big-screen), then they push for a late 2009 release date effectively rushing the production of it and now they are thinking about casting someone simply because of their popularity.

Is it just me or does this collectively all sound a bit iffy?

Whatever happens, Hudgens or no Hudgens, New Moon is going to make just as much, if not more, than the first film – which did very well especially considering it was just an introduction to a new movie franchise. It looks like the studio has really struck gold with these books.

So what do you make of Hudgens possibly being cast as Leah Clearwater – think she’s a good fit for the character?

New Moon is set to hit theatres on November 20th this year.

Source: MTV

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  1. i so hope vannessa isnt in it serioously theyll try to give her more screen also lots of people still have the impression of her from hsm so no she cant potray an evil character if its for fans twilight has plenty and many more are joining and now reading the books after watching the movie.. so i think shes DEFINETLY A NOT



  4. hi i think Venessa would be great for this part shes awesome!!!!

  5. Please no. New Moon is already so ahead of the game, they really don’t need the publicity of Vanessa. I think they would lose more fans than gain them. High School Musical is a taboo in my school, loads of people hate it. I know for a fact that some of my friends would not see New Moon if Vanessa is Leah.
    And does Vanessa fit the description of fiesty, harsh, relatively older, sharing brotherly love & hate, always fighting, WEREWOLF?

  6. Wait they’re replacing Kathrine! =O totally not cool =[

    I think she could play leah if she wanted to and she might be good at it but i hope she doesn't stink at the part if she gets it i personally love the twilight movie and the books and i think all the characters are awesome and talented and i just hope New Moon is as good or better than Twilight =] I will deff be going to see New Moon RIGHT when it hits theaters =]

  7. umm first off catherine harwick did a horrible job on the movie it was not true to the book at all. im so glad that they got some else to do the movie so she can not ruin the next one. i mean i like watching some parts of it but i was really really dispointed on how the movie turned out. i thought that it would be a movie i would watch over and over again and since it came out on dvd i have watched it 1 time

  8. Are you kiddin’ me? No way Twilight’s sunken to THAT low.
    Vanessa Hudgens is waay too well known for HSM. Kids are gonna see her in the trailers and think “I’m going to go see that! It’s Gabriella from HSM!” and they’re gonna be afraid of the “doggies” and crap.
    No, no. She can’t be in it, it’d be stupid. Plus, her voice is too girly… tinkly. Not Leah, at all.

  9. u people would lose mostly all of ur fans and no one would watch it…and i’m one of the people that won’t watch it…Venessa is not going to be in NEW MOON the cast is fine how it is DONT CHANGE IT…U WILL RUIN THE HOLE POINT OF THE MOVIES AND THE BOOKS!
    dont do it

  10. i dont think vanessa hudgens will characterise as leah because i hate vanessa hudgsens since then in high school musical i hope vanessa think first that its not her movie she have her high school musical and she will grab a movie and its not her my message to you vanessa hudgens
    just go away your not a part of new moon ok hey vanessa hudgens edward and bella will be the lovers hey vanessa hudgens go go far away and dont grab new moon because your not a part there and i hate you vanessa hudgens what will be the fans says if vanessa hudgens can act as leah
    hey vanessa hudgens i really hate you

  11. hey vanessa hudgens if you act the role laeh in new moon you completely RUIN the movie ok you such a real b**** vanessa hudgens hope you will be loe all your movie because i really hate you you RUIN all the movie You RUIN the cast YOu RUIN all our lives because we dont like you hey vanessa hudgens fanatics if you are angry for all i said to vanessa hudgens iand im not saying sorry because you all vanessa hudgens lovers i hate you come on lets firght and i will and us the new moon lovers will make sure that vanessa hudgens cant act a role as leah your son of a b**** vanessa hudgens and the fans of vanessa hudgens try to respect the truth

  12. OMFG

    How dare they even consider Vanessa Hudgens,They’ll be in Volterra and she’ll sudennly start singing in her nasal voice!!! Brenda Song should totally get it at least she won’t show up naked to rehearsals!!!!!!!!!!

    **** you Vanessa!!!!!

  13. well if they do cast her i will just go against twilight like really vannesa blah

  14. Seriously? This is a very poor choice of character, especially for a role so underratedly dominating as lea, i could see her playing emily, yes to my delight her fce would be ripped off but also, she has warmth. lea isn’t some high school musical slut. she’s gunna make eclipse and breaking dawn fail, if she’s casted.

  15. i think she might be good for the part.i would ask all the other cast members what they think.

  16. If you guys realize disney channel movies have a tendency of of casting known disney stars only. you know what i mean right? Like, dadknapped i think they had many other disney stars all in one movie its kinda weird you have to get my point like im not saying once your’re in a movie you can’t be in another one. it just shows how the movie can be altered by who the cast is. You see, pattinson was a great edward, but if Zac Effron was in the movie as Edward, it probably wouldnt be in the box office. So my point being is, i cant imaigne Hudgens being Leah, just like i can’t imainge Effron being Edward ._.

  17. R U GUYS SERIOUS,vanessa is to perkey and to childish to be in new moon, i have read all 4 books so i should know the character of leah clerwater is so tough brave strong and independent and vannessa is no where near that if she is allowed in the movie she will reck it and the whole saga, if she will play the chracter of leah my friends will not go to c the movie and nither will all of the twilight fans that have read the book because they know that vannesa isnt fit to play that role in my opinion i thinkthat she only wants to be in the movie to get even more famous and to get to meet the cute guys on the set she doesnt care about anything else and this is to the director of the movie new moon CHRIS WEITZ if u r going to allow vanessa in the movie u will disappoint many twilight saga fans so please dont make this hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mistake take this message 4 deep consediration

  18. WHAT. you guys are crazy to even think she fits as Leah. she’ll be dancing and singing Leah at the same time. this is sooo insane, i can’t even imagine why they would even consider VANESSA. i mean, go play in kiddies movies, V! you are so not fit to play in this saga. you’ll ruin it!
    i hate her. she better not get the role. DUDE, PEOPLE WILL STOP WATCHING TWILIGHT IF SHE PLAYS. do something else besides ruining everybody’s favorite saga, maybe post some of your naked photos, again, YOU THINK PEOPLE LIKE YOU. THEY HATE YOU V!

  19. i think that you guys are right
    do not let her be in the new moon
    she too much posh in hsm
    get another one
    not her………….

  20. ok ok ok people chill! Vanessa didn’t get the part. Why because she didn’t even try out for the part. I think thet she wld hve been perfect for it and the whole idea of acting is to ACT as diffrent people HELLO think a little. GO Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. no no no
    she ugly
    get a room

  22. o.m.g
    i don`t want her
    she doesn`t look like a TWILIGHT acter
    so go back and be a hsm acter

    sori no for you

    find a nather movie zanessa
    i bet zac it angry with