Is Vanessa Hudgens Joining ‘New Moon?’

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vanessa hudgens image Is Vanessa Hudgens Joining New Moon?UPDATE: Vanessa Hudgens will NOT be joining the cast of New Moon.

From Entertainment Weekly via SHH!:

“Sources inside Summit Entertainment and Hudgens’ camp tell EW that the filmmakers aren’t looking at the star (best known as High School Musical’s Gabriella Montez) for any role in the soon-to-be-shooting Twilight followup.”

Original post continues…

Just when you thought the Twilight franchise couldn’t possibly get anymore appealing to the intended demographic… News has come out regarding the anticipated vampire sequel New Moon that High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is possibly being cast in the role of Leah Clearwater, a character described as “a feisty werewolf.”

The reaction to the news/rumor that Hudgens has auditioned for the role has been mixed, with some web commenters saying things like, “I cannot picture her being mean or aggressive as Leah,” and, “…Of course she can’t look like Leah — no one can. You know why? ‘Cause it’s just a book, and these are actors trying to portray the roles! I think she would be great.” “Twilight actress Ashley Greene spoke positively of the notion commenting, “I think she’d be great.”

Yeah, but doesn’t a potential fellow cast member have to say that?

Since I haven’t read the original books I can’t comment either way on whether or not Hudgens would be a good pick to play the role. I then have to go purely on descriptions given (such as “feisty werewolf”) and simply whether or not I think Hudgens is a good fit for the next instalment in the movie franchise.

And I am definitely on the “poor choice” side of the fence.

I just can’t see her portraying what is supposed to be a “mean and aggressive” werewolf – she just seems too delicate and cutesy for that kind of thing.

However from a money-making point of view I can totally see why the studio would consider casting her. She’s already a huge draw because of the ludicrously popular High School Musical franchise and it therefore would bring any of those devoted fans (and I don’t need to tell you there are legions of them) over to the Twilight franchise (although most of those are probably fans of it already).

Personally I don’t like the direction they’re taking this franchise with the next installment - first they get rid of Catherine Hardwicke as director and replace her with someone else (I can’t quite figure out why they did that, giving the job to the director of the not very well received The Golden Compass - Hardwicke did a perfectly good job translating it onto the big-screen), then they push for a late 2009 release date effectively rushing the production of it and now they are thinking about casting someone simply because of their popularity.

Is it just me or does this collectively all sound a bit iffy?

Whatever happens, Hudgens or no Hudgens, New Moon is going to make just as much, if not more, than the first film – which did very well especially considering it was just an introduction to a new movie franchise. It looks like the studio has really struck gold with these books.

So what do you make of Hudgens possibly being cast as Leah Clearwater – think she’s a good fit for the character?

New Moon is set to hit theatres on November 20th this year.

Source: MTV

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  1. I think that V can be very aggressive, even though she hasn’t shown that ON screen. Just because we’ve only seen her in ‘cute’ roles doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t fit on a darker role… That’s not true… The real actor can take over all kinds of roles and characters, and I think that Vanessa can too. Just wait and see… Try to erase all those cute images you have of V on your head, and give her a chance on this one… Think about it, and please don’t be so rude….

  2. I think she’d do well. I mean they’ve chosen absolutely gorgeous actors to portray the characters…and they’d be hitting the nail on the head by picking V as Leah.

  3. Honestly, I did read the books and Vanessa is way out there for Leah. She doesnt fit the role. One, she is too young. Leah is supposed to be as old as Sam and he is I believe to be around the early to late 20s. She does not fit that bill. Secondly, Leah doesnt become a major player until the third book, and i think they are going to give Vanessa way more screen time then the book calls for. But thats just my two cents.

  4. I definetly think that Vanessa would NOT be a good Leah. And it’s not because of the “cute” roles that she has been playing. It’s because she’s not Leah, and I don’t think she has what it takes. I’ve thought strongly about it and she think that she shouldn’t get this role. If she gets this role, I was close my eyes everytime I see her in the film. I just don’t find her to be a true actor. There are so many others who would be prefect for this role.

  5. I agree with Sean. Leah becomes a bigger role as the saga continues, and they’re going to be writing her in more than necessary. And Summit doesn’t need her popularity. They alread have the millions of fans, so they won’t choose based on popularity.

    She’s too new of an actor to portray a book character.

    Oh, and $10 says that if she’s chosen Leah’s going to be singing in the movie…watch and see.

  6. definantly not, vanessa cannot play leah. she is too well know for hsm. we need someone with a quiet yet feisty appeal, twilight cannot be stirred in the same pot as high achool musical. twilight=best book of all time hsm=worst movie of all time. theres definantly someone better to play leah not regarding vanessa’s talent but her appearance she doesnt look right to play leah.

  7. I hope Vanessa doesn’t get the role. I don’t think she can be as fierce as she needs to be. I agree with everyone else. She’s going to get too much screen time. Some friends of mine were talking about this tonight. We said we liked how in Twilight they used more unknown actors. I like that idea better than using popular actors.

  8. i think this is THE stoopidest idea they cood EVER come up with. twilight isnt focused at lil kiddies who lyk a good old song and dance. its bout vampires and raunchy forbidden love! if they think its gonna be good for the young teens interested they have got something wacked with their brains! this is sooooo stoopid. i meen i dont doubt vanessa’s talent or nething its just that their has GOT to be other people out there! whoever has “considered/picked” her . has definitely got some angry fans on their hands! but yea. new moon. WOOOO! (:

  9. OMFG. this is terrrible. she will ruin the whole saga. no offence to her, but she doesnt fit the role at all. like how the hell would vanessa hugens be able to do eclipse?? can u even imagine her growling at someone? If she is choser ther will seriously be a massive controversy! This is just a hideous idea. vanessa hugens-good actor, but i think it is extremely unlikely that she coold pull of a role like that.Its just that the character is too strong for her.
    anywhoooo. cant wait for new moon. yah!

  10. thankyou arghcookie. i coodnt agree more. >:(

  11. I would be so angry if Vanessa Hudgens was casted. One, she is a horrible influence. She is a skank. Two, she can’t act. Her acting is reserved for kiddish high school music BS. I would love to see the Twilight Moms go for this HAH watch the girl who had a nude pic scandal. Puhleez

  12. OMG. she’ll just ruin new moon. she’s too happy-go-lucky to be in a movie like new moon. she could never be a good leah, leah’s kinda tough and vanessa is nothing like that. she’s a really bad influnce for young kids or teenagers who wanna see this film. tbh she should just stick with all the disney crap she’s going atm. :)

  13. I did not mindthe director change but to throw her in there, that is proably the worst decision they have made yet. I can already see that they are going to give her way too much screen time when she is suppose to have virtually almost none.

  14. Bad idea for the sake of the movies. They had a cast that worked that wasn’t full of prior-big names and people who take pics of themselves naked (whoops, did I say that?)

    I’m not even sure it’ll bring in more High School Musical fans since they all most-likely watched the first – I think it’s a poor choice and made for the wrong reasons.

    As Jess H says, having a name like that will no doubt adversely affect the screenplay to give her more lines, for screen time, etc.

  15. honestly i hope they dont use her, cuz if they do i think its shearly 4 her popularity. they did good casting the 1st film,event thou it could have been better.
    anyway i read the series and loved it and i think bringing her in would bring in a new audience, but at the same time anger a majority of the fans.
    but i do agree on switching the Director.
    as a fan i think they should get sum one a little less Main streem.

  16. Ohkay so I have read all of the twilight books and I have seen the first high school musical and her voice isn’t even right. she has to be rough not oh my god my nail, which is exactly how she is. she has to be able to mean and hard, she is just to pretty pretty princess. and my god serious she is just, ugh I really just like her. she seems like a slut.

  17. It will be really hard for me to watch New Moon if they cast her. I can’t stand her.
    Even if she was a good actress- which she’s not- she’s too perky and bubbly for Leah Clearwater.

  18. twilight wasn’t even as good as the book,
    and there bringing in vanessa for leah…
    first- leah is soppose to be indian
    and vanessa was in high school musical seriously i hate that movie and if she does play leah i know i wont watch it cause then i feel liek there making the twilight saga a joke.

  19. They’re gonna screw the movie up if they cast her and nobody’s gonna watch it. But it’s Summit’s decision if they wanna make such a good movie into a crappy little wannabe Disney production.

  20. omg NO… wtf
    what is this director doing?!
    does he UNDERSTAND twilight one bit ?
    disney and twilight is a NO and absolutely horrific

    this guys screwing it up

    when is a good director, who understands twilight as much as us crazy fans is gonna come along ?


  22. really are they trying to lose money!!!!!!!! wow they must really be desperate

    ARE THEY NUTS? why would they put VH in New moon? To skankafy it? i totally agree with PAULA she cant act, she doesn’t fit the description of Leah Clearwater. I don’t think she could even be a good actress if she was an extra. she should stay in her little Disney world AND STAY FAR , FAR AWAY FROM NEW MOON!

  24. I’m sorry…but this happy-go-lucky, pr0n-posting Disney ‘star’ the ‘fiesty’, tough, hard-as-nails, compasionless Leah Clearwater?

    Ah. I think I’m going to suffer a brain hemorrhage.

    Let me tell you why.

    First–(slightly disagreeing with ‘katie’ on this one) she doesn’t have to be Native American…but though she has the supposed skin tone, she’s too chipper and musical to be a part of an angsty, dramatic, vampire love saga. It’s probably too morbid for her fans.

    Second–Think of the lack of revenue Summitt will take PROBABLY because of Hudgens’ casting. Most Twilight fans are NOT big fans of Miss Hudgens. Mainly because most of us dislike High School Musical.

    Third–*sigh* Honestly? HER? As agreeing with someone above (sorry, I forgot to check), mothers will probably not let their daughters see a movie with the actress who posted nude photos of herself in the TWILIGHT movie. Twilight has already recieved enough comments such as ‘full of necromancy’, ‘spawn of the devil’, you know, that religious stuff, and having someone who has done such things will probably ruin the franchise.

    Pardon the long comment, but I had to get that out.

  25. Vanessa has a thin voice that’s why she is best fitted in teen romantic films but in Twilight’s sequel, I don’t think she can carry the role. I don’t say that she is not good but the expectation of the twilight fans is bigger than the first film. Maybe they should discover new face which will portray Leah. New actress which will portray as Leah will be much more interesting to watch

  26. i think that it is a good thing they got rid of cathy she did a horrible job. she left out some really important information and put in stuff that wasn’t so important! i am also glade that they desided not to have vanessa in the movie because she would not have made a good Leah, her personality is waaaay to bubbly and she can’t pull off angry. if you have seen the movie thunderbirds you would know this. plus i think it’s sad that people who had never picked up the book before the movie came out thinks they are experts on it. let it go you know nothing! those of you who liked the book before the movie was even metioned, you are true fans. and those who didn’t know about the books i don’t blam you for being deprived.

  27. wow, I’m impressed by the univeral non-acceptance of her being cast into this movie – At least from these comments that is :)

    she’s absolutely going to ruin the movie.
    she can just take her annoying face and
    get back to the hsm set because no one
    wants her in the twilight saga.


  29. what a stupid choice to even think of casting that hideous self absorbed sludgens!! omg while they were at it why didn’t they consider MILEY CYRUS for the role aswell omg….. ATROCIOUS!!

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