Vampire Showdown: 30 Days of Night vs. The Twilight Saga

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30 days of night vampires Vampire Showdown: 30 Days of Night vs. The Twilight Saga

Talk about an odd couple: could you imagine 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles ever sitting down to make nice with Stephenie Meyer, author of The Twilight Saga???

Well, apparently that scenario isn’t just my own skewed version of What The-?!; in a recent interview with MTV News, Niles talked about how his insatiably hungry vampires from the 30 Days of Night graphic novel stacked up against Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the rest of The Cullen Family vamps from The Twilight Saga. Shockingly enough (at least to me), Niles had nothing but good things to say about Twilight:

mrsteveniles Vampire Showdown: 30 Days of Night vs. The Twilight Saga

Steve Niles

“It’s just a different way of looking at things…Everybody assumes that from watching ‘30 Days of Night’ that I hate Anne Rice and the whole notion of romantic vampires, but it’s actually just the opposite.”

Wow, after seeing 30 Days of Night and how relentless and vicious those vampires were, I wouldn’t ever have guessed that Steve Niles had a warm-spot for the soft-core, homo-erotic antics of Anne Rice’s vampires, let alone the kiddie-soft, interspecies chastity drama of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Guess what a friend told me is true: there IS something weird about all of us who are into “the whole vampire thing.”

Go figure…

However, bringing things back down to reality, here’s what Niles had to say when asked if the Twilight vamps could kick the crap out of his 30 Days of Night bloodsuckers:

“I don’t think so…But, they do have the advantage of being to go out in sunlight so they could beat them there. My vampires don’t care at all about seduction. It’s all about food to them.”

To be fair, the first Twilight movie didn’t reveal much about the vampire clans. From what I hear, that story is going to get a bit more explanation in the next Twilight film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Maybe we’ll learn that Edward Cullen is in fact a tough-undead-guy after all. I doubt it though.

twilight the cullen family Vampire Showdown: 30 Days of Night vs. The Twilight Saga

The Cullen Family is ready for a fight (click for larger version).

What do you think: 30 Days of Night vampires vs. The Twilight Saga vampires. Who would suck the most in that fight?

Source: MTV News

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  1. I’ve read all the books in the Twilight Saga, and the vampires are actually pretty badass (though they obviously don’t always act that way). They are extremely strong and fast, and many have powers, as you got glimpses of in the first film. Unfortunately, I think the Twilight vamps could beat the 30 Days vamps if they really put their minds to it.

  2. Niles needs a job, simple as that.
    Teen franchise that will surely increase your stock, why not take the job? I would!

  3. Being one of those weird people into vampires who reads or watches anything vampire-related, I feel like I should comment: I think while the Cullens could not beat the 30 days vamps (they’re too “human” and frankly, kinda wussy), however, the other Stephenie Meyer world vamps have a lot of advantages -not just the daytime thing-but they’re skin is freaky strong, etc. So, I think the non-Cullen vamps could have a solid chance against the 30 day vamps if the need should arrive.

  4. Uh…no. Edward Cullen is no greaser, no tough guy. He’s overprotective, abusive and weak. Also his angstyness and never being able to lgithen up could facter into that.

    I’m just feeling a bit anti-twilight today, normally I don’t care.

    I’m all for vampire movies,and sometimes the romantic kind of vampires are the ones you want.

  5. To Claire,

    While your allowed your opinion, how old are you?I’m curious because I’m 14 and my Mom and I have read all the series, and neither of us find Edward Cullen to be (as you put it)a wuss or abusive to Bella.In our opinion he is a love struck vampire who has been trying to figure out who he is and where he belongs and what he does (given his “lot” in life).Again, your allowed your opinion but, what your thoughts seems a bit unreal.

  6. @Amanda
    Within the first 100 pages of “Breaking Dawn,” Bella is hurt during their wedding night. She has visible bruises inflicted by Edward, albeit out of “passion” or “love”-whatever Twilighters want to call it. I would guess that this is what Claire is referring to, and I’ll bet that gets cut from the film version.

    It is appalling to hear that this sort of domestic violence is looked over by so many parents. Somehow it’s justified and okay for Edward to bruise Bella so long as its under the umbrella of passion/love.

  7. The 30 Days of Night vamps had fangs. All I saw were denture marks in Twilight!

    • I so agree !

  8. I’m 17. I’m a bit cynical, and also I hang out with anti-twilight people most of the time. The books struck me, I was obcessed, but I came out of it when I started tthinking more and more about I realized that Edward isn’t a guy that I wouldn’t want to date.

    And that’s just reading the first two books.

    And you’re titled to your opnion. I prefer my vampires darker and less angsty. Also, doesn’t Edward try to contorl Bella? I remember many moments of that.

    But then again, it’s just my opinion. I don’t really want to get into an arguement.

  9. i hated twilight books but i thought the movie wasnt to bad.
    i just couldn’t relate to bella she was never happy and she didnt have any thing major going on like death of family member or ect, i just didnt get her she walked around like a ad for prozac, and in the second book she kept tring to kill herself so her man would come save her, but regardless whatever get tween reading im all for

    • I kinda think so too especially if they messed with bella lol but i do think the twilight vampires are a bit too human even for me no vampire should sparkle its just gay to sparkle i think all those crests they wear should have been there daylight charms like in vampire diaries and they should have used damon from vampire diaries instead of robert or they could have not have any allergy to sunlight at all cause they eat deer and she didnt keep trying to kill her self she tried one time she did all those crazy things so she could see edward no so he would come to her

  10. I’m a comic book fan and a vampire fan. Niles said in an interview at G4 that he created the series of 30 Days of Night to bring the fear of vampires back to whoever reads it. While he has no beef with the romantic view of the vampire, he thought that there should be at least one story where people should fear the vampire like they did when they read Dracula.

    And I think that the Twilight saga vampires wouldn’t stand a chance if they went up against the vampires of 30 Days of Night. Those vampires are more animal then human.

  11. Lets face it Twilight vampires have no personality, they’re uninteresting, abusive, mentally unstable, and BORING BORING BORING not to mention they sparkle….need I say more. 30 Days of Night vampires are merciless, horrifying monsters who couldn’t care less about humans and just want to kill them all no matter what age. Now THAT is what I call a vampire story. I miss the days when I was actually scared of vampires…now because of Twilight they’re just so pathetic

    • Watch lost boys there really scary

  12. im pretty sure 30 days of night vamps would beat the twilight ones. i mean, cmon. do you see how insane those vamps are?

    hands down, thirty days of night ones

    • you are so right bry

  13. I personally detest the vampires as portrayed within the Twilight series of books and related movies for the simple fact that they’re too perfect.

    I’ve never been a fan of this modern day conceit of having the vampires be the epitome of beauty as portrayed within the Anne Rice novels and others of this ilk and feel that Steve Niles beasties have a lot more grit to them especially as they are presented within the graphic novels.

    I found myself identifying more with Jacob and the Werewolves and really saw the vampires feelings of superiority towards the werewolves somewhat conscending especially as the wolves had been kind enough to allow them a space adjacent to their ancestral lands rather than just rending the limb from limb.

  14. A bunch of wuss, angsty vampires who like to kill young deer’s mothers (truth behind Bambi) versus vicious, bloodthirsty vampires who wouldn’t even hesitate in ripping someone’s throat out… HMM… WHO COULD POSSIBLY WIN IN THAT FIGHT? I HAVE NO IDEA. *sarcasm*

  15. Twilight… the vamps in 30 days of night.. showed no fighting.. wow they can tip over a car.. but it also showed 5 of them doing it… it would take Edward Cullen to do that.. and Emmett? he would kick some ass.. the 30 days of night vamps are scarey and all because they eat humans and rip them to shreds… but look at the half vamp take out the master… you would never find the twilight vamps taken out by a half vamp… my vote to twilight

  16. Unfortunately I had the missery of sitting through “Twilight”, but have never seen “30 Days of Night”. But, I say this….”30 Days of Night” can’t be has horrible as “Twilight” was.

    • The Vampires in 30 days of night are completely different they are vicious animals who not only drink human blood but eat their flesh as well.

  17. I’m a 16-year-old chinesegirl.
    I like Twilight very much.
    And my friends crazy about the movie,it’s no doubt that Edward is handsome and cool.But I think the most important point is the story is romantic!The books are popular in the library of our city.
    So,I support the Twilight saga!!!!!

  18. While the Twilight vampires have obvious advantages, you have no clue as to how they stack up against the 30don vampires. Who knows? Those claws and fangs of theirs might be able to rip the skin from a twihards back like paper.

  19. I think it’s funny that David Slade was the director of both 30 Days of Night and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. 30 days of night shows what a real vampire is but at the same time he made the vampires in Eclipse more brutal than in the first two parts of the twilight saga. That’s cool.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  20. In my honest opinion, I hate to say that the Twilight vampires would win.

    Though I wish it would be the other way around, seeing as the vampires from 30DON are apex predators, who use their primal instincts to attack, ambush, and overrun their prey (which is totally how I picture vampires), the vampires from Twilight do have special powers that differentiates them from the 30DON ones.

    If it were just hand to hand, fang to fang combat, with no special powers other than a vampire’s natural resilience to harm, I’d say that the vampires from 30DON would take the cake, due to their brutality and savagery.

  21. The 30 Days vamps would win. The are equally as fast or faster compared to the twilight vamps. they have claws and mouthes full of fangs that could take a persons head off.

  22. hi there wow 30 days too long my star ship space vampier can top speed of infant unaversal per nano second and infant unaversal diminsions per nano second run of unaverses and diminsions with in 30 nano seconds instant unaversal travel

  23. Really this isn’t even a close match up haha the vampires from 30 days of night will kill the girly vampires from Twilight!

  24. if you’re a twilight fan, you should be jailed for impersonating a person. twilight suck point blank. 30 days of night is far superior. VAMPIRES DON’T WALK IN SUNLIGHT OR SPARKLE!!!!

  25. also steve niles needs to be tried for treason for talking with meyer and saying he likes twilight

  26. 30 days of nights. For one reason. Ferocity and passion for blood.

    The Cullens do not drink human blood. Also, They risk everything for this girl that they barely knew.

    30 days of nights gives out a ferocious animalistic nature to the vampire. The cullens would probably try to fight them, but they would get stomped on by the other vampires.

  27. Twilight vampires will win they have diff. abilities and they are strong and can step out of sunlight, can decapitate heads, faster and stronger than 30 days of night vamps who can only drink blood and eat flesh and look scary and they’re ugly…