ABC Is Bringing Back ‘V’

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v series ABC Is Bringing Back VAnother classic television series, V, is set to come to us re-envisioned and hopefully will be another nice dark hit like some other re-imagined series we all know and that I’m trying to resist mentioning.

Another Remake On The Horizon:
Do you remember V?  No, not V for VendettaV the television series.

Well, in case you thought your fuzzy distant memories were nothing but that, think again gang.  Back in October of ’08 ABC gave the green light to a remake (yes, yet one more remake) of the old show.  What?  You don’t remember V?  That’s fine.  Nothing to be ashamed of.

V was about rodent-eating lizard aliens that showed up on Earth and though they said one thing, they had their eyes set on our planet’s water.  It starred Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Balder, Michael Ironside, Robert Englund & Lane Smith, to name a few.

It’s been said that the original series was an allegory for the Holocaust.

Who’s Tapped To Head The Project?:
Scott Peters, the co-creator of The 4400 has been tapped to write the pilot for V and will executive produce alongside Jason Hall.

The new remake will be about Homeland Security agent Erica Evans, whose son comes in contact with the aliens. Of course, the aliens say they come in peace.  WHEN WILL WE LEARN?  Well, as you are probably guessing, we’ll find out that they don’t come in peace.  Has anyone not seen Mars Attacks?  Blast them before they run around going nyah nyah nyah from inside their fish bowls!

What Can We Expect From This Remake?:
I think we can expect something out of the norm for a remake.  Remakes are all about re-imagining the original series.  If Peters applies his experience from being behind the camera of The 4400, Jericho, Burn Notice and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. we just might get another butt kicker of a “remake.”

v series pics ABC Is Bringing Back VIf he can take the best of these other shows and mix and match it just right, this could actually be quite the gem of a new show.  Yes, I said new show.  Like another show that has been successfully re-imagined, using dark themes about humanity, it could be a hit.  Or, it could be another Knight Rider.  (Sorry Knight Rider fans, that wasn’t a jab at KR.).

Are There Any Other Remakes On The Horizon At ABC?:
Knowing how much you get excited about the ideas of old ideas being made into new ideas from someone’s idea that they think is a great idea, guess what?  Someone got the idea to do a pilot for Eastwick. Hmm… that will be based on the Jack Nicholson movie, Witches of Eastwick.  Well, it’s not exactly a remake but I had to get that in there.

For now, I haven’t seen any news on the cast for V but as soon as we find out, you’ll find out.

Sources:  Variety; Images: IMDB

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  1. I was a fan of the miniseries they had for V. (I think there were two?) The tv show they had though wasn’t quite as good. I’ll be watching this show when it comes out if it’s worth watching.

  2. I for one am happy they are bringing it back, I enjoyed this show very much. I actuly just added all the seasons to my netflix list as well.

  3. I haven’t seen V in ages. But I still remember it fondly. I thought it was the best that it could be for its time. I suppose if it can be re-imagined for this century, it may have a chance of being an improvement.

    I mean in all honesty, with all of the alien invasion TV shows and films that have come and gone, a new version of V is taking a big chance.

  4. The main thing I remember about the series is one scene where a hot babe that was really a lizard tilted her head back and opened her mouth into a huge cavernous maw – and inserted a large rodent, whole.



  5. Why does ABC want a remake or reimagining? I want a continuation and I want it with the original creator Kenneth Johnson.

  6. I remember watching this when I was younger. I remember liking it, but again, I was much younger, so I don’t know if I would like it now. Either way, they’ll probably just ruin it like the ruined Andromeda Strain…

  7. Say, whatever happened to Jane Badler (aka Diana)??? That b!tch ROCKED!!!


  8. petition for jane badler in the remake of “v”

  9. Vic, that rat eating scene is over on YouTube somewhere! Eesh… she doesn’t even chew… just swallows it whole!

  10. LOL, yeah – that’s what made it stand out. :-)


  11. Vic’s smiley face is getting bigger. :)

    I loved the mini-series. This has potential – good or bad? We shall see.

  12. Speaking of remakes …
    Anyone remember the TV show “Werewolf”?
    It was on Fox in the mid-80′s when Fox first started. Still has one of the best-looking werewolves in the biz. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Underworld creators used it as it influence. Anyway, I would love to see it redone.

  13. Y’know…with remakemania in full bloom, I’ve often wondered why they don’t roll out the “Time Tunnel” for a makeover? I thought the concept was pretty cool as a kid, and with all the major ( see history changing…) events since then in the real world, it could be pretty compelling, no?

  14. They should remake Quantum Leap… Oh wait, they already tried that with Journeyman, lol, sorry Journeyman fans, just a joke… :-P

  15. You know, again, I think it will be hard to find a good version of this miniseries on DVD or anything digital. On the one labeled as full screen, I’ve read reviews that said it looks like it was transferred from VHS instead of from the original film stock. Then on the widescreen version, I’ve read reviews saying they simply crop off the top and bottom of the screen to make it look widescreen. So the whole reason to watch movies in widescreen is why you shouldn’t watch tv shows on widescreen unless they were filmed that way.

    So basically, in short, if you want to own this on DVD, prepare to compromise…

    I say just get the full screen one, even if the quality isn’t that great, at least you get the full picture. Not to mention, I am not sure if the widescreen one was transferred better either, might be the same quality AND you lose the top and bottom…

  16. LOL I loved that show I hope they bring back that hot lizard chick even if she is old I would like to see what they look like old

  17. Oh yeah – I remember V and I was a huge fan as was my family. I’m not so sure about how good it will be – especially judging by The 4400 or Terminator – not feeling either of those shows and though I started off loving Burn Notice that sizzle is waning also. Just have to wait and see.

  18. You know, America is becoming like Japan during the Godzilla era. When will we learn that aliens do not come in peace. :-)

    Since Battlestar Galactica is ending, they could get that blond babe to play the alien commander.

  19. I love V. Aliens using people for food [insert obligatory It's a cookbook!, It's made of people etc... references here] and eating live mice was very creepy as a kid. Such great scenes that sent tingles down my spine, grandpa spray painting a V, how easily people were manipulated and the brainwashing/torture scenes. The mini series was very well written and directed, though the series itself did lack in a few areas. Hated the V: The Final Battle mini-series ending though. Psychic powers, ugh.

    I don’t see why they just don’t do a sequel than some reimagining drivel. There is no way they can recapture the magic of the mini-series. And knowing the BSG people they’ll make it that the aliens actually evolved here back in the dinosaur age and have come back to reclaim it because it is rightfully theirs and we’re the bad people for squatting here illegally.

    I’ll just wait while they spout the usual “we love the series” then say something that makes it sound like they’ve never watched it all such as with The Prisoner remake.

    I’m getting tired of reimagining and reboots, I’d wish they’d stick to sequels. They’ve even started rebooting reboots in the case of the Superman films. Sigh.

    If they do what they did with the Invasion of the Body Snatchers movies where the 1956 and the 1978 versions are so different but both well made, then I wouldn’t mind. But I know it’s going to be some lame bland, so serious your eyebrows are going to melt from the DRAMA! and you will be driven to alcoholism from the DESPAIR, boring and lazy writing style.

    /rant over
    *end transmission*

  20. WHat scares me is thinking about them turning this into another humans are destroying the planet so we will destroy the humans type of crap.

  21. @INK

    LOL, wouldn’t surprise me at all.


  22. I loved the original miniseries when I was a kid. My friends and I would talk about the episodes at the school bus stop. I was really young, so if I watched it now it would probably find it really cheesy. Then again, I watched the original BSG pilot a couple years ago and thought “yeah, this was a good show”. I think netflix has V, I have to check it out again.

  23. Yah, I wanted to buy the DVD’s so I can watch it again, but it appears they don’t really have a good DVD set for it. Either you lose some of the picture or you get a bad quality transfer…

  24. I figure that this iteration of the miniseries V will suck BIGTIME!!! It seems like whenever some of the newer generation of Directors get their hands on a Sci-Fi classic (see “BattleStar Galatica, The Day The Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, etc) they (again) suck BIGTIME!!! It’s like the directors and writers have NEVER seen the originals, nor have they even given credit to those before them who really did the movies/miniseries/shows SO well that we’re still watching them INSTEAD of the newer versions! And, what’s worse, this version of V has some skirt who is the version of the Male lead??? Message to ABC: SAVE YOUR MONEY! WHOEVER IS THE DIRECTOR HAS ALREADY BUGGERED THE POOCH ON THIS ONE!!!!

    Jeez, when will they start holding these younger people who “reimagine” the classic shows to task for the atrocities they put out?????

  25. I AM HAPPY TO SEE V back on the TV again Sometime I wonder if there is other Live out there. BUT We as Human Will Never See. BECASUE MAYBE we are the Aleins. WHo Need to Explore other Worlds. We have are disbelievers Just like other worlds will have. So Becides Us Humans waiting for Visitors from other Planets. We must be the Visitors to their planets.

    Yahoo messager id darylwpost

  26. Seriously this pretty much makes me recall getting a ten year old woody and then thinking , wait.. that lady Diana is a lizard….

  27. i just wanted to put in my words concerning mike ironside. with jane joining the cast, ironside would make a perfect addition.
    thank you,
    matt cashel

  28. What the hell ABC, why won’t you bring V back I was telling all my coworkers about the awesome show and how I couldn’t wait for the second series and talked a lot of people into watching it. Now they don’t have a chance to judge it for themselves :[ Plus I don’t watch a lot of T.V. So that show gave me a reason to set back in my recliner for an hour and be lazy. Please ABC be awesome and bring it back!