‘V’ Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

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v season 2 premiere V Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Tonight, the Visitors return and we finally see what became of Anna’s burst of human emotion in the season 2 premiere of V.

When we last left the world, Erica had taken it upon herself (with the help of Joshua and Lisa) to do one thing you probably shouldn’t even do to a dictator alien that wears human skin – kill her children. Of course, that lizard-headed figure of fallacy deserved it – considering her intentions to take over the planet Earth.

That being said, not everyone made it out of the first season finale of V intact. Following Anna’s capture of Valerie and her unborn baby, Ryan had to watch as both his alien child was taken from him and his fiancé was murdered. Unfortunately things became even more complicated when Joshua revealed himself as being one of the Fifth Column. Even though Anna killed and then, er, unkilled Erica’s main alien contact, I’m sure that Joshua will never be the same freedom fighting reptile that he used to be.

As for Lisa and Tyler, these two love birds need to sit down and have a discussion. With Lisa forming an alliance with Erica to take down Anna, and Tyler becoming completely engulfed in Anna’s rhetoric, it’s only a matter of time before things take a turn for the worse.


With Red Sky unleashed on the planet, the world is on the brink of war and there is chaos all around. Ryan is being kept in isolation on the mothership since Anna wants to experiment on his hybrid baby. Seeking redemption for being used by Anna, Chad wants to fight with the Fifth Column. Erica goes on a journey to find a scientist who can give her the answers to what Red Sky is and it’s there she learns the horrifying secret of what the Visitors are planning to do.


abc v season 2 premiere V Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion
With the revelation of “red sky” at the hands Anna’s burst of human emotion, the second season of V begins with a more angry tone. Gone is the general acceptance from the public that highlighted much of the first season. Something such as this is an interesting and welcoming move that certainly sets the feeling and pace as the series ventures into what might be its final season.

Of course, the aggressive focus is one that could not last, as it would prematurely progress the series story-arc beyond the central focus, so that element is quickly removed. While the proverbial “pep-talk” from Anna to cover her underlying intentions with “red sky” was a little simplistic, it felt well within the character’s obvious traits.

Unfortunately, this was not the only thing that felt simplistic. In the first season’s series finale, many of the main characters went through intense emotional hardship. When we visit them in the second season premiere, those elemental references are somewhat touched upon, but generally not given the focus that they needed.

abc v season 2 premiere skeleton V Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Instead of dedicating a specific amount of time to highlight any of the personal struggles that Erica, Ryan, Joshua, Lisa, Tyler, Chad or Anna are currently dealing with or attempting to overcome, each character was given their own minute scene to provide some kind of personal perspective and halfhearted progression. After that, the focus returned to the general “bigger picture” storylines, with multiple characters in each scene and their personal struggles highlighted, but mostly hidden.

With that, one cannot mention “bigger picture” storylines without touching upon the highly anticipated reveal of what the adult Visitors look like beneath their skin covering (not to mention a Visitor skeleton). On both accounts, the long-awaited reveal was everything that fans of the series could hope for. They revealed more than enough to satisfy all those interested, all while providing the skeletal base to help fans completely picture the actual reptile-based Visitor in their mind.

At first glance, the use of a much younger actor to portray the lab-rat Tripp Donovan (who found the Visitor skeleton) seemed a bit odd compared to the general make-up of our familiar Fifth Column segment. Fortunately after a few interesting scenes and copious amounts of scientific dialogue with the word “phosphorus” in it, the character felt like one of the team.

v season 2 premiere lab V Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Unfortunately, the continual references to this sage chemical element is still one of the weakest elements of the entire series. Despite the fact that the series completely explains the reasoning and purpose behind it, there’s still something odd about aliens relying solely on something that is part of household baking powder.

Despite rattling off numerous faults of the season 2 premiere of V, the episode was actually a great start to the second season. Sure, certain elements were missing, but that can happen with any series. What’s important is that what made it to the screen is not only entertaining and intriguing, but also provides the audience a bit of uneasy anticipation about what’s to come and a touch of excitement about actually seeing it when it does.

In that respect, V delivers completely… they just had best not do this every week. (Which they don’t. The subsequent episodes that I’ve seen are completely enjoyable and have few faults.)

V airs Tuesdays @9pm, on ABC

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  1. I very much enjoyed your review of the new V episode. I can’t help feeling however that although yes it is entertaining, the show could be so much better. There are so many “what ifs?” regarding contact and interaction with alien life forms that I am surprised that the folks at ABC couldn’t do better. There is so much writing, acting and production talent that even without major money and special effects an interesting idea can turn into a fascinating production, i.e. District 9. I will continue to watch (or DVR) V but I can’t help feeling disappointed that it could have been so much better. I strongly agree that a deeper investigation into the earthly characters as well as maybe even the aliens could add so much in humanity to the story.

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

  3. Bravo! Encore!

  4. What a premier! I will not miss an episode for sure thank god I bought the season 1 DVDs. I highly recommend getting the season 1 DVD set. I loved the camera work….wow looked like a feature film to me like those scenes from Inception. Season 3 here we go….

  5. Oh my gosh, the introduction of Jane Badler into this revisit of the franchise just completely sent chills down my spine, and in a good way! I can’t wait to see what happens next with the visitors! My gosh the dynamic of Anna and Diana is going to be very compelling television. Good show, abc!

  6. I like the idea of having Jane Badler back, but at her age she kind of throws off everything about the V’s being a attractive… and replacing it with a dose of botox.
    And I really hope they don’t try to overly mesh the new V with the old V now that we have Diana back, I don’t think it would turn out too well.

    Apart from that I enjoyed your review and was ecstatic whilst watching the premiere.

  7. Is Jane Badler playing Diana, or just Anna’s mother? It would not fit to have an old V if this is the first contact Earth has had, not counting the skeleton.

    I am enjoying Anna’s attempt at not feeling human. Her facial expressions are wonderful, espcecially after she killed the remaining soldier-children.

    I will still watch V no matter what, since there is so little that is watchable on TV these days.

  8. Tyler continues to be the worst character on the show. He calls his mom about a riot going on so instead of leaving he waits there like a jackass. And minutes after his mom helps his useless ass I was furious when he said: “mom I think you owe Anna an apology.” No wonder why Erica and Anna’s daughter can’t tell the truth about the V’s to him. He’s a clueless little fool who the characters are wise not to divulge his simple mind with important information. The show would be better off killing him so this awful character and awful actor is gone from this show forever. But I won’t let that one awful character/actor ruin what was a terrific season premiere.

    • Maybe Anna’s daughter will get him pregnant and the little beasts will pop out of his stomach, killing him instantly.

    • I have to agree about Tyler.He’s the most worthless person on the show that only serves as motivation to Erica.I hope they kill him off as well,now that you mention it.

    • I agree with you. He’s like the Girlfriend from “The Event” or Bella from “Twilight.” Die already!

  9. Anyone know where I can see this full episode online? ABC only has a clip

  10. It wasnt bad i did enjoy most of the episode but the cgi effects just seemed to take me out of some of the scenes, wish they would have put a little more into those parts otherwise this was much better then the first season

    • The CGI did seem a bit cheap this episode.. I’ll have to look at earlier eps to see if there was a change.

  11. I am an avid sci-fi fan, but I have to say that I like good sci-fi and was hoping that from season 1 to season 2 some of the issues with the characters and the acting would get worked out.

    The production, screen writing, plot and acting for the first episode and the season looks unlikely to pull in new fans to the series. It seems like the work of hacks. Either the direction for the actors is horrid (which is my opinion) or the actors are just phoning it in.

    Some of the stupid stuff:
    Sharing secrets by whispering in front of mortal foes. (Check out the scenes on the Visitors ship with Anna, Erica, Lisa and Tyler.) Lisa whispers to Erika right in front of Anna key details of information she retrieved from the V database. Not even 5 feet from Anna and in front of passerby’s. WoW. You gotta be kidding.

    The encounter with the associate Dr. Sidney Miller that found the V skeleton. Are you kidding — No one else in the world except this student knows about this find of skeletons from a crash site that contain alien and human bones mixed. A solo dig? Transport and Reassembly? Greatest find in archeological history and not shared with anyone. Simply unbelievable even for sci-fi. Writers should be punished for trying to pass that off as effort and adequate. Just makes you feel dirty seeing that.

    The chase seen with Ryan chasing the V agent. Wow again. Just poor execution. Great for a 70s-80s program. The camera work is cheap and predictable. The chase is comical. The squatting jumps do nothing to show any other worldly strength or prowess of a V even though it looks like some effort was put into telling the dude “how” to jump like an alien.

    Tyler gets a bump on the head and has to go to the V ship. Really Erika. You think that is the best place to take your boy? Bad writing. Figure out another way to get her on the ship. Put the pipe down and get creative.

    The religious elements of the program are started off being handles this season in a manner that only foreshadows more bad acting/directing and worse plot design.

    Really disappointed in the overall production and direction of that episode. They really seem to be wasting a valuable intellectual property by bungling the production and direction. Just cheapening the experience and saving no money on their side.

    The original series, which I was a fan of for the concept, is a pretty much a never ending stream of terrible acting (even for the 80s). But, most sci-fi then was just crap, so it could get away with that – only 2 other channels to compete with back then in most households. Really did not take much. Audiences are demand more and this episode did not get that.

    The characters this season even seemed to be getting flattened more rather than converted into more three-dimensional forms. Writers need a ceremonial flogging.

    It is as though the director was just asleep at the wheel for almost every scene. Serious resting on laurels going on here. The way the characters are moved from scene to scene and location to location is really uninspiring. The pace of the episode is way to fast and the ease with which the V plans are figured out is laughable.

    This is a series I want to like, but this episode bodes poorly for the rest of the season. The actors are not nearly as bad in my opinion as the directing. This series is going to come down to issues of the human soul – and this series is being directed in a manner that has so little of it.

    It is cardboard cutouts moving around on popsickle sticks.

    • absolutely enlightened breakdown of the weaknesses of this show. I agree with them 100%.

  12. @Samuel

    If they even try to mesh the Old V with the New V, not sure what can be done for the series. Simply put the Old V has no place in this version, because as was pointed out the events of the Old never happened.

    Battlestar Galactica had a method of paying homage to the old series and allowing for it to enter into the new if they so choose, because the pushed it forward far enough to allow both to exist on single time line. V simply lacks that flexibility. In my opinion, while I like seeing old actors from previous series represented in remakes, the Diana character seems like more a weakness than a strength. But, we will have to see.

    Yeah there does seem to be way too much Tyler in the series. The director is intentionally (has to be intentional) trying to create a dolt. The character is just a sap. Again, either the actor is that bad or it is the role and direction. The execution is so lacking in almost every scene.

    It is really sad for me, because I looked forward to an improvement form one season to the next. A lot of passes were given last season, because as a fan you kinda expect a series to need to work out some bugs to until it find its identity. But this is just expensive C-grade programming.

    Oh another thing that bugs me in the scenes…. among many. The characters spend WAY too much time posing and pouting. Not sure if anyone else sees this, but it is just another thing that make the direction look shabby.

    Hope they get it straightened out, but if this is the pace and production quality of Season 2 – then it will be a struggle to watch. Maybe they can straighten it out in Season 3, but it real require some better critical feedback to the development team. Fanboy posts will hurt the series more than help it.

    • Tyler is the sexual element, since he is having sex with a V, as desired by Anna for her nefarious goals. Trouble is, Tyler is not sexy. Give me Joshua. ;-D

  13. I love the show in 1985 with Diana and I love Anna also.

  14. I begining 2 loved the show V! However I was one of the disappointed they kept V cancel FLASHFOWARD. Was not a smart move.I find that people still against V because they feel cheated. The anger should be dirrected toward ABC only and V another chance. Sense its all we have now. They are cancel happy. The cancelation r driving nuz. they could have cancel the both. DO YOU THINK networks r setting up shows 2 FAIL just 2 push in cheaper shows on?. DO YOU REALlY THINK America are falling for these shows that required no brains cells..Are we becoming stupid and lazy nation that we cant watch something that required some of our brain cells. Someone needs 2 take a stand and say: its enough redneck shows on TV.These reality shows target people who don’t realize they are watching scripted show. IS it because they dont have to pay for a real Writter. Is it cheaper produce? Because this, Dose it line pocket of everyone involed?I’m just asking?. These shows reminds me of wrestler’s. I am tried of watching reruns. Its like someone stole my TV.. RealityTV>It is CHEAP Entertainment. They have redneck writters.They have a plot, they rehearsed and edited for drama.Are these network’s pushing stupid on us to make more money?. I hate that Americans people are falling for those REDNECK WRITTERS! WHILE More and more Brilliant Witters are out of Jobs. I hate that the networks letting Kim Kardashians making million of dollar off those naive people. That they maybe taking full advantage of the people that are easily to be fooled in name of money.. They are pushing these type shows down our throats and the America children. Will brilliant witters being thing of the past like MOM &POP, stores in name of money?.If it was left up 2 me Kim Kardashians would have 2 find a real job “The Bachelor”Its a show for naive people who believe he is looking for love..They real don’t know he is not, really looking for, a bride. That its, just a scripted show too. I think If The Bachelor really wanted