Will Tonight’s Return of ‘V’ Seal FlashForward’s Cancelation?

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v abc logo Will Tonights Return of V Seal FlashForwards Cancelation?

Tonight will see the return of the ABC’s alien-centric drama, V. After four months of being off the air, viewers will finally witness the battle between the Visitors and the Visitor Resistance start taking shape as the V’s take the offense.

Will tonight’s return prove to the network and viewers both that V is a show worth watching?

The episode, entitled “Welcome to the War”, will find Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) having to watch her back both at work and at home as a Visitor comes to kill her.  Anna (Morena Baccarin) will send her lap dog Michael (Christopher Shyer) to the FBI, where he’s all too happy to provide them with information as to who was behind the warehouse explosion that destroyed their R6 compound.

As public opinion of the Visitors declines, Anna sets out to rectify the problem with a positive news piece from Chad (Scott Wolf), but with him having second thoughts on helping the Visitors, what depths will she stoop to get him to do what she wants?

v returns laptop Will Tonights Return of V Seal FlashForwards Cancelation?

In the middle of the impending war, Ryan (Morris Chestnut) becomes concerned with Val’s (Lourdes Benedicto) pregnancy when she starts craving more than just pickles and sherbet (dead mice – yuck!) and Erica’s son Tyler (Logan Huffman) continues to befriend the Visitors, which pleases Anna because that means her daughter, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), is one step closer to her destiny.

With only four episodes of V previously aired, the series, much like FlashForward, has had problems with ratings decline, which caused ABC to cut an episode from both series’ slate. As I hypothesized in my TV status report, ABC will only keep one of these freshman series. While FlashForward has attempted to rectify the story problems that viewers complained of, will tonight’s episode of V seal FlashForward’s cancellation?

In my opinion, yes.

While V is far from a perfect series, it still does everything better than FlashForward. Even with its recent over-haul, FlashForward has a problem moving its convoluted plot forward. It would seem that the only way to obtain any satisfaction from the series is finding out answers to the big questions.

Unfortunately, that’s all viewers are looking for – meanwhile, the means to obtaining those answers has proved to be unworthy of the hours of television viewing that one would need to put in order to get them.

v returns fight Will Tonights Return of V Seal FlashForwards Cancelation?

What’s interesting is that while both series had time to prepare for their next move, it would seem that V actually took a step backwards. While overall the series is the same, there are some small things that stuck out to me and they all have to do with Anna and her ship.

As I was watching tonight’s episode, I started to notice how janky the green screen space ship scenes look. At first, I blamed this on unfinished graphics because ABC usually provides advanced episodes with either temporary graphics in place or no graphics at all (imagine a black background with tracking markers on the ground), but I checked back and I was indeed seeing the final version that will air. While I’m not saying they’re all horrible, there are a few scenes on the space ship that look a bit off.

Then there’s Anna. My first impression was that she was a really great character, with her emotionless face and monotone voice, but now it’s almost comical. I’m not sure if it’s always been that way and I didn’t notice or something that happened during the long break. Either way, some scenes just don’t work because of it. Keep what I’m saying in mind when you’re watching the last scene of this episode (the scene where Anna “mates”).

v abc pregnancy Will Tonights Return of V Seal FlashForwards Cancelation?

For many viewers, tonight is just another Tuesday (read: Lost night), but for the casts and crews of V and FlashForward, tonight’s ratings will determine the fate of these two freshman series.

Who do you think will come out on top? Are you a fan of V? Was Anna always like that? Who would you like to see return from the original series?

Catch the return of V tonight @10pm, on ABC.

FlashFoward airs Thursdays on ABC.

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  1. I've been watching both V and Flash Forward from the start. I don't think V has really been given a fair chance, only 4 episodes so far, hopefully the ratings will improve because I do like it and its definitely my choice for the show to be saved.

    Flash Forward on the other hand, I say good riddance. I've watched every episode, and continue to, but the show just has soo many problems. It'd be a shame to not get a conclusion to this painfully slow story, but I definitely wouldn't cry over its cancellation. At this point I'd be truly surprised if it wasn't cancelled.

  2. Just got done watching the new episode and yes it had room for improvement but it was better than I thought it would be. It did a decent job of setting up future episodes but it still needs to pick up the action because viewers of any show quickly lose interest when there is just talk and no action.
    And you are right Anna's character was good at the beginning but now she seems more like a cardboard cutout and my verdicts still out about the end of the episode.
    If V hasn't picked up the action in the next few episodes then I say both it and Flashforward should get the axe.

  3. I'm a fan of both shows. I would hate to see either of them go. Given a choice, I choose V. I was a fan of the original as a little kid, and was crushed when it got cancelled.

  4. I would like to see the entire series of ” V”.
    Where can I get all episodes ?
    I own the first staff on VIDEO 2000 (part 1-Part 7)

  5. Why don`t they show ” V ” on german tv ?
    Is there a political reason which no one understands?

  6. German TV is getting boring.
    “Flash Forward” the same ( just started) uaahhh!
    I want to see all episodes of the ” V ” series .

  7. Of course I would prefer V to stay and I want it to stay for a long time! While there is a lot of room for improvement (why after 5 episodes and so many news reports from Chad, we still know nothing of the Visitors, how come noone is asking about their planet or biology or way of life. How come Evans and Tyler behave like strangers and not like mother and son, is it so hard for her to get him somewhere alone and explain everything to him? Or the V technology – if they could tap the phonelines and add invisible cameras on the jackets, then nowhere is safe – yet the resistance has so much freedom to act), V certainly is far much better than flashforward. Both had very intriguing concepts when I first read about them and while V certainly maintains my interest by having an action all the time (not just an episode of talking and crying and something interesting in the last second of the episode, but action from the very start), dealing with the aliens, Flashforward had a few good moments and the rest is just BORING DRAMAA! I hate it, I hate Lost too! Lost has become ridiculous in its 5th season and I'll find it very hard to watch the 6th – Flashforward is going this way too. Nothing happened for 10 episodes… That doesn't speak well.
    Still the idea of FlashForward is great too and I would like to see another attempt to make a series out of it in the future. But the faster this one gets off the air the better. And please, american audience, please watch V, because it's great and deserves many more episodes and seasons! And please fox executives, air it properly! Are you incredibly stupid to think that ridiculously long hiatuses will not harm the show's ratings?

  8. It was actually a pretty good episode. Don't watch Flash Forward, so don't care if that gets canceled. Saw some episodes recently of the old V series and I must say that it was cheesier than I remembered. I think this newer V series has a little better acting and special effects of course than the old one. Hope they keep V going.