TV Ratings: ‘V’ Down 27% In Second Week

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v logo 00 TV Ratings: V Down 27% In Second Week

Citizens of Earth, as the resistance against the Visitors grows, mankind just may have a fighting chance against the alien beings. Unfortunately, I don’t believe our favorite alphabet network (ABC) is so gung-ho about this particular extraterrestrial opposition, as resistance means that ratings for their new science-fiction series V have dropped significantly from last week’s debut.

The premiere episode of ABC’s re-imagining of the 1983 sci-fi mini-series raked in 14.30 million viewers, while this week’s episode saw its audience drop 27% to 10.7 million viewers. While all new shows expect to see a slight drop in ratings after their premiere episode, the drop that V saw was the largest since this season started in September.

Still, 10.7 million viewers is nothing to complain about. If V continues to received ratings in that range, fans of the series need not worry about its fate (sorry Dollhouse). Also, looking at Tuesday’s ratings shows you just much of a powerhouse CBS’s NCIS is, as this week’s episode brought in an astonishing 21 million viewers. (Now we all know how NCIS continues to be the number one rated show: it’s awesome!)

The question remains; why so much of the drop off? Have viewers become numb with revisiting past memories with a new paint job? Is the new V just not holding up to what everyone had hoped it would be?

anna v TV Ratings: V Down 27% In Second Week

I, myself, never saw the original mini-series, but have become quite interested in this new version. While I’ve fallen back around four episodes in FlashForward, I continue to look forward to the next episode of V. Although, I do have a problem that they’ve turned a mini-series into a regular episodic television series as this means they’re going to have to artificially lengthen a story that has been previously told. I continue to fight the urge to return to the original just so that I know the entire story.

…I can’t be the only one.

Catch V Tuesday nights at 8PM on ABC

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. An interesting point to note, too, is that the second episode of ‘V’ is currently the #2 download on iTunes… while ‘NCIS’ is #22. The fanbases for both would be quite different in their television viewing habits and I’d be interested to know if ABC takes this under consideration. I think it’d be safe to say an awful lot more people around the globe illegally download ‘V’ than ‘NCIS’ as well. Shame those viewers go uncounted.

  2. Most likely it’s all the hooplah on the web about it being anti-Obama, a lot of Obama devotees, uh worshipers, eh hem supporters probably decided not to keep watching it.

  3. To be honest, the new series only shares small parts of the original and is hardly a remake. I wonder if turning the show into a terrorist plot and still knowing very little about the motive of the Visitors after 2 episodes is a reason for the drop in viewers? So far the show looks good, I too wish it had been released as 2-3 2 hour episodes instead of as a weekly serial.

  4. It’s not a bad show. I watched the first one and I’m recording the series on my dvr so I hope it continues whether it’s anti-Obama or not. I stay away from the political debates.

  5. Hey man. Good website. I get all my info from your tweets. Congrats on 10,000. Just one thing — I believe it’s gung-ho, not gun-hoe. Not trying to be mean, just letting you know.
    Also, my issue with V is, Ok, so they’ve shown us already that the visitors have less than admirable intentions…Where do we go from here? How many seasons do they expect this story to run if a bunch of people already know about the aliens’ plan?

  6. @The Swee

    Thanks, man, for both the props and the spelling correction (although it drives me nuts when a reader has to find those).


  7. I think it also stems from the fact that people who’ve seen the original are expecting far more action and less Hitchc**kian suspense and have been disappointed thus far. As yet they’ve had no lazer blasts, no flying shuttle dog (or should i say lizard?) fights, nothing like that. (This doesnt even speak for the ADD riddled youth, who lose interest if there isnt an explosion or a sex scene in every other scene)
    Granted most of those things didnt exactly happen in the first two episodes of the original V, but tell that to people who remain faithful to the original and came to this series with a stated sense of skepticism.
    Also, and this one applies to me, Morena Baccarin is a POOR substitute for 80’s Dyana. Dyana was sinister, machiavellan, opportunistic, and beautiful in a fatal sort of way. As yet Baccarin has some of these traits (im sorry i dont find her attractive- apparently V females deal with anorexia issues just like humans do) but nowhere to the perceivable extent of Dyana. From episode one i could tell that Dyana was all these things, and it turns out i was right:)

  8. Daniel – I think it’s funny that Hitchcock gets censored by the filter. It’s kinda like back in the day when I was in computer class in grade school, and a website I was trying to get to was called “classic” something or other, and it wouldn’t let me get on because of ass. Ahhh, computers…when will you become self-aware?

  9. This show has been a lot better in my opinion than the original mini series were. I’m enjoying the different story line and the updated visuals. I saw a rerun of the old series they had on Sci Fi the other day and was laughing at their big hair. I forgot it looked so hokey as well. This show gives me something to actually watch on Tuesdays now, since I’ve never got into watching NCIS.

  10. This show has potential, but it really needed a two hour premier episode or a small three or four night miniseries to get the story going and to get the characters all set up in their roll’s.
    This actually has very little in common with the first one. This one is more complex in the story and much more gritty. Hopefully it will find its grove and grow.
    Look at NCIS, when its first couple of seasons aired, it stayed on the chopping block. But eventually people strarted watching and it became a hit.

    The dialog is all Cliche. You take Juliet, President Palmer, girl from Battlestar (notice I’m using there character names, not actor names) put them all together and nothing. Every time the lead character says “Jack!” she’s Juiliet, from Lost, not V.
    This really is painful to watch. Yes I’m a fan of the original, but I love remakes, these characters are all cliche and the main actors look & act like their former roles, it’s distracting.

  12. oh, and god it moves s…l…o…w…!

  13. Ratings are down probably for one very good reason; the network didn’t air the premire more than once. People have lives and may have forgotten to hit the DVR to catch the show. I missed it and I do not want to start on episode #2.

  14. @Swee

    Why would you want computers to become self aware… Did you watch Terminator 2?? You know what happens when they do!!!

  15. @Kane

    I know that, someone actually linked to that article here on this site. I was saying that it was all of the talk that the show was anti-Obama that made the people bowing down to Obama to stop watching it.

    But I find it MORE hilarious, and more telling, that it was never intended to mirror the Obama administration… 😀

  16. Oops, forgot to clarify, it was all of the talk and rumors that it was anti-Obama, so while it may not have been intended that way, most people haven’t read that article, some people believe that it was intended that way, so they will stop watching it because of that. I’m just stating one possible reason why the ratings dropped.

  17. Shouldn’t the headline read,?

    TV Ratings: “Obama” Down 27% in Second Week ?

  18. @The Swee

    I wasnt going to take a chance on writing Alfred’s last name, so i’ll never know if it would have been censored or not.

    Im in the same sentiment as Ken. I dont want computers to get smarter. I think we should go back to using the giant ones that used to take up a city block lol

  19. I always wondered why the original V’s didnt just take off their uniforms to blend in among the humans. That would have made them a lot harder to detect. These new ones are a lot craftier, obviously.

    Btw anyone else expecting the Black girl to get pregnant with an alien V ala Robin from the original?

    And what roles do you see the original cast having in this new version?

    Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside)- I see them bringing him back as the V’s head of security or something. Ironside usually makes a great bad guy, and it should be interesting to see him in this new version as a completely different character.

    Dyanna (Jane Badler)- Perhaps a renegade V with an agenda of her own. Because she still has that sneaky look, she could be someone who’s motives you could never really gauge.

    Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant) A human acting with the resistance group, she could secretly be a traitor in the same vein as Daniel from the original series.

    Btw, does anyone think that the older priest from the new series is a V? I do.

  20. Man, I envy you guys because at least, you have seen the last two episodes. Me, I may have to wait a bit before this show is aired in my “part of the woods.”

    I have seen the original series although that was years ago and I’ve forgotten quite a lot about it. Though, Jane Badler as Dyana is quite “unforgettable” (especially that part when she swallowed that big rodent whole!). I just wonder if Morena Baccarin’s character will have this “jaw-unhinging” moment as well later in the series?

    By the way, if you’re a fan of the original series, try getting copy of Kenneth Johnson’s book: “V-The Second Generation” (that is, if you haven’t done so yet). It picked-up (20 years later) from where the original series left off…though Johnson made some revisions on the original story (as shown in the TV series) but it wasn’t hard to follow. :)

  21. Maybe I’m missing something, but this show is horrible. Lots of flash, no substance. The characters are flat. It all feels telegraphed. The commentary on politics and media should just be stated rather than ham-fisted into the story and dialog. For this much money there are so many better stories out there waiting to be put to screen. Have some reptilian sack and do something new.

    And the Obama thing? Everybody, relax. Its TV. As stated up a few comments, they’ve obviously been working on this for a while, so it was started when Bush was around. Look, its just crap TV. Simple.

  22. I actually like this show. And Laura Vandervoort is pretty sexy.

  23. I like the show but the 4 day delay in airing the episode on the ABC website bothers me. Tuesday night is just not a good night for me to be home. The show is not available On Demand and the website doesn’t make it available until Saturday. How can you build up buzz for the show if the discussion is over by the time you get to see the episode?

  24. I saw the first episode and the second. I don’t plan to waste my time watching the third episode. Come on folks, this is bad writing, a rehashed story, and just plain boring. This show is ultimately a rips off ideas from Arthur C. Clark’s Childhood’s End, Rendevous with Rama, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, etc. thrown in a blender. I saw the original V when I was thirteen. When I look back at the original, I can’t understand why I liked it so much. Kind of like Star Wars. I think if I was 13 today I might be begging my parents to stay up and watch Morrina Baccarhin and the Blond V woman. It seems like garbage gets all the promotion, where Firefly is one of the best sci-fi series gets cancelled by Fox with no promotion at all. I want a sci-fi story or any story where you get into the characters and the plot is a bit of a mystery and there is suspense. Like you can’t wait to see next week’s episode, like ABC’s Lost. I could care less about tonight’s episode. I just checked this blog to see if anyone out there senses this. Please folks, there’s lots of better sci-fi and suspense shows than this. Hire Joss Whedon for something, maybe not all his ideas fly, but at least they’re original, funny, interesting and you care about his characters.

  25. David, see my comment 3 up from yours. This show is garbage. There are some brilliant writers and stories out there, and you could probably make a whole season of a regular show for one episode of this.

  26. Thanks Kevin, I found your earlier comments and they are excellent. I hope someone from ABC looks at these blogs. These big networks always seem to underestimate the intellegence of their viewers.

  27. Awww, I’m not allowed to make fun of their, let me rephrase it, patting each other in the back?? lol

  28. Don’t worry, I got the email. Its more like a line segment j___, but that’s besides the point.

    I, for one, am glad they put forth the effort to censor these blogs. I’m sure the millions of readers who make it 30 comments deep about a crappy tv show will appreciate it.