TV Ratings: ‘V’ Down 27% In Second Week

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v logo 00 TV Ratings: V Down 27% In Second Week

Citizens of Earth, as the resistance against the Visitors grows, mankind just may have a fighting chance against the alien beings. Unfortunately, I don’t believe our favorite alphabet network (ABC) is so gung-ho about this particular extraterrestrial opposition, as resistance means that ratings for their new science-fiction series V have dropped significantly from last week’s debut.

The premiere episode of ABC’s re-imagining of the 1983 sci-fi mini-series raked in 14.30 million viewers, while this week’s episode saw its audience drop 27% to 10.7 million viewers. While all new shows expect to see a slight drop in ratings after their premiere episode, the drop that V saw was the largest since this season started in September.

Still, 10.7 million viewers is nothing to complain about. If V continues to received ratings in that range, fans of the series need not worry about its fate (sorry Dollhouse). Also, looking at Tuesday’s ratings shows you just much of a powerhouse CBS’s NCIS is, as this week’s episode brought in an astonishing 21 million viewers. (Now we all know how NCIS continues to be the number one rated show: it’s awesome!)

The question remains; why so much of the drop off? Have viewers become numb with revisiting past memories with a new paint job? Is the new V just not holding up to what everyone had hoped it would be?

anna v TV Ratings: V Down 27% In Second Week

I, myself, never saw the original mini-series, but have become quite interested in this new version. While I’ve fallen back around four episodes in FlashForward, I continue to look forward to the next episode of V. Although, I do have a problem that they’ve turned a mini-series into a regular episodic television series as this means they’re going to have to artificially lengthen a story that has been previously told. I continue to fight the urge to return to the original just so that I know the entire story.

…I can’t be the only one.

Catch V Tuesday nights at 8PM on ABC

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. ==|| Comments on V 1-3, SPOILERS for EP 3 ||==

    ABC only airing 1 more V episode in 2009

    I can’t suspend enough disbelief to imagine reptilian creatures tucked inside thick skin. I’d thought that the 2009 V’s would have use some sort of holo-emitters. You mean to tell me that a V has eyes on the side of its head, and presumably a forked tongue, and possibly is cold-blooded, AND there are human features good enough to eat and kiss and talk with? Do V’s have five-o’clock shadows or grow whiskers? And don’t get me started on having “foolproof” sex with mammalian partners for decades. Talk about snake in the gr*ass.

    And, why not just take a dead V, slice it open for all to see?

    The 4-day delay has affected me both weeks until now, since the cable company usurped the sovereignty of my DVR choices. I agree, it’s absurd to not have a 24 hour delay at the most. And yes, I was suprised that with Flash Forward, they repeated it on Fridays for a while. But with V, which the network hyped just as much, no deja view.

    People, if you can’t see that the Obama “controversy” was a public relations game to create even more “buzz,” then you haven’t been watching. Every time an end of the world movie comes out, you can count on a *real life* story of a meteor or stray asteroid coming close to the earth. These stories are always out there, but when a movie is imminent, the PR people find ways to push it to the fore. And Drudge (and others) are always happy to run with it.

    I have not been a fan of the cliches, the flat delivery, the hum drum acting of the man who only BEGAN to act like a priest in the third episode. Until then, he was saying “hell” and punching people out. And, maybe it’s just the appalling 4400 series/character that I can’t extricate from this actor, but he carries himself NOTHING like a man of the cloth. And yes, you can bet your first laid egg on the old priest having a reptile dysfunction behind that old sourpuss face.

    That the priest (a key witness) would be blatantly engaged in dramatic conversations by the FBI woman, who herself ought to be the key suspect in her partner’s disappearance–was just laughable. But then, she’s the one who swung a baseball bat (or whatever) and destroyed a hi tech V-weapon, AS IT FLEW AROUND THE CORNER. Try that with a fly or a wasp–see how easy it is.

    But now, with the 3rd installment, the story is getting interesting. The hopelessness of not knowing who to trust, without (laugh with me) slicing the side of their skull, gives way. The conflict within renegade V’s is stated with something about reconnecting. The resistance is revealed in glorious fashion.

    Next week is “The last episode of 2009″? You’ve GOT to be joking, ABC. You might as well say it has not been renewed, and will go the way of INVASION, except about 15 less shows. (And Invasion at least had convincing actors.) I know–ABC can air the next set during the Winter Olympics.

  2. I just love how you guys are like out soul searching for others like you who hate the show and dislike if anyone else likes the show, lol. It’s kind of awkward, but I find that entertaining, sorry. lol

    Anyway, about the show itself, either I’m reading too much into the characters or people are reading into them too little. I could be wrong, but I think there could be a bit more depth to some of the characters than most people, even those who are enjoying it thus far, give them credit for.

    For example, Lisa, the blond V that Tyler is all in love with. Yes, given that she’s a V, and we all know about the whole evil V agenda thing, it’s assumed that she’s evil. Maybe she is, but from watching it, I kind of get the yes, she was being manipulative by telling them “oh, we could have spent time together” to get them to join, but at the same time, she has moments where her interest in Tyler seems rather… genuine… So it’s kind of hard to pinpoint what’s really going on in her head. Like the scene of Tyler punching that kid. Her taking the photo of herself, yah, that could be part of the whole trying to win Tyler’s heart and mind thing, but it seems kind of candid to me. And after Tyler punched that kid, she didn’t seem like she’s “mad” that he tarnished their reputation, I felt her expression was more of disappointment.

    Then when Ty comes back, since he’s no longer in the running to be a “Peace Ambassador” she had no reason to be nice to him to “win him over.” She could have easily ignored him and sent guards or thugs over to tell him to leave. But she chose to speak to him herself.

    And the priest, Jack, yes he seems all gung-ho about helping the resistance, but you gotta remember that he’s been a priest longer than he’s been part of the resistance against the V. Will his relationship with the older priest affect his decisions later? Is the older priest a V?

    The V that turned resistance, Ryan, what will his ultimate contribution to the resistance be? Can it be as simple as just him and some other V being on their side? Or maybe he might father a first human/V hybrid that might play an important role in ending the invasion??

    Then there’s the whole Agent Evans thing, I didn’t get to see episode 3 yet, but I have to assume that her ex-partner gives her away, does that mean she’s no longer safe at home? Has this finally convinced Tyler to not trust them??

    Anyway, for me, it’s too early to tell if this show will be worth my time or not. It didn’t “grab” me like the first episode of Rome, Dexter, or Stargate SG-1 did, but at the same time, it didn’t make me go “WTF? This is garbage” like the first few episodes of Stargate Universe has… We’ll see if any of those questions were worth raising…

  3. I liked the original one. Not too sure about this one though…

  4. I just want to see some V’s getting skinned, what happened to that guy in the last episode who was skinned for being part of the fifth colum, it seems to have hurt, did he die ? or is he running around somewhere all green and scaley dropped in the desert somewhere, now that would be an interesting twist for a new season.

  5. Tom, great point. My personal ratings of the show went down with the first installments of the series. First of all, we all know that these are lizardlike creatures. So why haven’t we been given some views around this? I want more special effects (make up), especially when they seemed to set us up for viewing one skinned. There was a scene in the warehouse where I thought we were seeing corpses of reptile bodies (they seemed very wiry and stiff), but the dialogue indicated that these were human experiments.

    I wonder if the skins are not only for deceit, but somehow required as in a symbiotic way.

    The “bliss” was incredibly disappointing and even though the scene dragged on and on, I couldn’t tell if humans on the street could understand and/or were affected by it. (The few I saw paying attention from the ground may have been V’s). The words themselves were vapid and trite. The ritual around it (Anna drops garments) seems to have been simply Made For TV.

  6. Thk Abc warehouse black friday