Is ‘Rampage’ Uwe Boll’s First Good Movie?

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rampage header Is Rampage Uwe Bolls First Good Movie?

No you didn’t read the title wrong and no, Screen Rant isn’t pulling your chain. As I sit here in Hell putting on my winter parka, I find myself reading rumblings from the web that the most famous blind squirrel in Hollywood history may have actually found his nut. That’s right; it would appear that Uwe Boll (BloodRayne, House of the Dead) has actually made a GOOD movie with Rampage. So now we have to decide: is the world coming to an end or has the director actually found his stride?

Now, it would appear through word of mouth at Fantastic Fest that Uwe Boll’s latest offering, Rampage, is actually GOOD! Yeah, I know, pick your jaw up off the floor. Rampage stars Brendan Fletcher as a guy that gets fed up with his life, so he builds a suit made of Kevlar, stocks up on weapons and just walks around shooting things, thereby taking his anger out on the unsuspecting world around him. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it was a warning from Boll himself to the rest of the world.

The premise of the film reminds me of Falling Down but the style is more of a narrative. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I will, first chance I get. Check out the trailer below and then tell us what you think:

[WARNING: The trailer is extremely violent and is NSFW]

/Film and Film School Rejects, two sites that I highly regard, both gave the movie a passing grade and their reviews didn’t even mention the words “horrible”, “shameful” or “career ending.” You can read their reviews here (/Film) and here (Film School Rejects).

Up until now, Uwe Boll has been directing under the mantra “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Let me just give you a quick rundown of the “eggs” he’s either directed or produced:

House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne (I, II, and III), In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Far Cry, Postal, Tunnel Rats,

The feisty and determined German director has been pretty synonymous with bad video game movies (BloodRanye, House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark), but recently he’s branched out, into trying to make decent, almost good, movies. Because I’m the kind of guy that is willing to jump on the grenade for a friend, I’ve seen every American movie Boll has made (he had several German films before House of the Dead) just so you wouldn’t have to.

Everything was pure and utter cow flop until Postal (and even that managed to get nominated for a 2008 Razzie). Postal was the first time he flirted with making a decent film but the effort fell just short of being good. Tunnel Rats, however, I found to be very enjoyable; I didn’t sit there and cringe at campy and bad dialog, or cover my eyes during horrible action sequences.

So what do you think about Uwe Boll’s autobiopic Rampage? Does it look like he might have actually made a respectable film?

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  1. It has always been my impression that directors want to make films for people to enjoy. I mean from what I understand thats the reason why most of them get into the business. With Uwe Boll, I’m forced to question this. Since his first foray into mainstream films, he has consistently ruined nearly every film his name has been attached to. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, however all these films are based on massively popular video games, with strong fan-bases who are unfortunately forced to watch as their favorite franchises are brutally raped and mutilated. Even worse he knows that he’s an inadequate director, incapable of crafting a decent adaption and pleasing the franchises fans. We all have to know our limits Mr. Boll. There are many more opportunities within the film industry, where your talents may be of use. Directing is not one of them and neither is writing.

  2. i havent seen any of his movies but this looks pretty good.
    its kind of like the columbine incident but fictional (if that makes sense) this is good because it could kind of give people an insight of how these “crazy” people think and are like before they go and kill a lot of innocent people

    definitely going to watch this

  3. i cant seem to find this movie on imdb, its not under uwe boll’s page either.
    anyone know where i can get more details as to its release in australia (hopefully its coming out here)

  4. Sure, Uwe Boll’s videogame movies suck horribly, but so do the others. As a huge fan of Resident Evil, i was badly disapointed by the film that had almost nothing to do with the game.

    And Ogb, as for Patriot, that movie was one big lie, portraying a life of a murderous evil bastard as an american hero, that was insulting. And so is Braveheart, while we’re at it. William Wallace was a bloodthirsty greedy man who conquered for profit and land, not some hero who wanted freedom.


    Yeah, i saw Farcry the movie, it’s horrible :P

  5. Huggy

    History aside (which I wasn’t aware of), the movie had soul and you can’t really deny that.

    I understand some people can’t suspend their disbelief when watching movies but do you really want to bring real history into movies and base your opinion on that? Then most of the movies about native americans can be thrown out too because they were definitely not portrayed accurately throughout many movies/commercials/tv shows. Especially the myth that they were “humanitarian” and loved all animals and lived off the land and took only what they needed. They used to hunt buffaloes by cutting off a huge herd near a cliff and making hundreds of buffaloes jump from the cliffs to their deaths and then they would pick up what they needed and left hundreds dead and rotting.

    Anyway, there are thousands of little facts like that out there and I don’t know why it should affect a movie to such a degree as you describe. Not saying ignore them, but a movie is a movie.

    And farcry was one of Boll’s worst!!! I was really almost neutral going into that movie, wanted to give Boll another chance and boy did he blow it (nice way of putting it).

  6. Wait where are the monsters climbing buildings? what the movie title is not the video game? /deceived!

    Rental…. however there are times I would like to take a baseball bat to people that are SO inconsiderate and just all around “buttheads” who think they do not have play by the rules.

    However it appears this guy is just randomly killing people without any type of judgement and or reason….

  7. @ogb

    As for Farcry, i wanted to enter tv and strangle his “comical” sidekick, you know, the uberannoying guy. Worst sidekick ever.

    As for loving or hating Uwe Boll, it basicly comes down to do you like trash movies or not.

    i like them, and he’s the master of them :)

  8. Huggy

    Amen on Farcry. I saw the movie right after playing FarCry 1 and 2, back to back, for the first time. Another great game ruined.

    As for trashy movies, I like ‘em too. Guilty pleasures. But Boll, for me, doesn’t fit in that category. He’s so much worse.

  9. Did I read this right? Someone actually said Braveheart was a bad movie? That must have been a typo or something.

  10. Who did?

  11. wtf

  12. I don’t know about this movie, supposedly Postal was supposed to be Boll’s ‘first good film’ and it was just offensive. Why did he think he could poke fun at 9/11 and other terrorist attacks? That can never be funny. A difference I see in the trailer though is that he may have actually found a good actor, which could be a huge difference.

  13. @Darkpassenger

    If you want anybody to take your opinion seriously, stop writing in Capslock

  14. I hardly read or posts comments anymore because of the way they are sectioned into different pages and trying to get through them is a PITA but I had to give my 2 cents.

    This movie is stupid. All this is going to do is encourage messed up lunatic losers to go kill people. Why should I ever watch this? If I wanna see that I can look up the Columbine tapes or something. Really is this necessary? How is this good? The feeling I get about someone deciding to go kill innocent people can’t ever be described as good. I’m getting super pissed off just thinking about it. From watching that trailer I don’t think this movie is going to have a good premise, story or any redeeming value.

    • I think that a movie should be able to show the bad side of human behavior too. A movie should not be limited to what effects it can have on the society. It’s telling a story about how some humans actually think. And yes, I think it is necessary to show all kinds of behavior, the human is not always nice. Some do kill innocent people. Shall that be censored in movies, never to bee shown?

      I find this side of the human race interesting too. The dark side of the humanity can also be as interesting. I felt rejected sometimes too of the main character. But I don’t view that as a bad thing. It gave this movie it’s a deeper meaning. To me, this was a bit over the avrange movie.

  15. looks likea great idea for a movie i my self would love to go to afganistan with some heavy weapons and clense the world of its evil. wich id say is 99.9% in that country all we need to do is send a couple nukes and the world will be at peace at last.

  16. @Kantstandya

    You know, it’s pricks like you that elected and reelected George “Dubya” Bush and Dick “Head” Cheney.

  17. @Kantstandya

    That was the most stupid comment i have ever read in my entire life, and i have read a LOT of comments. You are a sick person and need to seek help.

  18. Yah kantstandya, wtf? I mean, San Francisco, maybe some cities in New England yes, but Afghanistan? They’re not ALL bad… :-P

    LOL, I’m kidding for anyone who lives in San Francisco or New England!! :-D


    Nah, it’s just normal Americans who don’t want to “spread the wealth” or want the government to control every aspect of our lives that voted for them. Most likely this dodo isn’t even registered to vote, lol.

    Hey, your “savior of all mankind” wants to tax sugar and soda since he says they make people fat. Yep, daddy spank! I love this micro-managing government, don’t you??

  19. @Darkpassenger
    It wasn’t Screen Rant that said that. Please don’t punish them for what some of their posters said.

  20. What happened here? I thought all the bashing was supposed to be focused towards Uwe Boll but somehow we got off on the tangent of Afghanistan and other commenters.

    @Darkpassenger – If your first inclination to is respond with violence when someone gives you the very slightest of hard times then (and I mean this with all due respect and sincerity) you should talk to a counselor before those feelings ACTUALLY manifest themselves.

    I do not know you so for all I know you were merely over-exaggerating your point and would never harm innocent people because you were upset with someone else but…that’s just it, I DON”T know you so you could be deadly serious.

    In the times we live in – Columbine, VA Tech, and the Omaha Mall – comments like your could be misconstrued as threatening. Think before you type bud.

    As for the CAPS type thing…dude it’s not that big a deal. Type in Wing Dings for all I care. It’s your keyboard, ignore the haters :)

  21. I agree with Richard, the world is messed up enough. I really don’t want to go to the movies to see this. Maybe if it went the Death WIsh route I could understand it a little and feel at ease knowing that the bad guys are paying the price and not innocents.

  22. Wow, that’s horrible. I can appreciate that it may be a well made film, but I can’t back that premise at all. I literally feel sick after thinking about the senseless killing portrayed. Even as “just a movie,” it’s too much.

  23. It might be his best movie to date but too bad I’m not going to see it. A film like this I can’t see any good coming from it. Especially since I’ve started noticing tension building up here in the Sates. People buying as much ammo and weaponry as they can get their hands on. Hiding behind the premise of gun laws disputes. Regardless how they carve it up guns are used to destroy. If the war is all the way in Afghan who are they looking to destroy. Some may claim that playing video games desensitize individuals to violence. But I believe that nothing does that more than watching certain violent films. A game is game, but actually being able to see real a person carry out acts of violence in the manner as this film is portraying has a much more profound effect. I give it about a week in theater before it actually start getting boycotted. And if it doesn’t get boycotted or anything it would only further my own fears of the times at hand.

  24. In 2007 he was 2nd favourite behind Torres to finish top scorer in the premiership. ,

  25. this movie was Crazy as hell. Great Movie with some real life stuff..

  26. Wow, what a great flick! It twisted somewhere I wasn’t expecting too. They could easily make a sequel. I loved this movie. let’s keep in mind that it is JUST a movie.

  27. Yea I loved the film the suit was crazy an the weapons we off the hook I honestly think he can take this character an run with it. Does anyone know if their is gonna be a second movie. I think he has a winner with this character an film.