Is ‘Rampage’ Uwe Boll’s First Good Movie?

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rampage header Is Rampage Uwe Bolls First Good Movie?

No you didn’t read the title wrong and no, Screen Rant isn’t pulling your chain. As I sit here in Hell putting on my winter parka, I find myself reading rumblings from the web that the most famous blind squirrel in Hollywood history may have actually found his nut. That’s right; it would appear that Uwe Boll (BloodRayne, House of the Dead) has actually made a GOOD movie with Rampage. So now we have to decide: is the world coming to an end or has the director actually found his stride?

Now, it would appear through word of mouth at Fantastic Fest that Uwe Boll’s latest offering, Rampage, is actually GOOD! Yeah, I know, pick your jaw up off the floor. Rampage stars Brendan Fletcher as a guy that gets fed up with his life, so he builds a suit made of Kevlar, stocks up on weapons and just walks around shooting things, thereby taking his anger out on the unsuspecting world around him. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it was a warning from Boll himself to the rest of the world.

The premise of the film reminds me of Falling Down but the style is more of a narrative. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I will, first chance I get. Check out the trailer below and then tell us what you think:

[WARNING: The trailer is extremely violent and is NSFW]

/Film and Film School Rejects, two sites that I highly regard, both gave the movie a passing grade and their reviews didn’t even mention the words “horrible”, “shameful” or “career ending.” You can read their reviews here (/Film) and here (Film School Rejects).

Up until now, Uwe Boll has been directing under the mantra “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Let me just give you a quick rundown of the “eggs” he’s either directed or produced:

House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne (I, II, and III), In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Far Cry, Postal, Tunnel Rats,

The feisty and determined German director has been pretty synonymous with bad video game movies (BloodRanye, House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark), but recently he’s branched out, into trying to make decent, almost good, movies. Because I’m the kind of guy that is willing to jump on the grenade for a friend, I’ve seen every American movie Boll has made (he had several German films before House of the Dead) just so you wouldn’t have to.

Everything was pure and utter cow flop until Postal (and even that managed to get nominated for a 2008 Razzie). Postal was the first time he flirted with making a decent film but the effort fell just short of being good. Tunnel Rats, however, I found to be very enjoyable; I didn’t sit there and cringe at campy and bad dialog, or cover my eyes during horrible action sequences.

So what do you think about Uwe Boll’s autobiopic Rampage? Does it look like he might have actually made a respectable film?

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  1. How this man keeps finding work is beyond me
    I saw House of the dead I honestly couldnt believe such a movie was ever made,

    and Postal was 30%Ignorant 60%Shock Value & 10% could be considered funny

    I meen was it just me or did postal seem to last forever when watching it

  2. I will concede that Postal was not the best movie but compared to his previous piece of work it was way better. Compared to any other movie, then yes…it sucked. It’s sort of like comparing the regular Olympics to the Para-pelagic Olympics…a guy with only one leg isn’t going to beat Usain Bolt but against other other guys missing one leg he’s fantastic.

  3. Actually, his vietnam war film “Tunnel rats” was suprisingly good. Also, i gotta brag, i stared in his film “Max Schmeling”, a movie about a legendary german boxer in WW2. Max Schmeling should be in cinemas April 2010

  4. Damn bring it Huggybear :) When you say stared which character were you?

  5. @ Paul

    Hes playing Max Schmeling

  6. dafadge

    How he’s still making movies? German Tax Law loop hole that he found. He still gets financing from German investors. The investors get their money back through this tax loop hole. I forgot the specifics but it can be found on the net

  7. I didn’t last 10 minutes into Postal and yet i somehow enjoyed House of the Dead. I know it wasn’t a good film, but it was entertaining for what it was.

  8. I think he’s made this movie before, it was called Postal…

    Anyway, he’s wearing a paintball mask… *shakes head*

  9. As far as Boll making a good movie? Not anytime soon.

    I’ve given this guy a lot of chances and watched most of his “films” and I can honestly say that a lot of my friends that are students at USC film school can make better movies. The guy is a complete hack, he knows it and he doesn’t care. In the quotes he gives to the media, he unapologetically insults fans of the video games he ruins and fans of film in general. Can’t believe this guy still gets viewers.

    And to be honest, this movie looks like an excuse for mindless violence. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gory movie or some violent action scenes, but shooting a bunch of huddled up women in the back? That made a little angry. He’s going for “shocking” here out of desperation.

  10. Wait a minute; there were sequels to the crapfest that was Bloodrayne?! What stupid producers bought into that garbage, or anything this….director, has come up with? Oh, right, tax breaks; I forgot. :-)

  11. I played two roles, “Max Schmelings wedding guest” lol, and just an extra where i’m some construction worker in war torn Hamburg after the war.

    You’ll see me in a scene where Max is geting married and im standing next to best man giving Max a Nazi bonsai. Yeah, nazi bonsai. Funnyyyy :)

  12. Wasn’t there a SR poster who said no movie is as bad as 1/5 stars? I wonder if he saw any of this guys films.

  13. This guy need to just disappear. He has no talent and will always have no talent. What he did to BloodRayne was horrible, I didn’t even bother with FarCry, cause I like the game to much to watch what he did to the movie.

  14. Me and my buddies have a “trash movie night”, and no trash movie night would be complete without laughing at “directed by Uwe Boll” at the beginning of the film. I know he’s a bad director, but hey, i think McG, Michael Bay and Ronald Emmerich are far worse. At least Uwe tries to make a good film :)

  15. I think we just found Captain America, Brendan Flether, nah I am kidding, or am I?

  16. “Far worse”

    Okay then

  17. @OGB

    Well, they do suck. They do make insultingly stupid and crappy mindless movies with huge budgets. They’re not so different from Uwe Boll.

    And by the looks of it, Uwe’s films are getting better and better, he’s growing as a director, which you just can’t say about the other crappy directors I mentioned.

  18. Boll is horrible and his best movie is still probably not worth seeing.

  19. HuggyBear

    I have to disagree. All those directors are better than Boll. Yes their movies are consistently average or below average and they are “sugar coated” with huge budgets but they are still better in almost every department than Boll’s movies. Boll gets surprisingly decent amount of money for the budget for his movies and it still looks like one notch above blair witch project.

    As far as his movies getting better, it’s an interesting phenomenon. The only reason ppl say that is because he lowered the bar SO LOW that when he puts out crap with a few redeeming qualities, ppl go “Oh wow, good for Boll, he’s getting better”. The big picture is that the guy has absolutely no talent as far as making movies goes.

  20. I’m looking at this trailer and seeing nothing extremely new and it seems as senseless and pointless. An angry man taking his frustration out on the world? REALLY? I won’t say its not been done before, ’cause it has, but I’m not seeing improvement here. I do need to see Tunnel Rats but this is not the one that signals to me that he’s moved far beyond crap yet.

    I’m willing to try the other recommendations put forth here to see if he’s starting his journey into mainstream or if its’ just a bump in an otherwise crazed trip through Boll World.

  21. oh its about killing pple !!

    srry i saw the Words “Uwe Boll” and “RAMPAGE”.
    and thought id see a giant Green Lizard, a HUGE Blue Wolf , and a King kong Style Monkey.

    all humerous speculation aside.
    the trailer look’ed pretty cool.
    but if and when i see this flick.
    i’ll watch it very precociously.

  22. I betcha a million bucks Uwe Boll would make a better Terminator movie then McG. Hell, i could make a better movie than Terminator Salvation. :)

  23. What i’m saying is, Uwe Bolls films have a certain “soul”. Bay’s, Emmerich’s and McG’s films are empty soulless money-grabbers.

  24. Huggy

    You didn’t think The Patriot had “soul”? That was a great movie.

    Independence Day, Stargate and Universal Soldier also had a lot of soul, in my opinion, and were actually really decent movies (not just my opinion).

    McG, yes, Charlie’s Angels was miserable but We Are Marshall definitely had soul and was a decent movie. Terminator Salvation was an average movie but people, including myself, are harsh on that one because of their love of Terminator 1 and 2.

    Uwe Boll could never make anything even close to Stargate or Independence Day, even with a huge budget. He has no sense of direction, no sense of the “camera”, nothing.

  25. I would rather see charlie’s angels 1&2 before seeing any or most of uwe bolls films. At least i get to see bill murray in one and bernie mac in the other… In the extras at the end of the second one bernie had me laughing really hard when he was hitting on that one girl. The only thing i laughed about with bolls movies was how i was duped into watching them( not during but after when they start talking about how the trailers were soooo different).

  26. Awesome. I wonder how many instances the left will blame this for….. Ha!

  27. How demented can people be? That just looks disturbing and off putting in every way. Yikes

  28. What Uwe Boll actually did Farcry ? I was so hoping seeing this movie one day. I’ll just go cry myself to sleep.

  29. @huggy

    I’m sorry, I know you’ve been involved with him, but come on, you don’t seriously think he “tries” to make good movies… I think if I TRIED to make a bad movie I couldn’t make one worse than one of his films. He most definitely must have a skill and that skill is in making really horrible movies and I think it’s intentional…