Marvel Movie Updates With Kevin Feige

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marvel movie updates kevin feige Marvel Movie Updates With Kevin Feige

After the epic and long-awaited debut of the first official Thor trailer Friday evening, Marvel Studios President of Production, Kevin Feige, participated in a live chat on the LA Times Hero Complex blog to answer fan questions. As you can imagine, Feige touched on what we can expect from The Avengers and what other Marvel projects are in the pipelines.

Some of the important highlights include Ant-Man moving forward and emphasis that Punisher, Iron Fist and Black Panther projects are heading in the right direction.

You can see the entire chat log at Hero Complex but here are the highlights broken down by film:

The Avengers:

  • Why Joss Whedon was chosen to direct Marvel’s biggest movie ever: “He doesn’t lose sight of the characters no matter how big and crazy the spectacle gets.”
  • On new Iron Man armor(s) for The Avengers: “You know what, the best part about making an Iron Man movie is deciding which of his many armors to debut. Joss would kill me if I gave anything away, but I will say that the evolution you saw his armor take in IM2 will continue in The Avengers.”
  • How to maintain continuity across many different films: “Our primary job is doing justice to the title characters, but we do have someone who’s got a large chart that spans across his office wall tracking the continuity. It’s pretty cool. Maybe we’ll publish it one day.”
  • On potential appearances of Spider Woman, Ms. Marvel, Sentry, Wonderman, etc. The Avengers or other currently-in-development projects? “Did you see how many characters were standing on stage at Comic Con? Not sure there’s room for many more!”
  • On surprise cameos in The Avengers? “Maybe…”
  • On Evans vs. Robert Downey Jr.: “Evans owns the screen as Cap and is going to hold his own and then some.”
  • Will upcoming Marvel Studios movies include more after-credit sequences? “Some of them will…”
  • Also, according to Gwyneth Paltrow, Pepper Potts will not be in The Avengers.


  • Ant-Man to go into production sometime after The Avengers.
  • Current status of Ant-Man: “Edgar was here a few days ago. He’s already working on the next draft.”

Captain America Evans 570x3791 Marvel Movie Updates With Kevin Feige

Captain America: The First Avenger:

  • Describes film as “an epic, period adventure.”
  • Nick Fury in WWII? “We’re keeping Nick Fury as portrayed by the great Sam Jackson just in the modern era for now.”
  • On choosing Chris Evans after he already starred in a Marvel franchise: “We figured if Harrison Ford could be Indiana Jones and Han Solo, Chris Evans could play Torch and Cap.”
  • Captain America trailer date? “Working on the Cap trailer now. You should be seeing one in the new year.”
  • On Captain America’s winged helmet: “Cap’s got his famous wing tips”
  • New pics for Captain America, notably Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull, coming in new year as well. Says Red Skull “looks amazing.”
  • On Bucky Barnes: “Bucky plays an important part in the film. Sebastian Stan’s done a tremendous job playing him.”
  • On an appearance of the Invaders? “While there’s no Invaders, there’s lots of Howling Commandos!”


  • Thor trailer will play in front of most screenings of TRON: Legacy.
  • Idris Elba & Kat Dennings steal the show.
  • Was Jessica Biel originally in line to play Jane Foster? “Natalie was always our first and only choice for Jane.”
  • Was using Donald Blake ever considered for the film? “People looking for a reference to Don Blake in the Thor film will find one.”
  • Why Old English dialect being abandoned for the movie? “As much as I love Stan the man’s Shakespearean dialect, we felt it would be over-bearing. However, our director Kenneth Branagh has a great ear for the English language and I think you’ll find that the Asgardian speak is appropriately regal.”
  • On the chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman: “Natalie and Chris have amazing chemistry in the film. After an early cut, Bendis told me it was the best romantic chemistry in a Marvel movie.”
  • On the epic scene in the Thor trailer where Thor hammers the ground with Mjolnir: “That’s not even the biggest shot in the movie.”
heroes for hire iron fist luke cage ray park Marvel Movie Updates With Kevin Feige

Iron Fist and Luke Cage are Heroes for Hire

Black Panther, Deadpool, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Moonknight, Power Pack & Punisher

  • Marvel is always planning movies for five years out.
  • On Black Panther: “Things are in the works.”
  • Power Pack movie? “Love Power Pack, Maybe someday!”
  • Which characters are in serious contention for feature film debuts? “I have not been shy about my love for Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Luke Cage.”
  • Now that Marvel owns the rights to Punisher again, what’s the plan for him? “Punisher’s back in house, and various plans are in the works.”
  • Status of Iron Fist movie: “A very talented writer is currently working on a draft.”
  • Iron Fist movie inspired by Ed Brubaker- MattFraction run.
  • On potential of R-Rated Marvel movies: “We’re definitely open to it. Blade was a great franchise for us.”
  • What about Moonknight? “Moonknight’s a challenging, but extremely interesting character. We’ve been discussing various versions of it for years.”
  • On creating new heroes for the Marvel movies: “With over 8000 characters from the comics, I don’t think we need to.”
  • Where is Twentieth Century Fox with Deadpool? “As far as I know Fox is working hard on it as we speak.”

Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Sources: Hero Complex, MTV

Header image edited from art by artchell.

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  1. I kind of get the feeling the Hulk-buster armor will be used in The Avengers. Probably briefly.

    • The only problem with Hulk Buster Armor is being inside it when Hulk opens it like a pop top can. :)

    • I wrote about that a while back, actually and included a sweet concept pic. If Loki is heading up the villain side and turning Hulk against The Avengers, I fully expect the Hulkbuster armor

      • I hope Iron Man wears another armor than the Hulkbuster model. Otherwise he´d look like Stane or Vanko…

        • We’ll probably see at least two different Iron Man armors in The Avengers, one will be The Hulkbuster.

    • Yeah, I have that gut feeling too. I’m very excited to see a Captain America trailer. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man take on it being a spy heist / james-bond sort of film is intriguing. I want to see Thomas Jane back as the Punisher when they inevitably do a film on Frank Castle again.

      • Jeremy, totally agree with you on the Thomas Jane as the Punisher.

        • Me too. Stevenson was a horrible Punisher.

          • I thought Stevenson was a much better Punisher myself. I’ve always seen him as a shooter first then a tank like fighter when needed.
            I think he had the hardness down pat.

      • I Liked Thomas Jane, but he wont do another Punisher.

        • @scapegoat

          Stevenson did look more like the Punisher from certain comics but is acting….actually almost everyone’s acting in that thing sucked.

          • I agree. He looked like Steve Dillon´s Punisher, but his acting wasn´t that great.

            • I don’t think he acted that bad maybe a little too dark and bland. I think it was his directors fault. I can picture her saying “darker, darker!”

              • Maybe, but I think (really in my oppinion) that he´s a really bad actor. He even proved it in “Something About Mary”…

                • And by the way: You guys in America (or at least in english speaking countries), you get to hear/see the original performances. In Germany, I have to (at least in the cinema) see the duubed version…

                  • Dammit! I meant the “dubbed” version…

                    • lol Well the dubbed version might have been better

                    • @ Rob: No, it wasn´t. Even though the director of that movie (the Stevenson one) is from my hometown and used to be a neighbour of mine. She once told me, she´d never do a Marvel flick (or a comic book movie in general) again. She even showed me some rough scenes of that movie, and I thought, that´s never gonna be an PG 13 movie… Then she told me, it was never supposed to be shown in cinemas (at least not in Germany), so she didn´t give a f**k. It was just an opportunity for her to get an international gig. And I can´t blame Lexi for that… She´s a really nice person and I know what she planned for Castle…

                  • Hey Scape! Ever heard of “Immigration”? :)

        • I think he will but not if it has a crappy script like War Zone or what ever that steaming pile was called. Jane said that he cannot see making the sacrifices you make starring in a movie when you have a horrible script.

      • @ Jeremy

        I 3rd that. I liked Jane’s Punisher film more than War Zone.

    • …………How to maintain continuity across many different films: ”Our primary job is doing justice to the title characters, but we do have someone who’s got a large chart that spans across his office wall tracking the continuity. It’s pretty cool. Maybe we’ll publish it one day.”

      Now if only the studios would maintain continuity in the actors. While Don Cheadle is a good actor, I liked the original Rhodey. This one change made me not anticipate Iron Man II as much as I had the original (and probably explains why I saw the original 5 times at the theatre and only saw II a single time). Why no Edward Norton as the Hulk (who pegged the Bruce Banner role and made that second Hulk Movie worth watching). And dont even get me started on that total joke of an idea for Spider Man. Sadly I think Super Hero movies have hit their peak and are on a decline, and the studios are only hastening that decline.

      • Well on the orginal Rhodey, he was paid the most and he wanted more money and he was rude on set.
        On the Hulk I still think Edward bana did a better job, hell everyone did in the horrible Ang Lee film. They where the perfect cast but they where giving the worst director. Edward Norton did a good job but idk how to approach that situation. I agree with you on Spider-Man.
        But I disagree with you that Superhero films are on the decline, as I think The Avengers will be either be the peak or the beginning of the peak.

    • omg that would be so freaking awesome!

  2. Deadpool movie: “As far as I know Fox is working hard on it as we speak.”

    That means: “We´re trying to f**k up the character as much as possible and make him unrecognizeable to the fans as much as we can.”

    • When you say “we” are you referring to Marvel and Kevin or Fox who made X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

      • Since Deadpool was/is handled by Fox (like in XO:W), I´m referring to Fox. Although I´m not really a Deadpool fan (IMO he´s really annoying), I´d love to see Reynolds reprise his role as Deadpool. I think it could be a funny movie if it´s done right.

  3. Marvel owns Punisher again? I’m extremely excited about this even though the last two films weren’t too bad.
    Hopefully Marvel gets it right and attracts more fans, because in my opinion that’s what the last two films lacked.

    • Would love to see Punisher as an R-Rated film. This is a character that needs a “dark”, gritty movie. I’d even love to see a series or a mini-series on cable. Punisher is alot like Bats and could be an awesome film or tv series if done right!

      • Unfortunately making another Punisher movie even under Marvel Studios this time won’t work. Look at what happened with The Incredible Hulk. The only way to redeem the character is showing how badass he is as a cameo in another characters movie and maybe his own cable series.Other than that I don’t see The Punisher having his own movie again anytime soon especially after 3 failed attempts under other studios(WHICH THE GENERAL AUDIENCE DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE,THEY THINK IT’S ALL MARVEL).

        • Not sure why you use the Incredible Hulk as a comparison. I thought that was a great movie, especially after watching it the second time. I enjoyed the Thomas Jane Punisher movie, so I would be up for another film. I do think, however, that a cable series would probably better suited for Punisher. Maybe after the success of The Walking Dead, AMC would be perfect for it.

          • @ Andy S, Well I compared it to The Incredible Hulk because “TIH” WAS indeed a FAR SUPERIOR movie than Ang Lee’s Hulk because Ang Lee took the “art house” approach to Hulk which wasn’t the right tone for this character or movie and I really enjoyed watching “TIH” because they captured the essence of the Hulk much better and it was a better overall movie. The problem was that with just the “1” Hulk movie put out by Ang Lee,the general audiences disliked it so much and it got such bad reviews that when “TIH” came out,the general audiences thought that either it was a sequel or they just wasn’t interested because the 1st Hulk left a bad taste in their mouths. Now just imagine what people will think about The Punisher after not just one BUT THREE failed attempts now.

  4. MAKE MINE MARVEL, I love some of the ideas but some would be better as tv show concepts rather then movies, like a Heroes for Hire TV , that way you cant do an Iron Fist and Cage in one shot, and that would offer a great supporting cast such as Misty Knight, Coleen Wing and Jessica Jones. Maybe throw in Shang Chi and some other Marvel Knights characters and then you have a pretty good show. Moon Knight just dont do it, wont work unless your aiming for something like The Cape.
    As far as the Major titles like IM3, Cap, Thor, and Avengers, I cant wait to see the Hulk Buster Armor. I wish they would have had Fury in the WW2 with his commandos. The Avengers ,I just want more info and would love to see some of the costume designs, I also want o see more of SHIELD, uniforms, Hellicarriers, and flying cars.

    • I bet my left testicle for it, that you´ll see the Helicarrier in the Avengers movie. Otherwise I´d be really disappointed.

      • Dude I would say you would be extremely disappointed. lol

        • So do you know more than we do?! I´d hate to get rid of my left testicle. I´ve grown a custom to it…

          • Actually i dont know, wish I did but just saying I’d hate to lose that bet. lol

            • There was some concept art awhile back, for what it’s worth…just google it…I don’t have a link.

  5. All i can say is, Bring back Ray Stevenson for another Punisher Film, even though Jane was great in his Punisher movie, Stevenson has the look, the grit, and the overall badness to kick ass again.

    • But Jane pulled it off, and his film was really good. No annoying villain trying to be Hannibal Lector or anything.

    • Jane was great but, I remember sitting in on a panel discussion for The Mist at SDCC where he wouldn’t even discuss Punisher.

      I think Stevenson would have received a warmer welcome had he been in a role that had a script closer to Jane’s film.

      • Well, it´s like asking Axl Rose about Appetite For Destruction in 2010. I liked The Mist. Even though they changed a lot of King´s short story. But IMO it´s one of the best (right after Bryan Singer´s Abt Pupil; you guys might bash on me ow) Stephen King adaptions of all time…

        • Both were well done in my opinion.

          • I like the Mist but I havent seen the other one, Dreamcatcher is a good one too, and he is in it.

            • Except for the ending. I remember laughing. I never read the story BTW.

              • You should. Stephen King is… Well, the King…

                • I just pictured him wearing a sequined jumpsuit. 😐

            • @ Seth: You absolutely should watch Abt Pupil. It features a great Ian McKellen as a former Nazi/now alcoholic. It´s one of the best movies McKellen has ever been in!

              • Alright will do, ian McKellen is a really good actor but he does better in this than he did in LOTR?

                • Yes, he does. Because in “Abt Pupil” he portrays an old man, not a sorcerer. He portrays a man, who´s aware of the mistakes he´s done in the past. You might say, it´s the complete opposite role he plays in X-Men… He´s nothing but fantastic in this movie!

                  • Dang it now your making me want to just go trade in some movies and get it..

              • That short story is way better than the movie and I liked the movie. It was really twisted. It made the movie look bad.

      • Jason, one thing I loved about Warzone was that they got Castles Origin correct. Stevenson just has the Punisher way about him IMO.

        • The origin story in Jane’s version was excruciatingly over the top. I can’t recall the origin story in Dolph’s version but it seems like it had something to do with a car bomb?

          Stevenson is a quiet presence and I’ve yet to see a role I didn’t enjoy him in. The script and direction of WZ just failed miserably, in my opinion. I daresay it went the Joel Schumacher route of comic book movies.

          • Doplhs Punisher origins were the same as the Stevenson one. Both films stuck to the original orgins.

            • The first Punisher was pure D crap! Thomas Jane’s vesion was campy and too Captain Save a…. for me. Look at how he comes up with the skull. Ugh!
              Despite the John Woo like Mafia hit scene in Ray’s version, the rest of it was “Kill you then ask questions later”
              At least he was suited up for someone who knew he could catch a sudden case of lead poisonining. Jigsaw Fragged it up in the end though.
              I still enjoy the shotgun scene in the house above anything else in the film!

        • Totally agree. Stevenson is a badass. I also liked seeing Jigsaw. Janes Punisher was pretty good but lets do the math.
          Stevenson doing unbelievably cool stuff not only with a gun but the chair leg almost made me hurl. You also had Jigsaw who is a classic Punisher villain along with Looney Bin Jim and Micro. Both of which a classics for the Punisher gallery.
          Jane doing mediocre cool stuff. Wrong origin and Kevin Nash with a bad haircut.
          I think I will take that chair leg to the eye now. The only thing that Janes Punisher had over Stevensons was the writing was better.

    • I agree, I liked Stevenson better than T.Jane but T. Janes movie was better.

  6. I’d love if they do a Nova, or Black Knight film. Maybe even Star-Lord. Marvel is doing things right, so I trust them on whatever they do.

    • @ Seth the Bigfoot

      Good call :-)

      Wow Star-Lord. That’s going back a bit but a good idea nonetheless. I’ve just had a look at some of my Star-Lord comics from the 70’s. In the same vein as Silver Surfer, Nova, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Starfox.

      My head’s going to explode just thinking about such a monumental cosmic movie. :-)

      • Regarding all the comics you have, you must be a pretty rich guy. I´d love to spend some weeks in your comic book archive. I´d read your books till the end of time. 😀 You´d just have to pay for my flight. 😀

        • @Magnetic Eye

          Thank you 😀

          To tell the truth I have only read the recent comics of those characters but they are some of my favorite. Since most of their runs during the 70s and 80s are before my time I hope I can find them one day so I can read em

          • I asked Kevin if they were going to bring any cosmic characters into the Movieverse to compete with Green Lantern and his reply was: Thor is a cosmic character. So don’t hold your breath.

        • LOL, rich??? rich??? far from it my friend. Big mortgage, kids, bills you name it. :-)

          I started collecting as a ten year old in 1975 and over the years I tend to carefully budget for comic books.

          I stopped smoking cigarettes,and mariujana and drinking 18 years ago so money that would have been wasted there gets budgeted towards comics. :-)

          I’ve also worked in film & TV here in Australia since 2001 and it’s the best money I’ve ever made as a camera assistant.

          You’re welcome anytime to peruse my collection but paying for your plane ticket??? you wish. :-)

          My wife wants us to start saving for a vacation to North America and Europe. She has even suggested selling off my comics!!! WHAT???NO WAY…..I ain’t even going there. :-)

          • How did you get into the Film/TV business? I’m trying to do that by going to school for it and all?

            How big is your collection by now?

            • I graduated University in 2001 with a BA in Communications and sub majored in Media Production. The Media Production program featured screen studies, scriptwriting, play writing, international cinema, australian cinema, creative writing and lots of practical hands on using digital video cameras and PC based non linear edit suites using Premiere.

              As part of my final year I got a work placement with ABC news here in Adelaide. Shooting news is very interesting but not very creative. A couple of years later and I eventually got to work on a cooking show, a kids show and a current affair type show.

              In terms of film work, I approached the South Australian Film Corporation to find out what movies were going to be shot and asked for an “attachment” or “traineeship” to the camera department.

              As a camera assistant you are responsible for setting up the video assist and maintaining it, filming color charts to film, checking remaining film footage in the magazines, battery voltages on camera, helping the first assistant cameramen mark focus points for actors, loading and unloading film magazines, changing camera lenses, writing up the clapper board information, calling it out and writing all camera data per camera per take onto small cards and rewriting it all onto triplicate pads for the film processing labs and camera dept records.

              All exposed production film in the can is marked, dated and sent by express post to Sydney for processing. There’s a lot more but I’m going on a bit too much. Suffice to say that one of the most important jobs is distributing lots of caffeinated beverages to your camera crew. :-)

              My first film job then got me onto a TV drama for two years. That series was also cinematically shot on film. I then worked on some other films. It was always about going back to the SA Film Corp and then asking for camera assistant work on any project coming through town.

              I don’t know where you are from Seth, but if from the US there would be many more options available for you. One thing I realized early is that a University degree whilst helpful, is not necessary for obtaining film work in a desired department. I imagine that just like Australian states, American states have State funded Film Corporations where the biggest initiative you can take is to simply walk in and ask for an “attachment” towards whichever department you are interested in.

              I’m in my mid forties now but if I was younger and single with no commitments I would move to the United States. :-)

              My comic book collection is more than 5000 now and growing. Considering I used to regularly buy around 20 titles per month, I’m currently reading “Amazing Spiderman” “Avengers” and “Secret Avengers”. On occasions I buy paperbacks and back issues, but I would love to get back to picking up some other titles again. :-)

              • Thanks for the Info 😀

                Yep I’m in the U.S., but thank you cause now I kinda know what to do when I find a place lol.

                But Holy crap, thats alot of comics…do you have the Avengers Forever (I think thats what it calls) series? My collection is about maybe 50 with some trade backs and all.

                • You’re welcome. There are some very good film schools in the United States and they would be more beneficial than a University degree.

                  The best one in Australia is in Sydney and I wasn’t prepared to uproot my family to move there. Bit like moving from Austin,Texas to San Francisco. :-)

                  Anyway good luck in your future endeavors. :-)

                  “Avengers Forever” is a 12 issue series that came out in 98. No I don’t have it but might look into it.

                  So you reckon I have a large collection? Nate who is also a SCREENRANTER boasts a collection of 19,000. That totally blows me away just thinking about it. :-)

                  • Funny you should say that cause I live in Texas and been thinking about after college moving to San Fransisco but I found out that Austin now has a movie studio and all.

                    And thank you. 😀

                    I have a few issues of Avengers Forever and its one of my favorite, wish I could get the collection thing. Need to look into it.

                    Are you serious?…I will never be able to reach that much or what you got.

                    • No worries. :-)

                      Isn’t Robert Rodriguez’s studio in Austin? Might be worth looking into. I really admire him as a film maker.

                      He’s a really talented camera operator and editor as well as a writer and director. And from what I understand self taught with out going to film school.

                      Most of my camera operating these days is in 1080 HD videography work, mainly corporate videos, student videos and wedding videos (images of Adam Sandler flood my mind) :-).

                      Also spending a lot of time in my edit suite using Apples’ Final Cut Pro.

                      Mile High Comics are excellent for finding back issues and so are NewKadia but MHC have tons of collections in storage. Both give fairly accurate book gradings and prices. :-)

                    • I like Robert Rodriguez’s work too, and if i read it correctly him, Tarintino, Del Toro, Stodberg (think I spelled his name right), and a few others head their panel that awards upcoming filmmakers.

                      I dont own a camera, but I have been writing scripts, right now I’m working on one. And I dont have a good computer yet to get Final Cut Pro or any thing…

                      Is Mile High Comics and NewKadia on the internet?

                  • It’s no boast. ROFL!!
                    I also worked in a Comic Book shop for a while in my late teens.. whoo weee did I love that discount!

                    • @ Nate

                      I didn’t mean “boast” as in exaggerated or excessive pride but rather declaring with self satisfaction the joy of having a large comic book collection. :-)

                      Apologies if it came across wrong.

                    • @ Seth the Bigfoot

                      There’s no reply button under your last post so I’m posting under Nate’s. :-)

                      I don’t own a camera either. I hire HD Broadcast cameras from a pro hire company and factor those rates into my service charge.

                      Yes, MHC & NewKadia are American websites. :-)

                    • Magnetic Eye..

                      My friend, I knew the way you were phrasing it, I was just having fun with the pun.. LOL..
                      Turning the phrase on turning the phrase, so to speak.

                      Thomas Jane’s Punisher vs Stevensen’s Punisher. Who wins?
                      I say Stevensen smashes him.

                    • @magnetic Eye

                      Oh ok, and thank you for telling me those websites. 😀

              • @Magnetic Eye,With your knowledge,skills,experience and obvious knowledge of comic books,why not just pitch a resume @Marvel Studios just to see what could happen. You never know dude. 😛

                • @ ulik

                  Manhattan Beach, California does sound nice I must say.

                  Yeah I used to entertain those thoughts a lot and daydream about it. :-) My biggest ambition when I was younger and single used to be about moving to the United States for work in recording studios.

                  From 1984 through to 1994 I worked as a live sound mixer travelling with bands and as a recording engineer in a couple of studios here.

                  Once I got to uni in 1999 I found that I was delegating sound duties to others and getting into camera operation.

                  These days I’m fairly grounded with family being my first priority and having sustainable full time employment.

                  Still with the world being more of a global village due to the internet, you just never know. I got a few ideas in mind that I’m working on. :-)

          • @ Magnetic Eye: When I was still smoking dope on a regualr basis, I enjoed comcis books even more. Because I´m an artist myself, I was always psyched by the details of the penciler. My favs were: John Byrne (of course), John Romita Jr., Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane (for a while), Joe Madureira and the Kuber bros. I quit smoking pot in 2007, but since last year, I smoke from time to time. And the drawings by Madureira, Larsen and even Finch (although I don´t like the “Image” style) get me psyched about comics again.

            So to say, you´re kinda my “daddy”…:D In regards to comic books, since they´re not THAT popular in Germany (such a shame!)…

            • What type of artist are you? You draw along the lines of your favorite artists?

              • I actually don´t draw that much anymore. And I´m certainly not on the level as my fav artists are. It was always a fun hobby for me…

          • Your wife wants you to go to Europe? Tell me when you guys are in Germany… And make sure, you´ll give me a call!

            • Absolutely! That would be cool. :-)

          • @Magnetic Eye, DON’T LET HER CONVINCE YOU TO DO IT!!! Those comics are investments dude. Did you read the story about the family that saved their house from foreclosure by finding old comics in their house. Don’t do it! >:O

            • @ ulik

              No I haven’t read that story. Can you tell me more?

              LOL, rest assured I’m not selling my comic books. My wife is very supportive of my hobbies and likes to lovingly tease with her suggestions. :-)

              • @Magnetic Eye, Well I don’t know how the housing market is going in Australia but here in The States it freakin sucks! People are getting their homes foreclosed left and right due to the economy and sheisty lending and mortgage contracts through 90’s and 2000’s. I’ve seen some really sad stories. But there actually was a family that almost had their home foreclosed but found some hidden comics in a basement or something,stuff from the 1930’s and 40’s and they had like Superman or Detective Comics #2 or something. Anyway you saving your comics could maybe get you,your kids,or your grandkids out of a bind in the future. Look up the story on Google.

                • @ ulik

                  The housing market in Australia took a dive as well, not as bad as in the US but still quite a slump. The state of South Australia which is where I’m from was the least affected for some reason. :-)

                  What a great inspirational story. I would love to stumble across some really old comics like that. My collection only goes back to the early 60’s.

          • LOL@ Magnetic Eye..””
            Hench why I haven’t bought more than 2 books at a time in over 4 years.
            You have me by a few years though. I was 7 in 75.
            I started collecting with Steel, The Indestructible Man #1 (1978). I was ten. By 11 I was a Spider-Man Junkie! Then it was the Avengers and on to the FF.
            I lost part of my collection a few years ago to water damage from a pipe bursting. I had a nice funeral fire for them. The rest of the collection is taking up a minor portion of my garage.
            I have yet to find a comic store here in west Miami suburbs. That’s a good thing though, since my car just got paid off. LOL

  7. I always thought that a heros for hire movie would (should) be great, as long as they do justice to the characters origins…

    Moonknight? im more excited hearing this then xmen first class, not because the last two xmen movies sucked, but because moonknight is a hero under the radar… like dare devil before the movie… and if done right, could be epic…

    Deadpool? hell… yes…

    black panther? never a fan, but it could be great…

    antman? hopefully its yellowjacket instead… being able to shrink and talk to ants, has nothing on growing into a giant and punting tanks into the next state…

    and punsher? as long as that steven seagal wannabe isnt the star, im in… if thomas jane is the punisher, im DIVING in… his punisher was more like the comics… because he could bleed, cry, get hurt, and he wasnt unstoppable (ie: hanging from a chandeler upside down and killing everyone… hes in one spot and he didnt get hit once? not saying that wasnt cool, just saying that was more of a jason statham movie and if i may be so blunt, BS!!!)

    cant wait for avengers, thor, and mostly cap…

    • The Punisher started off Hard, calculating, dangerous, hell with a gun and didn’t care who got in his way. I’ve never seen the crying Punisher you’re talking about.. then again, I’m old school.
      I remember him as the cat who was shooting Spider-Man out the air by shooting his webs way back in 1974. He was Old Testament!!
      They need to do the Black Panther and stop sleeping on it.
      Iron Fist isn’t Iron Fist without Luke. They’re like Starsky and Hutch. LOL.
      I’ll pass on Ant-Man.

  8. The Punisher has the potential to do so much for Marvel. He’s the freaking punisher!!!!if they’re serious about and r rated film use that property. I feel like there’s so much to do with him. He’s on a war path all the time to bring justice. He’s not afraid to use deadly force, which he does a lot. The thomas jane version was great but that 2nd movie was horrible. I hated it. I want the punisher to have his “dark knight”

    • I´m glad I´m not the only one who liked the T. Jane Punisher more than the Stevenson film. IMO the final showdown was fantastic!

      • Agreed, the final showdown was great.

        • Yeah! Suffer, Travolta, suffer! Hahaha…

          • @scapegoat, LOL!!I still keep laughing every time I think of that final showdown, and the guy making the funny noise when he gets the knife shoved through his throat. Or how about the line “You killed me,you killed me” LOL! Nice set up.

    • Yeah, the Thomas Jane Punisher movie was the best of the three Punisher movies so far. But I’m hoping Marvel will find somebody who resembles the Punisher even more than Lundgren, Jane, and Stevenson, and actually hire Garth Ennis for the script. There are a lot of candidates out there.

  9. they need to leave the punisher alone now. its been tried 3 times now and the character does not appeal to the wider audience. i am a big thomas jane fan but also love the stevenson version. neither films were that bad but they just cant draw a different audience in.
    as much as i love joss whedon’s work, i cant help but think the avengers is going to fail, i really dont want it to but i think there is too much in the mix plus i’m not that impressed with the rumoured up “up against the hulk story”.

    • I really, really hope you´re wrong about the Avengers. I´m waiting for that movie since I was 11 years old…

      • dont get me wrong, i really want it to work. its a dream movie for most comic book fans but when something like this has been built up so much it ends up being a massive let down. its gonna boil down to the story and quality of the writers, lets just pray they get it right

        • Yeah, we´ll have to wait and see… But I have faith in Whedon. On Buffy, he proved that he can handle a cast that consists of more than three people…

          • @ scapegoat

            I agree to a point but handling an ensemble cast is part and parcel of any Directors’ skill set.

            Whedon is yet to prove he has a clear understanding of cinematic visual language which is vastly different to episodic TV scripts.

            “Serenity” was good, but still lacked the grandeur of a true cinematic epic such as LOTR which is the level of quality “Avengers” should aim for.

            Hopefully he will prove me wrong and I will humbly eat my words. :-)

            • BTW Cool Avatar! :-)

              • “I agree to a point but handling an ensemble cast is part and parcel of any Directors’ skill set. Whedon is yet to prove he has a clear understanding of cinematic visual language which is vastly different to episodic TV scripts.”

                We´ll see. If The Avengers fails, I don´t blame it on him entirely but on the writers as well. He´s a good director. And as a musician myself, I have a lot of respect for him writing, composing and directing that Buffy musical episode.

                Unfortunately, german TV decided to NOT show the “Firefly” series (for whatever reasons; I´d like to watch it though); I´ve only seen parts of the Firefly movie.

                But I really think, that if there´s one director who can pull it off, it´s Whedon. Favreau proved he could handle Stark, and building to that, I think Whedon is the right guy for the Avengers.

                All of you [Nolan´s Batman films] guys might bash on me now :)

                • I think Whedon will do well, Serenity is an awesome movie in my opinion, that space fight near the end is great.


                  You need to get them on DVD, I haven watched all of the Firefly series yet but what I have watched and the Serenity movie is really good. Does Germany have a Hastings or Best Buy type store over there?

                  • @ Seth: We have a Wal-Mart, but it´s not really compareable to the american Wal-Mart. And before the whole Firefly series appears in Germany, they´d have to dub it. And that´s not gonna happen, because it wasn´t on TV. If it was on TV, the would have made a DVD-Box-set, but they didn´t. IMO that´s a shame. There´s a lot of shows or series that didn´t make it on TV. I´m glad they´ve shown Dead Like Me and Heroes (though I didn´t watch it). My mom is a huge Smallville fan…

                    Maybe I´ll have the chance to watch Firefly on the internet. It´s hard to find it here. Even in the original language…

                    • Ah if I could remember the website, its a partner of youtube that plays movie and tv shows i would tell you….let me find it again. Oh and the box set is just contained in a single DVD case (about 3 dvds) or at least mine is as it only a single season series.

                • We never got the “Firefly” series in Australia either. Would have liked to have seen it.

                  • Firefly was just pure genius TV. I watch the series maybe 3-4 times a year on DVD. Same with Serenity.

            • I think the Watchmen was the perfect example of how to handle an ensemble cast.. Oceans 11 being a better example, but non comic related.
              I think the fights should be done by someone out of Hong Kong like the Yuen clan, Sammo Hung or Donnie Yen.
              Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon’s fights were this side of amazing.. and let’s not forget the Matrix or The Transporter.
              American fight choreographers just can’t grasp the nuances. Often times they’re way too close.. ie Batman Begins. You couldn’t see anything during the fights but shoulders and heads. Luc Besson does a pretty good job too.
              I think the general rule of thumb was Kung fu gets sped up or stays at speed and Karate gets slowed down.
              Anyway, with all the different fighting styles the Avengers use, it’s going to take someone use to large groups fighting.
              Heck.. I think I’ll watch a few Run Run Shaw “Venoms” flicks now!

  10. Now that Disney and Marvel has joined forces, I wish that they could buy the rights of ROM SPACEKNIGHT from Parker Brothers. now that would be a great movie

    till next time

  11. these are gonna be sick

  12. I always liked the idea floated on here some time back (last year maybe?) of Ant-Man being done as a Pixar film. I just can’t see that property being a viable live-action film.

  13. Umm Did her seriously just compare Chris Evans to Harrison Ford? Even people who don’t think that Evans is the worst possible choice for Cap should be bothered by that. There is really no way you can compare the two. Harrison Ford and Evans are in very different leagues. Ford can be Jones and Han because he’s freaking Harrison Ford. Evans is not as talented or as cool as Ford and Fantastic Four was such an epic failure that Human Torch doesn’t even compare to Han or Jones as a character. He also seems to forget that Torch and Cap are both Marvel characters and we are referring to you using the same actor for two characters that your company writes. Star Wars and IJ are very very different universes they couldn’t even theoretically be put together.

    That’s possibly the worst answer to a question I’ve ever seen seriously it would of made him look better if he would of responded “I Like Cookies”

    • @Daniel F LOMAO!!!;P Yeah, that made no sense. That made me imagine seeing Indian Jones running around and whipping Storm Troopers lasers out of their hands within the DeathStar. LOL!!!

  14. I’ve seen all 3 Punisher movies and personally I feel that Thomas jane made the best of the lot. Hopefully, Marvel can convince him to give it another go, but I don’t think it’ll happen. AS for Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds NEEDS to be wade Wilson or I will not see the movie, the guy was born to play Deadpool, and even Wally West, I’m still seeing GL, But the Marvel Movie I’m MOST looking forward too is THOR, The trailer blew me away, if the trailer for Cap Is anything like that then I plan on seeing Cap AT LEAST twice!

  15. “Why Old English dialect being abandoned for the (Thor) movie? ”As much as I love Stan the man’s Shakespearean dialect, we felt it would be over-bearing. However, our director Kenneth Branagh has a great ear for the English language and I think you’ll find that the Asgardian speak is appropriately regal.””

    I am sick and tired of directors screwing with source material because they think it should be different. You can use a subtle Shakespearean dialect and not have is sound like MacBeth staring Mel Gibson.

    This goes right up there with M. Night deciding Ang’s (from the last Air Bender) name should be pronounced “Aang” because he is supposed to be Asian?? /slaps forehead

    • Think about a film THESE days with speech like the original source material in the comics… It might flop.

      • Like I said, they could EASILY have kept the flavor of the dialect without going overboard. I think they do an excellent job with how Thor is portrayed in the new Avengers animated series. Instead the Asgardians all seem to have slight English accents and 21st century Earth dialects. Needlessly disappointing.

        I have also never seen a movie flop because of a dialect being used. Even Hamlet done in the original Old English by Mel Gibson (made a mistake above) It was freakin difficult to understand but still did quite well at the box office.

        If a movie has a good script and is acted and directed well then a dialect should be of no real consequence. Maybe that’s the problem though……there were enough script, acting and directing problems they needed to play it safe?

  16. There’s so much that has been done wrong in the marvel movie universe.
    For instance…

    The Punisher
    The Blob
    The Fantastic Four
    King Pin

    Why such epic fails on such good characters with such amazing movie potential? Quick cash flow on big names. Lame.

    The Punisher with Thomas Jane could have been great if an R-rating would have been pushed and his family dying would have felt more tragic. The death of his family failed to money which left the rest of the movie weak in power of who the punisher is. The ending battle was however still pretty epic.

    Spider-Man…Tobey Macguire…really? I’m a bigger fan of the nerdy and witty spider-man. Not the super nerdy and emo spider-man. Part 1 & 2 were good movies. I actually like them a lot despite TM.

    The Fantastic Four was a complete fail except for the Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom. I think the guy who played Dr. Doom player him well. Also having Lawrence Fishborne as the voice of Silver Surfer was perfect.

    Pheonix.vNo fire? C’mon.

    Sabretooth in X1. Wow. How does a wrestler portray a homicidal maniac? Oh right. He doesn’t. Liev Schrieber did excellent in portraying that even though he may not have had the look that most wanted. I was pleasantly surprised at the how he was true to the characters personality to some degree.

    Deadpool. How do you bend your arms when your blades aren’t out?

    Gambit was just stupid.

    The blob was stupid and a filler character.

    Daredevil. Complete suckfest of cheese. Collin Ferrell was good as bullseye. Everything else sucked. I tried watching it a month or two ago and I felt embarassed to own the movie. Terrible movie.

    Colossus. How do you use such a great character so little and so wrong? Was he even russian in the movie?

    Venom. The ending of Spider-man 3 was it’s only redeeming quality. That movie was a comic book chick flick. I HATE that movie. The whole movie all I wanted to see was Venom. What did I get? 15 minutes at the end of the movie. A great 15 minutes. But still. 15 minutes!! I really hope the Venom movie does go through. In a perfect world it would have carnage and a tie in to a new spider-man movie that doesn’t have a lame peter parker.

    • None of those characters you’ve mentioned were done by Marvel Studios,they were all done by Fox,Sony or Lionsgate. I agree though.

      • He left out Elektra… um.. Nuff Said!

    • Uhhh the Jane Punisher was rated R

    • @ Tim: IMO Dr. Doom was the greatest fail in the FF movies. Even Alba was better…

      • I totally agree. Dr. Doom was reduced to being a joke.

        • Anyone who knows Dr. Doom would hate the guy who played him. Doom should have a slavic accent and be totally ruthless. The best part of FF4 1 was Torch and The Thing.

          • That’s understandable. It’s been a while since I watched FF4 and I am not too familiar with Dr. Doom I wasn’t totally familiar with his true character. I knew he was pretty bad but I never read ff4 faithfully as I did x-men. But you saying that shed much light on the screwjob of his character.

            And on the punisher movie I did forget that was r-rated. It’s been awhile since I watched that movie. But I still stand behind my thoughts on the death scene. It was pretty pg-13 and not as tragic as it should have been. I do still remember enjoying the movie.

            As far as warzone…The Rocket Launcher to the acrobats was so satisfying. Other than that it wasn’t that impressive.

  17. No mention of anything related to Cloak & Dagger? Sad. Kind of liked them when I was young.

  18. @ Tim. I have to agree with you on thh messing up of these characters. Blob, Daredevil, Electra, and Pheonix never been their biggest fan so not too upset about those.
    I actually liked Toby as spiderman in the initial movie. But I was starved for CBMs so I suppose would have liked anything.
    The king pin switch up using Michael Duncan I thought was actually ok, not great but ok.
    Fantastic four not so good.
    Now Sabertooth and Venow, how do you screw these guys up so much? These are scarry guys and in the first X-Men sure he looked intimidating but also as dumb as a post. And Venom I was about as scared of this guy as I am of dust bunnies.
    Finally what they did with one of my favorite characters, Colossus really ticket me off. His intro in X-Men 2 walking into the room, armoring up and throwing those guys throught the wall was awesome. But that was it for him, and changing his nationality what was up with that.
    I have liked most of the CBMs I have seen to some extent at least but it would be so easy to have made them so much better if they had not been so messed wiht. They changed the characters to fit the story instead of making a story that fit the characters.

    • I think he was still Russian in the movie but didn’t have a Russian accent (complete fail). Also, in XMen 3, they totally missed the mark; Juggernaught should have gone up against Colossus, not Wolverine.

      • @kahless, That’s how you know that Fox didn’t really care about character development. How can you have Storm with no African accent but sound like she’s from Atlanta,Georgia,Rogue with an off and on southern accent,Colossus with an American accent, Juggernaught with an Aussie accent, and Dr.Doom sound like he’s from Los Angeles.LOL! Loss of the accents make them lose about 50% of their character personality.

  19. I just watched the Thor trailer. It looks pretty good but Marvel better hope it’s so good that people forget about the disaster that looks to be Captain America.

  20. All the marvel comic movies have been truly lame and disappointing. With years of comic references to go, the producers and directors still find a way to destroy storylines and kill off characters that are no way suppose to die. So, my hopes aren’t high on any of these movies. I will still pay my hard earned money to see them but I expect to be disappointed. Can someone answer me this, How/Why did they destroy the X-Man franchise, if they wouldve followed the story-line of each character, you could have a movie every year and make more money than any other movie franchise. They destroyed the character association for most of the major characters. Wolverine/Sabertooth, wolverine/Lady Deathstrike, Xavier/Juggernaut, Magneto/Rogue, Iceman, Pyro, Galactus, Magneto. They have destroyed everything we know about the major characters.

  21. I’m so glad punisher is War Zone. I would love to see a Moonknight movie, as well as Black Panther Dr. Strange and of course Deadpool. It’s going to be an interesting next few years for Marvel studios

  22. With the New Year so close, I can’t wait for the Captain America trailer. Marvel Studios will start the summer very well with Thor. Fox Studios has a chance to make June huge with X-Men, First Class. If both do very well fans will be pumped for Captain America. The rest may become as they say history, Avengers will be so pumped up by fans that it may become guarded by a Swiss bank before it’s official theatrical release. Edgar Wright is an excellent choice for Ant-Man, Matthew Vaughn is the main reason I will see X-Men and Darren Aronofsky is the reason Wolverine should be Oscar worthy (?). So who to direct IR3? Guy Ritchie… hmmm. I guess what I am getting at is once Thor breaks box office records, Marvel Studios needs to make many of these projects talked about above attached with big name directors i.e., Guillermo del Torro for Dr. Strange a 100% affirmative. Get them this summer and get them to Comic-Con in 2011. This seems to get talent fired up. Jon Favreau did it with Iron Man, other directors could really take Jon’s way of approaching the fans to get them excited about Marvel’s future movies. I like what fans do with speculating but I like hearing someone helm a movie ahead of time like Aronofsky or Wright this gets me excited and interested. Excelsior!!!

  23. Should Marvel decide to do a Moon Knight film, Jon Hamm would be perfect to play the aging mercenary turned superhero.