Unverified Star Trek Plot Points (Possible Huge Spoilers!)

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star trek 11 logo Unverified Star Trek Plot Points (Possible Huge Spoilers!)I have some info from an anonymous source regarding some pretty huge story details about the upcoming J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek movie. The source says that although he believes the information is correct, it is not verified.

The info contains details about how much of a role Spock (he did not specify Nimoy or Quinto) will play in the film, whether any of it takes place at Starfleet Academy, a possibly very major role that has yet to be cast and big, gigantic spoilers concerning the crew and locations.

You have been warned… if you don’t want to read possible plot spoilers do NOT read what’s below!!!


Last chance folks!


The new Star Trek film will focus much more on Spock than on the crew of the Enterprise. Also, the adventure takes place on a USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Christopher Pike(!), with Pike and crew being helped out by Kirk but not until much later in the film. It’s unknown what ship Kirk would be serving on, but he is not yet a captain at that time. There are battles with the Klingons, and we will get to see the maiden voyage of the original Enterprise: NCC-1701. Finally, none of the film takes place at all at Starfleet Academy.

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  1. I have no problem with Spock being the main focus; heck, he’s my favorite character anyway. The ship Kirk was on before Enterprise I believe was the USS Faragut, as he said this in Obsession. I just hope this will make up for Nemesis.

  2. I’m with you guys. If you read this site you know I’m pretty cynical towards a lot of projects, but I am REALLY hoping this one turns out to be great!


  3. Sound good so far.

  4. You know if this is the new story line, I can only say, that I would now LOVE to see this movie. Furthermore, I think that this story line sounds more realistic to the Directors background than any other so far.

    I can’t wait to see the first teaser for it!

  5. It’s going to be quite a while before we see any footage since they haven’t even started filming, unfortunately, but yeah, I’m super curious about this one.


  6. Wasn’t Pike the second captian wasn’t April the frist captian of NCC 1701?

  7. Oh dear, looks like Star Trek New Voyages will remain the better attempt to make more out of the original series.


  8. I did read a while back that they might be taking some liberties with the details of Trek lore.


  9. I keep hearing about the role of ‘Federation Captain’; do they mean ‘Fleet Captain’? WTF?

  10. Yeah Robert April was the first captain of that particular ship. But having Pike as the captain just makes the whole affair much neater by having it fit in with the Menagerie and so forth.

  11. Oh bugger, I just realised what I meant to say was it fit in with The Cage. Sorry about that.

  12. Well, if it’s going to be about Spock and Kirk, Christopher Pike would be the most logical (Shut up, Spock!) choice. Since Leonard Nimoy will be in it, will the movie start off in the 24th century with Spock telling the story about his first encounter with the legendary James Kirk?

  13. I don’t know at this point how they are going to incorporate Nimoy into the story, but one must logically conclude (pun intended) that there will be a time travel element involved.


  14. Aside from the Animated Series, which was (effectively) declared non-canon by the Great Bird, there hasn’t been anything official in TV/film about April being Pike’s predecessor. I believe that it might have been mentioned in the first version of the story ‘guide’, but, I don’t beleive that it went any further than that — officially.

    Yes, it has been referenced in published books. But, technically, though now part of the ST universe, it “ain’t canon”.

  15. I wonder if Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman realize that if they make this film right, they’ll become legends in the minds of Star Trek and science fiction fans everywhere? Personally, I’m hoping they gain that legendary status.

  16. Hey, I’m right there hoping with you. Early on I never thought I’d be rooting for a movie that puts new actors in the iconic roles but I really do hope Abrams and crew pull it off.


  17. Me too Vic. I’m really jonesing to see Constitution class starships on the silver screen.

  18. No doubt! That would be sweet… the updated TOS episodes which I love are just a taste. :-)


  19. What is canon is the fact that Kirk was first an Ensign on board the USS Republic where he wrote up Ben Finney and ruined his career (episode: Courtmartial) then young Lt. Kirk served on board the USS Farragut under Captain Garravick (whom I assume was previously in command of the USS Republic since Kirk said he was his commanding officer since he left the academy. If Abrams doesn’t do his homework then I have a big problem. Also, Winona Ryder as Spock’s mother bothers me since Spock is probably like forty years old due to the Vulcan longer life span and Winona looks not much older than Spock. How can she be his mother? I love the outfits worn in the Cage pilot but messing with the Trek time line is a dangerous thing to attempt.

  20. Tony,

    I’m betting that Winona will play Spock’s mom when he was very young in a flashback scene. As to the finer points you bring up, I have a feeling that a lot of really detailed history will be glossed over in this reboot, but at the very least in the film I can’t imagine Kirk going directly from Starfleet Academy graduate to Captain of his own ship.


  21. Vic,

    These inconsistancies are what ruin it for me. I would rather they just create a different crew of their own than destroy the magic and history of the classic characters. There is no way they can capture the charm and chemistry of the original actors so why go that way? Also, there is no reason to drag Checkov into the story when he would be more like eight or ten years old at the time period. I don’t know if I can back this movie, I really don’t. JJ Abrams isn’t a genius, despite the hype about him, cause Lost has turned into a total mess and MI3 didn’t do that well. Cloverfield was an intriguing experiment whose premise I liked but hardly a great movie writing wise or camera wise. I would like to finally see the definitive Star Trek movie. The Wrath of Khan and First Contact were the best done but modesty aside it might take a nut like me to write it.


  22. Any changes in the timeline can be attributed to the effects of the ‘temporal cold war’, and other things….
    Also, the USS Voyager arrived home early due to a future janeway changing her own history- Perhaps such changes can account for the deletion of Capt April…

    I don’t see the big deal in having Kirk and Spock serve together under Pike, having come straight out of Starfleet. Kirk could have been part of Pike’s crew during the events of ‘The cage’, but was off screen. Canon is not important- Star Trek is entertainment- (and fiction-remeber, all the stories are *made up*, so sticking to rigid canon is stupid)and the best sci fi entertainment as well….

    The franchise needs a reboot, and if it takes a total rewrite of Star Trek history, Im for it

  23. Oh, boy! I seriously doubt we’ll ever see eye to eye on anything if you like the Brannon Braga Voyager and Enterprise time wars junk that sunk the Star Trek franchise to begin with. Since when is continuity not a vital part of good writing? Relying on time travel paradoxes is lazy writing and that has been a staple of Braga’s work. The original series had the greatest sci-fi writers in their prime working on it adding to the mythology in an age when the best sci-fi writing ever was being made. That’s why the original history is so interesting and timeless and the characters so vivid and realistic in our hearts and minds. Just taking the franchise name as was done so unsuccessfully with the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone remakes does not replace talented writing or great chemistry on screen. I’d like to see a great movie, not a rehashing that belongs on crappy TV. Star Trek is about ideas not dumb excuses to get the crew together to get money out of suckers longing for something good. As Levar Burton so aptly told me, Star Trek should move forward, not backwards. My final word on the subject.

  24. Obviously, a Star Trek movie that goes back to the original story of Star Trek is very desirable. Going back to the time when Spock served under Capt. Christopher Pike is also very desirable.

    I do hope that to the dismay or cheering of the audience (among whom I will be) when it debuts at the nation’s theaters that the story will not veer to far away from the original concepts of Gene Roddenberry. I believe that the story should remain true to the original timeline so that the integrity of the original series episodes including “The Cage” are preserved. Anything less than this would be disappointing.

    My belief though is that J.J. Abrams probably thought long and hard about these aspects and I am quite certain in a myriad of meetings that all of the producers, creative people, etc. that the subject of honoring the original timeline was discussed at length.

    I believe that J.J. Abrams is going to do a spectacular job. If he were to fail at this, his future as a movie producer would be in question as millions of trekkies would not forget an attempt to change the Star Trek’s history and lore. I am more than certain that Abrams did think a lot about what he would be presenting to the trekkie faithful.

    Best wishes and congratulations ahead of time to the cast and to J.J. Abrams for being about to give the nation and the world something that we have awaited for many years.


    Francis Louis Charbonneau, Jr.
    Detroit, MI

    • I am told by members of a bar in Grosse Pointe Park, called the Tap Room, that in real life, Mr. Spock is an older woman’s man. He hangs out in Florida and tries to date the many silver haired beauties.

      • I agree

  25. I am told that in real life, Mr. Spock is an older woman’s man. He hangs out in Florida and tries to date the many silver haired beauties.