Untitled J.J. Abrams Project Suddenly Becomes Far Less Intriguing

Published 8 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:42 pm,

Since the trailer for J.J. Abrams’ mystery project appeared out of nowhere a couple of months ago, I must admit I’ve been eager to find out more. Referred to as Cloverfield or simply 1-18-08 – the film’s planned release date – the trailer had me hooked. As a major fan of Lost, I appreciated the lack of details. I loved not knowing.

Then came announcements of a monster destroying New York City.

Now the official title rumors have begun: first Monstrous and now, following that leak, Wreck.

Call me crazy but has the project suddenly become a whole heap less interesting to anyone else? What sounded like an eery, ominous thriller is beginning to sound more like Godzilla with a title to out-lame Hollow Man.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware that it’s the film that counts, not the title. I just kinda liked Cloverfield – since it means nothing to me, in an intriguing way – and 1-18-08 – since it gives you those 9-11 kind of chills, as though the whole world will stop for a moment in time.

Now, it’s just another film. Another Independence Day or The Day After Tomorrow.

Let’s hope I’m proven wrong!

Source: Bloody Disguisting

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  1. Kane,

    I don’t know where you got the idea that it was ever anything but a monster movie. :-) The big mystery has been what form the monster would take in the film.

    “Monstrous” was a pretty cool title, but “Wreck?”



  2. I heard the name was OVERNIGHT (rumored, of course).


  3. 1-18-08 Has in my opinion alot of it “hype” if you will. Especially in it’s ARG community. (Alternate Reality Game)Only because people thought this would be another Lost ARG. Which to me is most of it’s community. There has been more names changes for this movie than P. Diddy himself. But I agree, Wreck is horrible. 1-18-08 as was stated would be perfect. That one day is when the world stopped. When possibly the world would have to unite to stop this common enemy.

    I have high hopes for this. I remember watching the trailer for the first time at the Transformer premier and seeing the reaching (along with me) of the crowd after that trailer was over. It was just enough to make you want to look alittle deeper.

    But, there hasn’t been really anything knew since the poster. To sum up, I agree. The hype and popularity of this film has been shot down.

  4. The problem, I think, is that they started the viral/hype campaign a couple of months too soon. It has already peaked and lost steam and the movie is still 4 months away.


  5. I agree. And I also believe that they didn’t except people to think of it in such terms and now they’re struggling to keep there fan base happy.

  6. I could and likely am way off here, but wouldn’t it be the coolest thing ever to keep the real title of the movie in doubt until the first audiences see it for the first time in the theater?

    I doubted it when rumors said “Monstrous” was the title, and I doubted even more that the title was going to be “Overnight” and I still doubt it now that the current nom-du-jour is “Wreck”.

    It would take an obscene amount of effort to keep it under wraps, but it’s a cool notion nonetheless.

  7. Yup, I think the best thing would be if it ended up being called….



  8. Vic, I knew it was a ‘monster movie’ – though I admit to losing a little interest weeks ago when this was announced – but i thought it might be a little more subtle. You know, like the ‘monster’ in Lost – mysterious and seemingly omnipresent.

    I’m well aware this could still be great… I just thing there’s been a viral marketing misstep if these rumoured titles were put out by the studio. they just make it sound so ‘B-grade’ (in a bad way).

  9. Wow… can you tell i just woke up…? My spelling was crapola just then.

  10. I think the date ought to be the title, and I’ll step forward and say that I think this one will be lame. I’ve never cared for any of the monster movies. The #1 monster on this planet is a human or humans. The #2 monster is a virus. The #3 monster on this planet is nuclear radiation / fallout.

    Filming a movie about a monster these days simple doesn’t do it for me. Abrams won’t get money from me so easily.

  11. Do you have any particular humans in mind? Or is this one of those self-loathing “the planet would be better of without us” posts?


  12. I think it’s a no brainer… isn’t it? I mean, really… there’s no denying humans cause the worst atrocities.

    But… back to the matter at hand…


  13. Vic,

    I’m sure many people would agree that the world’s #1 monsters included the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Ghengis Khan, etc. For the sole reason of trying NOT to turn this into a political debate I’ve left out any current leaders. The #1 monster is a human. Nothing comes remotely close to the death and destruction brought about by people.

    Viruses are often times a swift and effective killer but we’ve gotten a lot better about controlling them and quarantining people in infected areas. Viruses were once a force to be reckoned with. These days they are the stuff of science fiction because in reality they have a low death count as opposed to #1.

    Nuclear radiation / fallout is #3 though we as a human race have very little exposure to it. We’ve seen what the bombs of WWII did, but we have no modern examples of this monster with which to compare the other two. Perhaps it’ll remain that way, perhaps it won’t. The movie, “Right At Your Door” is certainly one I’ll watch.

    Abrams might just be making this film for kids or something. He can’t honestly believe that adults in this day and age will see this as anything more than lame.

  14. Wreck?

    I’m guessing it’s a monster….


    That eats people.

    Well, more probable than sentient black smoke.

  15. Brian,

    Thanks for clarifying. I thought you might have meant something different.

    Regarding people not wanting to see a monster movie: If it’s an ENTERTAINING monster movie, people will show up. :-)