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While we do have an Unstoppable review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Unstoppable spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. simple smile Unstoppable Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. My only complaints about the were the inevitable “Corporate response”
    and some of the silly “News Coverage”.
    I also thought they were sretching it with shots of the supporting characters responding to seeing their loved ones on screen.
    But Pine Washington and Dawson did a good job and the action is really great.

  2. Why was Family Guy on in the morning?

    • TiVo

      • Probably.

  3. I work for the company that was the “inspiration” for this film and I too was disheartened by the corporate response displayed in the movie. Guess they felt a villain was needed and since Big Bad Mr. Corporation is a easy mark they went with that.

    There was so much factual railroad inaccuracies in this film it was laughable but it sure did entertain.

    BTW, if anyone working for any railroad were to ever have their cellphone turned on, much less talk on it while in the yard or driving an engine, would be fined by the FRA up to $10k PERSONALLY!

    • But does the FRA see everything? We have the same policies here at the Airport but unless some one is pointing it out or the FAA actually catches them then nothing happens. Is there some link you can direct me/us too for a non movie account of the facts? I’ve never heard about this incident.

  4. awesome movie, was on edge during most action scenes. everyone was great.

  5. Scorching movie, incredibly intense! It doesn’t matter that you know how it will all pan out, you still remain riveted. I didn’t expect realism, and God knows, the plot devices were very Hollywood, but the place, the people felt very, very real. It was so refreshing to see this side of America in a Hollywood movie. The performances were topnotch. Loved, loved Washington & Pine. The others were great too. What can I say, I went for a thrill ride and came out feeling much, much more. Saw it with the bf, now I’m toying with the idea of seeing it again with my gfs from work.

  6. This movie had one GIANT flaw — come on; in reality, the way it ended with the guy driving along side and Pine jumping in is the FIRST thing that the police/fire would do!!! So then we wouldn’t even of had a movie, would we!?
    Don’t get me wrong, the action and the camerawork was great; just the idea was flawed from the start. There is no way that any train company would let their train go ‘runaway’ and unmanned for that long a distance, especially through ‘town after town’. Like I stated before, they would have done the simple thing (the common sense thing) right away. So in essence, this movie really insults our intelligence.

    • Well the entire thing took place in the span of what, an hour and a half? I wouldn’t have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t be able to get their act together that quickly. And also in the film, they were going by what the company said – and they assumed that the derailing would work.


      • Well we must put into account here, The first few milesof the trains journey out of station it was a lil-known coaster and the idiots at station didint get PHP onto the phone and told em it was just a coaster and they would stop it

        I assure you if they knew it was under power for the whole movie and not just a hour into the movie, They probually wouldove done that the first chance they got.

    • In the actual event the movie is based on, the train traveled 71 miles before someone was able to get into the cab. The only difference is that, in the real event, the train was in the process of being slowed and the guy ran along side and jumped on.

  7. As a locomotive engineer, this movie is a bad joke. First, the TV trailer says “1,000,000 tons of steel” A million tons? That’s 2 billion pounds! I’ve had coal trains up to 20,000 tons and thought that was bad, but jeez, a million tons?

    This train is what, a half mile long? I’ve pulled longer cuts out of a track with an old crusty 1500 switch engine using just the independent brake.

    I’m assuming that the alerter system was disabled, somehow, so why didn’t these moron cops in the movie just shoot out the main reservoirs on the engines? No main res air = no brake pipe air = brakes apply = train stops (or piles them up 5 high). Simple.

    What a stupid movie.

    • There highway patrol= Automatically retarded.

      Next thing you know next movie they do this kind of deal off of there just be placing the SWAT armoured car infront of the tain and hoping it stops it.

  8. 1206 puts out 2000 hp not 5000. It was an old unit. 777 puts out about 4400 hp. Even if the air was not hooked up the alerter will time out and stop the unit from loading. But there were a lot things that were close to real facts. I liked it and it was fun to watch.


  10. If the dead man switch is not activated, brakes or no brakes, the engine shuts down. At the most, it will coast. My husband and father-in-law design and test the signaling systems for these things and for transit/commuter rail in the US and abroad. Possibly, this was different in 2001 (haven’t asked him about that) – but there is no need to fear this happening in real life – not possible. The movie was, as are many of Denzel Washington’s, politically driven, as our know-it-all Congress, led by the ignorant, knee-jerk, Nancy Pelosi, at the time, mandated all rail lines to install positive train control systems by the end of 2015…all because of the guy that texted and ran through a red light. Watch for the financial repercussions of this, as well as potential shutdowns of freight lines who don’t comply. Transit systems that don’t already have it will need even more taxpayer dollars that aren’t there. The effects on our nation’s macro- and micro-economies is uncertain. There simply will not be enough money or manpower to accomplish their uneducated pipe dream. The signal design world is an elite group of engineers in the US, with three major companies – Union Switch & Signal out of Pittsburgh, GE Transportation and Alstom, a French-owned company w/ American operations based in Rochester, NY. My husband has worked for all three, recruited by the second two and is constantly being headhunted by consultant firms all over the country. There are very few people in the country who can do what he does and he is already swamped with current and pending projects for extensions to lines in major US cities. As for the rest of the movie, too many flaws to name but, that’s Hollywood. It is not, after all, a documentary. That said, once you set aside the subtle (and, might I add, largely yet intentionally preparatory political propaganda, it was an entertaining flick.

  11. That should have read, “and, might I add, largely foreign to the average moviegoer), yet intentionally….”

  12. this movie is a joke. 1 million tonnes of train? lol!

  13. the way they tryed the stop the train the first try with that dude and the 2 cars

    ” one person could have jumped from the back of the one on too 777 instead of using helicoptors and make it difficult. “

  14. What story does will colson tell about his wife banging his sister in law?