Not One, But Three More Underworld Movies?

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underworld 4 5 6 a second underworld trilogy Not One, But Three More Underworld Movies?

If you thought the news of Underworld 4 coming our way in 3D was a surprise, how about the idea of an entire new trilogy of Underworld films!

According to Ryan Rotten at, insiders have informed him that Sony’s Screen Gems is looking to launch not one new film, but three. Interestingly, the report claims that they’re looking at the story centering in on the character of Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale in the original two Underworld films.

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but bringing back the hot star of the first two is what many fans wanted instead of the Rise of the Lycans prequel.

Will this take place also before the first Underworld or will it follow her after the events of Underworld: Evolution? Could this mean that Scott Speedman will be back as well and we’ll get to see what happens with the characters after the crazy ending of Evolution?

Ryan also points out that Patrick Tatopoulos, who’s worked on all three films and directed the third, will not be back for the fourth installment due to his other commitments.

Like I mentioned in the comments of our last Underworld post, these films are very easy to finance with their $25-35 million dollar budgets and they’ve generally banked around $100 million at the box-office. So, it’s an easy decision to move forward with more, especially if they can bring back the star which I mentioned was important. We need some familiar faces returning and they’ve done a solid job of tying each film to the previous.

Let’s hope they continue with the same and we get more than just an excuse to sell another 3D gimmick. I want story and action.

What do you think of three more Underworld films, possibly all in 3D?


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  1. Unfortunately it will probably take place after “Underworld Evolution” even though I think a film about Vampires vs. Werewolves is best fought with swords and not guns, but whatever I’ll most likely end up seeing them anyway.

  2. If Kate is in it..I’ll see it.

    Even better in 3D.

  3. well the director of the 1st two underworld films, i supposedly working on getting a Gears of War Movie to the Big screen.
    id see another underworld film.
    i really LOVED the 1st film. the 2nd was OK, and the 3rd served its Purpose.
    i realy enjoy the story that these films has told and id love to see some more depth for a few charecters.

  4. Vampires make money these days. Says alot about our society.

  5. I’m all for it.
    I’m a big fan of the Werewolves genre since the TV show “Werewolf” debuted back in 1987. For me that series finally captured what a werewolf should look like in a movie/tv show.

  6. Ok why do we need 3 more movies? Unless its going to focus on Events before the first underworld I think its over kill. Plus if Beckinsale is not in it (like people cried over her not being in rise of the lycans, WHEN THE DAMN THING WAS ABOUT SONJA and LUCIAN), there will be more crying and it will get a bad rap. Personally Rhona Mitra looks better than Beckinsale, the only thing Beckinsale has on her is chest.


  7. I love these movies,but there really isn’t much more of the story to tell after the events of Evolution without making up some contrived plotline just for the sake of making one.

    I agree with The Critic,the whole vampire genre is cashing in hand over fist these days,But I think the Underworld series was a little quick out of the gate,and now they are trying to get a bigger slice of pie than they would’ve if the first movie would’ve come out about 2 or 3 years ago,at the earliest.

    But alas,like many others feel,as long as Kate is in it,I’ll see it.

  8. I’m hoping for a SpeedBeck reunion.

  9. I never thought I’d say this b/c I was sneaking and reading Anne Rice books and anything vampire I could fine well before I was old enough. . . but vampires are being over done. It’s like when a band you love gets “big”. You are happy for them but cringe at the thought of having to share the floor at a concert w/a screaming 14yr old girl.

  10. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different interpretations of the Vampire culture. I think you can never get enough Vampire/WereWolf movies. Think of Gary Oldman’s interp, Gerard Butler’s, Tom Cruise’s and Pattinson’s. All so different yet
    all lovely performances.

    Can never have enough supernatural creatures, I say.

  11. It all depends on whether they have a fresh story to tell. Frankly, I’m skeptical. Like others, I find the concept of an Underworld film in 3-D a bit too gimmicky. I don’t expect much from that, but would I balk at a chance to see Beckinsale put the black leather back on? Of course not! Hello!

  12. I’ll keep watching only if Scott & Kate are back.

  13. Heck yes,…..LET’s GO!

  14. Wow, I’m in. Let’s bring it on. I’m ready…

  15. I’d definitely want to see all three, and I agree with SIN187UM Rhona Mitra is by far hotter than Kate! Whatever the plot I’ll be there.
    Now, if we really want SERIOUS vampires, why not Brian Lumley (Necroscope series)? His vampires make any other vampires look like pussycats with wings!

  16. for me theres nothing to do after evolution. im not very intrested with seeing kate/scott speedmen anymore. if anything i want this trilogy to be focused on lucian.
    reviews of the films
    underworld 4/5
    evolution 3/5
    rise of the lycans 4.25/5( Ive never gone in between 4 and 4.5 but i cant decide between the 2)

  17. Remember the second movie. The oldest and strongest. Alexendra C. told Selene (The death dealer). As She bites him wrist, She said what will I become. His reply “The Future”! I really enjoy all three Underworld movies. Who plays Sonja in third wasn’t bad at all. She did a good job. But, I still think Kate Beckingsale is the best actress in Underworld movies. If anymore comes out. I’m in for ride to movies and also will buy the movie. I have all first three for collections. Later, Todd Out

  18. Yes plz. Make 3 or 10 more Underworld Movies. They are great!!! The movies are full of action, & are extremely interesting. Keep in touch.

  19. I love underworld,I wish they could make five more movies with Kate and Michael.

  20. I would love to have more underworld movies. Honestly, with having underworld 4 end with such a cliff hanger they cannot just end the series with that still unsolved. In underworld 5 i would hope to have Selene and Micheal back but if they can’t/don’t want to act in the 5th movie anything better then nothing. Even though the movies aren’t that huge compared to the big box office hits these days i love it how its somewhat underground but still makes money. Please make another underworld =)

  21. I think they should… and make them like the frist one and like evolution where the vampires kick werewolf a**. Also showing amliea fighting more would be good. Since she is said tobhold great power like Viktor

  22. And besides regardless of what negative people have to say underworld is a pretty good sucess considering the fan base. Keep getting larger. And box office reports are good too. Who knowsit minght be as good as star wars movie’s ifbthey do 3 more. I know i would pay to see all 3 of them many times over.

  23. I really enjoyed all of them, the third one was different than I expected but still an amazing job. After #4 they can take it I’m a lot of different directions. I’d like to see Amelia as well. I know she is dead but so was David in the fourth one. It was Alexander’s blood that Kate beckinsale had been given that brought him back. So Alexander could have easily brought Amelia back after he retrieved her body. It would be very interesting to see her to get a big role, maybe she ends up helping the werewolves and hunts vampires for her own personal vendetta. Her and the lovely Kate cross paths and end up fighting. Throw some new major werewolf character in there and have them work with the vampires, that way you have some uneasiness and trust issues. This would be something I’d definitely watch, whether it be my idea or not. I just LOVE the underworld series.

    • No they cant have a elder the dogs…. amileas haterd for the lycans is as much as viktors was. They are thought of nothing but beast born of savagery and victory over them is to be expected. I think if they were going to have Zita Gorog is the next one, she played Amliea, they would have her try and find thevnew world coven which she was leaving from in the frist underworld. So she would be supporting kate, but wpuld be to found of micheal.

  24. Hell ya but when are they coming out u all knew it could be about what happen in the begaining after evoltion and after awacking selen knows mike is a leave and she gone after him the big ? Whan is it coming out

  25. okay people!!! is there going to be a 6th underworld???!!!! cuz i love them!!!!<3 write back please!!!!!

    • yes for sure there is going to be a 6th one. Possibly called Underworld battle. And they are talking about making 2 more after that, i am hoping theose 2 center morw in mid evil times like rise of the lycans. They should center more on the death dealers hunting down and destorying william and his werewovles. Then show up till underworld how they then hunt the lycans to the brink of extinction.

  26. I really love the Underworld trilogy! Who doesnt love vampires and werewolves! If there going to make more Id be really happy and hope they make them fast but take there time to make it awesome like the others ;). they always leave it at a cliff hanger LOVE IT!!!! Selene is the best and love Micheal , wasmso glad that they where paired together, and love the daughter!!!

  27. Hmm … Amelia coming back and battling Michael is possible, but I’d like to Sophia Myles Erika coming back – a lot of potential there IMO. She had plans – but we never found out where they went … she could find Kravens remains, if the doctor who Viktor killed injected himself with Michaels blood as well you have an opening there … and it can’t be just a bunch of vampires in one house, there must be more covens …