‘Underworld 4′: Story Details, Sequel Talk & What Brought Beckinsale Back

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Underworld Awakening Logo Underworld 4: Story Details, Sequel Talk & What Brought Beckinsale Back

A handful of movie sites (not Screen Rant) were invited to the set of Underworld: Awakening earlier this year, in order to see what the latest installment of the supernatural action/horror franchise would have to offer.

Among the many goodies that came out of the visit were updates on how this new chapter will tie to previous installments of the Underworld franchise, what new characters and twists are in store for fans, and what the possibilities for Underworld 5 will be after the credits roll on chapter 4. Of course, there are also the matters of the cast, crew and the cutting-edge 3D format to address as well – including word from franchise star Kate Beckinsale on why this sequel was actually worth returning for.

First up, producer Richard Wright – who has produced every chapter of the Underworld franchise thus far – talked about where this fourth film will pick up, and how the story came about:

Wright: Well, [Underworld creator Len Wiseman and star Kate Beckinsale] are married, as I’m sure you know,  so we’re not always privy to what goes on in the Wiseman/Beckinsale household, but Len basically came up with the general idea, and we got the original script for the final idea last December of 2009. And while the basic story was good…the Kate Beckinsale character has been in cryogenic suspension for fifteen years, and that she wakes up in a future world where the existence of vampires and werewolves has been made known to the humans, there’s been a counterattack, there’s been a genocide, and a purge to try to remove all the vampires and the werewolves from the face of the Earth.

And there has been a company that has taken the forefront of testing people – because both vampires and werewolves can appear in almost human form – a company has evolved, or come to power, so to speak, because of their role in being able to test whether people are vampires or werewolves. That company has become pretty much all powerful: a biotech company that has amassed enormous political power, and they are the company that has been holding her for nearly fifteen years. There’s a prologue that explains all of what we’ve just gone through, for the first ten minutes of the movie, then there’s a cut to black, and now we’re fifteen years later. And for us in the movie, and for the character Selene, there’s been no missing time at all. She realizes…as she breaks out of the confinement that she’s been in, she gets back out into the world and as she goes through the world, and starts picking up clues, “Wait a minute, this is not the time that I thought it was, it’s fifteen years in the future,” and this one location…the last thing that she remembers is at this one location, she goes back to that location and it’s completely different now. Then she starts to put together…that somehow she’s been confined, and for a reason, she’s not sure why. So a lot of the film is actually structured as a mystery. She’s trying to piece together what happened, who did this to her, and why.

For a quick tease about Selene’s new time-displaced predicament, check out the Underworld: Awakening teaser trailer:

Addressing the question of how many new characters vs. returning characters would be featured in Awakening, Wright dropped some MILD SPOILERS:


Wright: There are almost no old characters at all. I mean, there’s Kate and then there’s Michael…you know, the Scott Speedman character…his character plays a role in the film [though Wright added he's not actually "back" in this film], and then the idea is that he would come back in the fifth one….As a franchise evolves there are inevitably going to be new characters who come in, also we keep killing off our characters, so it’s hard to have them come back, although we have figured out how to do that on more than one occasion (laughter). But Michael Ealy, I would hope that we would see his character in subsequent films. There are other characters that you will recognize that you will see in this film that we would hope would carry forward.


Continuing along the some line of thinking, check out what Wright had to say about future installments of the franchise, starting with Underworld 5:

Wright: Once you’re doing #4, you can’t stop yourself from thinking there will be a #5. As of now #5 has not been greenlit, there’s no script, there’s no approved story. I think if we were to do it, we’d have a pretty good idea of who the characters will be, and what the basic timeline would be. I think it would take place after #4, but there would have to be a lot of different variables that would have to be worked out. Kate would have to agree to come back. She didn’t want to do the third one, so the fourth one was a return for her. I shouldn’t say she didn’t want to do the third one: she didn’t do the third one. So she would have to agree to do a fifth one. As with any actor, doing to the same role over and over again is not always the most attractive thing. Kate will have to sit with you…you’ll have to talk to her and get her own reaction about that. But it’s not the most immediate and attractive thing for an actor to play the same role multiple times. But this is still an iconic role, and I think that she inhabits the movie, and it’s impossible to imagine what this series of films would have been like without her.

Underworld Awakening Trailer Underworld 4: Story Details, Sequel Talk & What Brought Beckinsale Back

But as Kate Beckinsale tells it, the impossible (as referred to by Wright) almost indeed occurred:

Beckinsale:  I really wasn’t intending to do another one.  I kind of always heard that it was a trilogy and that was that.  I didn’t like the idea of rehashing the same whole thing too much.  I think also have played the part twice.  I’ve never played the same part even twice before.  So I thought that doing it for the third time was like, “Where would you take it where it is worth doing?”  Len [Wiseman] is a really great husband and has learned to just ignore his wife going, “No.” and just quietly write a script for a couple of years and then say, “Actually, I have had this pretty good idea.”  The fact that it opened up the world a lot and had it come into the real world. The whole presence with a daughter was such a different take that I was sort of going, “Okay.  That is interesting.”  It is nice.  It’s like our family business.  How many actors get to have that?  It’s like everybody is wearing rubber.

Regarding that “interesting” take on a new story which lured Beckinsale back to the role:


Beckinsale:  What is interesting during the movie is that the circumstances in which Selene has a child are such that she isn’t aware that she has been changed by it all for quite a long time.  She isn’t even aware that it has happened.  We go on that journey with her where someone who isn’t necessarily your most maternal type finding that she not only has a child, but it is a relatively quite a big child…I think different things are happening to her and she has learned to become very cold.  I don’t think she is somebody that things don’t affect.  Even in the first movie she is the one that is sort of getting obsessed about things.  It may appear that way a bit, but she is quite the badass in this movie too.


For more on the story, 3D effects and dual-directing team helming the film, head over to any one of the sources listed below.

Underworld: Awakening will be in theaters on January 20, 2012.

Sources: MTV, HitFix, Collider, BD Horror News

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  1. I must say I absolutely love the Underworld films, can’t wait to see this one :)

  2. Liked the previous movies and will be there for this one as well. I hope they have the Vamps doing more than shooting and dying. It would be nice to see them be the bad asses vamps are suppose to be and not just werewolf fodder.

  3. I just don’t see how she could be stopped, considering she inherited the stretch of the first immortal… and sense all the other firsts are dead, she would be teh strongest thing on earth by a long shot.

    i’ll still see it though for sure

  4. love these film the y have great story, and are bring in new interesting characters and are not afraid to kill a character off, and that makes the story better too. hope this film does really good, and they do a sequel and speedman return and kate beckinsale. after the fifth film i still hope they do a marcus/william and victor/corvinus origin story prequel. i have been wanting to see that since evolution marcus, and william are very interesting characters and im sure have a deep story, and emilia could be fleshed out a bit as well.

    • ugh yes!!!! i totally agree.

  5. cant wait for this 1 hope theres another movie after this =DD

  6. I’m all over this opening day! I can NEVER get enough of Kate!!

  7. Kate is the most beautiful vampire ever. I love her. I will watch her films, all of them.

    • Heck yeh she`s beautiful! Liked her in vanHelsing also. She could bite me and turn me if she wants. lol! p.s wish vampire diaries would make their werewolves like these and not like small sled dogs.

  8. I am quite shocked at this idea of the Vampires and Lycans being hunted by Humans. I think that bringing Humans more into the storylines will ruin Underworld.

  9. While I absolutely loathe 3D films, seeing Kate in a tight rubber suit this way will put me in a seat. She is soooooo fine!

  10. I thought Underworld was all about Lycans vs Vampires? The underworld franchise was built around Lucian, and Victor. Now instead of doing another sequel, which wasn’t needed, they should’ve done another prequel following the rise of the lycans, and do the backstory of Lucian some justice.

    Humans hunting lycans and vampires? Am I supposed to believe they’ll even put up a fighting chance? This sounds too much away from the underworld storyline, and sorta just recreating a new timeline.

  11. I’ll just watch it for the puppies (Yeah – I’m a Lycan fan)

  12. Been a fan since the first movie, thank God the franchise is not dead and Kate is returning for more! Really really excited to watch this, and the succeeding ones! I’m sure her child is unstoppable, being the son of Lycan hybrid and Selene!

  13. you guys just made my year. i was all bummed cuz nothing good was coming out (minus avengers). loved the third movie though that was actually my fave. but badass chicks with guns are so hot. please come back for a 5th! i just hope they dont start going a little resident evil with the whole biotech company

  14. I love Kate Beckinsale’s Vbazygry
    I West Kate Beckinsale

  15. I love Kate Beckinsale and her acting
    I love Kate Beckinsale
    I am Hassan Ali Ardeshir

  16. I understand that Scoot Speedman is not in the movie, but the character, Michael Corvin plays a “role” as some sort of driving force, as Selene searches for him.
    In the trailer, someone states that something else also escapes from the facility, any idea who or what this may be?

    As far as Michael go; I sincerely hope that the character will not be killed off eventually, as Selene without Michael is like YIN without YANG.
    I wouldn’t want Michael Ealy’s character replacing The Hybrid Michael Corvin.
    Remember there has NEVER been one like him before.

    Also, I also would not want Selene “depowered” after drinking the First Immortal’s blood and effectively becoming a ‘daywalker’. That would suck!!

    I am curious as to what powers the daughter would have.

    • agree to everything you said! i really want Scott Speedman to reprise his role!!! and her being a daywalker, seriously, she went to so much trouble to become it but it just disappears? i hope not! Eve, her daughter is a nice addition! love this series!

  17. i’ve always hoped for a fourth one since the third one was prequel to the first and micheal and selene wasn’t present…so im pretty excited for this one……

  18. I think the fact that she was actually captured after gaining the strength from Alexander Corvinus is rather odd. Considering she effectively became as strong as Michael at that point, for if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have stood a chance against Marcus. I see no reason for her to have anyone to fear at this point, though it almost seems from the previews that shes at the same level as she was in the first movie. Also odd that Michaels gone and would have killed anyone who tried to hurt Selene anyway, but I am very interested to see what this reason is. I love the movies,and hopefully this one will turn out just as good because Kate and Scott rock!

  19. I ABSOLUTLEY think there should be a #5. Kate, plays the best part for that and I believe that if she was replaced with someone trying to play her part, it wouldn’t be the same. At least make the fifth one and be done with it then!! =)

  20. Loved the movie but I’m so bummed. I’m a sucker for “happily ever after” and when Michael didn’t come to help out in the last fight or anything but just took off even when he had a vision through his daughters eyes (maybe thinking it was Selene as she thought it was him when it happened) and still took off was sad ending for me. It can’t end like this there must be a #5 where they can all be together and the coolest power family, wipe everyone out. And be there start of a new race, the hybrids!

  21. Loved the movie! I really, really hope Kate decides to do the fifth one. Though I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get a glimpse at Selene’s new powers or Eve’s..
    But still what a kick-a** family!
    Michael – First ever hybrid
    Selene – Well, she’s ace
    Eve – 1/4 lycan, 3/4 vampire

  22. Firstly I would like the say that I love the UNDERWORLD franchise. .
    Vampires against Werewolves; although I had inherent problems with it.
    Why was Lycans allergic to silver?? Why could Vampires not walk in sunlight?
    The races were viral and biologically derived from a bat and a wolf.
    Wolves are not allergic to silver. Bats can fly in the sun.
    So why was that an issue??
    They were not the supernatural/paranormal types of European folklore and myth.
    That being that.

    Back to Underworld Awakening.
    The very first Vampire-Lycan Hybrid and the Vampire with Immortal Blood gets captured???
    Highly unlikely, but very convenient.
    I must say that the most of the franchise are biased towards Vampires. Only with Rise of the Lycans some balance was restored.
    Once again in AWAKENING, Vampires are the “good guys” and Lycans are the “bad guys”. I was very disappointed when I realised that this is how the movie will turn out. Selene fighting the “Big Bad Wolf”.

    Will we see Michael anytime soon? I doubt it. Finding Michael will be the driving force for maybe a TV series or something.
    The goal at the end of the movie was to restore the Vampire Covens. What about the Lycan Packs?
    Where is the common enemy sold to us by the trailers?
    With regards to Selene’s Immortal powers? What can she really do? Besides kick-starting dying Vampires?
    I would have loved seeing both Selene and Michael evolve.
    Selene has no Lycan Blood, but gets the Original Immortals’ Blood and besides being able to walk in the sun and a power boost, what can she show for it?
    Michael is a Corvinus and a Lycan-dominant Hybrid. The first of a kind. I would have thought the Werewolves/Lycans would rally behind him.
    In all honesty, it was a bit disappointing. No Michael and just aristocratic Vampires against the Bad Wolves.
    Selene is a bit narrow-minded and one dimensional, and at times the acting are actually poor.
    Rather watch X-Men.

  23. i really liked the fourth movie i was glad that it changed things up a bit how many movies can they do about the same thing. i was upset micheal never showed up though and that they are talking about not doing another. i think if your gonna leave a movie like that you have to make another its an extreme tease. it totally left it open for number five. and kate sorry dear everyone loves your role you need to get over it and do number five. it feels like the the films arent over like your reading a good book and someone ripped out the last page. micheal needs to come back and they all need to live happily ever after. if there having trouble thinking of a plot just mak it about everyone after them three and in the end humans and lycans all become bfffffss theres an ending.

  24. it was awesome! will the be another one with kate beckinsale? no one else can do it like her!!

  25. Amazing movies, I have kept up with all of them since the first one came out and I have liked everyone of them. At least do the 5th and stop but I hope you go until 12.