Underworld 4 Gets Swedish Directors

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underworld 4 directors Underworld 4 Gets Swedish Directors

With the vampire genre as strong and infused with pop culture as its ever been, it’s no surprise that Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment are working to bring back the Underworld franchise. All three movies to date, including the prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans which didn’t feature Beckinsale, have proven profitable on relatively lower budgets and earned a strong niche for their unique style and perspective on vampire/werewolf lore.

After an extended period of rumors and fan wishes, Kate Beckinsale is confirmed to return in Underworld 4, a movie which is hoped to spawn a second full Underworld trilogy. Now comes news that Swedish directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein have signed on to direct.

Heat Vision has the exclusive on on the franchise’s newest directors, who take over for Len Wiseman, the man behind the first two films starring Beckinsale, and Patrick Tatopoulos who took over for the Martin Sheen-centric prequel, Rise of the Lycans. With Swedish horror success stories like Let the Right One In earning praise and popularity in North America and an American remake, it’s easy to understand why Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein’s work on the Julianne Moore starring horror-thriller Shelter helped earn them the Underworld gig.

They’ll be working off the script by John Hlavin (The Shield) with revisions made by J. Michael Straczynski ( Babylon 5, Ninja Assassin). Production is set to begin in Vancouver next March with a likely early 2012 release – the last two installments opened in January.

underworld 4 3d Underworld 4 Gets Swedish Directors

Will franchise regulars such as Bill Nighy make an appearance in the 3D Underworld 4?

We don’t yet know what story Underworld 4 will begin to tell or if other familiar faces will be making a return. Assuming it takes place post-Underworld: Evolution, it would make sense for Scott Speedman to return in some capacity while most other franchise characters (played by Bill Nighy, Martin Sheen, etc.) had met their doom at that point. But who or what will Selene, the vampire huntress, be combating this time around (in 3D)?

What do you want to see in Underworld 4?

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  1. I still wish this was another prequel. RotL (IMO) was the best in the series, and I’m more interested in seeing a film about Vamps vs. Werewolves set in the dark ages, than in the modern day. Although,I’m curious to see where the story goes now that all the elders have been killed off.

    • I agree the RotL was the best of the 3. I actually enjoyed the first one more when I watched it after seeing RotL.

      Overall the series is pretty mediocre though

    • I get a kick out of all of your comments Little Monster. Because you look like some lonely nerd in your profile picture and you always pretend you are a big movie buff.

      Rise of the Lycans was good as a prequel, but disappointing in the fact that fans of the series got interested in the character of Selene and Micheal. They give this big setup for the third film by revealing that sunlight doesn’t effect Selene anymore.

      I hear about the third film and what do you know, it’s a freaking prequel.

      And how could they do another prequel anyway? The original prequel was the tell the tale of what started the war. Mission accomplished in my opinion, because they showed the oppression of the Lycans and what Victor did to his own daughter to punish Lucien and his daughter for making a hybrid baby (that died when the mother did).

      • Wow what a douchebage. Well, I’m done with site. I keep forgetting the readers are a buch of ass-holes.

        • Gary, Little Monster,

          Guys – what’s going on? What’s with the angst. Can’t you guys just agree to disagree?


          • Wow…

            • Lol wow don’t leave Little Monster, Gary is just a jerk. He doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

        • @Vic and the rest of the Screen Ranters

          I appologize for my profanity. It’s just annoying when someone can’t take an OPINION on a movie.

      • Gary,

        I didn’t see anything in LM’s post that deserved the sort of snide response that you gave him.

        I don’t care if you disagree, but there’s no need to be caustic and rude.


      • Gary, next time you post look two lines up from where you’re typing. There’s this little line:

        Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

    • I want to know the background of all the main characters, how they came to be, we know about Lucian, i want to know about Amelia, Marcus, and the rest of them, they can generate 5-6 trilogy’s of of those stories alone.

  2. Contrary to Little Monster above me, I wasn’t all too happy with the prequel RotL. I personally enjoy the modern day Vampires Vs. Werewolves because the dark ages or in-the-past story with both genres has been done many times. It was something new.

    I loved the first two equally and can’t wait to see the new one. And I personally feel that this is another type of movie that would be good in 3D (personally along with Resident Evil: Afterlife & Jackass 3D).

    • I agree Sin.

      What the first 2 Underworld films did was show what was going on right under our noses. In a modern world where everyone “knows” that vampires and werewolves are fiction, here’s a full blown war between the alleged fictional demons going on without any human being none the wiser. That’s what worked about those films.

      Besides, no one can say that they didn’t enjoy Kate Beckinsale soaking wet in a tight leather outfit at the beginning of the first film shooting up a subway killing Lycans.

      And Sin, didn’t it tick you off that they ended Underworld: Evolution with the surprise that Selene was no longer effected by sunlight? I was hoping for some big thing in the third film where now all of the vampires are after Selene and Micheal to discover how Selene has that new ability and how they could get it themselves.

      Hopefully the 4th film touches on this, but we’ll have to wait and see.

      • No Wiseman directing..I have lost hope for it either way.

  3. I don’t care if this is in 3D or not, cause i can’t watch it anyway.
    i loved all the movies really, and I’m looking forward to this :)

  4. lookin forward to this

  5. Kate can bite my neck any day of the week.

    Good to have her back!

    • Agreed. I, unlike some here, didn’t care so much for the prequel as I did the others. Part of that reason was because of no Kate. I enjoy Kate Beckinsale (and she’s nice on the eyes :) lol). I’m definitely glad to see she’s returning for this one. Just didn’t feel right without her.

  6. maybe gary and little mOnster are vampire and lycan ,LMAO!!

    • One is too overly emotional for either, I wont say what one. :)

      • they both need their diapers changed LMAO1

        • Not helping.


  7. I Want Kates rubber outfit lol

  8. Geek alert: I play roleplaying games. At the time the first film came out I was into a lot of Vampire: The Masquerade (actually in the middle of a story that lasted almost two years of real time, loads of fun.)

    I remember White Wolf (publishers of said game) suing Sony over copyright infringement. At the end the whole party of us players caught dinner and the universal opinion was “What the hell?” None of us was impressed with the show, and in fact we had gotten our hopes up that it _would_ be like the books we knew so well, and we got… that.

    Hmmm… ooh, Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid… to me it’s about at thrilling as sparkles. Maybe they should bring in Stephanie Meyer, it might spice up the show’s emotional content.

    It’s not _terrible_, but nothing in the Underworld series has ever thrilled me. Now, if there had been a _reason_ for that damned lawsuit, the film series might be a whole hell of a lot better.

  9. I have been thinking about his for awhile.
    I just wanted to make it clear there are TWO guys named Gary who post at this site.
    The above comments were not mine.
    So from now on you can call me Gary S. So ther is no confusion .

  10. Everyone always expects an OSCAR caliber movie in here! Whether its comedy,drama. Horror,Thriller or action! Just enjoy life is short!
    Though you are free to give your opinion but bottomline no one will force you to watch these movies either!LOL!!

    • kissjonez,

      But imagine how awesome these movies would be if they actually tried to make them that good.


    • kissjonez..i never expected anything from the movies lol. Personally my favorite of the three is the first one. :)

  11. i hope to see more cool new characters, and maybe after this get to finally see the origins film about the corvinus family and maybe see more marcus, william,victor,the other vamp chick, and williams n marcus father. but still cant wait to see this, and and end to the films please no more sequels after this one just a origins prequel, thats the problem hollywood keeps going on and on till they ruin it just end it and do the origins.

  12. Scoot Speedman was not very good in these, and the Villain from the first and the third took over acting to a whole new level.

    But then theres Kate, and wow, theres Kate, and wow there Mitra.

    So yeah, I wouldn’t mind a 4th installment.

  13. well im happy cuz i heard RotL was supposed to be the last one

  14. wow the two guys complaining bout each other…both of u grow up! this is the internet! just as freely as you can comment about anything posted anyone can comment about what you said, who cares, if its your opinion than fine, someone can have an opinion about your own. Dont take it to heart. Seriously why do you let it bother you. Wow! sheesh! I was interested in reading comments about Underworld 4 and all I got was two overly emotional guys complaining. & yes there is no need for another prequel. thats what a prequel is, one film. there doesnt need to be more. the fouth one should leave off where evolution ended, and it probably will, they wont start a whole new story line that doesnt make sense or tie into the previous films. most likely will see flashbacks again featuring the departed elders or whoever. Just as long as kates in it with Scott speedman that im all good. Bring it on.

  15. I, like many other avid Underworld fans.. want to know more behind the history of the war before they continue with some ludicrous story line. Honestly, what is Underworld without Lucian, Viktor? Their roles play(ed) a huge part in the entire series. I’d like to know how Amelia came to power, whois she, The turn of Selene.. Many things that have taken place between Underworld: RotL and Underworld(1). So much has been left in the air after RotL. As the production date comes closer, I doubt we’ll be told these events in the next film. So, guess we have Selene and (whippie-freakin-do) Michael to look forward to. The only thing I ‘HEAR’ we have to look forward to is the rise of Amelia. Wish it was Viktor but hey.. I’ll take what we can get! Till 2012.

  16. I won’t viktor to return or make the movie based on how Amelia become in power. Viktor is my favorite the fourth film should take place where the third left off. It should be about when viktor killed selens dad.