‘Underworld 4′ Plot Synopsis and Title Revealed

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underworld 4 directors Underworld 4 Plot Synopsis and Title Revealed

I know what you’re thinking – there aren’t enough vampire movies being made these days. Truth be told, not only has our culture’s current obsession with undead bloodsuckers led to the development of dozens of new properties (hoping to cash in on the craze) – it’s also reinvigorated established vampire franchises.

Case in point: Underworld 4.

The ending to the second film, Underworld: Evolution, didn’t seem to leave many doors open for subsequent entries and, coupled with Kate Beckinsale’s waning interest in the series, they decided to go the prequel route with 2009′s Rise of the Lycans – a film that focused on a different vampire/lycan romance and detailed the origins of their feud.

Even with so few narrative options left, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Underworld 4 was on the way. Even before it was officially confirmed that Kate Beckinsale would return as Selene, some speculated this new film might act as a passing of the torch to a younger heroine. When it was revealed that this entry would act as the first chapter in a new trilogy, and that they were casting an actress to play Selene’s daughter, that approach seemed all the more likely.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting, we now have some concrete information on Underworld 4‘s plot and what role Selene will play in the proceedings. They got their hands on the film’s synopsis and, if you’re like me,  you might find the premise somewhat familiar:

“After being held in a coma-like state for fifteen years, vampire Selene learns that she has a fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter, Nissa, and when she finds her they must stop BioCom from creating super Lycans that will kill them all.”

Anyone else getting a Blade II vibe from this? That film also involved a new mutation of the central antagonist. It’s not much to go on, but this does suggest that Selene will still very much be a lead in the film – and it’s hard to imagine a fourteen year-old taking over the franchise. Perhaps there’s a significant passage of time between this entry and the seemingly inevitable Underworld 5?

underworld 4 super lycan Underworld 4 Plot Synopsis and Title Revealed

Too literal?

BD also revealed the working title of the film – Underworld: New Dawn.  Personally, I don’t think it’s any sillier than the titles of the previous entries and from a marketing standpoint it’s pretty obvious what they were going for – a way to signify the start of a new story arc and something similar enough to Twilight: Breaking Dawn to pique the interest of that fan base.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge fan of this series. I found the first film tolerable, the second unwatchable, and the third just plain boring. However, even though I think  the Underworld franchise is a collection of moments and visuals stolen from better films, I still understand its appeal – the vampires vs. werewolves concept is an undeniably cool one and each film has had its fair share of visual panache.

With Swedish directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein taking over directorial duties, perhaps Underworld 4 will be able to retain the elements that made the previous films so popular while also breaking some new ground. We’ll find out when the film is released in early 2012.

Source: Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. I loved the series, even though I didn’t watch the prequel, so I’m game for a fourth movie. I just hope it doesn’t go the way of Twilight. Underworld was a lovely look into Vampire/Lycan mythology that doesn’t make you want to immediately strangle a teenager.

    Here’s to hoping they don’t mess this up

    • “Underworld was a lovely look into Vampire/Lycan mythology that doesn’t make you want to immediately strangle a teenager.”

      LOL – *love* this comment.

      • I thought Twilight sucked anyway, not even close to one of my favorite movies. On the up side, I loved all the Underworld movies and how does Selene get into a coma anyway and what happens to Michael I wonder?

    • actually i love this series and the prequel was my favorite! you should definitely see it ;)

      • yh love the series as well and prequel was pretty good

    • agreed!!!!!!…………I love the mythology behind these series. The darkness and the acting make the franchise. This twilight crap is pure garbage and makes me wanna puke….I’d rather watch Buffy than that horsecrap

  2. SUPER LYCANS! AAAHHHH!!!! lol amazing. Sounds like they stole a 3rd graders story journal.

  3. “Underworld was a lovely look into Vampire/Lycan mythology that doesn’t make you want to immediately strangle a teenager.”

    LOL. That should be the endorsement on the DVD cover.

  4. I actually enjoyed the three Underworld films. Maybe it is just my desire to watch a vampire vs. werewolf film that doesn’t involve sparkling, brooding, or shirtless(male) teens.

  5. I’m down with this Franchise. Evolution could’ve been better but I thought the first film had one of the better action film stories I’ve seen in a long time.

  6. I love the series and can’t wait for this.

  7. I love the series so I can’t wait, but will her bf/hubby/babbys daddy aka the half lycan, half vampire dude be back cause he is cool.

  8. Love the franchise and (Twilights aside) love vampire films and REALLY love werewolf films (there’s just not lycanthrope films) so I’m stoked about this news.
    And, as sexist as this may sound, any chance to see Beckinsale in that tight leather outfit again gets my thumbs up (no pun intended…)

    • Anyone who would find that sexist would have turned off the TV/walked out of cinema in the first 30 seconds of underworld 1. Your sexism is safe here. Oh and any werewolf lovers try dog soldiers, (mind the vulgar slang), that blew me away. (no pun intended)

      • I loved Dog Soldiers!!!!!!

        • Finally someone appreciates a good film. It’s all:
          “Thats like an. . . old film right?”
          “Yeah, but it’s still goo-”
          “It’s garbage. End of”.

  9. Wait…I’m confused…

    1.) How can a Vampire even get pregnant to begin with?
    2.) Let’s just say there is some twist to the vampire mythos that allow for pregnancy… Now they age as well? So you’re telling me that a vampire is now aging? Doesn’t that defeat the whole premise of a vampire in the first place?

    I liked the action and story lines in underworld, but I couldn’t appreciate the blatantly ignoring of the mythos…(i.e. how the hell did Selene see her own reflection in the mirror?) And while I know it isn’t mandatory…but call me old fashion, I do prefer my vampires have fangs! What’s with these vegetable eating grinding teeth in these new vamps!!! COME ON!

    • Ok she wasnt preggers as much as the baby was cloned. (yes I passed coffe through my nose as I typed that)

    • I took a class on horror fiction once, and what I have learned is that Vampire fiction authors are allowed to add to, and take away from, the mythos as much as they want to. No one necessarily has to follow the set rules as long as the bloodsucking and undead parts are adhered to. That’s basically how Stephen Meyer gets away with sparkly vampires with active sperm. You know its wrong, but its their stories so you can’t make them change it if they don’t want to.

    • doesn’t the Underworld series have pure blood vampires (which would imply procreation of some sort)?

      I don’t remember if it did or not (I get Blade and Underworld vampire lore confused sometimes) :)

      • Yea they do, cus the original elder from the first movie had a daughter who had a baby with the head Lycan guy. So yea, it is entirely fine for them to be getting pregnant.

    • “1.) How can a Vampire even get pregnant to begin with?
      2.) Let’s just say there is some twist to the vampire mythos that allow for pregnancy… Now they age as well? So you’re telling me that a vampire is now aging? Doesn’t that defeat the whole premise of a vampire in the first place?”

      Well, remember that both of them are hybrids of sorts, so this opens the possibility for any number of things happening with them that don’t fit the vamp/werewolf ‘mold’.

    • Reading your comment makes me think that you aren’t familiar with the series. The movies have never stated that the vampires are dead for once. In the first film(and later the third) the whole motivation for Lucian’s character is that Sonja(vampire and daughter of Viktor) was killed because she was pregnant with his child. When Sonja first appears in Underword Rise of the Lycans she’s a small child, which means that she grew until a point where the grow stops(probably until the body fully matures).

      Viktor was also quite old and sick when he was turned, so there is a chance that Sonja was born after his transformation(like I said she was pretty young and human Viktor didn’t look like he had the strength to have any children). Since it is a virus(the first vampire/werewolf were already immortal or had the immortal gene from their father played by Derek Jacobi). In conclution the vampire myths don’t really have to work in this films, is called freedom of creativity.

  10. the thing I liked about RotL was that it showed the compassion of both breeds, which the first failed to show and Evolutions didn’t even try. This 4th installment sound like it’s back to “Selene vs. everyone” again, but primarily lycans

    I’ll still probably watch it though

  11. That kinda reminds me of Blade II when Blade and others teamed up to battle a new form of vampires.

  12. Didn’t she get like the blood of one of the ancient immortals(Corvinus)? That is the only explanation I would have for her surviving in sunlight at the end of Evolution.

  13. Well according to some old bible stuff the first Vampire was Lilith who was Adams original spouse. She screwed a slew of demons and created the vampire race so apparently they can reproduce.

    • I must have skipped over that part of the Bible. :]
      The Lilith mythology pops into Jewish mysticism several centuries after the last parts of the Bible were written, and at least 4000 years after Genesis. Sorry, Bible nerd here.

  14. It kinda sounds like they’ve been watching Dragonball too much. Super sayans, super lycans?

  15. Underworld is just awesome and I can’t wait to see Kate in that outfit again .

  16. The series so far has been awesome no matter what the writer of this article thinks. I actually liked part 2 the best. Great visuals, great fights, great story line, and Kate Beckinsale is a great female heroine. I love the fact we are going to see more. Is Michael coming back as the hybrid hero?

  17. Omg this plot sucks!!! This is so beyond anything original. I loved the third flick and I am a twifan so naturally this plot would interest me you’d think, but it doesn’t. Just sounds like a dumbass way to make money like the last mummy movie oy!!!

  18. ok doesnt anyone else see anything wrong here? underworld 4 is going to be a joke.i love the series handsdown awsome, but to then bash it by making super lycans? wtf? they should of continued off of the prequel and made a story of wht viktor does to rebuild or somthing of the sort.. and selene w a kid? i dont even wanna watch this its a slap in the face to the series!

  19. Not to burst your bubble anyone but to me the only appeals iin the films are: blood guts and more blood, Kate Beckingsdales arse and Bill Nighy. If this film goes twilight I promise you I will cut off my hand and slap whichever arsehole came up with the idea in the face really bloody hard. Screw twilight the reason people enjoy underworld is because of how not twilight-esque it is.
    - all hail Bill Nighy, (no not the bloody science guy) and I’ll see you at new dawns premiere.

  20. All three were very good in my opinion. i especially liked the prequel because it gave insight into the feud and also, it gave Lucian (Micheal Sheen), more screen time: ) However, im not crazy about this plot. where does this leave Michael (Scott Speedman). why is Selene in a coma -like state? will Lucian be involved? Since he injected himself with Micheal’s blood in the 1st movie, it would not be too far fetched to have him resurrected. ive been waiting for another sequel, i hope to God they dont screw it up.

  21. well its about time!

  22. So after she wakes from her coma, Selene finds out she has a daughter….

    Then she goes to Okinawa to have a sword crafted by Hatori Hanzo before killing 88 crazy people just to get to Bill.

  23. I am 15 and have amazing acting skill. It would be an honor for me to be even on just a scene of underworld because my dad and I are big fans.

  24. I don’t understand why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch about 1 sentence about the plot. The movie isn’t supposed to come out till 2012. I’m sure we will find out more next summer, things like is Michael back?

  25. Since when was selene in a coma like state, and how can she “awake” to find she’s had a kid?? So she gave birth while she was in this coma state. And I want Michael back

  26. To me it hardly seems as if someone has a guilty pleasure in the “UnderWorld” series???????
    Me personaly, I love the series and think that it’s the best Vampire vs WareWolf Love / Hate plot of all time.
    Not to mention the fact that it was the one that braught “Kate” to the American BlockBuster seen to begen with, and ever since she has been a HELL of a masterpiece.
    I hope these alligations are true and there are many more “UnderWorld” movies that are “UnderWay”……….
    It’s the one that you don’t want to ever end……………

    • I agree I love the Underworld series, i have been a fan ever since the opening scene when Kate jumped from the balcony and landed like it was nothing

  27. I can’t believe you aren’t a fan of the underworld series. You have to be crazy to not like the two original at least. I agree 4 might be pushing it but I have high hopes for it because I was kinda excited that they decided to explain Lucian and Sonya a bit more. With Kate Beckinsale it will be awesome too. Underworld is an original, out way before twilight even began. Comparing it to those movies is almost an insult, because although the books are amazing the movies need work.

  28. I love the Underworld series too, but to everyone complaining: this plot is obviously not set in stone. The actors (except Kate) haven’t even jumped on the movies IDEA because there’s not even a script! So, I think we’re just all going to have to wait a little bit to see where this is going to go. And I really hope Michael is in it. And that if the plot is real, that Selene’s daughter is also Michael’s daughter. :D

  29. They need to rename it back to Underworld 3: New Dawn instead of 4 for continuity. Underworld Rise of the Lycan would be technically the first installment even though it was the 3 film made. I would like to c the film in 2011 instead of 2012. That is why they shouldn’t make films if they cannot be consistent and stay with the same actors we come to love, respect and get use to.