‘Underworld 4′ Plot Synopsis and Title Revealed

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underworld 4 directors Underworld 4 Plot Synopsis and Title Revealed

I know what you’re thinking – there aren’t enough vampire movies being made these days. Truth be told, not only has our culture’s current obsession with undead bloodsuckers led to the development of dozens of new properties (hoping to cash in on the craze) – it’s also reinvigorated established vampire franchises.

Case in point: Underworld 4.

The ending to the second film, Underworld: Evolution, didn’t seem to leave many doors open for subsequent entries and, coupled with Kate Beckinsale’s waning interest in the series, they decided to go the prequel route with 2009’s Rise of the Lycans – a film that focused on a different vampire/lycan romance and detailed the origins of their feud.

Even with so few narrative options left, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Underworld 4 was on the way. Even before it was officially confirmed that Kate Beckinsale would return as Selene, some speculated this new film might act as a passing of the torch to a younger heroine. When it was revealed that this entry would act as the first chapter in a new trilogy, and that they were casting an actress to play Selene’s daughter, that approach seemed all the more likely.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting, we now have some concrete information on Underworld 4‘s plot and what role Selene will play in the proceedings. They got their hands on the film’s synopsis and, if you’re like me,  you might find the premise somewhat familiar:

“After being held in a coma-like state for fifteen years, vampire Selene learns that she has a fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter, Nissa, and when she finds her they must stop BioCom from creating super Lycans that will kill them all.”

Anyone else getting a Blade II vibe from this? That film also involved a new mutation of the central antagonist. It’s not much to go on, but this does suggest that Selene will still very much be a lead in the film – and it’s hard to imagine a fourteen year-old taking over the franchise. Perhaps there’s a significant passage of time between this entry and the seemingly inevitable Underworld 5?

underworld 4 super lycan Underworld 4 Plot Synopsis and Title Revealed

Too literal?

BD also revealed the working title of the film – Underworld: New Dawn.  Personally, I don’t think it’s any sillier than the titles of the previous entries and from a marketing standpoint it’s pretty obvious what they were going for – a way to signify the start of a new story arc and something similar enough to Twilight: Breaking Dawn to pique the interest of that fan base.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge fan of this series. I found the first film tolerable, the second unwatchable, and the third just plain boring. However, even though I think  the Underworld franchise is a collection of moments and visuals stolen from better films, I still understand its appeal – the vampires vs. werewolves concept is an undeniably cool one and each film has had its fair share of visual panache.

With Swedish directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein taking over directorial duties, perhaps Underworld 4 will be able to retain the elements that made the previous films so popular while also breaking some new ground. We’ll find out when the film is released in early 2012.

Source: Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. i luv the series and i read they want to do 6 series, so i doubt, especially according to the fan base she’ll pass the torch. her husband afterall is the creator of franshise, bet he can her into it.

    • I HOPE they dont pass on the torch. To be honest this is a horrible story line and it would be SOOO BORING! From watching the trailer(on Youtube) I think it’s Michael went missing and shes trying to find him. No doubt lycans are invovled. Thought I don’t know who will be the big bad guy for this because Markus, and Victor died.
      I think Underworld fans would agree. They would like to see her have a daughter(or son) but it would be boring as anything. And they would lose lots of franchise SO MUCH that people wont go to see the movies. I know I wont if this is the real plot line for Underworld 4. It’s boring, choppy, and I don’t think she would have a freakin baby while she was in a coma and then she just suddenly found out. If Selene is going to die…it should kind of be like with the idea on Sonja. You know how she died in the sun while she was expecting Lucius’s child.

  2. i read they want to do 6 series, seeing how her husband is the creator of the franshise i doubt shell pass the torch.

  3. I think it’s clear from your writing that you’re not that interested in Underworld. It wasn’t needed for you to readdress it at the end. Maybe someone else that has a more positive attitude about this particular series should have wrote this article?

    I can see you’re leaving some hope that it the next one could be good, but your negative outlook is felt throughout your article. I’m just mentioning this because most people that find this article, are those that are searching for Underworld 4 and are very excited about the fact that Kate Beckinsale will be returning for a new adventure.


  4. I don’t care what anyone says, I can’t wait for this movie comes out.

  5. YH I LOVE UNDERWORLD THE FIRST 1 WAS AMAZING !!! BRING BACK KRAVEN !!! I know Marcus decapitated him in evolution but,we dont get to know a lot about him other than,when he supposidly killed Lucian(whitch he lied about) Kraven was a GEORGEOUS VAMPIRE and Bring us back to before and when he first got involved with Viktor,TELL US MORE ABOUT HIM,WHO MADE KRAVEN A VAMPIRE,WHY IS HE INLOVE WITH SELENE !!!

  6. Why are we all in love with her because she’s a beautiful babe that’s why, long may they carry on making these films I love them all,

  7. I for one love the underworld series, while Michael is good looking and yummy Lucian makes me drool. OMG how can anyone not see what a sexy man he is. Hmmm turn me lycan please.

    This story is fantastic though kraven and lucian story line needs to be explained a bit more as well as viktor killing selene’s family. lucians love story was explained beautifully i loved underworld rise of the lycans.

    To be honest how can anyone not like this series? Seriously? Its one of the best vampire/lycan movies i have seen and twilight fails in comparision it can try all it wants it can imitate never duplicate underworld. kate is one sexy lady and and with all that leather makes her hot.

  8. Love the Underworld movies. Much better than Twilight, which I also like. Can’t wait for a fourth.

  9. I would imagine that Scott Speedman would reprise his role as Michael — its more than likely HIS DAUGHTER too.

    Casting for the Nissa character?

    I vote for Dakota Fanning, with dyed brown hair. :)

  10. I admit to being a huge fan of the Underworld series, but I’m iffy about this plot synopsis. I mean, I’m sure I’ll like the movie, but I don’t think I’ll like it as much as I did the first two. (I didn’t really care about the third, since it didn’t have Selene and Michael in it.) I’m happy that Kate will be back for this one, and that’s a bunch of points for this movie. I’m just hoping it won’t go too far off the mark.

    And what is this BioCom? I liked the whole “Secret War” thing. I don’t think I like the idea of a company in this. :( The rest sounds promising, but that’s just iffy.

    Here’s hopping Scott will come back as Michael. *crosses fingers*

  11. Is Scott Speedman not in it?? If not it’s going to suck!

  12. Part of me knows that Scott Speedman’s career options are undoubedly way better than Underworld 4……the other (shallow) part of me knows that, if he’s not in it, there’s no way I’m interested! Loved the first 2 movies but no Scott, no interest.

  13. I loved the first movie: enjoyed the second ( to a degree ) and absoluletly loved the 3rd to an extent where I thought: they should stop here and if they do continue – continue form this point. Selene and Micheal should have been frozen where we left them in Evolution because after killing William, Markus and Viktor. ( not to mention how terribly quick they finnished those off including Amelia ) Their characters had no further story to continue from.

    Van Helsing made a point of the fact that Vampires are dead so their young would be too and although I liked the idea of cross breeding in the case of Sonia and Lucian: I never liked the idea of Selene and Micheal baring children. – It’s a daft concept. Imortality is supposed to prevent aging and yet this child managed to grow up to being 14 years old.

    I will be watching the fourth instalment as I do want to see how they attempt to pull this off. But I have no hopes for it’s future. I don’t want a Underworld 5 unless it does backtrack to How Lucian and Raze found themselves in New York and how exactly they built their empire and discorved the UV filtered rounds. ( Yes I am a Lycanthrope fan of this saga much as I choose the werewolves in Twilight).

    I also think that Underworld has a lot in common with Blade. However, I beleive Underworld made their own way too – I’ve never really watched a Vampire film that has ever concentrated so much on the lineage of their species. It was nice finding out the concepts of how Werewolves and Vampires came to be ( no matter how farfetched ). I was more intertested in that aspect of the films rather than the rest: And I’m dissapointed in how quickly these supposed greater beings ( the elders and the first werewolf) died.

  14. Bringing back lucian and viktor an by havin alex corvinus’s blood resarect them wen markus stabbed him an his blood was seeking thru the cracks where lucians,amelias, and viktors bodys all were an they all got brought back by the blood seeping thru an escaped b4 the ship blew up an find themselves needing to team up as much as they hate eachother to stop these superlycans….. THATS HOW NEW DAWN SHOULD BE MADE

    • This is what i was thinking also. Favorite char is Viktor btw. Have the blood seep thru the cracks in the floor, down the pipes etc, show how it makes its way down to the bodies.

  15. If Scott Speedman won’t be in this one he might probably in Underworld 5. I like the actress who they cast as her daughter though. Watch the tv show The Secret Life of the American Teenager she plays the girl named Ashley.

  16. If your going to make a 4th and you have it lined up for a trilogy then it needs to be a detailed first movie! Show “how” if she was indeed in a coma, because at the end of the second film she was perfectly healthy and if i remember right she was standing in sun light..???? So please explain how you get from point A to B…if not its going to be a waste…….

  17. the 3rd filom for me was the best of them, and i agree it should continue from there. Lucien was and is my favourite and he is no more, which is a pile of pants! i think that carrying on from the second film is a big no no. theres been to many films like that lately and they have been awful. BRING BACK LUCIEN!

  18. I think the Underworld movies are awesome! They’re here for entertainment value, nothing more. Why do people always make more out of a fantasy then what should be? The part about Selene waking up and finding out she has a daughter doesn’t match the trailer at all…If they are still in the filming stage, then I understand. But the trailer is about something else completely…not to mention that the trailer from the officail Underworld site is called Underworld: Awakenings…

  19. I love underworld, all three films, I must say I liked the third one the best!!! What I would like to know is who is third elder in the first and second film. In the first film, lucien, and injected himself with michael’s blood, before carven, killed him. I think that lucien can be alive after all of this because he was born a true lycian. Yes, I love werewolves!!! Vampires too!!! Wolves first. I hope the writers bring back marcus,willaim,luicen,and also the actor who stared in the first and third film who was with lucien he was african american, I don’t know his name.I loved him too!!! oh just bring everyone back!!! I hope.

  20. I love the underworld movies. I think the storyline to explain the feud between vampire and lycan is fascinating. The big question for me in underworld 4 is what happened to Selene’s uber hybrid bf. Out of all I have read there is no explanation. I fear there will be a weak explanation if any in the film.

  21. As I’ve said I love the underworld franchise but this chapter’s storyline seems very weak at best and could kill the franchise. There is so many other storylines they could of should of done and still hope they do even if this tanks hard.

  22. I luv the series. I hope that Selene would be the herione of more to come. I really don’t like it when some one says that it was tolerable to boring. But you can’t turn me away I am a fan