Kate Beckinsale will once again make fanboy dreams come true as she re-dons here black leather outfit for this winter’s 3D supernatural action sequel, Underworld Awakening. Today we have a gallery of images and a reel of clips from Underworld 4 to share, along with a brief word from the stunning actress herself regarding the franchise’s future.

It’s a good day to be an Underworld fan, to be sure.


For those not already in the know: Underworld Awakening picks up over a decade after the events of Underworld Evolution, with vampire huntress Selene (Beckinsale) awakening from a cryogenic sleep, only to find herself in a brave new world where vampires and their hated foes the Lycans (werewolves) are now both hunted by humanity. Throw in a few subplots involving a new type of genetically-engineered Lycans, the remaining clan of vampire death-dealers, and a hybrid child with connections to Selene’s past, and it all amounts to…well, Kate Beckinsale once again kicking ass in black leather.

Check out the series of Underworld 4 clips below (courtesy of Collider) to get more of the look, feel, action and plot details of the film:

Along with those clips, check out this gallery of Underworld Awakening images:

Finally, check out what Kate Beckinsale had to day about the future of the Underworld franchise:

I’m the worst person to ask about this. I always said there wasn’t going to be a fourth one. So you can’t trust what I say at all. I don’t know. Part of me thinks that’s so peculiar to me. I don’t have a background in TV playing the same character for two years in a row. So playing the same character over and over again does seem a bit odd. But I am very fond of the character, and other people are pretty fond of her, too. So who knows? There’s part of me that thinks maybe it’s good to blaze a trail, to be the menopausal action heroine. Give me Underworld 12 and my little beard hairs. Me and Bruce Willis can go toe to toe.

Do vampire girls go through menopause? I mean, having that “special time of the month” would be both odd and delicious for them…but I (quickly) digress…

Underworld Awakening will be in theaters (2D and 3D and 3D IMAX) on January 20, 2012

Source: Screen Gems & Collider

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  1. I wish Catwoman’s outfit was a little more like selene’s. But with some climbing harnesses and tool pouches and stuff.

  2. Kate’s the reason the franchise is so successful. So, yes, Kate, keep coming back.

  3. where the hell is Micheal?

    • They’ve discussed that there’s a thematical reason for him not being in this movie and that Underworld 5 (if it gets made – they’ve said that they’re already looking at ideas for it) will involve his return to the franchise.
      It’s not a “let’s forget about that character” because even Selene screams “Where’s Michael?” in one of the earliest trailors.

  4. yeah where is michael? and if they continue the franchise please do a Underworld origins story about william as the hero of the film falling for victors wife and thats how victor begins to hate lycan, and marcus williams twin is jealous of the two and tell victor all about it trying to get his brother away from victors wife, and after victor does what he does best william lets loss the lycan inside and never turns back. and the origins story of selen would be a awesome film as well.

  5. I thought female heroines didn’t sell,ha,kudos to Kate for Underworld and kudos to Resident Evil never saw any of those movies I didn’t like.
    Aliens was great also,pity Catwoman and Electra didn’t appeal to the mass.

  6. That’s just gross Kofi. And an excellent question, but still gross.

  7. I agree with some people here, that UNDERWORLD is famous and sucessful because

  8. man still cant get over how hot she looks in that black leather suit =DD

  9. I agree that the success of UNDERWORLD lies with Kate Beckinsale.I myself look forward to seeing the new UNDERWORLD.I read her other sites too! She is one talented woman.UNDERWORLD just wouldn’t be UNDERWORLD without her!You can’t a make a bad movie if she’s in it !UNDERWORLD has a heroin and a great choice! Simon Peter Bedard TAKE CARE!

  10. i love underworld movies bcaz it is a kick ass girl movie with plenty of action and a good story, but i am a lil hesitant i want michael back!!!!!

  11. michael is gay seriously dude is suppose to be some bad ass hybrid & he just ends up gettn his butt kick gets tired quick.
    & on top of tht a regular vampire saves his butt (selene)

  12. Does michael take place in this movie or is he dead or coming back in the next part

  13. I was surprised by others mentioning Michael.I too want to know what ever happened to him? I still think Kate Beckinsale is the perfect heroin, don’t get me wrong!I just wonder what ever happened to Michael? I did see 1,2.and 3.This one(4) will be hit though!Kate is #1 on my charts,but it’s a great story too!Better than Twilight that’s a fact! HI KATE(YOU’RE GREAT).MANY THANKS FROM WINDSOR,ONTARIO,CANADA. SIMON PETER BEDARD

  14. kholfs’

  15. you are beautyfull

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