Underworld 4 On Its Way in 3D

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underworld 4 bill nighy 3 d Underworld 4 On Its Way in 3D

Some franchises never stop. Even after rounding off the trilogy with a prequel earlier this year, it’s not so surprising that the Underworld series is reportedly set to pop out another film during the current pop-culture vampire craze.

According to ShockTillYouDrop.com’s exclusive, Sony’s Screen Gems is planning to make a fourth installment in the Underworld franchise… and it’s going to be in 3D.

There are no details yet on who will star in the film or what the movie will be about but I’d expect we’d see at least some franchise familiars return. They’ve done a great job so far of tying the films together and bringing back characters big and small to tell each story. Could we get another Kate Beckinsale-Scott Speedman team-up or perhaps some more Michael Sheen prequel action? Maybe it’ll be neither.

What I’m afraid of is the fact that they’re doing this in 3D. That screams gimmick to me and I feel that’s the only reason they’re making it at this point. It could have little to do with the other installments and may bring back none of the main characters we know from the franchise.

I hope that’s not the case as I have my fun with the Underworld movies. I’m fine with seeing more as long as there’s some story to tell and we’re treated to some cool action. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans served its purpose as a prequel and played out exactly as expected, although it was nothing special.

Len Wiseman produced all three films so far and directed the first two, with Patrick Tatopoulos having directed this year’s prequel. Expect Wiseman to again produce.

Screen Rant will get back to you with more Underworld updates as soon as they come.

What do you think of another Underworld movie and where/when do you think it’ll take place? Who’d you like to see be in it?

This fourth Underworld movie is aiming for a January 2011 release.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com

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  1. I like the underworld franchise but I’m getting sick of hearing about 3D. I just want good scripts for these movies. 3D won’t save the movie if the script sucks.

  2. I agree, I’d watch it if there’s a good story to it with some cool action. I could care less about 3D stuff though. I didn’t care for it with the old movies that were 3D, why would I like it anymore now? Am I really missing something or isn’t it just the same crap where you have to wear the glasses and you end up getting a headache. And if you don’t watch with the glasses on, everything is somewhat blurry and strange looking?

  3. More Lucien!! Beckinsale/Speedman would be okay too. And definitely Viktor. Or whatever LOL

  4. This franchise really has nothing left to offer!

    simple and to the point

  5. I like the idea of a 4th Underworld. 1 & 2 were great, still don’t know why the hell the third never made it to cinema’s here (netherlands), so I have yet to see that one.

    Wouldn’t made it being normal (as in not 3D) either.

  6. heh, forgot the word ‘mind’ in that last sentence :P

  7. I’m glad to hear that they are making another, but if they do I hope they have it continue in the Dark Ages like w/ Rise of the Lycans b/c if you ask me a film about vampires vs. werewolves should be done w/ swords and not w/ guns.

  8. LOL that photo is hilarious. Im tired of 3D mainly because I wear glasses and Ic an never get the full effect of 3D. Not sure where they are gonna start from, the prequel, or start after Evolution. As long as it isn’t short and they clean up the CGI a bit more i’ll go see it.

  9. i Really enjoyed the 1st underworld film 2nd was OK, and the 3rd Like said above “served its purpose”.
    i will see a fourth film. at theast this Series Does Vampires Justice unlike a Crap Tween Franchise that Ruined COMICON 4 quite a few fans & artists.

    if they stick to the Prequal route id recommend the Span between Lucian & Craven that is mentioned in the 1st film.

  10. I would LOVE to see more Speedman/Beckinsale/Lucien (rise from the dead?).

    I vote a loud NO on the 3D part, it is just a headache! I agree, a good script with SpeedBeck would be excellent.

    U3 was good, thought the sfx sucked, but LOVED the story and of course Sheen was excellent.

  11. …great pic of Nighy btw!

  12. lol Paul Young…makes me think the virtual sex shop in Minority Report is just over the next hill.

  13. @ Matt Keith & Leech,

    I’m glad you guys dig the pic, I LOLed when I saw that one of Nighy and quickly did that(not of my usual quality, but funny!)

  14. That photo sums up my position on 3D.

    How long before the film, “3-D” comes out? I’m thinking along the lines of a horror film where the actual film’s 3D images reach out and kill people watching the film. Even the glasses are in on it. Turns out in the end the uncanny valley is a gateway to hell. (Who knew?)

    I’m off to go write the script !!!

    Tag line, “Take off the glasses or you will die!!!”

  15. 790,

    LOL, that would be awesome to see that in a movie. Maybe they could slip that in the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

  16. Haha yeah I was thinking that would actually be something you might see Freddy do.

    Maybe a faux trailer in the Machette flick ????

  17. 790–sounds like a hit! I’ll have my people contact your people and we’ll do lunch!

  18. ((( 3–D )))
    I’m thinking the film should be based off a horror movie trailer (Machete).
    Then we can take it to the level of a real film (Machete)
    Big stars, wide distribution, etc,,
    However the film won’t have anything to do with a pissed off latino.

    3D would take place revolving around a small towns movie theater complex. The main character besides the villain would be the theater owner.
    Also I’m going to write The Jonas Brothers into the story.(They’re passing thru town, etc) This will, be they’re breakout (coming of age) film!!!
    Can’t say much more, my phone is ringing gotta go !!!

  19. Kill the Jonas Brothers off in the first five and you got a deal.

    Actually–Machete is a character from the first Spy Kids movie. Same actor, same writer/director, same Latino angst.

  20. BSL,,,
    I’m thinking that a 3-D Jonas Brothers film starts off creating the gateway to Hell in the opening, so maybe something like that would work… ;-)

  21. THAT’S IT!! I frikken knew the JB’s were the anti-Christ!!!

  22. BSL, didn’t knw that about Machete being in Spy Kids. ;-)
    Not a big fan of spy kids.

    Also I think you just gave me my next idea for a blockbuster,,, “Latino Angst.” Could be huge with the right cast. 8-)

  23. Yep that’s right BSL,,, don’t miss the Jonas Bros perform they’re hit single “World War III” on the “2009 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS” this coming Monday night…
    (No kidding they are truly evil) ;-)

  24. Had young kids at the time it came out…it’s not half bad. And Antonio Bandaras(sigh)/Carla Guigan (sp?) had some great chemistry. And Alan Cummings is great to watch in anything he does…Emma, XMen II…which reminds me if they keep making XMen movies with the original cast they’re going to have to call it XMenopause! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  25. @Paul

    Ugh. Would you REALLY want to watch porn in 3D? Think about it for a minute.



  26. He must be a breast man oo