‘Under the Skin’ Extended International Trailer Gets Very Surreal

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Thanks to classic nineties sci-fi Species, in which Natasha Henstridge played a beautiful alien-human hybrid out to reproduce by enticing and sleeping with men, the bar for movies about sexy murderous alien seductresses has been set pretty high. Ready to place a new offering on the table, however, is director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) in his first feature film since 2004’s uncomfortable mystery drama Birth.

Under the Skin stars Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers) as a very different kind of Black Widow: an alien temptress who picks up male hitchhikers on the remote roads of Scotland and lures them to their deaths with the promise of sex. An interesting but confusing teaser trailer arrived a few weeks ago and an extended trailer has now joined it, showing a little more (though not much) of Under the Skin‘s plot and protagonist.

What the trailer doesn’t do is give away too much of what happens in Under the Skin, though that may be because the film is simply too weird to give an accurate summary of. The reviews coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival have labelled it everything from from “laughably bad” (The Independent) to “gorgeous” and “hypnotic” (HitFix), but amidst the mixed responses there are generally too constants: that Johansson is very good in the role, and that the movie is pretty light on actual narrative.

Scarlett Johansson as Laura in Under the Skin Under the Skin Extended International Trailer Gets Very Surreal

Obviously some of the interest in Under the Skin is going to come from the prospect of Scarlett Johansson playing an alien predator who entices her victims with sex, but the tone of the trailer is more surreal than erotic. There are brief glimpses of imagery that make little to no sense out of context as well as scenes that appear to take place in some kind of dark dreamscape.

Johansson has quite a few indie films coming out over the next year or so, as a kind of counterbalance to the massive summer blockbuster that The Avengers: Age of Ultron is likely to become. This month she’s starring as the female lead in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feature directorial debut, Don Jon, and she’s also playing the AI voice of Joaquin Phoenix’s lovelorn writer in Spike Jonze’s upcoming romantic comedy Her.

Does this trailer give you hope for Under the Skin, or does it look like it will be a little too slow and surreal for your personal tastes? Tell us what you think it could all be about in the comments.


Under the Skin does not yet have a U.S. release date.

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  1. ..the hell’d I just watch?

    • +1


  3. Species was 1995, not eighties. “The Hidden” was an eighties movie with aliens taking over human bodies.

    I imagine the movie itself will be different, but it looks like it might be trying to create the perspective of the alien, I’m guessing. Thus everything is “off.” Seems a strange way to market a movie. Guess they think SJ is enough of a draw, and/or they’re going for the “arty” low-budget sci-fi audience.

    • Thanks. Tried to type nineties and it came out as eighties. Either my keyboard is possessed or I am.

      • That’s a movie premise in itself right there.

  4. Woah… Trippy.

  5. What he hell did i just watch?

  6. Americans and fools always criticize what they do not understand.

    • Americans? really, do not tell me, your either EuroTrash who thinks that they are an Intellectual, or an American Liberal who hates his own country.

    • How do you know You are going to understand it? (I get the feeling, even if you didn’t, you’d say you did just to save face).

      Besides, it’s obviously going out of it’s way to look obscure and confusing, but that may very well be only the trailer. The actual feature may be quite linear and clear. I like a movie that makes you think and come up with your own conclusions, just so long as it is enjoyable or interesting to watch. There is nothing worse than a film that is so far up it’s own arse it is unbearable to watch.

      In your case.. “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt”

      Abe Lincoln


  7. This second trailer has more migraine-inducing sound like the first.
    And the darling Scarlett Johansson, as femme fatale, and I know
    mine is indeed a minority view, measures up a little too short.

  8. Ummmmmm…..eh???? The effects look like crap

  9. Looks like an Arthouse Version of Species , kinda , sorta , almost , not exactly…..

  10. There was a man who had a strange obsession with driving down the road, and whenever he saw a hitch-hiker, he felt an irresistable compulsion to swerve into them and run them down. One day he was driving along, and BAM! ran one over, and a few minutes later, saw another hitch-hiker, so BAM! he ran that one down, too. He had been driving around mowing over hitch-hikers for a couple hours when he saw a priest walking along the side of the road. “I can’t run down a priest!”, he thought, so instead he just pulled over and offered the holy man a ride. They were driving along for several minutes, when up ahead walking along the road was another hitch-hiker. Well, the driver knew he couldn’t resist running this one down, but did not know how to do it with the priest in the car. “I know”, he thought. “I’ll just pretend I fell asleep, and then it will look like an accident.” As they approached the unwary hitch-hiker, the man let his head slump down on the wheel, and pretended to have dozed off while driving. There was a mighty THUMP!, and the driver put his head up, did his best to look startled, and said, “Oh my God, Father! What happened? Did I hit him?!” “No”, the priest laughed, “but I got him with the door!”

  11. I AM SO CONFUSED. But intrigued. Go on.

  12. Trailer appears to have been removed.

    Was this filmed before or after her Avengers/Ironman appearance? I know it says 2013 as a release but with my limited resources at work I cant find out when it was filmed.