‘Under the Dome’ Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

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underthedome title Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

After hitting the ratings jackpot with its adaptation of Stephen King’s weighty tome Under the Dome, CBS just announced that the summer series will be back for season 2 in 2014, and, as an added incentive for fans to tune in, the network has managed to strike a deal with King that would see the prolific author step in and script the season premiere.

Although only halfway through its first season, Under the Dome has proven to be a ratings winner; averaging around 13.84 million viewers every week with more added once on-demand and DVR figures wind up being tallied. In addition, the series has also become a huge hit for Amazon Prime Instant Video, which provides subscribers access to new episodes four days after they initially air. According to Amazon, the show “has been watched by more customers than any other series on the service.”

Naturally, the high ratings – especially for a summer series – and the positive response from the Amazon streaming outlet has CBS committed to stretching the series’ storyline for as long as the audience continues to check in on the trapped residents of Chester’s Mill. After the pilot episode nabbed incredibly high numbers, executive producer Brian K. Vaughan spoke about how the series would eventually have to move away from a direct adaptation of the novel, in order to accommodate the story requirements of what is now ostensibly and ongoing series.

Aside from wondering how the series’ narrative will progress as the episode count climbs, the question now becomes: With the announcement that the series will definitely continue into season 2, will viewers who are fans of the novel continue to stick around, knowing that the end may be years in the making and may not resemble the novel’s conclusion at all?

Mike Vogel in Under the Dome Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

Despite the daunting task of finding enough story to fill another season (or seasons) of Under the Dome within the claustrophobic confines of Chester’s Mill, and running the risk of alienating fans of the novel by transitioning to a more loose interpretation of the text, CBS remains confident that they have a winner on their hands and are willing to bet that nabbing King to script the season 2 premiere will translate to an endorsement of the series by its creator.

According to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler:


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  1. This must go on. !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just watched the entire season in two days… and it had me at the edge of my seat interested. I really hope the second season is just as good, and captivating. Really wish the season will come sooner.

    • When does the next season come out :)

  3. Okay this is quite enough. Seriously keeping it go on for some more ratings. Okay I admit i like it despite how far its contrasted a bit from the novel. Stephen King writes many novels and despite the efforts to put visual on his ideas you seem to screw it up. Always never can be better than the book and then when we watch we are only discouraged by the fact that it becomes dull or more of a occuring suspense that will soon be like a dull. Ending. Seriously my opinion this is not what i pictured how the movie would of been made I love how the novel is and will always take Stephen Kings novels any day over a movie you try to make profit of off his idea. Glad he has input but seriously come on this is getting ridiculous.

    • Okay, I See You Have A Valid Point, But As The Novel Is Outstanding, I Truly Think They Can Pull Off at least Two Seasons More, Stephen Kings Novel will Always Be A Favourite, But The Television Series Is Pulling In The Best Ratings Ever, The Show Is Great, I Seriously Think Their Doing The Best To Pull Off Something Like This, Most Novels That are Turned To Television Fail, But ‘Under The Dome’ Is A Pure Hit! &’ I Think The Series Should &’ Must Go On!

    • I have to agree (even though I never read this particular Stephen King book). I spent all summer watching the show build up toward a climax that never came. Part of the appeal was that it was suppose to be a short series and not something to commit to for years. It’s going to be a real challenge to keep it from getting lame … it was already heading that way this season. Not sure if I’ll even bother to watch next season.

  4. I do have to admit better finish with a big bang or this was some effort of wasted time. And it better not fluke out and leave it as that. Because thats just crazy and i am not liking how it is.

  5. Also to make a point I seen some of you say OMG great movie. Then say were complaining when you haven’t even read the darn book. Really. You read the book and see why we are not happy about this at all.

  6. I guess I am hank2 lol. apparently someone already put there nick as hank so the above comments are mine not the one a few days ago

  7. Season 2 really needs to come faster if the producer is reading this dude you are a frekin jenious on this show thank you for bringing this to a tv show

  8. Can’t wait to see that cow get sliced by the dome again in the opening credits EVERY week!

  9. no one is forcing any of you to watch this series. If it doesnt follow the book, well then it doesnt. If every movie followed the book word for word, we would only have ridiculously long movies and unhappy audiences. These producers understand that they cant please everyone so they will try and add elements that adhere to the original story line while also attracting those who have never read the book to a very interesting and captivating series. Instead of knocking a series for not sticking to the story, how about you appreciate the fact that someone decided to bring it to the screen in the first place; instead of complaining because you diddnt get what you were expecting. People really need to learn to be selfless and more understanding!

  10. Being a HUGE Stephen King fan, I was dismayed at how far off they were from the book. Why can’t they just follow the book? They would’ve had enough for 2 or 3 seasons. Just ridiculous

  11. I really liked this show but i decide this week to stop recording it and to quit watching the show entirely. When i thought it would have an ending i was on board…but now they want to drag it out forever!!! Well i am not doing it!!! FORGET IT!!! I will read how it ends and save myself the long drawn out drama crap they are creating on the show…..i just want to find out what the pink stars are and where the dome came from….i dont really care about the drama of the people under the dome….that is something i am having to put up with to find out the real story and now that they are going to drag it on forever i am done. Thanx for ruining what might have been a good mini series.

  12. No!!! I was so excited to watch a mini series of this amazing novel and now they are going to drag it out and overdramatize it to death. I loved this series and was excited to see the end but now it sounds like they won’t be getting to it any time soon and it will not be close to the novel. Why must they always beat these things into the ground. although we do not want to see it end it must end!

  13. Oh and if producers want a great King series that will last awhile why not try,”The Dark Tower Series”. End “The Dome” before it starts sucking, there is plenty more where it came from.

  14. Absolutely thrilled to have another season

  15. I just watched all of season 1 and it was awesome can’t wait for season 2

  16. They renewed this waste of time? CBS is really sinking in the quality of the shows they have.

  17. I love the show can’t wait to see the new show.but hope that the town find out about big jim.

  18. This show is amazing the suspense, and drama are insane. I can’t wait till the next season..

  19. I seriously loved every minute of it, I can’t wait for season 2 to start.

  20. I’m a big Stephen King fan and have read his book “Under the Dome.” I can’t understand why this series has been renewed for a second season — or, for that matter, why Stephen King has decided to write the first episode. This series was THE WORST (although a colleague and I watched it for the laugh factor). The plots were ridiculous, the acting was horrible, and it seems like the time spent on airing commercials was interminable. I, for one, won’t be back next season. I awaited the series with great anticipation, given Stephen King’s literary accomplishments, but was gravely disappointed.

  21. No!!….please. one season was enough

    • No!!!. your usless life is enough

  22. Seid ihr bescheuert, uns ein verdammtes Jahr warten zu lassen???? Auch in Deutschland wollen wir wissen, wie die Serie weitergeht. Obwohl sie nicht viel mit dem Buch des größten Schriftstellers der Welt zu tun hat!

    • Haben Sie das Buch schon gelessen?

  23. This is excellent series, This must go on and on till world record of seasons, since its from stephen king, never expect less … excellent series

  24. This Is Seriously One Of The Best, Most Excellent Novel To Series Hits! I Find This Show As Simply Awesome, &’ Personally Believe The Series Should Head On The Mist It Can! There’s Certainly Enough Material, Why Not?

    Make The Best Of It, Pull The Ratings &’ Make It The Best God Damn Series Out, ‘Cause Honestly This Show Can Do It!

    I’m On The Edge Of My Seat! Can’t Wait Til’ Season Two!

  25. I don’t know how the next season cn be interpreted any more loosely than the first one. There are enough similarities to know that it is based on the book, but that’s about it.

  26. I’m ready for the new season can’t wait …watched the whole season 1 on my kindle ..I’m ready ready ready for the next season come on with it .. I’m DOME HOOKED :-D

  27. After watching a few episodes, I had the impression the series would never end or I would never see it to the end (like LOST). Instead, I read the book. There are so many huge differences in the TV show compared to the novel! It’s just not right! Even in the novel, there are numerous mistakes and, while I was intensely interested in the story, those occasional (small) mistakes were a bit annoying.

    Here’s just one minor issue…all the pictures on every web site and the TV show indicate the dome is round. It can’t be round because the town of Chester’s Mill is boot (or sock) shaped and the dome follows the exact boundaries of the town (according to the book). The shape of the dome would have to be like a cookie cutter with a lid on it and the sides of the dome would have to be vertical unless there was some kinf of weird scrunching at the top. In any case, the dome is not round.

  28. Wow, after sitting with my spouse and son through the entire 13 episodes and being asked repeatedly how the movie compared with the book, I was almost flabbergasted by how totally different they are. That’s Hollywood.

  29. I’m hooked!!! Just watched the whole season1 in 3 days and can’t wait until next season. PLEASE HURRY UP!!!