‘Under the Dome’ Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

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underthedome title Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

After hitting the ratings jackpot with its adaptation of Stephen King’s weighty tome Under the Dome, CBS just announced that the summer series will be back for season 2 in 2014, and, as an added incentive for fans to tune in, the network has managed to strike a deal with King that would see the prolific author step in and script the season premiere.

Although only halfway through its first season, Under the Dome has proven to be a ratings winner; averaging around 13.84 million viewers every week with more added once on-demand and DVR figures wind up being tallied. In addition, the series has also become a huge hit for Amazon Prime Instant Video, which provides subscribers access to new episodes four days after they initially air. According to Amazon, the show “has been watched by more customers than any other series on the service.”

Naturally, the high ratings – especially for a summer series – and the positive response from the Amazon streaming outlet has CBS committed to stretching the series’ storyline for as long as the audience continues to check in on the trapped residents of Chester’s Mill. After the pilot episode nabbed incredibly high numbers, executive producer Brian K. Vaughan spoke about how the series would eventually have to move away from a direct adaptation of the novel, in order to accommodate the story requirements of what is now ostensibly and ongoing series.

Aside from wondering how the series’ narrative will progress as the episode count climbs, the question now becomes: With the announcement that the series will definitely continue into season 2, will viewers who are fans of the novel continue to stick around, knowing that the end may be years in the making and may not resemble the novel’s conclusion at all?

Mike Vogel in Under the Dome Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

Despite the daunting task of finding enough story to fill another season (or seasons) of Under the Dome within the claustrophobic confines of Chester’s Mill, and running the risk of alienating fans of the novel by transitioning to a more loose interpretation of the text, CBS remains confident that they have a winner on their hands and are willing to bet that nabbing King to script the season 2 premiere will translate to an endorsement of the series by its creator.

According to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler:


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  1. Zývěr 1 season je absurdní. Dost nevinných obětí a vítězství vrahů. Poběsit by měli nakonec Rennieho

  2. My husband and I love this show! And actually my husband was very upset at the ending of the show Monday evening. He thought that was it! I had to explain to him, there will be a Season 2 and hopefully more seasons to come.

    But when is Season 2 going to start?????

    • Omg..the same happened to us..my hubby was upset too claiming if that was it …..can’t wait to find out when season 2 starts

  3. Not enough storyline to continue for another season! Very disappointing that this didn’t end Monday. I will definately NOT be watching another season. Fool me once that this was a single season – SHAME ON YOU CBS, fool me twice on one more season, SHAME ON ME! Goodbye “Under the Dome”!

  4. Very disappointed with the end, wasn’t aware it would extend to another season, interest will be lost in a year. Also wasn’t happy with how far it strayed from the book.

  5. I was very disappointed, as most of you were, that there was not a final ending for this summer series. Stretching it for another season is greedy and irresponsible. They have already killed off many of the characters, and since there is a limited population under the dome, there are only a limited number of other story lines that could develop without becoming any more ridiculous than it already is… perhaps the people already killed will be turning into the “Walking Dead” with the supernatural power under the dome…. should have ended it this season with a bang… bad call CBS.

  6. I absolutely love this show and so does my entire family, i cant wait till 2014 to watch it again! I am going to be so impatient!

  7. For most people i love the ending and hoping that there will be another season. And yes they can make more episodes for the next season its not that hard to bring new people in the movie. Well for those who wants to see the next season im right with you. Oh and the reason i loved the ending cause its more intense to know whats gone happen next.

  8. I was rly disappointed at the ending. Extend the whole series with another season? Srsly? You didn’t even manage to make ONE Season with an interesting storyline, but trying to make another is just ridiculous. To me it looks like they just want to make more money

  9. i think it is a great show. i love anything that has to do with stephen king. he won’t put his name on anything he doesn’t like. so what if it doesn’t end like the book,u already know how it ends if u read the book. so why not make it different. either way,great show. lakeside,ca

  10. Gutted that it didnt end and was shocked to find out they are dragging another season out of it but will have to watch as im so interested

  11. My daughter and I LOVE this show and we are thrilled that they are leaving us in suspense. What a great way to end a show….not knowing what is going to happen!

    Everyone is assuming that all the characters have been identified, why? Isn’t bringing in new people part of the drama?

    We are so excited for the next season to start…. wish it could be sooner than next summer!

  12. this has been one of the only shows ive kept up with. every week, it keeps me wanting more. & i cant wait for the new season. i havent read the book. but now i want to. ill be buying it once it comes out on dvd. but the next season should start sooner, people (NOT including me) might start to loose intrest with all the questions and such a long wait.

  13. And what the hell could possibly happens next ? Without making the show stupid … cbs , its only to make more money .. Should ve made a legendary ending with that.. anyway

  14. LOVED this series and soooo excited for season two! Can’t wait! Something to look forward too!! =]

  15. Please put the next season out by Jan the latest if you wait a while it won’t have anyones interest anymore. I love this show !!! Please HURRY!!!!

  16. I strongly disagree with those of you who say that they shouldn’t stretch the story into season 2 and that it’s a weakness of the show that it strays from the book. If it had followed the book we would all know what and when will happen and it would have been just another adaption, which would be OK too, but not as fun. It would have been much easier for the creators of the show to just go along with the book, they had a ready script, but instead they chose to create a whole new story, new characters and new plots so people can enjoy something new. It still has enough of the book in it and enough of the familiar Stephen King tone for the fans (like me!) to be satisfied but they gave me a new and longer story within the same setting and with the same general idea. I think that’s really great, especially that is done really well, I am hooked and waiting to see what happens. And of course they have enough to go on to season 2, possibly even 3 – it is a perfect setting for a adventure- mystery show, they can introduce new characters, new candidates for a power struggle, they have to elaborate on the mini dome, butterfly and egg mythology and on the response of the rest of the world. They have plenty of material. I can’t wait:)

  17. I LOVE the show!!! What I don’t understand is why there are so many people complaining?? If you don’t like it then why are you watching it??????????? Quite watching if you hate it so much!! Let those of us that like it enjoy it!!!!

  18. I do not get it. Why the hate people?!? I mean Under The Dome has been the most exciting drama filled show of my whole summer. I was so shocked at the season finale ending. I mean how can the writers and producers not make a season 2? I doesnt make sense!! Anyways, love the show. Cannot wait to read the book. #teambarbie #teamjoe

  19. Seriously? I only started watching this because it was a one season story and understood it would end at the end of summer. It “jumped the shark” a few episodes back, and I won’t be watching it next season. I would like to know how it ends – but I guess it doesn’t. I’ll just go read the book – and really, Steven King is going to write ONE episode? I’ll pass.
    p.s. why do you think it had good ratings? Because there is nothing else on in the summer and people were told it would have a solid ending….. liars, liars pants on fire!

    • Actually, the claim was that he would write the season premiere. I don’t think there has been any confirmation one way or the other as to whether or not he will write additional episodes. I would say it’s likely as he seems very interested in the project.

  20. Im pretty bummed that this show was supposed to be a mini-series and was changed just because people tuned in. People saying they dont understand all the hate, its not hate for the show, just the false information. I personally thought the show was bland, short on action most times, didn’t explain anything…and im supposed to wait a year to find out? Nope, getting the book. Hopefully more will do the same so their deceptive plan wont be as profitable. Read a book people.

  21. As an SK fan I was wary about this project but was drawn to it because of the promise that it would be a mini-series with a definite conclusion – that’s what I was willing to invest in
    and Im sure that’s why all the hate – plus the fact that its not really very good. Now I can see it getting pulled after steadily declining ratings and we’re left without an ending – ala The Event/ Alcatraz/ Flash Forward etc

    I will not be watching the next season

  22. I loved the show because I believed there was going to be a definite conclusion in the near future. I have absolutely no desire to watch another version of ‘Lost’ that never seems to get anywhere. I am deeply disappointed that greed has blinded the management of CBS yet again. King has many more novels, just do another in the same format after this series. But now I am done with watching any mini-series that CBS puts out. They have lost my trust. Extremely disappointed. I will just read the book now and leave it at that.

  23. How about this… make it a MAXIMUM of two years. Then dig into minds of people like King, Saul, Rice, Koonz and continue making 2 year shows? I liked the idea of getting to the finale on this one. Why do we have to ruin it by dragging it out until it just plain old gets canceled?

  24. OMG…… I loved this series, one of the best I have seen in a long time. To all the winers out there, go read
    Mr. Kings book, under the dome, then you will have your Ending, and don’t ever have to watch again!! Mr. King, take your time, because we want it to be even better than the first one. CBS, dont listen to a few bad EGGS….: ) GREAT SUMMER SERIES, THANK YOU!! AND THANKS TO ALL THE DYNAMITE ACTORS, AND.ACTRESSES!! RACHEL, I LIKE YOUR CHARACTER MUCH BETTER, THAN IN TWILIGHT….. YOUR MUCHO NICER…..

  25. I’m glad they are going to continue it. I could not believe that they would end the series like that, with so many unresolved issues left hanging.
    It has already moved away from the novel, and this is one time I don’t mind. Under the Dome was a great novel, but I really thought the ending was disappointing. King can do better than that!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what season 2 has to offer!

  26. Absolutely love this series!!!!! Way to go Mr. King love your stuff and Thanks so much for having a second season can’t wait to watch it. Was only dissapointed to watch on Monday night and found out that I have to wait til 2014….Keep it up

  27. The best new show since LOST!!!

  28. I believe that the dome is protecting them from a natural disaster (a meteor) and the town will have to start over