‘Under the Dome’ Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

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underthedome title Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

After hitting the ratings jackpot with its adaptation of Stephen King’s weighty tome Under the Dome, CBS just announced that the summer series will be back for season 2 in 2014, and, as an added incentive for fans to tune in, the network has managed to strike a deal with King that would see the prolific author step in and script the season premiere.

Although only halfway through its first season, Under the Dome has proven to be a ratings winner; averaging around 13.84 million viewers every week with more added once on-demand and DVR figures wind up being tallied. In addition, the series has also become a huge hit for Amazon Prime Instant Video, which provides subscribers access to new episodes four days after they initially air. According to Amazon, the show “has been watched by more customers than any other series on the service.”

Naturally, the high ratings – especially for a summer series – and the positive response from the Amazon streaming outlet has CBS committed to stretching the series’ storyline for as long as the audience continues to check in on the trapped residents of Chester’s Mill. After the pilot episode nabbed incredibly high numbers, executive producer Brian K. Vaughan spoke about how the series would eventually have to move away from a direct adaptation of the novel, in order to accommodate the story requirements of what is now ostensibly and ongoing series.

Aside from wondering how the series’ narrative will progress as the episode count climbs, the question now becomes: With the announcement that the series will definitely continue into season 2, will viewers who are fans of the novel continue to stick around, knowing that the end may be years in the making and may not resemble the novel’s conclusion at all?

Mike Vogel in Under the Dome Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

Despite the daunting task of finding enough story to fill another season (or seasons) of Under the Dome within the claustrophobic confines of Chester’s Mill, and running the risk of alienating fans of the novel by transitioning to a more loose interpretation of the text, CBS remains confident that they have a winner on their hands and are willing to bet that nabbing King to script the season 2 premiere will translate to an endorsement of the series by its creator.

According to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler:


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  1. Sad to hear that. The show’s concept would have been perfect for a limited mini series with a proper wrap up in the end.

    In my opinion there isn’t just enough that can be done with an isolated small town to keep it interesting for the long haul. It will inevitably lead to “Losteritis”: they will string the audience along and keep any answer of real interest to themselves, while the character stories will become more and more contrived when they start running out of ideas. The only thing that could prevent that from happening is starting to show what’s going on outside the dome. But I doubt that will happen…

    • I agree. I thought this was going to just be a limited one-season run and that’s it. I thought Stephen King suggested as much during interviews about the show.

      • +1! Kinda funny eh? Total bummer…

    • I am not happy that they ate extending the series. You can tell by the way the storyline is wrapping up. And now we are expected to watch it start over is a real stretch for me.

  2. How has this maintained such high ratings? I’ve enjoyed it, but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s really quite cheesy and really shouldn’t go on beyond a first season.

    • American audiences like to stay in and watch crap instead of going out to support great movies like Pacific Rim and The Wolverine?

      That’s my only explanation.

      • Dazz that comment makes no sense at. Tv and movies are not the same thing, most people only see movies once unlike tv shows that run for months. Show quality isnt the only factor in a popular show. Pacific rim is a fanboy cult film get over it

    • My thoughts exactly,this show really sucks on most aspects and it doesn’t deserve story-stretching seasons. I must say i was really looking forward to it, but as it turns out, it’s just another bitter disappointment.

    • Well I admit I have continued to watch it but to me it is getting worse and worse with each week. I found out last night there was to be an S2 and my friends and I were like ‘WHAT?!?’

  3. Is this about Katrina and the filth that occurred there!

    • Really Under the Dome Novel was written way before the Katrina incident.

  4. Love the show and glad to hear it.

  5. I started watching it because the pilot was really good and figured it was going to be a mini series. Honestly, how long can your real stretch something like this out without it becoming mind numbingly tedious… could be a good mini series if they keep it moving and wrap it up in a seasons or 2 rather then run it into the ground over 4 or more by dragging everything out.

  6. How has this maintained such high ratings? I’ve enjoyed it, but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s really quite cheesy and really shouldn’t go on beyond a first season.

  7. Some of you surprise me? Not knowing how under the dome gets such good ratings?

    1 It is on Monday night, a time slot during the summer that has no real competition. You have cooking shows, a reality show, but all in all there is not threat to it on Monday night because it is first run going up against repeats.

    2 It would no doubt get creamed if it were on during Monday night Football.

    3 Its Typical Monday Do nothing at night stay home and watch mindless TV.

    4 The Alien reveal. You know its coming, and you do not want to miss it.

    • Correct indeed, time slot is equally as important as the quality when it comes to success

  8. After watching the first I was interested enough to download the book to listen in my semi going down the road. Right from the bat it was clear that the tv version was much different from the book so I stop recording it and just went through the book. I don’t know how the series is going, but I’m glad I’m near the end of the book. Unlike other of King’s stories this isn’t so much about people battleing some supernatural beings…but about some very loathsome individuals who are given free reign to take over a town in a jack boot fashion because of this dome.

    From the story in the book I have to agree with those who wonder how this could be stretched for more than one season. In fact…Remember “Mini-Series” like “Roots, “Shogun,” and such? That’s what this probably should have been. Just an intense mini series

    • Mini-series are a thing of the past now. If something is successful networks will gladly sacrifice the integrity of the story just to make more money. but every thing you said i totally agree with. Although, premium cable channels seem to be the only ones actively keeping the mini-series format alive . HBO’s “Parade’s End” comes to mind.

  9. This is not good. Why spoil a good thing??
    Money of course!
    The network is doing what all US networks do – milk it to the maximum.
    Not only that , we had a perfectly good ending with the book. The second season even if penned by King, will simply leave the first season as a cliff hanger.

    • C’mon CBS!! MOST of us won’t fall for another Lost scam…

  10. I’m disappointed to hear that this will have a second series, Sony acquired the rights to make a tv series about the “Gone” series of novels, which has a similar “domed city” premise. Gone is incredibly dark due to the nature of the dome only containing children under the age of 15, giving similar themes of hopelessness an entirely new light.
    There’s also 6 novels in the series making it a much better candidate for renewal if the ratings stay high enough. I feel extending under the dome will lead to the majority of the audience seeing Gone as a shameless rip-off, or being already bored of the concept.

  11. Excellent now I can stop watching it because I know now there not getting out !
    its a rip off of the Simpson’s Movie Anyhow

    • Wow seriously The Simpson’s Movie actually stole Stephen Kings novel idea. Actually made fun of it. This book was wrote way before that.

  12. Joe, you do realize the Simpsons movie was a rip off of the Stephen king book right? Under then dome is the Stephen king book, not a rip off of the Simpsons movie lol!!!

    • You realize that while King started writing something that resembled ‘Dome’ in the 70’s, he didn’t finish it or publish anything. The Simpsons Movie was scripted in 2003, Dome was published Nov 09. While Dome was certainly not based on Simpsons, your point is still invalid.

  13. Can’t believe that 11 million people are apparently still watching this drivel!

    The book was barely passable “King” imo The whole thing smacked of a cliche ghostwriter. Not sure what they paid the glowing reviewers in…but apparently “hype” works.

    The Show is even worse…I know I shouldn’t be surprised that Hollywood/and/or Network tv could frack something up even more. But I was hoping that it would be an actually “smart” script and decent actors/characters. I guess I’ve been spoiled my AMC/FX/HBO/Showtime/Starz a bit, as at least they have material that is coherent, well acted and involving!

    Sadly the show is none of those things and is actually more dumbed-down re-imagining of the source material!

    Now season 2???


    • They’re trapped under a dome….Even though King managed to stretch the book to extremes so it went on and on…Even he had to make it end. I can’t see how they figured this for anything more than a one or two night movie in the first place much less something that stretches into a seond full season. Maybe they intend to eventually have other towns get domes and show just how bat crap crazy they become too…Good times eh?

    • I WAS one of the 11mil… I feel like I got scammed. This is a total let down…

  14. This is sad. I was excited to hear that CBS was making a 13-hour miniseries out of Under the Dome…King writes some lengthy and detailed novels, and the movie and TV versions are usually too short and end up being pretty bad because of that. So, I was looking forward to this longer treatment.

    However, to change mid-production from a 13-hour miniseries to an indefinite length continuing series is just a colossally bad idea. If CBS was so thrilled with the ratings they were getting from a Stephen King miniseries, perhaps they should have chosen another of his books to make into a new miniseries for next summer. The book had a very definite ending, and I just can’t imagine how they’re going to drag it out for another 13 hours next year. A series is written from the beginning to be a series, you don’t take a novel with a beginning, middle and end and turn it into a series of unknown length.

    I just can’t fathom it. I went from being happy that CBS had the brains to make this to being horrified that CBS could be this brainless. Fortunately, I haven’t watched any of the episodes yet (as I was planning on a marathon viewing). Now I think I’ll probably just delete them from my DVR unseen.

    • The mini-series veers badly away from the novel. I was a huge fan of the book, but I had to quit watching this pap. Follow your instincts on this one and reclaim your DVR real estate.

    • My thoughts exactly. I just marathoned Dexter and was planning Dome next. Nevermind. ERASE.

  15. I am a teacher and absolutely love this show. Stephen King being the outstanding author he is, I am sure season two will become just as awesome!

    • There is only one book. Any more episodes will just become a bad soap opera that happens to take place under a dome put there by extraterrestrial kids. This thing has already besmirched King’s book – more of the same is almost unthinkable.

  16. Thought it was a one season show.Was getting a little dull,now that there is a second season think i’ll tune out.

    • +1! Done here as well…

  17. hope to see a lot more detail and more seasons to come from this show.
    It is a great show, let’s see what you do Stephen king. use that imagination of yours and give the viewers something great to watch for months or maybe years?!

  18. This is ridiculous. They have already wrung any value out of this story with the horrendous job they have done – prolonging the misery for a whole season more seems ludicrous. It is too bad King apparently put his stamp of approval on this mess. The only thing it has in common with the novel now is that it has something to do with a dome. Zzzzz.

  19. No one is forcing you to watch it! Maybe some people want season two but my problem is I hate waiting so long for it to start. Then I lose interest.

  20. WE ARE talking about the MASTERMIND Stephen King here, he will make it interesting, I Love the show and watched it from the very beginning and will continue to do so until the end, It is about time something good has made it onto Local TV, All these reality shows are the same old thing over and over again, King brought it to the table and it was GREAT!!

    • King may be the author, but CBS is behind it. Beware, they’ll just string you along like “Lost”.

    • I understand I love Stephen King but really you watch movie then read or Read and watch movie. IMO just saying you are always disappointed in the end.

  21. Well, that’ll finish it for me. Despite mediocre acting and absolutely *horrible* continuity editing throughout (note to sounds effects people: bolt action rifles don’t make shotgun-type clack-clack sounds when being loaded), I stuck with it to see how the story would resolve. Now that they’ve decided to string it along, I’ve got no reason to tune in anymore. Guess I’ll buy the book.

    • Just read the synopsis on Wiki. This is a total let down…

  22. With it continuing into a new season now I am feeling trapped under the CBS dome. And I want out. A story should have a good plot with a payoff for the viewer/reader at the end. I’ve been entranced specifically to see where the story was going for the 13th week payoff. So I can only say Stephen King you sold out. You let your fans down by writing the next seasons first episode. You’ve ruined what should have been a satisfying payoff for your fans.

  23. @Andrew

    Don’t expect much from the book. I’ve been reading King since 1981 and UTD is the weakest offering I’ve ever tried to read. Got about 500 pages and just said no more. The cliche characters and simplistic structure and text irritated more than entertained.

    The series was more of the same imo

    Had ridiculous hopes that it would somehow actually be better than the source material…I know, I’m not sure what I was thinking as that is 99.9 not the case anytime.

    Made it through 1 and a 1/2 episodes. Hated the writing, the wooden acting, the social PC pandering, the miss cast leads, the needless deviations…hated pretty much everything about it.

    Can’t for the life of me understand how it maintained 11 million viewers approx. Really???

    I don’t really know what to say about that without being extremely rude…I’ll settle with “whatever floats your boat” /cough cough

    Anyway. That’s my opinion.

    Thought the book was extremely weak, and the show followed suite even more so!

  24. I am very disappointed to hear this. If they do not wrap up this story next week, I doubt that I will watch another season. Everything is ready to end and if it drags on with Barbie being a framed killer and big Jim manipulating every extremely gullible character in the show, I couldn’t stand another season. It is ready to end and needs to end

    • So I am the only person here who is enjoying the series.
      The book was a horrific mess, started off great.. but became way too long winded with a cheap ending…Yes it was a cheap ending! It was the last Indiana Jones movie all over again…
      I also don`t find the acting that bad either.

      • I really enjoyed the show but now that I know there’s a season two and no ending…..I’m bummed. I love a good miniseries and that’s exactly what this should be. Stephen King and multiple authors have a bunch of books that could be great summer Miniseries.

        CBS started something great but now they’re going to ruin it; they should take other offers that have one book and turn it into a mini-series.

  25. Bummed. Does not work as a series. Barely works as a mini. Loved the book, deleting from DVR as I write this. No way will I tune in next year, I’m already bored with it.

    • I’m with you on that!! Total bummer!!

  26. Really?!!! I just wasted over 12 hours wathching this show! I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. I WAS a huge fan of this mini-series, but am now only disappointed to see it turn into another Lost. Once people realize this is going down the same road as Lost, they’ll see it is a waste of their time, especially when there is no ending. See ya’ CBS.

  27. Where is the best website to post and warn people on the direction of this show?

  28. I will be very disappointed if this is made into “season 2″. I have bragged all along to my friends (whom I shared my hardback copy of the book with) about how well it has followed the book and how it was as good as “The Stand”. I am not going to watch if you continue it on. It should end the way the book does.

    • I wouldn’t say it started right along with the book. Really I mean re read then because there is detailed things about Junior and his ex gf that seemingly didn’t happen. I could go on how there was a lot that changed from novel and book. So please re read before saying it stayed right along with the book.

  29. The book was great. The series has become progressively worse, so much that I haven’t even watched the last two episodes. I was going to watch the “finale” tomorrow, but if its just a cliffhanger until another series, never mind. Make a movie, follow the book, and you may have my interest again.

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