‘Under the Dome’ Renewed for Season 2; Stephen King to Write First Episode

Published 2 years ago by , Updated September 15th, 2013 at 3:49 pm,

According to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler:

“We’re excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester’s Mill, and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season.”

Keeping fans of King’s novel happy is one thing, but the sustained interest of casual viewers may be the next obstacle the series faces. So far, the show has had a mixed response from critics and vocal fans alike, with some warming to the pilot, only to be disappointed following a dip in the quality of storytelling shortly thereafter. Things picked up slightly with last week’s dome-centric ‘Blue on Blue,’ but those watching the series are likely to remain skeptical until the series manages to deliver improved episodes on a continued basis.


Under the Dome airs Monday nights @10pm on CBS.

Source: CBS

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  1. I started to watch yesterday afternoon, and just finished all 13 episodes 20 minutes ago. I really liked the storyline, but after reading the comments above, I realized that I might not be the only one wishing that would be 1 or 2 more episodes for this very season and see an end for the story. It will be a long journey for getting more than one season and have a good and interesting end. Just as someone wrote, please finish with a gooooood end or with a big bang. Not sure if I will be sooo interested on the next season. I rather get the book, take few days to read and stop giving audience for the tv.

    • Bruna,

      Don’t bother trying to read the book for comparison. It’s almost a completely different story.

      • TRUE! The show was good, but the movie was AWESOME!!!!

  2. I don´t know If I will remember anything on summer of 2014, xDDD… Probably I will not be more interested in wasting more time… I firmly belief that the writers plays with the audience….and they laugh at them…
    How much seasons we will have to wait to have some answers to this nonsense? … Bad management of the plot and awful open-end for the first season. Please give us a small end!! Just a train wreck!!

  3. I love ‘Under The Dome’ but am surprised that it will be a continuing series. It’ll be interesting to see where the writers take the story.

  4. Loved the first season…cant wait for season two – will be interesting where they take the story!! Great job…

  5. I want MORE !!!

  6. I just watched the whole “13″ episode mini series. I expected it to be different from the book. It is/was. But I expected it to end with episode 13, somewhat near to how the book ended.

    I won’t be back.

  7. i loved under the dome, it is not what i expected but it is amazing, i will continue watching it for however long it goes, i wanna see the end, i wanna see the difference from the book, yes i wanna read the book but i will deffinately keep watching! great job to the directors!

  8. If Stephen King is writing a story – I will read it (or in this case – watch it). But it darn well better be directed and approved by Stephen King! If not – do not depend on my interest nor support.
    Like the old adage, “You get what you pay for”.
    It is like the Alfred Hitchcock original “Norman Bates”. All other directors of “spin-off” movies were disappointing.

  9. I really liked the show/season and what you did with it. Glad to hear there is going to be a second season. I’m hoping to see exciting new twists and turns that aren’t in the book. I especially don’t want to see the same ending from the book because I have already read it so what fun would that be? This show is like a sequel to the book. I want to see all of the familiarities from the book but not the same story. Just keep providing exciting, new stuff and you will obviously keep MY attention :) With Stephen at the helm, the 1st show is sure to be a jaw dropper, can’t wait.

  10. This is “Lost” all over again. It goes on and on and on with stories progressively more stupid and nonsensical than the last. I watched all 13 episodes on Amazon Prime Video in 2 days because it said “Mini Series” only to find out is a regular series. I won’t waste another minute.

  11. I am on the fence – I wished they just ended it and found another 13-episode summer story – like, find another novel and bring it to a close every year. I hope they don’t drag it on…I know people will not stick around for 7 seasons…CBS will only want the ratings to sell for their sponsors – then when the show is tired – they will give it some lame ending. CBS – don’t let it die before you cancel it – look for ANOTHER cool story to prepare NOW don’t wait for this to fizzle then think it will work…netter to end it leaving us wanting more than few viewers and no -one cares when it ends.

  12. So much TV now is episodic where networks are trying to captivate the audience into staying tuned for their advertising attempts. People drop off because they feel cheated out of waiting a long time for more that has no ending. A great formula would be to use the first season to hook the audience and then make a block buster movie with an ending out of the second season. Those who are hooked fans from the first season would surely flock to the second season cinematic version with a great ending. That way TV networks get viewers and you’d have many more people hooked for the movie when it comes out. Not sure how profits would be shared but I’m sure networks and theaters could figure something out.

  13. I can not wait for the new season!! It is going to be great and i am interested to know the ending to the show!! keep me interested!!!

  14. I found a very good show that should keep us until Season 2 of Under The Dome.
    Its for both men and women.

    Beauty and the Beast’: Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk talk Season 2 romance in ‘Kidnapped. I love it, its worth your time.

  15. There should be multiple domes with a different story line in each dome. The dome that learns how to work together in unity gets to carry on the human race when the outside world is destroyed.

  16. I watched the series on Channel 10 (Melbourne Australia), which was excellent – as most new series of this type have previously landed exclusively on Pay TV. The series was interesting, introduced some new ideas and concepts, had me wanting to see the next episode – which is RARE for any TV series, however it was almost as though the story was working to an end when in Ep 11 and 12, more elements were introduced. I haven’t yet read the book, so I’m at the mercy of the TV series. I think I’ll be watching for series 2. One thing was missing though – what of the world outside ? Will this dome launch into space will it time travel ? who knows – this is what makes possibilities for Series 2 interesting. HOWEVER PLEASE don’t turn it into Lost In Space !!

  17. why dont they get rid of junior

    • no they shouldn’t

  18. Just hurry up already sheesh, im running out of stuff to watch.

    I quite liked the show Nim I think it was called, sucked it never went very far.

    I think Stephen king should pick it up and continue it, or anyone for that matter, huge monster things in the ocean, dood, lol badass.

  19. Why doe they need to have another season should have just followed the original story

  20. The Dome is a great show to look forward to watching… as I see EVERYONE has an opinion and they are entitled to it… as for my husband and I we both look forward to watching the show.
    I guess this is to show everyone has their own likes and dislikes.
    Some say the book is just like the show , This conundrum is quite similar to the book “World War Z” vs. the movie “World War Z” which were not alike.
    Referring the Dome to Lost is like comparing apples and oranges…
    most of what I read here is based on negativity… try being more open minded and give credit to the writers and directors… better yet try to write something better than them have it become a book and a series then come back and gloat , but sitting in comfy chair and watching your television and complaining is alot easier than what Stephen King is doing…SMH
    P.S you can always change the channel

  21. Has noone else noticed that the outside of the dome miraculously recovered from being nuked? Or have i missed something?

    • Tori, if you remember the missile was the country’s largest NON nuclear weapon and when they show shots of the dome from the outside you can easily see the side that it hit on. As for others talking about how different the storyline is from the book has there ever been a Stephen King movie that followed the book to the letter no there hasn’t been. As for the changes Stephen King himself ok’ed them all as he saw how it would change and shape the overall story line in the show. As many have said you either like it or you don’t, we all have the right to choose for ourselves what we watch, read, listen to and talk about. I for one am looking forward to seeing how the storyline progesses from here.

  22. “Under the dome” my all time favorite!!!;)

  23. I want more hurry with season 2 please i cant wait any longer………..

  24. Can’t believe they strung it out this long and didn’t finish the story. What a massive let down. It should have been 5 episodes shorter as it was but I stuck it out for the ending. Profits over sense. I won’t waste time on another season.

  25. I loved under the dome please keep it coming,good family time …..

  26. Loved it! Just watched it on Netflix And I’m addicted. Can’t get enough of Barbie. Yummy. ;-)

  27. love the book and I like the TV series but the young girls who’s mother died was not in a gay relationship in the book. why does Hollywood always have to throw homosexuality in our faces. the same with 2 and a half men. sick of it.

  28. When does the next season start

  29. If you go to Amazon it lists the show as a 13 episode mini-series. I was extremely disappointed when it did not come to a conclusion in episode 13. I’ve seen posts where it’s stated that they never said this was a mini-series and that some reporters got the information wrong. However, Amazon is partnered with CBS for the show and even though they know now that it is not a mini-series, it is still posted right now as being a 13 episode mini-series. I hope they change that so Prime subscribers go in knowing it is an on-going series.