‘Under The Dome’ Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

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Under The Dome cast Under The Dome Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

As your favorite television shows end for the season (Mad Men, Game of Thrones) and many audiences anticipate this fall’s high-profile offerings, CBS has been touting its big summer event series, Under The Dome. Based on Stephen King’s 1,000+ page chronicle of Chester’s Mill, a small Maine town suddenly imprisoned by a giant dome, the series premiere bowed on Monday, June 24th to an impressive 13.1 million viewers.

The general consensus is positive, with our own Kevin Yeoman’s positive review naming it a show to definitely watch, but how much of the book will it cover? Executive Producer Brian K. Vaughan (Lost) discussed the potential future of the series.

In a long and detailed interview with THRVaughan covers a lot of ground, much of it having to do with the plot, characters and world set up by the series premiere (so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely seek that out first). However, when it comes to the show’s time frame versus that of the book, Vaughan had this to say:

It’s been pretty close to be going on a day for each episode. So, at 13, it’s going to be at two weeks, which pretty closely mirrors the novel. The show is going to be what life is like in those first two hectic weeks under the dome. Hopefully this is just the start of an incredible journey. The fun will come in the second season, so fingers crossed that people will want to stick around with Chester’s Mill.

stephen king under the dome showtime Under The Dome Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

While the 13-episode season is a short run for network television, Vaughan’s confidence in reaching a second season points toward the significant changes from the timeline in Stephen King’s novel. King himself initially toyed with having the town trapped for months or even years, but once he got to two weeks and realized he already had a thousand pages, he started to wrap things up.

Vaughan, however, seems to think King’s original notion might be the way to go:

You know, [showrunner] Neal Baer has already worked on two shows that have gone at least 15 seasons. So a conservative 15 seasons sounds about right (laughs).

Is he kidding? Probably (not). While the show takes its liberties with the source material (primarily when it comes to the physical properties of the dome), the producers and writers seem to be doing their best to hew close to the book’s themes of the darkness lying in wait beneath the veneer of a normal town (one of King’s favorites), and how quickly things go to hell once the unknown is introduced.

The book approaches the domed town as a microcosm of American life in the early 21st century, and there is plenty of material there to continue the story for as long as viewers will want to tune in.

Well, ScreenRanters? Do you think the mysterious entrapment of Chester’s Mill could go on beyond the book’s timeline? If you’ve read the book, please avoid any spoilers for those who haven’t in the comments.


You can catch Under The Dome Mondays @ 10PM on CBS.

Source: THR

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  1. My family and I love this show. I am glad it is going on for more than one season. I do not believe it is going to be like lost. People do not have an attention span that lasts more than 3 mins. if you like it dont watch it.

    • “if you like it dont watch it.”

      hmmm…must be a new way of watching tv…..attacking the viewers is not really an solution, my attention span is quite adequate, tyvm.

      I`m sure it fulfills some people`s entertainment needs quite nicely….for the rest of us however, a little up front information about how this was going to be the equivalent of a “reboot” of the book would have been nice to have.

      I feel I was misled by the hype and association with the book, it is clearly NOT the book in any but the most surface of comparisions.

      but then again, maybe that is the moral of today`s programming, surface entertainment for surface viewers…..who knows, it`s still insulting….and if “if you don`t like it don`t watch it” was what was meant by another poster in this forum, I am not watching it, already said I will not, so really, feeling the need to point that out after it was already stated is just a waste of wordspace.

    • that was undeniably the WORST ending ever.

      the show was ok, the acting wasn’t entirely awful, the redhead is easy to look at (easier when she’s not talking, but that’s rare), and the cop is so monotone that when she speaks all I can hear in my mind’s ear is my weedwacker.

      if they want anyone to watch season 2 they’re going to need 3 things

      1. another scene like in the opener with angie and psycho-boy in bed,
      2. another cow getting cut in half (that was maybe the best 20 seconds of the entire season), and
      3. tell red she’s in more scenes but has no lines (maybe we can put her in the scene with angie and psycho-boy and give her one line, something like “ooh baby, just like that”)

  2. More than 1 season and I am outta here.

  3. I will get bored with it, I started watching because I thought it would have an ending, If I had known it was going to go on and on like Lost, I wouldn’t have started. Lost went on too long.

  4. I am a huge fan of Stephen King. I’ve read all his books. However, I couldn’t get myself to read under the dome because of how long the book was. I am enjoying the show, but parts of it seem almost predictable. I, like others, thought this was going to end after one season. Why does everyone have to compare this to Lost???? I got bored with Lost after the first couple episodes. I really don’t see the comparisons.

  5. Enough already. I was watching this thinking it would end tonight. It’s getting boring, repetitious and moving too slowly. I think I’ll just read the book.

    • Hey William, not read the book yet? You are in for an amazing treat!

  6. Very upset with the ending since I believe it would have only been one season. Though I still see what they can do with the show,I felt like I was watching the ending to the sopranos again….got me upset but I guess I will have to wait and see

  7. Very upset with the ending but i will definitely watch a second season. but i think that more than 3 seasons total would be to much. But i am very excited for a second season and can’t wait to see barbies handsome face again.

  8. Omg! What just happened? I thought tonite was the last show… Glad its coming back,love it! But am so mad cuz I was so ready to see how it was gonna end. My husband told me tonite was finale,I should have known,there was just too much left unanswered to from lastweek to wrap it up in this last hour.

  9. I never liked Stephen King’s stuff. Been watching the Dome – thought it would end tonight – I won’t watch it again.

    • “I never lliked Stephen King’s stuff”.so I watched an entire season of a show based on it.surpringly I did not like it….smh.

  10. Great show , it’s not predictable.

  11. No no no! This show was supposed to be based on the book. Each episode drraaaaaaggggssss on. I’m not watching a second season of this let alone fifteen! This producer is only looking out for his own job security. The book was intense, engaging and really made you question the darkness of the human heart in crisis. This show is simply setting up one person up to be the typical “bad guy”.

  12. I too was perplexed by the ending until I read here that it isn’t an ending at all. I hope in the next season we’ll be released from the confines of Chester’s Mill and our characters will go on to deal with whatever has taken place in the rest of the world during their absence. This is not a spoiler since we were given no idea what has taken place–if anything, but my imagination has been going wild. Is everyone outside Chester’s Mill gone? Will they have to repopulate the globe. Are there other “dome” people? I see all kinds of possibilities.

  13. The series was engaging! But waiting now for a whole year to see how this ends is a rip off. I won’t be back and certainly won’t bother to invest the time in any other series, like hostages, for fear that that won’t end when they promise either. Anyone know how the book ends?

  14. I am not a fan of most dramatic TV, because I don’t like long story arcs. However, with great trepidation, I decide to give the 13 episode mini-series “Under The Dome” a try. Soon, I was happy I had. With characters I liked and others I wanted to receive their comeuppance, I was truly stoked for this evening’s finale. At about 45 minutes in I realized It was going to be one hectic ending or a cliffhanger. When the show stopped mid-story, I was livid. Reading here, I see I was not the only person misled. Suffice it to say, within the last half hour, I have cancelled my Blu-Ray pre-order, and deleted the whole debacle from my DVR. I was interested in “Hostage” and based on “Under The Dome” I was planning to give it a try. Rest assured, I will NOT be watching the “fifteen episode” “Hostage,” in anticipation of the same type of shenanigans from CBS. A much better option would have been to end “Under The Dome” and do the same thing again next summer with another King story mini-series.

    • Unbelievable! I didn’t hear anything about a second season…that was a cheap shot. As always, the book was so much better.

      • Ok just chose one of the many at random who were expecting this to end at episode 13. It was widely announced thst dome was renewed for a second season weeks ago. Stephen King will pen the season 2 premier. I liked the book, but I don’t see how even SK can save the hot-mess that these terrible writers have made of his story.Linda is the dumbest and least effective law enforcement officer in television history!

        • Gotta agree on Linda, she Inspector Claude Cleusau [spelling] look like a positive genious, she is soooo thick!

        • Linda is a moron and embarrassing to the female race as she is way too easy to fool.

  15. This was a real drag! I am livid I can’t believe I let myself being sucked into this “mini-series” my butt, it is going on more than one season so I am out of here!!!!!

  16. what’s going on? i thought it would end at the 13th episode! and another season? when does the second season start? this is ridiculous and a waste of time.

  17. The viewers were led to believe there would only be one season. Disappointed with the decision to not resolve at the end season one.

  18. Boycott the sponsors. I don’t have time for a mini-series, but I thought to give this one a shot, even knowing how badly my family was disappointed over the ending of “IT”. Never sucked into another mini-series.

  19. Why do the networks insist on starting limited episode miniseries – then when they get good ratings they tell the big lie and continue the series? It’s all about the money!
    It all started with “Lost”, continued with “The Following”, and some other series like that.
    Aren’t there enough writers that the networks have to turn a good story into an endless story that goes into stupidity.
    I am also disappointed with Stephen King – for all his bravado about artistic control – let his story turn into a soap opera!

  20. I loved the show. I am glad that it is coming back on next year. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Chester’s mill.

    • “what`s in store” is easily quantified: more mind numbing go-nowhereness…followed by another let down based on initial lies…….as it has been, so shall it be.

  21. I like the book and the show but i don’t see how they can make it beyond a second season if they do i probably won’t watch it because it will just ruin it. I really hope they don’t do anymore seasons after season 2.

    • Totally Agree

  22. I have now watched the whole 13 episodes and read the book. While I thoroughly enjoyed both I found that they were absolute poles apart on their story lines. I read somewhere that if they don’t bring this to a conclusion soon it may well go the way of ‘Lost’ and I for one gave up after 2 seasons.

  23. Stupid ending and a rip off! I will read the book….NOT WATCHING Anymore!

  24. OMG…suffered through this season thinking at some point it would make some sort of sense….yeah that never happened. Season finale sucked! Won’t be back next season.

  25. Since we were told from the beginning it was to be “a summer replacement”
    and when it was done that was it–ok, fine, I would have thought SOMEONE
    would have considered the actual viewers. We were told often enough it was a summer blockbuster, but to give faithful “summer replacement” views such an ending was grossly unfair to everyone.

    Come on, admit it, you were in it for the bucks and prestige with little concern to the viewers and their need “to end it”.

  26. …. ugghhh:( I liked the thought of one season and was excited about getting all the answers THIS year. Now I know that the producers plans for more seasons. 5? 6? 15?? sorry. I am outta here. Don’t wanna play this game. Get to the point. Then: move on with another idea. Goodbye ….

  27. Well I just Marthoned Season 1 and always do. Like True Blood, Walking dead and now Under the Dome it was ok it did drag a bit but I will watch Season 2. I’m sorry but you guys need to catch up, who does a show week by week nowadays. Lol no wonder you sound so frustrated… It would not take that long to read a book just saying. Never under estimate…

  28. Under the Dome? I’ve already forgotten it!
    Don’t care at all about it now….some series take many monthss to returnand I eagerly await them…But under…..etc isn’t, wasn’ all that enthralling