‘Under The Dome’ Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

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Under The Dome cast Under The Dome Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

As your favorite television shows end for the season (Mad Men, Game of Thrones) and many audiences anticipate this fall’s high-profile offerings, CBS has been touting its big summer event series, Under The Dome. Based on Stephen King’s 1,000+ page chronicle of Chester’s Mill, a small Maine town suddenly imprisoned by a giant dome, the series premiere bowed on Monday, June 24th to an impressive 13.1 million viewers.

The general consensus is positive, with our own Kevin Yeoman’s positive review naming it a show to definitely watch, but how much of the book will it cover? Executive Producer Brian K. Vaughan (Lost) discussed the potential future of the series.

In a long and detailed interview with THRVaughan covers a lot of ground, much of it having to do with the plot, characters and world set up by the series premiere (so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely seek that out first). However, when it comes to the show’s time frame versus that of the book, Vaughan had this to say:

It’s been pretty close to be going on a day for each episode. So, at 13, it’s going to be at two weeks, which pretty closely mirrors the novel. The show is going to be what life is like in those first two hectic weeks under the dome. Hopefully this is just the start of an incredible journey. The fun will come in the second season, so fingers crossed that people will want to stick around with Chester’s Mill.

stephen king under the dome showtime Under The Dome Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

While the 13-episode season is a short run for network television, Vaughan’s confidence in reaching a second season points toward the significant changes from the timeline in Stephen King’s novel. King himself initially toyed with having the town trapped for months or even years, but once he got to two weeks and realized he already had a thousand pages, he started to wrap things up.

Vaughan, however, seems to think King’s original notion might be the way to go:

You know, [showrunner] Neal Baer has already worked on two shows that have gone at least 15 seasons. So a conservative 15 seasons sounds about right (laughs).

Is he kidding? Probably (not). While the show takes its liberties with the source material (primarily when it comes to the physical properties of the dome), the producers and writers seem to be doing their best to hew close to the book’s themes of the darkness lying in wait beneath the veneer of a normal town (one of King’s favorites), and how quickly things go to hell once the unknown is introduced.

The book approaches the domed town as a microcosm of American life in the early 21st century, and there is plenty of material there to continue the story for as long as viewers will want to tune in.

Well, ScreenRanters? Do you think the mysterious entrapment of Chester’s Mill could go on beyond the book’s timeline? If you’ve read the book, please avoid any spoilers for those who haven’t in the comments.


You can catch Under The Dome Mondays @ 10PM on CBS.

Source: THR

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  1. Oh no, I thought this was going to be a mini-series one season only deal.
    I would have preferred that over a multi-season series which will drag on too much.
    Rather give us 13 eventful episodes and end it off.

    • I agree. Most shows that have started off really strong eventually grow stale by the last few seasons because the story just couldn’t support being drawn out for so long.

      • Oh come on! Don’t be so cynical! Let it just go with the flow. I know Screenrant has a tendency to get ahead with itself and jump to conclusions, but just let it pan out. Maybe we’ll be dying for another 2-3seasons, maybe we’ll be dying for it to end, who knows! I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode though! Great casting :)

        • It’s not cynicism… it’s simply experience. We’ve seen enough shows fading from existence or getting brutally axed with the audience being left hanging to be very, very suspicious about these kinds of decisions.

      • Yuppers. One of the things American TV can take from Spanish Soaps. Just have it end. Tell me a story with a beginning, middle and end.

        Dont drag it out milking money out of it til it withers and dies.

    • I agree!!!!! The story is ok, but another rerun of “Lost”? Nooooooooooo.

      • I agree. I thought this was going to be ending. Please not another Lost.

    • I completely agree. I want closure next week (season’s finale)….

  2. I haven’t read the book but I do question if the trees and other flora can sustain the level of oxygen necessary to keep everyone alive long term.

    • I forget the word for it but it allows some oxygen though. In the book when Barbie was scouting the dome he came across a steam and water passed though it (although it was almost like a vapor). They shot a hose on the dome and it turned to vapor but passed though. Although the air thing WILL come into play. Trust me on that lol

      • I believe you are looking for is osmosis.

        That’s interesting it would allow some movement through it.

    • I’ve read the book, and that is actually one of the main themes of the novel, hope it gets adressed in the show.

  3. Oh man… the pilot was great and this would be the perfect show to wrap up after one season. But no… they have to milk it and milk it until everyone loses interest and the show just sizzles out. Does everything have to to be open-ended these days? Whatever happened to definitive pay-offs and story conclusions? I’m really sick of shows and movies that are designed for a sequel/continuation that never happens, because things didn’t work out.

    • I agree with TheLostWinchester. Milking things is what Hollywood does best until ratings fall on their face due to viewers having had enough.

  4. Season two? That makes more sence. I think they are backing up some of the character development while under the dome. I was wondering why Junior was a kidnapper and not a killer. If I remember right Junior WAS in a relationship with her. Also Jim seems a little too likeable. All wrong for a mini-series. But if they expect to run this a few seasons then it might play out better. But that still does not explain Barbie? Someone explain that one for me?

    • I thought Barbie was the cook and left because he had something with juniors gf or that she had a crush on him and that he was on his way out of town when the dome came down. I thought the mob/killer was a separate character – hmm need to reread the book

  5. I am sorry but at this stage any scifi fan can point out mistakes with the show. It made it very difficult for me to watch this show as the fact that when they are under the dome, there is still a breeze and their hair flying around and it can be noticed with the crops moving because of the wind yet they showed that sound cannot travel into the dome. As we all know, if this is in fact a dome that can cut out sound from traveling inside, it should have the same effect to wind or weather effects as well. a very small mistake made by the geniuses of scifi. makes me wonder if they think we are getting stupider or they really don’t care about intelligent people watching the show.

    • Actually since wind is caused by an imbalance in atmospheric pressure there is no reason that there couldn’t be a wind blowing around in the dome. Depending on how much water is evaporating they will probably have fog and rain. The fact is since sunlight (and I am assuming the full spectrum) permeates the dome they could develop their own microclimate similar to microclimates and weather oddities you find in places surrounded by mountains.

  6. I think they should keep it as a one season show and wrap it up at the end. Next summer they could do a different one and so on…

    They can’t live under the dome eternally with a lack of rain, food, medical care, air exchange and other basic resources. Don’t milk it boys…

    • If there is enough surface water they will probably have rain (kinda depends on how much gasoeus moisture the dome allows to escape). They have a lot of land to farm (and I’m guessing a good part of it is already farm land). While they won’t access to advanced medical care, they should be able to provide more than a basic level of medical care.

      And while the show doesn’t highlight it (in fact seems to ignore it, but I presume it is happening in the background, or is actively being denied communication) they do have access to information from outside the dome.

  7. I was hoping for a mini-series – I think that would be more exciting. It makes no sense to go on and on will take the bite out of the show. Try not to make this another Lost.

  8. I guess I shouldn’t have read the book. After last night’s episode, they are so far from the book that it seems only the names and the dome (kinda) are the same. Barbie was a good guy in the book, but a thug in the show; Julia married and a newcomer in town; Big Jim almost a good guy; Duke corrupt and turning a blind eye to the crime… Guess I need to just enjoy the show for what it is and forget any ties to the book. This seems like (sorry Mr. King) The Shining all over again.

    • I agree with you J Chron, I should not have read the book, but I did and it makes the show suck a little as the variations are so many and varied.

  9. I agree with j chron. I also read the book I don’t like the changes. Its not the same story at all.

  10. naw, last a couple of season would be great!!!! all of these actors and actress are a really great combination and ive love to see the show go past the 2 weeks.

  11. Another show that should end instead of going on and on and on Wasted 5 years with Lost. Count me out Parasites

  12. I hope they end it around 13 eps.

    People WANT TO KNOW where this dome came from!

  13. I was hoping for a definitive end to UTD. It was something to watch even with all the ‘dramatic license’. So now they are going to ‘Lost’ us again. Well I quit watching Lost and will do the same for UTD if they decide to milk it. Once again quality loses to quantity.

  14. I was also hoping for a one season show. There really isn’t any reason to drag it out. Also, last night’s episode shows a beautiful lake – so why was everyone scrambling to find fresh water? Too much of it doesn’t make sense – losing interest.

    • Really, if you recall the lake was poisoned. They couldn’t use that water at the time.

  15. Can’t wait until Monday night @ 9:00 to watch Under the Dome my family and I don’t miss one episode we just Love Love Love it thanks for letting this summer tv watching be really good. But really would like an ending not a second season not unless you have some pretty good writers can keep us interested. And folks you know this is Fiction so don’t worry so much about wind water and such stuff it’s Fiction.

      • Well, think of it in terms like this. You can go online and buy an Ecosphere, a self sustaining dome in itself. Brings that reality back into the possibility of the “dome” and survival. Fiction takes a grain of salt, there has to be give and take I think.

  16. I think you should end Chester’s Mill this season and have another season but with a completely different town and story line

  17. Just like many of the comments posted. We think “Under the Dome” should conclude with season 1. When they announced a second season— we lost interest in it. Don’t think we will be wasting time on this series in 2014.

    • I see I am not the only one

  18. With all the sci-fi flicks that I have seen, they all ended with us earthlings or earth it self using a virus or some sort to stop the impending doom day of man on earth, I believe at the end of this series they should be able to shoot a laser with a (certain cold virus(ID4 ) at the dome to make it dissipate or disappear, that’s my through pattern on how it should end. Other than that its been a great series.

  19. I was really looking forward to this series. But of course they had to jack it all up and not follow the book at all. Now they are gonna drag it out to another season? Cmon it needed to be a summer mini series only! Why does Stephen King let his books be turned into crap tv shows and movies? Ugh.

  20. Good summer filler, but finish the story and end it. I was surprised last night to hear that next week would be the “season” finale. I expected the series to be over. I agree with all who think it should just be a mini series.

  21. Honestly, I think of all the Books to TV movies, series, etc that they have done with Stephen King Under the Dome has managed to pull it off a lot better than the others. Just my 2 cents. I grew up reading his books and I was always disappointed with everything I saw on TV until Under the Dome. I like this thread. Love how no one has been rude that is so rare to see.


  22. NO! I started watching the show being told that this was a summer only show….I wouldn’t have even started watching it otherwise. As others have mentioned I have experienced too many shows that have dragged on forever only drag on for so long that the show changes it’s complete identity and, for lack of better description, just sucks. Hopefully it ends after this year – if it carries to next year…I’m not sure I’ll even watch.

  23. If they make a 2nd season so be it ! to much complaining over a show if they make more then one season im sure lots of people will be watching but who knows its not up to us !

  24. Again I don’t really agree with a second season. I think that next season should be a different town/story and have nothing to do with Chester’s mill. American Horror story did this and had much success with it.

  25. You know what made King’s ‘The Stand’ so amazing? IT ENDED!!! The ONLY reason I remotely entertained watching this was that it would end. It was called a mini-series not season TV. Didn’t you money sucking harpies learn with Lost?! I’m disgusted and done watching. You people SUCK.

    • Yes! I agree. if it is going to be season finale I’m not watching…Phooey on it