‘Under The Dome’ Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

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Under The Dome cast Under The Dome Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

As your favorite television shows end for the season (Mad Men, Game of Thrones) and many audiences anticipate this fall’s high-profile offerings, CBS has been touting its big summer event series, Under The Dome. Based on Stephen King’s 1,000+ page chronicle of Chester’s Mill, a small Maine town suddenly imprisoned by a giant dome, the series premiere bowed on Monday, June 24th to an impressive 13.1 million viewers.

The general consensus is positive, with our own Kevin Yeoman’s positive review naming it a show to definitely watch, but how much of the book will it cover? Executive Producer Brian K. Vaughan (Lost) discussed the potential future of the series.

In a long and detailed interview with THRVaughan covers a lot of ground, much of it having to do with the plot, characters and world set up by the series premiere (so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely seek that out first). However, when it comes to the show’s time frame versus that of the book, Vaughan had this to say:

It’s been pretty close to be going on a day for each episode. So, at 13, it’s going to be at two weeks, which pretty closely mirrors the novel. The show is going to be what life is like in those first two hectic weeks under the dome. Hopefully this is just the start of an incredible journey. The fun will come in the second season, so fingers crossed that people will want to stick around with Chester’s Mill.

stephen king under the dome showtime Under The Dome Producer Brian K. Vaughan Talks Series Ending

While the 13-episode season is a short run for network television, Vaughan’s confidence in reaching a second season points toward the significant changes from the timeline in Stephen King’s novel. King himself initially toyed with having the town trapped for months or even years, but once he got to two weeks and realized he already had a thousand pages, he started to wrap things up.

Vaughan, however, seems to think King’s original notion might be the way to go:

You know, [showrunner] Neal Baer has already worked on two shows that have gone at least 15 seasons. So a conservative 15 seasons sounds about right (laughs).

Is he kidding? Probably (not). While the show takes its liberties with the source material (primarily when it comes to the physical properties of the dome), the producers and writers seem to be doing their best to hew close to the book’s themes of the darkness lying in wait beneath the veneer of a normal town (one of King’s favorites), and how quickly things go to hell once the unknown is introduced.

The book approaches the domed town as a microcosm of American life in the early 21st century, and there is plenty of material there to continue the story for as long as viewers will want to tune in.

Well, ScreenRanters? Do you think the mysterious entrapment of Chester’s Mill could go on beyond the book’s timeline? If you’ve read the book, please avoid any spoilers for those who haven’t in the comments.


You can catch Under The Dome Mondays @ 10PM on CBS.

Source: THR

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  1. please how do I find the rest of the episodes? I stopped at season 2 episode 4 and I know it isn’t all of it.

    • Don’t bother! What started out great rapidly degenerated to stupid crap. Read the book it is fantastic and much more enjoyable.

      • Boy do I agree with you, how about the one glaring error, in one episode the government nukes the dome, everything for miles is a wasteland but somehow that comes and goes in later episodes when it’s convenient. I’m going to try the book, it’s always better…

  2. Watched about 30 min
    just couuldngt

  3. I have personally read Stephen King’s Under the Dome and completely loved it, but like all good things it ended much too quickly. I first learned of the book from the television series so I gave it a try. I have to say the first season followed the book relatively well, changing several things like Juniors personality and the fact that a cow was cut in half instead of a groundhog (at lest I believe it was a groundhog, I read it a year ago) but I look forward to the continuation of the series every week it is on. I just wonder how it will all end since it has strayed from the gudance of the book. You can defiantly count me in the weekly audience.

    • Hi Acra, I reckon it is an alien experiment to see how a confined species reacts to a totally enclosed environment. We have already seen how many folk have altered their thinking and the effects of propaganda misinformation. I love it, didn’t rate it in the first series. Smacks a bit of a book I read as a kid. ” Lord of the Flies” and more recently ” Lost” which I must admit I gave up after 3 seasons , mainly ‘cos the fat guy got no thinner and he should have. Enjoy. Off to watch season 2 ep8 with a nice glass of red and some cheesy bits!

  4. Didnt even try second season…. Bet I’m really lucky!
    Heard it’s pretty bad

    • Wrong Judith, It has taken off as a new series, OK still under the influence of ‘The Dome’ but the storyline is gathering pace with some good twists. Give it a watch before you condemn it on other peoples say so. Enjoy.

      • I know …. But there is much to watch that nite and Even On Demand or Roku or streaming
        there is other stuff I prefer

  5. It’s science FICTION people! I love this show! It is ENTERTAINING! I it is not trying to be realistic! it is FICTION with fictional charachters. It is for entertainment purposes only! And it does a great job of entertaining. I am hooked!

  6. I didn’t sign on 4 a never ending bunch of gobble d gook. Stringing it out to 26 episodes diminishes the quality.

  7. Not what I consider SciFi. All it has is “gosh, where did that come from” then it’s
    back to ( in my opinion) bad soap Opera

  8. It’s time to end Under the Dome!!! dull unexciting, nothing like the book. Give all of us a break end it next week with a 2 hour show. PLease don’t drag it out for another season, you’ve lost a lot of viewers this year you lose even more next including me and my friends that lost interest in it.

  9. Already posted on hee that at first I thought the series1 was well worth watching, then it slid back to boring. Series 2 started with the same but then picked up and now I am watching each week ‘cos I’m now curious as to how it will wind up. I will not be too surprised if it leaves us hanging again.

  10. Saw a tailend of an episode, glad Im not watching!
    Watching Hell on Wheels, waiting for Justified and Vikings!

  11. I found the ending disappointing, but one that could lead to a sequel of some sort. Where was the “home” the ethereal, once dead and killed again girl spoke of? Is it some shadowland that the people would have to work through to return to earth? What of wounded, throroughly evil Big Jim and his son. Poor Julie, left behind in the cave with the great gulf fixed between her and her lover Barbie? How will he ever get back to rescue her?. Haven’t read the book. Last major King book I read was The Stand and part of its second republication when literature could become more graphic.

    • Addition to my above: Other questions and comments. What of the egg and its power source?. How does Barbie’s dad and the corporation interests fit into the picture?. Why is the mllitary and government invlolved?. There was once a Sci Fi story about domes put up as protection against nuclear blasts. Many many years ago there was a story about an island-dwellin eccentric who created a life-form (“neoterics”) who evolved and developed super science and put up an impenetrable dome over the island.

  12. I love this series and was absolutely hooked for each episode! You truly did not know what was going to happen next! I agree that some stuff (like the nuke bomb) was forgotten in subsequent episodes but all in all great entertainment!!
    My questions are: (1) what happened to the egg? And Barbie’s dad. (2) where is this “home” – is it heaven (3) do Julia and Jr make it across the hole, jump in the hole, or die? (4) does big Jim survive? Is there anyone else left in the town? (5) what’s up with the butterfly. (6). How does the whole town fit in that tunnel. (6) were there more paintings drawn by Pauline? (7) was this all a dream? Are they all dead?
    If you are not going to do a season 3 can we please get some answers???

    • Hi: I share your questions. Maybe if i read the book, i might get some idea of what finally happened or after all, this is Stephen King.

  13. Google “Under the Dome” season 3, and you’ll find some answers.

  14. The ambiguity of information on this page is painful. I watched “Under the Dome” season one and two until it concluded with some making it out, and others still trapped on the inside. Lots of loose ends and missing explanations. Since postings seldom carry date information, big question is looking at it from today’s February 7, 2015, point of view will there be another season of episodes that pick up loose ends or just continue? I don’t agree that the show was “crap” but the ending of the last season was disappointing.


    • I agree that the show is viewable entertainment, I would not call it crap. Some folk seem to think it is about a ‘physical’ dome. It is not. It is about how folk stranded cope with an ever changing set of circumstances. I suggest reading William Golding’s ‘Lord of the flies’ As this show seems to be an updated parody on that theme. If any futher episodes come available I will watch them, better than trying to knit mist!