‘Under the Dome’ TV Spots Warn Viewers to Say Goodbye

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If you’re planning to read Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome before the TV adaptation comes to CBS  in June, you may want to get started fairly soon; the book is over 1,000 pages long and you may need to keep a notepad at your side in order to keep track of all the characters inhabiting Chester’s Mill, a small town in Maine that one day gets inexplicably cut off from the outside world by an enormous transparent dome. As resources and sanity begin to run low, the town splits off into factions and civilization gradually begins to break down and rebuild itself into a rather more destructive form.

If the first thought that immediately comes to mind upon hearing that premise is, “what, like in The Simpsons Movie?” then the answer is yes – a lot like in The Simpsons Movie, right down to the subtle undertones of environmentalism. It’s worth noting that while the release of The Simpsons Movie preceded the publication of Under the Dome, the novel was based on an idea that King has been working on since the ’70s. Nonetheless, Entertainment Weekly reports that showrunner Neal Baer has promised to reference The Simpsons Movie in the upcoming series.

Stephen King Under the Dome Under the Dome TV Spots Warn Viewers to Say Goodbye

As the premiere’s air date closes in, CBS is teasing the arrival of the brand new show with short teaser trailers of the first episode (watch them in the embedded videos above and below) , which was directed by Niels Arden Oplev (Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). The novel was originally adapted for the screen by award-winning comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan, who previously tackled the subject of civilization trying to rebuild after devastation in his series Y: The Last Man.

It will also be interesting to see how political the TV show gets compared to the book, which actually featured a (sort-of) cameo by Barack Obama. King has been quite open about the fact that Under the Dome was a commentary on post-9/11 politics, and that main antagonist Big Jim Rennie and local politician Andy Sanders were intended as a small-scale reinvention of the Bush-Cheney administration. It wouldn’t be surprising, though, to see some of these elements get dropped – or their real-life connections softened around the edges, considering that the teaser hints at other potential changes from the book. If the TV show makes it far enough along to get to the end of the book’s plot, hopefully they’ll at least drop the disappointing ending.

Under the Dome in its TV show form could potentially work in either a Lost or a Walking Dead formula – Lost, because of the mystery elements and the characters’ desperate attempts to find out what created the dome, and The Walking Dead because of the incredibly high body count and the examination of what happens to people when they are cut off from traditional authority and forced to adapt in order to survive.

An earlier teaser gave a very brief glimpse at the some of the disaster and gore caused by the sudden appearance of the dome, including a split-second shot of a severed limb falling from some unfortunate who gets caught straddling the barrier. Let’s hope that the pilot episode delivers on mayhem when Under the Dome pops into existence this summer.


Under the Dome premieres on CBS, 24 June, 2013.

Source: Entertainment WeeklyCinemaBlend

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  1. This looks fairly interesting lets hope it deliverers. Defiance was one of the new shows that i was lookin forward to but that turned out to be horrible and i coudnt even get passed the first ep. Cant wait for this one tho

  2. Hey didnt they already do this in that Simpsons movie????

    • Hey, read articles much?

      • Hey, understand sarcasm much?

  3. Disappointing ending? Matter of opinion good sir. I would rather they stick to the book than go off on some pointless tangent.

    • I hope they improve the ending it was a vast disappointment

    • So would I! So disappointed!

    • Thank you. I am almost 70% through audiobook. So I have invested a lot of time. When I read disappointing ending. I thought oh great…. I have the book & the audio book on my kindle fire HD. It was cheaper buying the pair. He could have cut a lot out of this book & still made it good. Even with the audio it is hard to remember all the details. So the audio comes in handy. The audio book alone is 34+ hours. I hope the books ending is good. I have maybe 12 hrs left. I agree about wishing they would stick to the book.

  4. Mostly I’m just happy that a network like CBS realizes that the summer isn’t only for re-runs and reality tv.
    I really think that the summer months are perfect for 10-13 episode serialized shows.
    I haven’t read the book but the story seems interesting enough and seeing Hank from Breaking Bad in the clips makes me smile.

  5. TV rarely does S. King’s books justice. And this sounds like it going to be a very loose “interpretation” of the book. Cant wait to see if the TV show is great like the Stand, or terrible like The Langoliers.

    • I am too surprised after listening this news that Stephen King allowed all those changes to his story…Loving this..

  6. I loved the book and watched the first episode of the tv serie… They modified so many aspects of the story it made me sigh all the way through the episode.

  7. I was so excited about the show that I actually spent the four days prior to the premier re-reading the book since I had read it the first time soon after its release. I cannot believe the many changes! Dale Barbara a murderer??? He was an outsider, since he had lived in Chester’s Mill only a short time, but people liked him. Also, Barbie is the character who does the most to find out what’s going on, with the dome and with the people. And Rusty? Why would they want to keep him on the outside? I was thoroughly disappointed. I have always been a Stephen King fan, but I cannot fathom why an author would create characters in a book that was a best-seller, and then allow TV to destroy it. I don’t think I will be watching any more Dome episodes. In fact, I think I will watch my Betty Boop and Popeye DVD’s;they at least are true to their characters. Also, I am, for the first time ever, considering selling my extensive Stephen King book collection. Can it will that the King will be leaving his throne if he allows this series to continue?

  8. I was very dissapointed in the show. I could not believe how many changes were made, its almost nothing like the book at all. People say ” oh yeah it was amazing ” , but they have never read the book, the thing that the show is based on.

    • I agree. I like reading Stephen King novels and I think Under The Dome is a good one. That tv show just doesn’t cut it. Barbie was suppose to be hitch hiking out of town not driving a car after burying someone? What was that all about? Ange was someone else’s girlfriend not Jr.’s She was killed right at the beginning not held captive in a bomb shelter. Who made the changes? King? Why do that? I was watching something completely different than what I read about. What a disappointment.

  9. I was disappointed. I like the idea of the show, but like most tv these days, there was unneccessary sex and gore that took away from the show. I don’t think I will watch it.

  10. The first episode was awful. The violence and sex were gratuitous and unnecessary, the characters cliche and shallow and overall the acting was disappointing. I refuse to waste my time and brain power on another episode. This could hae been so much better.

  11. I guess no one here has read the Walking Dead books and then watched the series.
    Kirkman set a precadent that not all movie/tv adaptations have to be slavishly faithful to the original. Simply stated TV and Movies are way different that book or even comic books. We process the stories differently.
    I did love the book, except for the ending. I think its great that the story can be told again, and with the tweaks and changes to the story and characters, it gives the show runners, writers and King himself a chance to go in different directions, explre things that may have been left out or unfit for the written format of the book.
    I think the 1st two episodes were entertaining TV, and an entertaining retelling of the story, I fully believe it deserves more of a chance than some here are saying.

  12. Why do people always get annoyed when a TV show or Movie doesn’t match the book? Do you really want to know whats going to happen before it does, or do you want to be surprised? Even if they kept all the characters the same, they’d have to change the story so viewers who read the book wont really just know whats going to happen and vice versa, change the characters leave the story. It’s gotta be reinvented if its a TV show, Movies maybe not so much but still I find no joy in not being surprised and anxious for the next episode or installment.

  13. If a book is good enough to sell millions of copies, why change the whole story for TV?

  14. I shall read this book next. However, I found it was a stupid idea for the government to bomb it (or attempt to), it caused some devastation. What if it really happened? I would hate to think that the first and quickest solution would be to hurl a bomb on it. Seems like they should have an army of all kinds of scientists studying the dome, and offer real-time suggestions on how to survive. (like pant certain stuff for vegetables….. Just wondering…….

  15. Very disappointing show. If I hadn’t read the book, I might like the series. These aren’t subtle changes that don’t affect the overall plot. They changed the very core of the characters. I can’t watch it.

  16. I didn’t read this book and love the show. I read the green mile and hated the movie. Everyone says how good of a movie it was. It was true to the book. The acting was awesome. The story line was exceptional. Moral if the story: the book is almost always better. Moral number 2: you can’t please all the people all the time. Bottom line: Stephen King is among the best writers of all time to any fantasy lover

  17. Ridiculous that I read the 1000 page book and have not clue what is going to happen next in the series. It has been changed from top to bottom. I am lost as to why this would be done. Even the character’s roles are changed, only the names are similar. I hear rumors of a second season. Not sure it can sustain that if the origin of the dome is not revealed at the end of this season. And I have no clue what the series will say that is.

  18. Soooo….I’m addicted to the show although extremely disappointed that CBS will not start the second season until summer 2014. By then people will have forgotten what has happened in the first season and move on the bigger and better things. Shame on CBS. I actually really hate TV and usually keep my channels locked on the history channel or animal planet. No I am not a dork…just sick of the same stuff. Anyway…I almost don’t want to watch the last episode next week because I’m so angry with CBS. That’s like 10 months away if they don’t air until June 2014. Can anyone agree here?

  19. I dont understand all the negativity, I haven’t read the book and from the comments above it looks like it’s a good thing I didn’t. Understandably you’d probably all love for the show to be exactly the same as the book, but why not be open to a new interpretation of the story line? I’m going to buy the book and read it just because it isn’t the same as the show (it would be a boring read if it was) I love this show and I’m counting down the seconds until the final episode.

  20. I guess I totally missed the fact that this was going to be an ongoing series instead of just a summer season fill in. When the show ended last night I just sat here with my mouth hanging open (figuratively). I thought it was either a really stupid ending or I had missed something. Now I know. We watched “Lost” and after two years just couldn’t stand it anymore. When this show first came on I was thrilled that it would actually have an ending this season. HOW DISAPPOINTING!!

  21. Without a doubt the TV show is far better than the book. Sorry MR King but it is what it is. The show is much more palatable than the downer of a book.

  22. i love the fact that the writer talks down to the reader by suggesting that a 1,000 page book is impossible to read what with a TOWN full of characters. the series does suck, stephen king. the pace is terrible, the female cop (i only watched the first 4 episodes) is a mediocre actress actress at best and the entire show is WAY TOO SOFT. yes i know that alot of the more torrid scenes of the book are rated xxx at best, but if you can’t make it correctly don’t make it at all. why not a show based on his jfk novel? freaking time travel and steven king?! DUH. no need to give the show a g rating thereby ripping it to shreds and dumbing it down for morons, there’s nothing terribly gruesome to cut out and WHO DOESNT GET TIME TRAVEL? waste of energy in all the wrong directions on this one guys.

    • Mo-the-r fu–ker” cu–n-t –as–s-h-ole…. fu–yo-ur mother’s —pu–ssy– cu–nt sh–it…