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Rachelle Lefevre Mackenzie Lintz and Colin Ford in Under the Dome The Endless Thirst Under the Dome Season 1, Episode 6 Review – New Reality

With the announcement that Under the Dome would not be limited to just 13 episodes this summer, but would, in fact, become an ongoing series potentially spanning several seasons, ‘The Endless Thirst’ became the ideal episode to demonstrate just how that sort of thing might be feasible, considering the relatively cramped and restricted arena in which the series is set.

In that regard, the episode manages to be a part of the overall narrative, while working overtime to provide an explanation of the rules that the series (or, more specifically, the dome over Chester’s Mill) will play by, which may or may not necessarily be something that was depicted in the novel. At any rate, addressing a pressing need of those trapped in the town serves a dual purpose: It allows the writers some breathing room with the whole plausibility thing, and it affords them the opportunity to show that residents aren’t taking the whole trapped-inside-an-invisible-force-field thing completely in stride. Instead of heading over to the diner, wondering how long the bacon will last, they are finally concerned about actual survival over the long term.

This is the kind of response that was sorely lacking from episodes like ‘The Fire‘ and the utterly dismal ‘Manhunt.’ While those episodes had larger problems that are still on display, even in the recently improved offerings of ‘Blue on Blue’ and here in ‘The Endless Thirst,’ any sort of acknowledgement from the townsfolk that suggests they’re actually aware of the predicament Chester’s Mill is in makes a considerable difference.

Natalie Martinez and Mike Vogel in Under the Dome The Endless Thirst Under the Dome Season 1, Episode 6 Review – New Reality

In fact, one of the things this episode excels in is capturing the shift in mood of the townspeople, as the realization begins to set in that things they once took for granted are now in short supply, and some of them stand a real chance of dying should a solution to the problem not be found. But with a minimum of 13 more episodes after the conclusion of this season still ahead, ‘The Endless Thirst’ doesn’t go full bore in tackling all the needs at once. No, as the episode’s title suggests this is an issue of one of the most basic elements that humans need in order to survive: water.

The set up is a bit contrived, as a delivery truck almost wipes out a delirious Alice, but instead swerves directly into the Chester’s Mill water tower. Never mind why the driver was out making deliveries several days into the dome encasing the town – I guess it is business as usual for King’s Appliances, regardless the weather conditions or presence of unearthly, indestructible domes. If you ordered a convection oven, well, by golly, they’ll get it to you! – the incident ties the two most basic needs of the episode together by setting Barbie and Linda to discover that the lake feeding the town’s water supply is contaminated with methane and that there is no insulin left in the town’s provisions.

Establishing the needs of the characters early on, the episode manages to tie those needs together in a more satisfying (albeit convenient) manner than the show has previously demonstrated. Big Jim tackles the water issue by dealing with the cantankerous Ollie (Leon Rippy), whose civic-mindedness is directly proportional to the amount of propane Jim is willing to part with. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie go off in search of some insulin for Alice, which, according to Norrie’s thinking means breaking into people’s houses and nearly absconding with a young boy’s entire supply – though she winds up just takes one bottle. Soon after, the teens’ wind up being the bizarre energy source Julia and Dodee the tech-whiz were searching for, allowing for an expedient solution to the water crisis, as somehow the dome and the kids bring about a miraculous rainstorm.

Natalie Martiez Mike Vogel and Britt Robertson in Under the Dome The Endless Thirst Under the Dome Season 1, Episode 6 Review – New Reality

The dome’s “micro-climate” not only answers the question of how people will get water, it also quells a riot Barbie, Linda and Deputy Junior find themselves attempting to deal with rather unsuccessfully. Although it disperses just as quickly as it manifested, there is liveliness in the violent unrest that helps Under the Dome feel more active in its own storyline, and some of the more tragic events – i.e., the death of poor Rose and continued victimization of Angie – helps color some of the townsfolk and points toward an increasingly desperate and brutal future for those trapped inside the dome.

It’s not a complete reversal of the middling fare that’s come before it, but ‘The Endless Thirst’ is a mild improvement in terms of quality nonetheless. It’s always a struggle when a series has to spend time patching holes in its own conceit to ensure an uncertain longevity, and since CBS seems confident the Under the Dome will be around for a while, we can probably expect more episodes just like this one.


Under the Dome continues next Monday with ‘Imperfect Circles’ @10pm on CBS. Check out a preview below:


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  1. Hmmm… no comments.

    Still no Dexter or True Blood reviews.

    Or how about Continuum?

    • no comments means most of the people here have stopped watching the show ha.
      and yah would love to see some reviews on continuum and more on dexter. Continuum is a great canadian show

      • I’m glad The Borgias wasn’t reviewed here purely because the final episode aired in the US the day before season 3 started here.

        Hated feeling compelled to spoil Hannibal for myself months before that episode aired here.

        • I like this show . It easily could have been in the fall lineup , instead of “summer replacement ” stamp . The only sci-fi is the dome itself , and maybe it’s connection to the kids . Otherwise , it’s a soap opera about confinement. With a politically correct lesbian couple , rednecks , geeky teens , and loads of secrets . Yes this episode was as good as they’ve done , except for Julia falling into Barbie’s arms at the end . I was going to happen sooner or later but the betrayal could’ve been deeper if it happened a few episodes from now …

  2. Have they tried to burrow themselves out yet? Or does the dome extend down far into the ground too? Just asking, haven’t seen it yet only curious about the whole concept of the story..

    • They are aware that the dome reaches far underground, all the way down into the tunnels of an old cement factory. At this point I assume that the phenomenon is actually a sphere, and so should the characters, unless they are very naive.

  3. This has got to be one of the worst books made into a series I have ever seen. I’m not sure how Stephen King was talked into this deal. One of the main characters, Angie, was killed by Junior (in the book) without ever getting to page 30. And here in the movie entire plots and subplots are built arond a woman who shouldn’t even exist!! But that’s just the beginning….there is soooo much out of whack from the book that it’s almost painful to watch. No Body Cares (NBC) really screwed this one up…..

    • It’s a tv show and on CBS.

  4. Stopped watching after a few episodes and only come here to read if it gets better as it’s been renewed. Not surprised really at the dislike as it seem like an all round really dumbed down LOST crossed with dated format shows you’d expect from the 90’s. Not one character I found myself liking which switched me off.

    • yeah,
      me too. the characters real pieces of crap and impossible to sympathize with.
      the fat radio chick makes some machine to track sh*t, she’s suddenly a super genius the red head violating the quarantine a few episodes back and breaks out of the hospital, not caring she would spread the epidemic.
      the girl with two lesbo moms starts breaking into houses and stealing. the women on this show are self-centered uncaring beaches. there is no morality on this show. women jus do what they think is right for them.
      in short, I hate he characters and hate the show and hope they all wipe each other out.

      • Interesting that you focus on how horrible the women are, while the men in this show aren’t better one bit. They are a lot worse, actually.