‘Uncharted’ Movie Finds New Writers; Neil Burger No Longer Directing

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Uncharted Movie Finds New Writers Uncharted Movie Finds New Writers; Neil Burger No Longer Directing

Though David O’Russell’s vision for adapting the popular video game Uncharted will never see the light of day, the project continues to move on. At one point, Neil Burger (Limitless) was set to step into Russell’s role as director, along with providing the film’s script – but that is no longer the case. While we don’t have word about a new director, we do know who is taking a crack at adapting Naughty Dog’s popular video game series.

That task has now passed to Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, whose major writing credits are for sequels to successful action/comedies. They have been known to craft original stories as well – among them The 6th Day and G-Force – but sequels and big screen adaptations vastly overshadow those credits.

It’s worth mentioning National Treasure: Book of Secrets, the Wibberleys’ biggest screenplay credit, shares a lot of similarities with Uncharted in that they both feature a globe-charting treasure hunter at their center. Like Uncharted, the National Treasure films find a nice balance between the aforementioned adventuring and humor, a quality essential to doing the video game justice.

Another reason the Wibberley’s might have been given the job is their proven ability to adapt known properties into big screen features. Most of those have been successful TV shows like Charlie’s Angels and I-Spy, but if there’s one through line that can be drawn across the Wibberley’s entire career it’s the blend of action and humor. While the Uncharted franchise is mostly known for its bombastic action set pieces, its writing is equally as important.

Nathan Fillion Drake Uncharted Movie Uncharted Movie Finds New Writers; Neil Burger No Longer Directing

A lot of the humor in Uncharted comes from its leading man, Nathan Drake, who at one point was to be played by Mark Wahlberg. While O’Russell’s departure signaled the death of his vision -which also included roles for Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci - it brought with it the hope that Nathan Fillion, an actor almost too perfect for the role, could step in.

That being said, at 41 years old it’s somewhat unlikely that Fillion will be handed the physically demanding role (studios do prefer younger faces to lead multi-film franchises, generally speaking), but his ability to crack wise whilst in immense peril should be a case study for any actor that does become Nathan Drake. As far as the Uncharted adaptation is concerned, we’re excited that it’s still moving forward, but we’re not holding our breath on it releasing any time soon.

How do you feel about National Treasure 2 scribes the Wibberleys being tasked to adapt Uncharted for the big screen?


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  1. This movie is gonna suck and that sucks, I love the Uncharted games.

  2. I don’t know if anyone has ever seen the show “The Glades” but the main character in that show would be a good choice for a live action Drake. I think he’s funny, has the look and has been in some decent action scenes in the show.

    • You mean Matt Passmore, plays Jim Longworth in the show? The thing is he’s 40 a mere year younger than Fillion.
      I have the same impression as probably a half dozen execs and reporters have on this; great in principle but show me a script that’s top notch that will make me forget the awefullness of ‘Allan Quatermain’ and the greatness of ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark.’ Not an easy task…

    • You mean Matt Passmore, plays Jim Longworth in the show? The thing is he’s 40 a mere year younger than Fillion.
      I have the same impression as probably a half dozen execs and reporters have on this; great in principle but show me a script that’s top notch that will make me forget the awfulness of ‘Allan Quatermain’ and the greatness of ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark.’ Not an easy task…

  3. Uncharted doesn’t need a movie. It already is a movie.

    • Exactly, a really good one at that. Doing things, having a scale, action set pieces, and lovable characters that Hollywood can’t translate to the big screen. Their setting their self up for failure.

  4. Not looking forward to this at all. Uncharted is my 2nd favorite video game series of all time and there is no way it can be done right.

    The perfect actor for the role is too old for the role but as long as Marky Mark stays away from it I’ll be optimistic.

    and if we cant get Nolan North or Nate Fillion, at least cast Emily Rose as Elena. She knows the character better than anyone, shes the right age and height, shes just as attractive as Elena and is pretty decent action-wise judging from “Haven”

    • I totally agree about Emily Rose but I would guess the studio that finances this film would need big stars in the major roles. Any movie starring Nolan North isn’t going to be a big draw.

  5. I think they underestimate Nathan Fillion. Wasn’t Gerard Butler 37 when he did 300? Look how that turned out. Movies can make the actor be as fit as they want him to be.
    But if they want to continue the series for another 10 years then yeah they might have to cut back on the action with him a bit.

    • Props to Gerard Butler for his role in 300, but I would venture to say playing Nathan Drake is going to require a lot more strenuous stunts. Leaping climbing and whatnot.

      • Yeah but leaping and climbing etc. can all be done with wires supporting him to make it not as strenuous.

        • There is still a certain amount of physicality required for a role like this. I just can’t see Fillion being able to pull it off believably.

        • Wire support tires you out pretty quickly actually. In fact, in most cases it’s even MORE tiring than doing whatever it is you’re doing without the wires (because you’re constantly fighting against gravity trying to keep yourself upright and ridged/not-wobbly)

          It goes without saying that the actors and stunt people will have wires attached for safety, but I gotta agree with Anthony (…it felt very weird saying that… ;)) I don’t see Fillion doing it – 5 or 7 years ago, sure… but not now.

          • Well, Tom Cruise was 49 when Ghost Protocol came out and he actually did that tower stunt. Or just look at the Expendables franchise. I think that it’s more about physical dedication to the role more so than age.

            • That’s what I always say… it’s not so much about age, but how fit you are and how well you look after yourself.

              The thing is though, Fillion isn’t really in shape (he’s kinda let himself go in recent years), and his mentality isn’t there either: in interviews, every time someone asks him if he’d like to play Nathan Drake, Hal Jordan, Hank Pym, etc. he doesn’t really seem eager or interested – 5 or 7 years ago (before he landed the cushion-y job on Castle, I’m sure that mentality would have been different).

              • Yeah I guess he’d have to be willing to put the effort into it and get back in shape, but if he’s not so interested then maybe it’s not the best thing.

                Then again, maybe it’s just a bargaining tactic so the studios don’t think they can get him for too cheap if he’s excited about it. Who knows.

  6. How about the guy who plays Mike Ross on USA networks suits as Nathan Drake ?

  7. David Boreanez

  8. I want to see call of duty nazi zombies story being made into a film! even though zombies is just a “Side” game option in a way it has the most interesting and complex zombie story ever!

  9. Do not do a Live Action movie. Our animation studios should get with the gaming studio and do a physics engine driven movie. Remember “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”? That was done in 2001. Don’t you think they could do something better than that in 2012? Of course they could. That’s your answer. No Live Action. Then you can have whoever you want do the voice acting for Nathan Drake. Be it the person who does the voice acting in the game or Fillion if you really want him to be in the project. No special effects, no stunts, no age restriction for acting. Problems solved.

    • Somewhat off-topic but that is EXACTLY what I suggested for a Metal Gear Solid film…

      • Unfortunately Final Fantasy was a huge flop. Had they released Advent Children instead of Spirits Within in theaters things might be different.

  10. How about the guy from star trek?

  11. I’m pretty shocked at all the people saying no for a live action Uncharted movie. IMO it could be fantastic if they do it right.

    Does anybody remember Indiana Jones? – Doesn’t anybody want to see more movies like those?
    …I do and since the Uncharted franchise is so unbelievably great, I’d definitely want to see Nathan Drake kicking @$$ in a live action movie.

    Anywho, I enjoyed Nation Treasure 2 so I don’t really have a beef with the Wibberleys scripting the movie.

  12. well you said it will be unlikely that Nathan Fillon would get the role due to his age, But him and Mark Wahlberg are both 41.
    Nathan belongs in those “TV shows you never see and The movies you never hear about”

    he doesn’t deserve the role of Nathan drake.

  13. get prepared to be mind-blown Sony… GET THE WRITERS OF THE GAMEEEE!! why is that so difficult? If they have Naughty dog heavily involved no body is going to complain and the film will be accepted by hardcore fans before its even released or being filmed.

    • You just blew my mind as well :P They should totally do that that instead.

  14. How about we just leave it to rest and just wait for uncharted 4 announcement on ps3 by naughty dogs which may be awesome than
    the movie
    Uncharted games are tribute and inspired by action blockbuster with a heavy dose of humour, the games itself played like a movie hence its popularity with gamers and you
    don’t go adapt a game just because it looks like an action film

  15. I’m getting sick of people who refuse to let go of Nathan Fillion playing Drake. I am a huuuuuge fan of Firefly and Serenity, but guys c’mon, he is not the same man he was 10 years ago.

    He has gotten chunkier and he looks way older than his age. He just looks like someone’s dad now. If you’re going to hire a 40+ actor for an action movie how well you age (especially for the image you’re going for) can be a deal breaker.

    Anyway, I’m sad Neil Burger left since I really enjoyed Limitless and The Illusionist. I feel like he could’ve made a really interesting adaption of Uncharted. I wasn’t a big fan of National Treasure just because I haaate Nic Cage but I enjoyed the rest of the cast. The Wibberlays’ could easily do a good job for this though.

  16. If they’re looking for a director, I suggest Gore Verbinski. The Pirates movies, while different in tone, had the same blend of humor, drama and big set pieces that a movie like Uncharted needs, and Verbinski handled those films perfectly.

    And I liked the rumors going around when Burger was still attached that Bradley Cooper might get the Nathan Drake role. I think he’d be great for the role, and he’s a realistic choice, unlike a lot of suggestions, since he’s a proven box office draw, and he’s got the right sense of humor.

  17. I liked the National Treasure movies, and from what I’ve played of the games it seem like it would have a similar tone. I hope this happens, it has the potential to be great!