‘Uncharted’ Movie Won’t Star Mark Wahlberg or Use David O. Russell’s Script

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Uncharted Movie Nathan Fillion Uncharted Movie Wont Star Mark Wahlberg or Use David O. Russells Script

Following quickly after the announcement that Academy Award nominated director David O. Russell was leaving the upcoming video game-turned big screen film adaption, Uncharted, undisclosed sources have confirmed a pair of key news items that many fans are no-doubt eager to hear.

Recent reports suggest that Russell’s exit was, in fact, due to creative differences – stemming from a major conflict of opinion regarding how true the film should be to the celebrated Uncharted source material. As a result, it sounds as though Sony isn’t just passing on Russell, they’re also sending his script and would-be star packing as well.

According to a follow-up report from the LA Times, it seems Sony was just as skeptical about Russell’s bizarre take on the game as fans. If you’ve forgotten about Russell’s “family dynamic” focused Uncharted script, it went like this:

“… There’s a family that’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities … [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice… We’ll have the family dynamic… And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That’s a really cool idea to me.”

Instead of Russell’s family-heavy version, which many fans claimed would be an Uncharted movie in name only, it sounds as if Sony wants the film to follow significantly closer to the two (and soon to be three) video game story lines – and will bring on new writers to revisit an earlier draft of the script from Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan The Barbarian).

As a result, Sony is also very likely to cut ties with Russell’s star Mark Wahlberg – whose casting was poorly received from the moment it was announced. Anyone who can be objective will admit that Wahlberg is a talented actor; however, many gamers (and movie fans) haven’t been able to forget his performance in the video-game turned (terrible) film adaptation Max Payne.

No doubt Nathan Fillion fans are already scrambling to get Wahlberg replaced with the Castle star – for the role of adventurer Nathan Drake. Unfortunately for them, Fillion (who has appealed to Twitter in the past to help get his name in the running for Drake) has been surprisingly quiet the last twenty-four hours. Maybe he’s already preparing for the role – getting in extra practice at his local climbing wall.

fillion Uncharted Movie Wont Star Mark Wahlberg or Use David O. Russells Script

Obviously, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors that Sony wasn’t as sold on Wahlberg (or Russell’s “family dynamic”) as the director and star had led us to believe – which raises the question: how long had the Uncharted debate been raging between the studio and the director? Was Sony ever really on-board with the Wahlberg/family combo or was Russell pressing forward with his own agenda – hoping that the fan community and studio would come around?

At first glance, Russell’s exit does seem like a victory for Uncharted fans – who made it very clear that, despite his accomplishments, the director wasn’t the right man for the job. Certainly, Russell’s dedication to the family dynamic idea seemed to indicate that, despite comments to the contrary, he’d spent very little time playing the game – or attempting to understand what so many gamers enjoy about it.

That said, fans need to be open-minded about the next director, whoever it is – since it’s going to be that person’s job to make the best possible movie. Admittedly, Russell may have taken adaptation too far but the next man (or woman) for the job will still be faced with the same challenge: balancing a great movie experience with the video game’s somewhat limited (albeit terrific) source material – without the end-product coming-off as an Indiana Jones rip-off.

Quoting from an interview with fan-favorite game developer Ken Levine, regarding his take on the BioShock film adaptation:

“I think we’re in the space now of building properties that are appealing to people, and there’s a version of BioShock that makes a great game and there’s probably a version of BioShock that makes a great movie.”

uncharted still Uncharted Movie Wont Star Mark Wahlberg or Use David O. Russells Script

It’s important for fans to remember that film is a different medium than games – and shouldn’t merely superimpose the gameplay experience onto the big screen. So, let’s not hope for a filmmaker who can simply translate our favorite moments in the game onto the silver screen – let’s hope for a director that can show us the “version of [Uncharted] that makes a great movie.”

Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick and let us know who you’d like to see direct the Uncharted film now – and who should play Nathan Drake?

The Uncharted film does not have a release date but, in the mean time, be sure to check out our sister site, Game Rant, for information on the next game in the series, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, as well as other noteworthy video game news items.

Source: LA Times

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  1. I’m quite partial to Carl Urban playing the role. Aside from the fact that he looks almost identical to the character, Urban has the pazazz and energy to fill the shoes of Nathan Drake. I wish that people closer the production of the film would pursue this.


  3. Ok, Nathan Fillion, may be a good choice to play Nathan Drake… I don’t at all like the idea of Carl Urban (though i like him as an actor, just not for Nathan and I don’t think he looks like Drake imo)

    Joe Flanigan, the guy who played Col. Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis, is in my opinion a good choice… My two reasons are.

    #1: He looks a little like Drake.

    #2: In SGA the character he plays actually has the exact same sense of humour, and that special pessimistic, yet optimistic, attitude similar to Drake’s.

    I think Joe would nail it!

    • totally agree with you, he needs a breakout role, not to mention he usually typecast as these parts…..

  4. Nathan Fillion is a great choice, and has expressed a personal desire to play this part. That combined with his fan base playing a huge part in making it well known to Sony that Russell and Wahlberg would lead to massive un-satisfaction of this popular franchise (Cant wait for Uncharted 3 BTW) makes him deserve the roll.

    I say give the job to the man who calls out “Rise ye Browncoats, Rise ye Castillions” and risks his entire reputation from those franchises to prove he can do an awesome job with this part.

    That withstanding, I would be content with many of these other candidates (Joe Flanigan is probably my #2).

  5. Honestly, guys have we forgotten the actual guy who plays as Drake in the game!!! Nolan North is the voice and CGI body of Nathan Drake. Despite Nathan Fillion as a great actor, yes I agree he would be good. But we must not forget that Nolan North is the real Drake, he’s the one who actually put humor in the script for Drake. I vote Nolan North as the person who portrays as Drake in the movie.

  6. I say that Bradly Cooper would be perfect for Nathan Drake and they can use the same director that did Limitless as that movie had both of them and was flawless. That was also due to the writing, but if given good writers and sony uses both Bradly Cooper and his director form limitless less than this movie will be one of the best video game movies ever made!! Bradly Cooper for the Win!!! Plus he’s perfect for this role, having done tons of random roles on TV shows and then done some majors movies, he has a versed acting style with a great sense of humor which is key to play Drake.

    If all else fails, then we get Nolan North as he is already Drake in the games for Voice and motion capture/ CGI work. That means he knows how to be Drake better than anybody else, but Bradly Cooper would be a better actor and this would launch him ever farther than The Hangover did… tough choice.

  7. I just found out today that so many want Nathan Fillion as Drake – I’ve been saying this since I laid eyes on the guys a few years ago. Definite resemblance and he has the ability to deliver the quick witted lines of the Drake character. I wonder if Sony will listen. Probably not. But hey – Fillion has my vote!

  8. I think Eddie Cibrian is best for Nate. He is an established actor, well-built and looks exactly like Nate. It seems like he was born for this role

  9. Na na you lads have got it wrong… I see the thing about Fillion but he just isnt experienced in action… Bradley Cooper- great actor but I just can’t see the fit…

    You want GERARD BUTLER… well experienced in action films(Gamer/Lawabiding citizens ect.)
    PLUS he looks almost identical to Drake
    PLUS he has that almost ordinary/ funny man personna

  10. @Frazzza Gerard Butler is a GREAT actor… but he would not be good for Uncharted, and he does not look like Nate, and he’s british (can make a US accent but not perfectly) other than that i agree with you

    Nathan Fillion played in serenity, where he actually plays a character very similar to Nate, Joe Flanigan played Stargate Atlantis also as a character very similar to Nate…

    Joe Flanigan is still my first choice. Fillion second.

  11. he deserves this role nathan fillion needs 2 get back in2 films he’s a great actor and this is his perfect role to become a action hero

  12. Jennifer Aniston would make the perfect Ellie Fisher if she was only a bit younger. She looks a lot like her and they sound pretty similar too.

  13. I would hate for Nathan Fillion to play Drake, i like the guy but he’s not nathen in my eyes. I truely think he would be terrible for the role. Someone like Jensen Ackles or David Boreanaz would be better and even those would not be perfect.

  14. I would hate for Nathan Fillion to play Drake, i like the guy but he’s not nathen in my eyes. I truly think he would be terrible for the role. Someone like Jensen Ackles or David Boreanaz would be better and even those would not be perfect.

  15. Why not Johnny Knoxville, after all thats who Drake’s appearance is shaped after…? I do think Nolan North would be great choice as well..

    • Johnny Knoxville?! are you serious? I hope not!

      Johnny Knoxville can NOT play Drake… He’s never done anything but comedy… Uncharted is Action/thriller/drama/comedy… that’s 3 categories of wich Knoxville is in-experienced and perhaps incapable of acting… And I my opinion he doesn’t look like Drake either…

      I still say Joe Flanigan with Nathan Fillion as my second choice

  16. It should DAVID BOREANAZ! HANDS DOWN!!! not only does he looked like Nathan, he sounds just like him! His bones character is almost Nathan Drake already, minus the action…


  17. You guys are so pathetic, you guys really want to know who will play Nathan Drake? Then you should just wait until they announce who will be the actor for the choice of role of playing As Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, Sheesh, i mean c’mon, something called patience.. i know your all just stating your opinions, but seriously… CALM DOWN! most of you, probably go all nuts when we speak of a different Actor other than Nathan fillion…

    • @JC yes we’re just stating our opinions, and as far as I can tell we’ve all been calm and patient, why are you saying we’re pathetic? probably cuz you wish it had been Mark Wahlberg, and the movie had become the disaster it would have become… THAT is pathetic…

  18. mathew davis should play nathan!!

  19. Bradley cooper as Nate
    Harrison ford as sully