‘Uncharted’ Movie Has A New Writer & Director

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Uncharted Movie Director Neil Burger Uncharted Movie Has A New Writer & Director

For many fans of the Uncharted video game series from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, it was a relief to hear in May that directer David O. Russell would no longer be bringing us his strange adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to the big screen with Mark Wahlberg starring as franchise protagonist, Nathan Drake.

Their plan for the film had little to do with the game, so why potentially tarnish that brand and use that character name for something unrelated? The fan outcry won in the end and now the Uncharted movie is back to square one. As of today however, the project has a new director and writer in Neil Burger.

Neil Burger doesn’t have a long list of filmography on his resume but he did write and direct three projects himself, including 2006′s The Illusionist with Edward Norton. He also made a splash earlier this summer, directing Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

According to Variety, Burger offered his own take on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which producers Ari Arad, Charles Roven and Alex Gartner were impressed by so now, Sony/Columbia Pictures is moving ahead with that. We don’t know what Burger’s plan is or how it relates to the game series so we’ll have to wait and see if it’s “true to the source” or something a little different.

With Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releasing this fall, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, Sony is serious about getting to work on expanding the franchise ASAP and we can expect the Uncharted movie to release in the summer of 2013.

The big question now becomes, who will star as Nathan Drake? We’re rather certain it won’t be Mark Wahlberg so will the studio go with someone bankable or someone younger and not yet on the A-List? There will no doubt be requests for fan-favorite Nathan Fillion as well so share your suggestions in the comments.

On another note, Avi Arad, the once-Marvel-CEO,  is clearly showing his push towards the video game movie genre. Along with acting as a producer on most upcoming Marvel Studios projects, he’s involved with adaptations of inFamous, Mass Effect and Lost Planet. Let’s hope he can usher in a shift of the tide towards quality adaptations like he helped do for comic book adaptations.


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Source: Variety

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  1. Bradley Cooper as Nathan Drake. It’s going to happen.

    • That’s actually not that bad.

      • It makes sense since the director of Limitless is now on board.

      • yeha I’m down. BUT NATHAN FILLION COME ON!

    • Unfortunately it will. Why the hell won’t someone just kill these old fvcks running and RUINING Hollywood once and for all? They’ve been in control and out of touch with the real world for FAR too long. I can’t be the only one who’s tired of all the video game and comic book adaptations. You don’t need to ADAPT anything. The Story for either the game or comic IS the script. The only problem that anyone should have is casting the right actor/actress for the role, which they seem to screw up anyway.

      It’s complete BS that peopled like me are graduating every fall from film school and yet we’re continually locked out of Hollywood because it’s afraid of originality. and when something truly original and inventive comes along, i.e. Tree Of Life, Source code or hell, even Being John Malkovitch, the studio execs and critics alike crap all over it. and yet, we’re stuck with bad superhero movie after bad superhero movie. We have to sit through three hours of Hugh Jackman’s butchering of Wolverine, or re-make after re-make of film that by all means have no business being re-made. Red dawn anyone? WTF do we need a Cold War era film being updated for today’s sheep? So the U.S. can continue to spread it’s Reagan-ite anti-communist spew all over the place?

      Come on people…Think about it, does a movie like this REALLY need to be made? Isn’t playing through an incredibly cinematic game enough to satisfy?

      • “It’s complete BS that peopled like me are graduating every fall from film school and yet we’re continually locked out of Hollywood because it’s afraid of originality.”

        Are you sure that’s why your are being “locked” out of Hollywood? Your not afraid to toot your own horn are ya?

      • I’ll settle for a really serious bloody Hellraiser reboot… starring Nathan Fillion of coarse.

    • God, I hope so. Bradley Cooper is a perfect fit for Nathan Drake.

  2. I would have loved to see Bradley Cooper in the part of Nathan Drake, but it might be weird after he played “Face” in the “A-Team”.

  3. Nathan Fillion FTW!! Seriously they could not pick a better actor for Drake!!

  4. Why not get Nolan North to play the part??

  5. Get Nathan Drake himself, Nolan North ….Team North

  6. Gerard Butler gets my vote

    • I’ve said that before. Drake looks muck alike Gerald Butler

    • Don’t you mean Gerard Depardieu?

  7. Karl Urban would be an amazing pic for this role. He looks almost identical to the character and has the voice projection and enthusiasm to play the part correctly.

    • I thought the exact same thing

  8. Limitless?! Illusionist?! All garbage! I have no faith in this director nor the producers. Sony really needs to get their act together. They’re on dire straits. Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet… any one could’ve told them before they spent the first dollar that it was a ridiculous idea that should have never been entertained.


    • Limitless was amazing. Haven’t seen illusionist so i can’t speak for it.

  9. I think Gerard Butler would make a great Nathan Drake

  10. Bradley Cooper would be great, but with him doing Paradise Lost and The Crow, I don’t think he’ll have the time. I still think Jensen Ackles would do great in the role.

    • Bingo! Jensen Ankles or Stephen Siegal

      • I just suggested him myself. Jensen Ackles could be great in a role like this.

    • After someone mentioned him in an earlier thread that’s all I can think of when I watch Dean Winchester. I think Ackles would be awesome as Drake. He deserves a chance to jump to the big screen.

      • Yeah I agree. He needs a breakout role. Great choice.

    • Jensen Ackles. BRILLIANT.

  11. Bradley Cooper would be good. Anyone for Karl Urban?

  12. Have Nathan Fillion loose 20 pounds and do a few push ups and I’d acknowledge he would be best suited for the role regardless of the debate over his age. Until he does so, even with my love of his show Castle and other past works, the answer is no.

  13. Josh Duhamel, Emily Rose and Jeff Bridges. Thats my pick for Nate, Elena and Sully.

    I still dont like the idea of Uncharted being adapted in a movie. The games play out like a movie already so whats the point besides Hollywood making another cash grab?

    Its not just looking like Nate that qualifies someone for the role. To me its his personality and voice, cuz I cant imagine anyone else delivering Nate’s “Oh Crap” or Sully’s “GD” better than Nolan North or Richard Mcgonagle

    • Josh Duhamel is an interesting choice.


  15. Nathan Fillion my first pick. Bradley Cooper second. Karl Urban third. My final pick would be Josh Duhamel. Uncharted definitely doesn’t need a movie given that Uncharted 2 had a better story than many hollywood blockbusters. I have heard good things about Limitless, so I have some hope for this film. Hopefully this director will try something that sounds like Uncharted and not some crazy crap like David Russell. I’m also uber happy that Mark Wahlberg and his awfulness will not be involved in this film.

  16. I’m thinking a black-dye job on Chris Evans, and bamf, Nathan Drake. He’s got the smarmyness, personality, looks, everything.

  17. just give us a god of war movie already !!!

  18. I would prefer someone not as mainstream. Although I like Bradley Cooper, he has already had a wide variety major roles for me to see him as Mr. Nathan Drake.

  19. Nathan Fillion would be a great pick for the role.

  20. I would say either nathan fillion or michael fassbender. def. fassbender if they want to do a more serious take on Drake.

  21. Casting Drake is all fine and dandy, but let’s look at some of the other characters, huh?

    For Sully, I really want to see Bruce Campbell in the role. Something about his performance in Burn Notice makes me think he’d do the role justice.

    Elena’s really going to depend on who they cast as Drake. Her voice actor/motion capture, Emily Rose, is a great pick though, because unlike Nolan North, she’s both the same age as her character and actually looks like her, too. She also had more on-screen experience than North, does.

    For Gabriel Roman, I can’t see anyone in the role but Alan Dale. He’s a pitch-perfect fit.

    As for the director, I’ve only ever seen The Illusionist, and that one film’s not enough for me to judge this guy either way. My pick for director would probably be Gore Verbinski. The tone of the first two Pirates movies is pretty similar to how I’d imagine the Uncharted movie, and he’s shown interest in video game adaptations (Bioshock) in the past. He’s not too big of a name for this kind of project, either.

  22. Jensen Ackles, he’d make a good Nathan drake. He’s a really good actor, he’s been around a long time but isn’t super famous, he’s also good at action.

  23. I’d love to see Jensen Ackles in this role. He’s awesome in an anction packed show and more than capable of carrying the role.

  24. I would like to see as Nate Drake – Ewan McGregor.. I think his charisma is good like Fillion´s , and he can stand for typical serious/funny guy like Drake is

  25. Jensen Ackles would fit well.

  26. If they end up making a film adaptation of Uncharted 2, I say Gemma Arteton for Chloe…hotness.

  27. Joe Flannigan for NAthan Drake, Emily Rose for Elena….DONE

  28. Mark is not who we need for this movie. I can think of 3 picks off top that will make this movie worth seeing, Matt Damon, Keanu Reeves & Leonardo Dicaprio, if this movie have any chance of success it must be one of these gifted actors.

    Nobody likes when you dont stick to the story line so why move away from what is already a blockbuster in its own rite & turn it into something eles. The thing is the fans love the game & it already have all of the key elements for intertainment today when building around that in a movie u have to keep the orignal feel that game developer intended for the gammer in a movie, to over do it or under do will have the same effect a quirky movie.

    • Youre looking to base the main character on star power, while yes Matt,Leo and Keanu are talented actors they do not fit the bill of Nate whatsoever. Resemblance is one thing (thought not an important issue as some make it) and Fillion,Ackels,Flannigan,Duhamel somewhat looks like Drake, those 3 do not whatsoever. Sure they may be fine on the physicality part but theyre no where near Nate’s age (late 20s-early 30s). The most important trait of Nates is his sense of humor and Damon,Keanu and Leo are some of the most serious actors Ive ever seen.

  29. i think shia lebouf will play a perfect Nate and john statham for Gabriel roman thats what i think