‘Uncharted’ Movie Loses Director David O. Russell

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It looks as if the film adaptation of the popular Playstation 3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune won’t be making it to theaters in 2011 after all. Director ┬áDavid O. Russell has spent the last few weeks in negotiations with the studio and producers, but the Los Angeles Times is reporting that a deal could not be made and the search is on for a replacement.

Producers Avi Arad, Charles Roven, and Alex Gartner announced their plans for an Uncharted movie last summer. Several months later we learned that Sony had replaced screenwriter Kyle Ward with the team behind the upcoming Conan reboot – Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Back in May, a short list of candidates for the director’s chair was drawn up – a list that included Russell.

The LA Times article indicates that before signing a new director, efforts may instead be focused on casting the film’s two leads. Since Uncharted is being developed as a tent pole film with franchise potential, it’s not surprising that it’s producer-driven. Still, it’s hard to imagine a director not wanting some input on such an important decision. Recent rumors indicate Samuel Brodie is in talks to take the lead role of Nathan Drake, but in light of these recent developments we probably won’t be hearing anything concrete in the near future.

Russell has a reputation of being somewhat difficult to work with, especially when things aren’t going exactly the way he wants them to. I can’t help but wonder if his departure is partially related to potentially relinquishing more control than he’s used to. Although he got his start with smaller independent films like Spanking the Monkey and Flirting With Disaster, even his bigger-budget films seem to stray far from mainstream sensibilities. He was always an odd choice, but that wildcard element seemed to indicate Uncharted had a strong chance of not being just another video game movie.

I’m a fan of both Uncharted games and they are frequently described as being very cinematic. In fact, there are a fair number of fans who feel that the games’ cinematic nature makes a film adaptation somewhat unnecessary and I understand that point of view. However, I’m also guilty of playing through the games while constantly thinking: “This would make an awesome movie!

uncharted still Uncharted Movie Loses Director David O. Russell

I like Russell’s other films and was curious to see what his approach to Uncharted would be. It was like hearing Michel Gondry was going to be directing The Green Hornet and feeling like that was so crazy it might actually work. I realize the jury’s still out on The Green Hornet and there are many who probably feel that the Uncharted movie has just dodged a bullet by losing Russell.

Were you excited to see David O. Russell’s take on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune or is there someone better suited for the job?

Source: Los Angeles Times.

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  1. UCLA SUCKS for film!!! LOL! NYU BABY!

  2. I never said he was bad looking. I actually said he resembles the character. What i did say was that he isnt the only one who looks like that. Im sure you can find 20 guys who look like him if you spend one day in LA and 10 of them would know how to change their expressions and speak in different tones.

      • Goddess879,

        Actually what’s not welcome is personal attacks against another commenter. I’ve deleted a couple of your comments.


        • Vic.. I would never say anything to anyone only in defense of what they are saying already, Im not apologizing for defending a good actor when someone litererly rips them apart so horribly that it sounds like a personal vendeta.

    • Have they signed any actors for this move yet.. If not I would throw my vote out for the lead man Nathan Drake being played by actor, Joe Flanigan. The personality fit is a perfect and physically he would make a great match. I think he could really bring Nathan to life.

  3. His acting sort of resembles a young Robert Downey Jr.

    • I agree. He is talented on many levels. I really enjoyed his performance .

  4. wow thats a huge stretch of ignorance

  5. Especially the english accent.

  6. I watched his clips again and he makes a handful of expressions mate. PatrioticBastard I was thinking the same thing haha!

  7. There is no point in having a discussion with you people. Its people like you that have made modern day films so terrible. You accept mediocrity and buy your movie tickets so more and more get made. I dont blame brodie for lowering the bar, I blame you people who see a few tears fall and instantly think its a great performance. There is far more to it that you dont see and probably refuse to see…. There is a reason why Brodie is not a movie star. If he is as great as you people say, he’d have more to show for it instead of just some crummy little shorts and extra work. Enjoy not seeing him in the movies!!!

  8. And Samuel Brodie is gay is “Ok” ? Thats not right. Thats just wrong. I guess depends how one is raised .

  9. Goddess, you’re now on auto-moderate.

    Sam, I’m not a big fan of your screen name.


  10. The only thing I have really said that is personally insulting is called the dude a “schmuck”. Other than that and the name, I’ve been very respectful of everyone else. All i’ve done is state facts about his acting and then my opinion about how those facts add up to bad performances. I think people are now getting so upset with me, they’ll say anything that is the opposite. No one has really given a good solid reasoning for what they like in the guy… His tears? His tears that he blinked out of his head? His monotone line delivery? Man-o-man, you guys probably think Hayden Christiansen is a great actor too

  11. I dont hate Brodie, I don’t even know him, I hate his acting… and you’re right less is more!!! So when he keeps blinking and blinking to get his tears out he isnt showing less… He is going over the top to get a few tears out. Thats too much.

  12. And also, that “less is more” doesn’t work on montone line delivery unless the lines call for it… Those lines do not

  13. You have no idea what your talking about.

  14. I’m the only on who has actually backed up my opinion with facts. It would seem you dont know what you are talking about because you have done nothing to support your arguement. Enjoy your blissfully ignorant mind

  15. You have no idea what your talking about..

  16. I think that if they make an Uncharted Movie, it has to have Nolan North and Emily Rose in it. They made their characters who they are and without them, I think that any adaptation of Uncharted would suffer, :(

  17. Here’s some “facts” on Samuel Brodie’s performances. Keep in mind I am a film graduate at NYU and trained under some of the best acting coaches in my opinion. 1. He blinked too much but that can be fixed no problem 2. He nailed that accent perfectly 3. He can act better then a lot of young actors today (example Shia LaBeouf, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, etc) 4. He isn’t being monotone, hence he changes pace and tone quite a few times 5. He gives plenty of expressions 6. I don’t feel he’d be great for Theater since theater is over expressing but he has a great film look. I hope this helped.

  18. why not mar wahlberg as drake?

  19. Man he really doesnt change his tone. He isn’t noteworthy. The accent was fine but it was the delivery. . . you’d be ignorant to say the english talk with that kind of rhythm. I’ll be happy when this is all for nothing because you won’t hear about this guy again unless he starts rumoring himself for stuff. And dont try to act like your an expert in the area because i’m in film school too. I’ve had acting teachers also. This is my last post so anything you say from here on out is meaningless if it is directed at me. Samuel Brodie may go places in the future, but i doubt it if he continues to give performances like the video we are talking about. There is no future for a monotone actor who is not interesting to look at on screen.

    Good day folks

    • I read one of your earlier posts about you attending UCLA. May I ask what teachers you study under? It’s funny you say your a UCLA student why does your IP address show that your in Arizona? His tone changes and anyone with a common ear for things will notice that but it seems your inexperienced in being one to judge. I am finished with film school actually and I am film critic. I see nothing wrong with his look, he has a unique look if anything. I doubt you have any future in film and I’ll feel sorry for whom ever works with you.

  20. If Samuel Brodie doesn’t play Drake I will not watch this movie!!! ><

  21. Why don’t they just use the voice actors? I mean they won’t have to really get into the character. Because they have already been the character. Y_Y